Five for the Fifth: March 2013 Edition


Hello folks, welcome to the third Five for the Fifth of the year!

As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Ok, I have been kind of pooh-poohing the whole idea of a Justice League movie, but even though that seems ill-advised from the start, it seems like that news simply refuse to die down. But yesterday I read this news that made me go WHOA!!!

El Mayimbe of Latino Review reported that Warner Bros. has given Christopher Nolan complete control of the studio’s DC Universe. We already know he’s overseeing Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, but being an adviser of one movie is one thing, but the entire DC universe?? Now, as if that’s not too-good-to-be-true enough, reportedly WB is making one of those offers-you-can’t-refuse to Christian Bale for him to reprise his role as Batman alongside Henry Cavill‘s Superman in Justice League. Ok, before I go on.. allow me just picture those two British beauties together…


Ahhh… ok, now before I lost my train of thought.

It’s no surprise that Bale loves working with Nolan. He has said in numerous interviews that if Nolan were to come to him with a good script for another Batman movie, he wouldn’t rule it out. Does that mean we could possibly see Bale in the Man of Steel’s after credit scene? Oh geez, I thought it wouldn’t be possible for me to get any more excited about the Superman movie!

I’d LOVE it if this news were true, but until I hear from the mouth of one of the parties involved, especially Nolan, I’d try not to get my hopes up. My pal Ted who reads Latino Review regularly did tell me the site have some good track record though. Apparently they’re the first site that reported Heath Ledger was going to play The Joker and a lot of people called it BS at the time.

So now I’m just curious to see what you think. Would you take a moment to vote below?

Please cast your vote above and share your thoughts about this project.


2. Fairy tale adaptations are here to stay in Hollywood… and so are monster movies. Well, the two Harry Potter alum Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe are in talks to star in each of those.

As you might’ve read on Terrence’s Movie News Monday, the 22 year-old Emma Watson is considering to star as Cinderella. It’s a Disney’s live action remake of the fairy tale, with Kenneth Branagh attached to direct and Cate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother. Oooh, I like the sound of this already!! I think I’m more enthralled by the idea of Branagh + Blanchett that it doesn’t matter who plays Cinderella, ahah. Apparently this wouldn’t be more on the Disney vein than a darker version of the story, which was what Mark Romanek (Never Let Me Go) initially pitched the studio.


Now, the 23-year-old Radcliffe on the other hand, has been gravitating towards darker films and playing against type. He’s certainly keen on shedding that boy wonder image and I commend him for that. After starring as American poet Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, he’s now set his sights on playing a hunchback. Yep, he’s apparently in final negotiation to play Igor, the hunchback assistant of Frankenstein in Mary Shelley’s famous monster tale. This version will focus more on Igor rather than Frankenstein, and according to Screen Rant, this version of Igor is “pathologically dirty and dressed in old clown clothing.” Oy.

More info from that article: The movie, which was written by Max Landis (Chronicle) and will be directed by Paul McGuigan (Push), will be told from Igor’s perspective and have more of a sci-fi spin than previous adaptations. The film will also deal with themes of friendship and redemption.

Thoughts on these two projects and Emma & Daniel’s casting, respectively?


3. Switching gears to a movie I’m looking forward to by The Coen Brothers. A couple of weeks ago, CBS Films announced that it has  acquired US rights to INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS.  Written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen and produced by Scott Rudin and Joel and Ethan Coen, the film stars Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund, F. Murray Abraham and Justin Timberlake. Whoah!! What a cast! Check out the two stills below, Isaac looks pretty darn good here. Could it be a career-making role for him, a la Joaquin Phoenix in Walk The Line?


This film follows an aspiring singer-songwriter (Isaac) as he navigates the 1960s folk-music scene in New York City’s Greenwich Village. Grammy winner T Bone Burnett produced the film’s soundtrack which includes music performed by, among others, Oscar Isaac, Marcus Mumford and Justin Timberlake. The Coen Brothers have collaborated with Rudin before in two Oscar-caliber films No Country For Old Men and True Grit.

Here’s the trailer:

I’m definitely looking forward to this. Not only is the music-themed story intriguing, I’m glad to see Isaac in the lead role! He’s one of those actors I’d love to see more of. According to his IMDb page, before he became an actor, he played lead guitar and sang vocals for his band The Blinking Underdogs so  he should be a natural in this role.

So, what do you think of this movie and the trailer?

Coens_Jolie4. On a related note, the Coen brothers are to work on the screenplay for Angelina Jolie‘s next directorial effort Unbroken, a historical drama about American second world war hero Louis Zamperini. Per THR, the Oscar-winning film-makers will rewrite an initial draft of the story, based on Seabiscuit author Laura Hillenbrand’s 2010 novel Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption.

Zamperini definitely had an extraordinary story worth-telling. He was a Los Angeles high school track star who raced in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. In 1943, his Air Force plane crashed in the Pacific. He survived without food and water for 47 days, enduring shark attacks, aerial attacks and hunger before washing ashore on a Japanese island behind enemy lines, where he was held as a prisoner of war for two years and tortured by his captors. I’ve always been interested in survival stories, as Keith just outlined in his latest Phenomenal Top 5 on Man vs. Nature list, this genre has that combination of rousing adventure that showcase the power of the human spirit.

