Five for the Fifth: MAY 2014 Edition


Welcome to FlixChatter’s one and only blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Well, per tradition on the Fifth of May, I always feature a Mexican actor/actress and for some reason I have not featured Salma Hayek before. I always think she is one of the most beautiful actresses ever, her body also seems to defy the law of physics.


Though I haven’t seen too many of her films, she’s definitely got screen presence. I remember seeing her for the first time in Desperado with Antonio Banderas. I still need to see her Oscar-nominated role in Frida though. I’m curious about her next project The Prophet, which is an animated feature inspired by the classic book by Kahlil Gibran.

What’s your favorite Salma Hayek film?

2. Well, since it’s still May 4th aka Star Wars Day and it’s only 5 days away since the news broke, so I gotta have one related question right? Besides, the buzz surrounding Star Wars Episode VII will probably never die down until its release date in December 2015. Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of this franchise, I’m mostly just curious about the cast as I know it’s a pretty big deal and it has a massive potential to launch/boost the career of the younger actors involved. Besides, even if they’re not a huge fan of the franchise, surely they’re excited to be working with the original actors like Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. So the new cast members are: John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, and Max von SydowI found this image on Twitter with the names of actors listed, which helps tremendously.


And of course it doesn’t take long for someone to create a fan poster with the old and new cast 😀


So it seems that the two actors rumored to be in the running who I wish were true: Chiwetel Ejiofor and Benedict Cumberbatch, are NOT part of the cast. But hey, nice to see Oscar Isaac and Andy Serkis on here, I’m a big fan of their work and I hope this will only boost their career even more, especially Isaac’s.

So are you happy with this announcement? Which actor/actress you wish had been cast in Star Wars Episode VII?

3. Ok, switching gears to a black & white independent film that’s been garnering all kinds of buzz recently called Ida.


Poland, 1962. Anna, an orphan brought up by nuns in the convent, is a novice. She has to see Wanda, the only living relative, before she takes her vows. Wanda tells Anna about her Jewish roots. Both women start a journey not only to find their family’s tragic story, but to see who they really are and where they belong. They question what they used to believe in. Both of them are trying to go on living but only one eventually can.

Directed/co-written by Pawel Pawlikowski, it stars Polish actress Agata Trzebuchowska in her debut film. I actually heard film critic David Edelstein reviewed this film on NPR last week where he lauded the film and Agata’s performance, and I just had to check out the trailer:

I literally got goosebumps just from watching the trailer. It’s been winning a slew of film festival awards all over the world, I sure hope it’ll make it over here to my city.

What do you think of Ida? 

4. Last week I heard news that Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt are teaming up again since they did Mr & Mrs. Smith back in 2005. The details of the new project is still not revealed yet, but according to Variety, it’s based on something Jolie’s written. The two seems to have been busy working on their own projects for the past decade. Pitt won his first Oscar as producer of 12 Years A Slave earlier this year and Jolie’s been busy working on the Lou Zamperini’s biopic Unbroken that’s set to open this Christmas.


Now, it made me think of other actor/actress couple who’ve worked together and whether it’s something I like to see on screen. Of course it’s nothing new, celebrity couples like Lawrence Olivier & Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor & Richard BurtonHumphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall during Hollywood Golden Age, as well as contemporary ones like Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks and former couples Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise, Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins, etc. have worked together, sometimes in multiple movies. I think my favorite real-life couple (the two were still married at the time) pairing up in films is Emma Thompson & Kenneth Branagh in Much Ado About Nothing.

What do you think of Jolie-Pitt’s teaming up again and/or which other real-life couple’s collaboration are you a big fan of? 

5. Last but not least, I’m introducing a special guest on today’s Five for the Fifth. From time to time from now on, I’ll invite one of my favorite blog friends to come up with one of the questions. This time, we’ve got Terrence from The Focused Filmographer as a special guest!

His question is inspired by the launch of FOX’s 24 series which he’s super excited about. The 12-episode “event” series 24: Live Another Day kicks off with a two-hour premiere on Fox starting Monday 8/7c and it’s set in London. Of course Kiefer Sutherland is back as counter-intelligence agent Jack Bauer, the agent with nine lives I’d say, as like James Bond (same JB initial too, a coincidence? I think not) he will never die!


The movie version has been in limbo for some time since the show ended in 2010. Seems that TV is where it’s at right now anyway, with studios launching TV shows alongside their movies. Both Marvel & DC are launching shows like Gotham and Agents of Shield to expand the universe. 24 director John Cassar said this via THR: “I think 24 is probably on the edge of a new wave, and that new wave I think is you’re going to see more and more television shows coming back because for a lot of people it’s new,” Clearly, with Veronica Mars movie and apparently a revival of NBC show Heroes is coming in 2015 (per THR), this trend is definitely catching on. 

So which TV shows do you want to see a comeback, whether as a special TV event or a movie format?

Well, that’s it for the May 2014 edition of Five for the Fifth, folks.

Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

77 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: MAY 2014 Edition

  1. 1. Wild Wild West! 😉 Kidding. Has to be Frida. But I also loved her in little seen rom-com, Fools Rush In, too.

    2. I’m mixed emotions about all this. Excited that another set of Star Wars is on its way to us. Hesitant because I fear another J.J. Abrams ‘treatment’, à la Star Trek.

    3. Intrigue by the trailer for the film.

    4. I’d like to see whatever they have up their sleeves. BTW, I’ve read UNBROKEN and am excited to see it coming to the screen.

    5. Well, I know it won’t happen, but I’d love to see another film based on the Firefly series.

    1. Hi Michael!

      Ahah, too funny! Man I still need to see Frida, I knew lots of people would’ve answered that as Hayek’s best role.

      I hear ya about Abrams’ perhaps upsetting some SW *purist* fans out there like you. I guess for me, as I’m not a huge fan of the franchise, I’m more curious than anything else.

      Oh you read Lou Zamperini’s book then? I know he’s a very devout Christian man, I hope that transpires in Unbroken and not get overlooked.

      I missed seeing Nathan Fillion on Saturday but he & Adam Baldwin were talking about Firefly on their panel, so who knows it might still happen!

  2. 1. Traffic (though it’s really a cameo) but in a starring role, Frida.

    2. I like the casting as I think it’s inspiring as I heard more is to come. I hope the Force will be strong with this new cast.

    3. I’ve seen some clips of it and I’m anxious to see this as I did like the director’s other work in My Summer of Love.

    4. Well, if it is a good idea and has something that could be worth watching, I might see it. As for a film starring a real couple. Eyes Wide Shut.

    5. I really can’t say since I don’t watch a lot of TV shows.

    1. I forgot Hayek was in Traffic, been a while since I saw that film though.

      ” I hope the Force will be strong with this new cast.” Hear, hear!

      Have you reviewed My Summer of Love, Steven? I’d be interested in reading that.

      Haven’t seen Eyes Wide Shut but I reckon that was quite a sexual film, must be awkward for either of the actors to see it now that they’ve divorced, ahah.

  3. 1. I also haven’t seen her in much outside of Desperado which is still one of my favorites that I need to revisit sometime soon.

    2. I agree with some of the disappointment surrounding the fact that there’s practically zero females in the cast. Just because it’s the future doesn’t mean that it has to be 10% female.

    5. I think it would be great to see what’s going on in the Buffy/Angelverse this far down the line. I know they’ve been continuing the story via the comics but I’d still like to see them back for real again.

    1. Hi Nathan!

      Desperado was quite fun! Perfect pairing there w/ Hayek & Banderas.

      I hope Abrams will add more female cast in the film and the franchise overall.

      Given the popularity of Buffy/Angel, I bet it could happen down the road. I know they’re still popular even at Comic-cons.

  4. 1) From Dusk Till Dawn

    2) I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan….. it doesn’t matter who in it… I’ll go see it. I’m just thankful Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen aren’t in it.

    3) Seems interesting

    4) Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan were good together in Ruby Sparks. And aren’t Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone dating?

    5) Buffy!!

    1. Hi Asrap!

      Ahah, that sounds more like a guilty pleasure variety. Surely Salma is very hot in that movie.

      Yeah, Christensen certainly didn’t get a lot of love for his portrayal of Anakin.

      Oh right, Dano and Kazan were actually present at the the screening I attended and I shook his hand. He actually said they were dating during the Q&A, I didn’t know they were beforehand. I believe Andrew and Emma are dating too, yes.

  5. Ted S.

    1. I first saw her in Desperado too and had a big crush on her back in high school. As Michael mentioned above, Fools Rush In was pretty good for a late 90s rom-com.

    2. I’m one of the few people who aren’t that excited/care about the new Star Wars films. I got into the original trilogy in the late 90s when Lucas re-release the original films in theaters. I was super excited when Ep. 1 was announced, this was when online movie news were becoming the thing and I spent many hours online reading about all the rumors about the new trilogy. Ep. 1 may have been the most hyped up film EVER! Fox didn’t even do TV spots for the film because everyone knew when it’s going to open in theaters. Of course when I finally saw the film, I was bit disappointed. I didn’t hate it like most people did but I sure hate Ep 2 & 3. So for the new trilogy, I’ll just wait and won’t be that excited about it.

    3. Looks interesting, not sure if it’s a film I’d see though.

    4. I enjoyed Mr. & Mrs. Smith, maybe their new film together will be as fun as that one. I don’t really pay attention to real life celebrity couples but I remember liking Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger in the remake of The Getaway, they were still married to each other at the time.

    5. Count me as one of the people who can’t wait to watch ’24’ new mini series, was hoping to see it on the big screen but this will do. I really enjoyed Fox’s Human Target, it got cancelled a few years ago after only 2 seasons. The show was basically McGyver meets Jason Bourne/James Bond. I would love to see it turned into a movie or limited mini series run. Speaking of McGyver, I loved that show too and the proposed film version is still stuck in development hell.

    Oh there’s no coincidence about the initial JB, same with Jason Bourne. Everyone wants to be James Bond, lol.

    1. Hi Ted!

      Y’know I forgot if I’ve seen Fools Rush In or not, I’m surprised that YOU have seen it tho 😉

      Yeah I think Star Wars Ep 1-3 were seriously over-hyped. It was everywhere and it was before social media! Funny that Toby Stephens was interviewed by EW recently and he said he still owned the VHS version of the original before Lucas tampered w/ it and he refused to see the later versions with the added SFX, he’s a purist clearly.

      I doubt the new Jolie-Pitt movie would be in the same vein as Mr & Mrs Smith. Seems that those two are more concern for social justice type of stuff now.

      Ivan and I plan to catch 24 tonight, I hope it’s good! I love that it’s set in London, y’know I always love anything UK related, ahah. Yeah, seems like the initial JB is reserved for bad ass spies, eh?

      1. Ted S.

        Oh I watched a lot of her movies back in high school, I was madly in love with her. Fools Rush In was the one with Mathew Perry, it’s when all the stars of Friends got their own movies while the show was a hit.

        The funny thing is that I didn’t care for the original Star Wars films, the effects were pretty awful and I only got into them when Lucas added the new effects. I know that a lot of fan boys/girls weren’t too thrill about revised films.

        I didn’t even read the description of their new movie, if it’s something more serious then I probably won’t care to see it.

        Apparently the film version of ’24’ was going to be set in London but the studio wouldn’t give the producers enough budget so it looks like they’ve decided to just turn the plot into a mini series instead.

  6. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Intriguing ‘Five for the 5th’ this month!

    #1: Frida. The film that put Ms. Hayek on the map!

    #2: Prefer to go into the latest addition to Star Wars blind and ill informed. As I had with Episode IV.

    #3: Think I’ll wait for a rainy weekend matinee for IDA . Keep the tradition of movie theater B&W from my youth.

    #4: Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh can’t be beat in Much Ado About Nothing .
    With Henry V a close second. Ms. Thompson’s Lady Katherine learning English from her maid is a HOOT!

    #5: Great catch on Gotham ! I’ve been following the building cast on another site. Looks very cool. Hoping Fox renews Almost Human . Also looking forward to 24 . Just to see how William Devane and Bejamin Bratt are utilized.

    I’d like to see Sy~Fy bring back Alphas . Great ensemble cast. The first generation of those who would be considered “mutants” in the Marvel universe. in contemporary times.

    1. Hi Kevin!

      I guess I should check out Frida soon 🙂

      That’s very wise, good sir!

      Oh that sounds good, definitely it’d enhance the mood.

      I’m curious to see Gotham, interesting casting there w/ the guy from the OC, forgot his name. I thought Almost Human is canceled?? I read that it was too expensive to make or something.

      I’m not familiar w/ Alphas, so it’s like X-Men then, with mutants I mean.

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Ruth:

        I had a bad day long ago and found the remedy in theater’s marathon matinee of Alec Guinness/Ealing Studio films. Including Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Lavender Hill Mob and Our Man In Havana . Pretty decent cure for the doldrums and blues.

        Gotham has Ben McKenzie, the rookie cop from NBC/TNT’s Southland as Detective Jim Gordon. And Donal Logue from FX’s Terriers and Sons of Anarchy as Homicide Detective Harvey Bullock. Inspired casting. Along with a young Detective Renee Montoya and teen age Joker, Riddler and Selina Kyle. I hope FOX doesn’t “Firefly” it after one season!

        Alphas are humans with extra sensory powers (Suggestion, heightened senses, strength, targeting ability and an autistic who can read electronic waves. No shape shifters. But well cast, performed and executed for its time and budget!

  7. 2. Really glad to see Andy Serkis in the cast, I love his voice work! I mourn for Benedict Cumberbatch of course, but I still think it’s gonna be cool.

    4. Love them both a lot, excited for what’s gonna come of this!

    5. Hmmmm. I think most series just become uninteresting (e.g. Supernatural) or end at at the exactly right point (e.g. Breaking Bad), so either way I don’t really have interest in these. I did love 24 though — seen only a few of the seasons, but they were awesome nevertheless!

    1. Hi Elina! Yeah I admire Serkis so I’m thrilled to see him amongst the cast too. I’d have loved to see Benedict in the cast, oh well.

      Interesting point there. I think shows that end on a high note should’ve been left alone. I don’t really know what shows I want to come back either, though having binge-ing on Toby Stephens on Vexed, I’d love for that show to keep going. He’s so hilarious in that one.

  8. Hi, Ruth.
    1. Frida–Love that Julie Taymore film. Selma was fantastic.
    2. YAY. I was the original fan of Star Wars IV and proud of it. Giddy just thinking about it. I say welcome Andy and Oscar.
    3. Ida looks really really interesting to me. I can’t wait to see this!
    4. Sorry, don’t care.
    5. Sorry, don’t care.
    This is a fun series you have here, Ruth.

    1. Oh Frida is by Julie Taymor? Wow I didn’t even know that.

      I love you being so giddy, Cindy! Hope it lives up to your expectations, girl.

      Ida sounds like something you love given your forte for historical films.

  9. 1. I have to say, I’m a fan of Salma but she stars in the worst movies! She was great in Frida but the movie itself wasn’t very good, same for Lonely Hearts, Across the Universe, and recently Savages.

    2. I am happy with the SW announcement, as I posted on my blog that day, especially for Gleeson, Isaac and Serkis.Can’t say there’s an actor or actress I wanted to see get cast, but I wish they’d cast Lupita Nyong’o. I want to see her in another movie!

    4. I’m looking forward to another Jolie-Pitt colaboration. Some of my favorite on-and-offscreen couples are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Woody Allen and Mia Farrow (just onscreen, OF COURSE), Frances McDormand and Joel Coen, Darren Aronofsky and Rachel Weisz (although they are no more) and Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz.

    5. I don’t care about 24, but I love having a guest blogger pose a question! Great idea. I’d love for a reunion of sorts for Pushing Daisies, Friends and Will & Grace (that one is actually happening!)

    1. I was hoping you’d join in Fernando! Is there a big Cinco de Mayo party where you are now?

      Ahah yeah, poor Salma, but she needs to pick better movies, eh? She’s also in Grown Ups!!

      I know you love Dohmnall and I’m glad he’s getting more recognition. He’s as talented as his dad it seems. I think Lupita will be quite busy, I can assure you 😀

      I almost went to Weisz-Craig play when I was in NYC, but couldn’t find the time. That’s right she was w/ Aronofsky before.

      I never saw Pushing Daisies but I love Lee Pace so I’d love the idea of it coming back!

      1. Oh no, not at all. It’s a normal day; we don’t really celebrate it, but they make a HUGE deal out of it in America.

        Right! I forgot about those awful movies. She needs to pick better projects.

        Well, I’m looking forward to seeing her in more roles. I was just seeing some photos of her at the Met gala. Stunning as ever.

        Oh, I would’ve loved seeing that play. I really like the Craig-Weisz couple but I was lucky to skip their film.

        Yay! Hope it happens. It was an amazing show and Lee was so great in it.

  10. Hey Ruth,

    1: I’d probably say Frida is her best role and best film. I had no idea about The Prophet being in the works, though. That’s excellent news, I was a big fan of that book.

    2: Haha! Love that fan poster. I don’t really care all that much about the cast. I’m histrionics hoping it’s better that Lucas’ recent prequels.

    3: Ida certainly sounds quite interesting.

    4: Lets just hope that they don’t repeat Mr and Mrs Smith. I wasn’t a fan of that all.
    I did really enjoy Sarandon and Robbins’ work together. They done some great films.

    5: I’d love to see more of Breaking Bad but it’s unfortunate that that simply will not happen. There’s no way they could it anywhere. I only say this because I still miss it so 😦
    Still, the spin-off series “Better Call Saul” will do nicely.

    1. Hello Mark!

      The Prophet sounds good doesn’t it? I remember my mother was a big fan of Mr Gibran, too.

      The fans are quite talented aren’t they? I knew it won’t be too long before they made this poster, ha..ha..

      I can hardly remember Mr & Mrs Smith, it was more of a fun action flick but not memorable. Yeah hopefully there’s more substance in their next collaboration.

      Wow seems that a lot of people in the UK (as well as US of course) LOVE Breaking Bad, I know both my crushes Richard Armitage and Toby Stephens are massive fans of that film. I reckon that a come back is not possible with that show though.

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  12. I think Salma Hayek’s an alright actress. My favorite movie of hers is without a doubt Desperado, though I’m not entirely sure which role of hers I’d consider her best or a particular favorite of mine.

    And while I enjoyed Mr. and Mrs. Smith decently enough, can’t say that I’m exactly excited by that news, though I suppose we’ll see how their project turns out.

    1. I think Desperado is what I remember her best, but I haven’t seen Frida yet. Yeah well I guess we’ll find out soon enough what Jolie-Pitt’s movie is gonna be about, I have a hunch it’d be totally different from Mr & Mrs Smith.

  13. 1. Frida. And it’s not close.
    2. Great to say Oscar Isaac’s name. I too would have liked to see Ejiofer as part of the cast, but as I always do with these things, I’ll suspend judgement.
    5. Carnivale. Such a great show. Such a crappy ending.

    1. Hello Josh!

      What do you mean it’s not close??
      Yeah, I hope Isaac will only get even better roles. I’m curious tho what Ejiofor will do next, he’s rumored to be Bond villain in the next one.
      Hmmm, not sure what Carnivale is about I’m afraid.

      1. I like Salma Hayak in everything. She’s beautiful. She’s funny. But I love her in Frida. She’s both of those things for which she’s so well known – and she’s powerful. Not to mention emotionally gripping. So it’s not even close what my favorite Hayak role is because Frida showcases her talent to such an extraordinary degree.

        We’ll see if 12 Years launches Ejiofer into bigger, more prominent roles. Hopefully it does. A Bond villain might be a good start.

        And Carnivale was a Sci-fi/alternate history show from the early ’00s, aired on HBO. It got a 2 season run but thought it was getting a third season, so finished the second season on a massive cliffhanger. After the second season finale, HBO changed its mind and cancelled the show, which meant the cliffhanger was never resolved.

        1. Oh I thought I saw Carnivale on Netflix Streaming, but maybe it was Caprica that I saw. In any case, sounds interesting. I hate it when networks pulled the plug before giving the show a chance at all. Esp when it ended on a cliffhanger!!

          1. I think it was Caprica on Netflix. I don’t think Netflix has any of the HBO shows.

            It’s even more annoying in Carnivale’s case, because HBO told the creator they were signing them up for a third season. It was the only reason he ended the second season the way that he did. Had they decided not to renew earlier, he was going to end the season very differently, so that there was no cliffhanger.

  14. Frida. Or.. Desperado. She has great chemistry with Banderas, but her performance in Frida is fantastic.

    Would really like to see Terriers or Rubicon come back. Both were cancelled after their first seasons. Rubicon, I could see doing a one time film… Terriers, just to have more of the pair onscreen. Miss those shows. Looking forward to the new 24 though. It’s not going to be classic 24, but Jack’s back!

    1. Seems that I really do need to see Frida.

      Not sure I even knew what Terriers or Rubicon are, but yeah, 24 Live for a Day was pretty intense, looking forward for more!

      1. Terriers was on FX a few years back. From the creator of The Shield, starred Donal Logue. Pair of private detectives, drama, black comedy vibe at times. A bit of a hard sell, but so worth it.

        Rubicon was on AMC, starred James Badge Dale. All about government conspiracy. I barely knew what was going on most of the time, but it was so damn good!

        1. Hey, Rubicon sounds good! I like Dale from a couple of supporting roles he did last year. I’ve always liked conspiracy stories too 🙂

          1. Dale is fantastic in it. Really is a good show. Just didn’t get any traction from the wider audience.

            Dale caught my eye when he was in 24 all those years ago!

            1. Dale was in 24?? I used to watch the first 2 seasons but he must joined later on. I was impressed w/ him in Parkland, the drama about JFK assassination. I should check out Rubicon now, even just the Youtube clips.

              1. You just missed him. He played Chase in the second season and if I remember rightly, I was a wee bit obsessed over him then!

                He was like Jack Bauer Jr.

                1. I think he’d make a great Jack Bauer himself, he’s better looking and more fit too, ahah. Btw did you catch Live for a Day last night? What did you think?

                    1. Oh I see. Well it’s interesting that it’s set in London, I felt like I was watching Spooks but w/ Americans, ahah.

                    2. Haha! I know a bunch of people who remembered them filming this, almost literally, in their back garden! Ha!

                    3. Oh very cool! That must be a huge deal given how popular 24 was. I kept hoping they’d have some hot British actors to guest star on the show though 😉

  15. 1. Oh man you need to see Frida! (And The Hours :P) – it’ definitely my favorite movie of hers and such beautiful performance

    2. I really don’t care for Star Wars and since they have Adam Driver in the cast – he grosses me out – I’m not planning on seeing that one

    3. This looks interesting, but damn I have so many films to see as it is :/

    4. I hope it’s better than their last movie ^^ I love Nick Offerman and Megan Mullaly – they are such an amazing couple and they work together a lot.

    5. I’d love to see Deadwood movie but it probably won’t happen :/

    1. I will I will, hopefully soon. Looking forward to seeing The Hours to see Dillane 😉

      I’ve only seen Adam Driver in Inside Llewyn Davis, he didn’t really impress me so I guess I’m just neutral about him right now.

      I know right? Too many films too little time!

      Nick Offerman and Megan Mullaly seem to have such a lovely marriage, I admire that, it’s rare in Hollywood.

      Oh Deadwood movie sounds good to me, I love Ian McShane!

  16. 4. Eyes Wide Shut. It’s presentation of the couple played by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is a perfect examination on celebrity relationships.

    5. Deadwood, though like Sati above I doubt that would occur.

    1. I take your word for it about Eyes Wide Shut, not really my cup of tea.

      Too bad about Deadwood, but there’s another show w/ Ian McShane that I also like, Kings, that I wish would make a come back.

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    1. Yeah that’s pretty cool and the fans got it done so fast!

      I’ve been hearing great things about IDA, so I just had to blog about it.

  18. 1. Salma Hayek was unforgettable in From Dusk till Dawn.

    2. I obviously want to see Star Wars e7 just to see the old cast, but they have to make the new characters memorable too, with less emphasis on CGI in every frame.

    3. I’m curious about Ida, about time there was another great Polish film!

    1. Hi Chris! What other Polish films have there been that won accolades? For some reason my mind is blanking right now. But yeah, Ida looks very good indeed!

          1. Anything by Kieslowski really… The Decalogue, The Three Colors Trilogy (nominated for Best Director and Screenplay), The Double Life of Véronique. Agnieszka Holland’s Olivier, Olivier, or Europa, Europa (Julie Delpy) (nominated for Best Screenplay). Roman Polanski’s Knife in the Water (nominated for best Foreign Film). Andrzej Wajda’s Kanał, Ashes and Diamonds. Jerzy Skolimowski’s Moonlighting (Jeremy Irons). These Polish films are the best of what’s out there Ruth

            Ida is certainly on my radar now. The B&W cinematography is just stunning. Thanks for featuring it.

  19. Hey Ruth! Finally getting round to this!

    1. I haven’t actually seen Salma Hayek in that much stuff to be honest, so I’d probably say From Dusk Till Dawn, for obvious reasons 🙂

    2. I love that Star Wars photo, has a proper old vibe to it. I think the cast looks pretty decent, but I’d say there are a couple more surprises to come I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of big names got added at some point for major roles.

    3. Ida wasn’t a film I’d heard of but it looks excellent. Very interested in that.

    4. I think Mr & Mrs Smith was proof they shouldn’t act together! Although a different kind of collaboration could work. I loved Cruise and Kidman working together in Eyes Wide Shut, although that film apparently contributed to them splitting up.

    5. I’d love to see The X Files make a comeback but as a series, the films were pretty terrible.

    1. Hi ya Chris! Always appreciate you stopping by man, hope you get out of your sling soon enough.

      Ahah, that seems to be a popular answer amongst the boys 😉

      Yeah I think we’ll probably see more, but let’s hope the writing is as great as the casting!

      Glad to introduce Ida to you, I figure some people might not have heard of it as I had just learned about it recently, too.

      Ahah, true. I think this next project might have more substance than Mr & Mrs Smith though.

      I never saw the X-Files movies, but I take your word for it that they didn’t live up to the series.

  20. I seem to have forgotten about Salma Hayek…where has she been, apart from bad Adam Sandler movies.

    My favorite movie of hers? Well, it’d have to be the bit-part she has in From Dusk Till Dawn.

    1. Ahah, that’s what I thought too! Why the heck did she do those awful Sandler movies?? I mean she’s got enough money from marrying that billionaire doesn’t she?

  21. 1. Haven’t seen Salma in much. Still have to see Frida. I really like her in interviews and she’s just a knockout.

    2. You know the cast for the new Star Wars movie is rea… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    3. Will be mos def be checking Ida out.

    4. Hello! Hepburn and Tracy anyone??? Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.were such a great couple. So down to earth. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick are great too. I would love to see Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest do something together.

    5. Well other than Firefly I’d like to see Freaks & Geeks. It basically got my high school years down to a T.

    1. Hello Dave!

      I’d love to see Salma in a good film, nothing she’s done lately interests me.

      Ahah, not a fan of SW eh?

      Thanks for the recommendations about Polish movies. I clearly have missed out on a lot of them, but hopefully I get to see Ida this year.

      I haven’t seen anything by Hepburn & Tracy [sheepish smile], neither is Bogart & Bacall! Has Bacon and Sedgwick work together before? Can’t remember for which movie.

      Firefly seems to still have so many fans, I mean at a local comic-con this weekend Fillion & Baldwin still talked about that movie!

      1. Bacon and Sedgwick were in 3 or 4 movies together most notable The Woodsman.

        Firefly gets referenced all the time in Fillion’s show Castle: Any Browncoat will get all these references. The Space Cowboy clip is the best.

        What, no Hepburn? Talk about a blind spot. Not even Guess Whose Coming To Dinner with Sidney Poitier?

        The last three Star Wars movies just didn’t cut it. Someone on the internet pointed out that all they do is sit around having meetings which is exactly what Lucas did all day what with all his companies (LucasArts, Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sound, Lucas Licensing, Lucas Online and Lucasfilm Ltd.which he sold to Disney for $4 billion not to long ago. I wish I could find the quote.

  22. Woohoo, I’m only three days late this time 😀

    1) I’m partial to From Dusk Till Dawn. She had an unforgettable performance in one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies.

    2) I am admittedly indifferent to the Star Wars series. I haven’t seen the original trilogy since I was a kid, and I never watched any of the more recent films. I think I will make an effort to go through the series sometime soon though, even the bad ones.

    3) Based on the buzz it’s getting, I’ll try and see it whenever it pops up here.

    4) I haven’t even seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith. That was one of my late scratches from this year’s project. Should probably rectify that at some point.

    5) More Firefly would be fun, but other than that I can’t really think of anything. Hmm..

    1. Hi Eric! Now it’s me who’s tardy responding to your comment 😀

      Ahah, wow From Dusk Till Dawn sure is a popular answer in regards to miss Hayek.

      I’ve only seen all 6 of Star Wars films once myself, not really interested in seeing ’em again but I am curious about this upcoming one.

      The buzz has all been positive, I hope it lives up to it!

      Mr& Mrs Smith is quite fun but really has no substance nor was it that memorable.

      I’m surprised a Firefly movie hadn’t happened yet given how popular it was.

  23. Hi Ruth…Been away for a while…end of school year always keeps me busy 😦

    Anyway…to answer your questions 😉

    1. I haven’t seen any movie by salma hayek that awed me yet…so I have no favorite.

    2. I love Starwars…but the old ones. the new episodes are not good at all. For me starwars doesn’t depend on who are in it, it’s more to how the story will be. Even if Benny is casted, it doesn’t mean i will like it…because it all comes down to the story.

    3. I am curious with it! Thank you for sharing the trailer. Never heard of it before. I hope I can find it somewhere….one day.

    4. Ehem…you know how I feel about Pitt and Jolie, don’t like both of them so I couldn’t care less about their future movies. i would love to see another teaming up between Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connely. They have a movie coming up where Paul is director and the writer with Jennifer as the leading actress.

    5. I only watched series one of 24 and really like it…but I haven’t seen the rest (not meaning to because this kind of series often too much) However, I’d like to see the movie.

    Hope you have a less busy week than me Ruth 😉

    1. Hi Nov! No worries girl, no such thing as a late comment, he..he..

      I agree w/ what you said about Star Wars, that’s why I hope the writing is even better than the casting!

      I think Bettany & Connelly had done a couple of projects together haven’t they? That’s cool about him directing her, I haven’t heard about that.

      As for 24, I don’t think the movie is gonna be made now that the event series (or miniseries as it’s only 12 episodes) are quite successful.

  24. Yikes! I’m a little late for the Fifth. 😉

    1. My favorite Salma Hayek movie is probably From Dusk Till Dawn, even if she’s not in it much.

    2. I love the cast they’ve assembled for the new Star Wars. It’s one of my most anticipated movies of next year. 🙂

    3. Ida looks quite good. I can’t wait to see it!

    4. I’m all for Pitt and Jolie teaming up again. Bogart/Bacall and Burton/Taylor are my favorite collaborations, but I also love Branagh/Thompson in Much Ado About Nothing.

    5. I want to see The Office (UK version) come back for another series or special, but it’s probably best to leave the series as it is: almost perfect.

    1. Hi Josh! No problem man, I always like your comment *spam* anyway 😀

      Ahah, another vote for her sexy role in FDTD.

      It’s nuts that next year we’ll have Star Wars AND the Batman vs Superman movie!

      I still need to see Bogart/Bacall and Burton/Taylor together, hopefully soon.

      I think you’re right about leaving a perfectly good series well enough alone.

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