Mr Zamperini… then and now at 94 year old

What the articles did not mention is that Mr. Zamperini is a devout Christian and according to Wikipedia, he has forgiven all the guards when he was held captive as a POW in Sugamo prison in Tokyo. He even went out of his way to Japan to tell them he has forgiven them. I do hope his faith does not get overlooked in this story.

As for Jolie, I haven’t seen In the Land of Blood and Honey so I don’t know if she’s a good director or not. If any of you has seen it, curious to hear what you think. Not sure who’ll be cast as the protagonist. He kind of look like Freddie Prince Jr. as a young man, but there’s no way I’d like him to play this role, ahah.

What do you think of this project? Any particular actor you’d like to see getting cast as Zamperini?

5. For the last question of the day, I’ll just keep it simple. Spring movie season is upon us, and there’s a garden variety out there from fantasy movies like Oz the Great and Powerful, franchise hopeful The Host (yes, another one from Stephanie Meyers), military drama Emperor and big, bombastic action flicks Olympus Has Fallen and G.I. Joe Retaliation. Funny that after Gerry Butler tried to rescue the president in ‘Olympus,’ Channing Tatum will attempt to do the same a few months later.

Well, now my last question to you is, which Spring movie are you most excited about?

For those with a Reddit account, would you be so kind as to submit this post?
I’d sincerely appreciate it folks! 😀

That’s it for the March 2013 edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these subjects.

78 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: March 2013 Edition

  1. I just finish the UNBROKEN audiobook and it really would make a fantastic film, if done right. It is quite a remarkable story. Laura Hillenbrand has done it again with a true tale worth telling. And does seeing a preview screening with family come Thursday at Disney’s El Capitan theatre tell you something about ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’? Thanks, Ruth.

    1. Oh that’s awesome Michael. It does sound like a remarkable story, I hope the Coens and Jolie did it justice! Which other Hillenbrand books have you read? I thought Seabiscuit was a good film, too.

      Nice! I was gonna go to an Oz screening last night but I had to cancel because of the snow storm 😦

  2. A fun set of questions here, Ruth. And thank you, btw, for the kind link back. Okay. now time for 5 answers.

    1. Justice League/Christopher Nolan…I really don’t want Nolan to do it. Because I love Christopher Nolan. I love his originality and I want to see it continue outside of the superhero genre. Yes, Batman was amazing! but he really impressed with Inception, Memento, The Prestige, etc. I hope he hangs up the cape and cowl and focuses on more. (but I will still admit he would be great at the DC stuff it’s not much of a challenge given what he’s already done).

    2. Emma Watson/Daniel Radcliffe…Def interested in both projects and am glad to see these two young actors break the stereotypical typecasts and boldly venture into unfamiliar territory. Bravo.

    3. Oscar Isaac/Inside Llewyn Davis…I don’t think this will be Isaac’s “Walk the Line” role. Why? It’s not based on a character as popular as Johnny Cash and therefore is riding solo on the popularity of the Coen Bros. With minimal attention given to it at this point in time this will barely hit the radar of the masses and be popular in indie movie circles mainly. Sad, but Isaac’s performance will not be as popular/recognized as Phoenix’s…even if it ends up being better.

    4. Zamperini…interesting. Hadn’t heard of this and I also like Jolie choosing to direct it. I hope that his faith isn’t excluded in the film myself. As to who should play him? I have no idea. no idea. ha

    5. Spring movies (I’m counting just March-April)…really looking forward to “42”, “Oblivion”, and this wknd’s “Oz the Great and Powerful.”

    Happy Five for the Fifth Day!! 🙂

    1. I hear ya about Nolan and JL. I guess I’m seeing it from a different angle as far as seeing my fave actors together on screen. I do think Nolan would still be able to do other works outside of DC, I know he’s producing Transendence for Wally Pfister’s directorial debut right now, too.

      Yeah, those HP actors seem to fare better than the Twilight cast, ahah.

      Good point about Isaac as Llewyn, but I hope it’d put him somewhat in the Hollywood map. He’s a good actor, quite versatile.

      I certainly hope Jolie won’t overlook one of the most important parts of Zamperini’s life and that is his faith in Christ.

      I had planned on seeing Oz screening yesterday, but depending on the reviews, maybe I’ll go see it on matinee. Looking forward to ‘Oblivion’ too!

  3. 1.While i would e fine with Nolan returning, i really hope they don’t bring Bale back. With the way TDKR ended, bringing him back would make the whole movie pointless.
    2.I think they are going to have to be really impressive to stand out in the sea of fairy tale adaptions we are getting. Will have to wait and see how they turn out.
    3.I think it has potential. If it was a different team behind it i might be afraid of it going the typical musical biopic route, but i have faith the Coens will have a fresh take on it.
    4.Haven’t seen in the land of Blood and Honey yet. As for casting, no one is really coming to mind. Chris Evans perhaps?

    1. Well, I think one could argue that TDKR isn’t exactly related to Man of Steel, it’s just that Superman and Batman could co-exist in the same universe. I can’t imagine Nolan hiring another actor playing Batman if he were to oversee Justice League.

      You’re right there are sooo many biopics out there but I’m intrigued because it’s Coens’.

      Ummm, Chris Evans doesn’t look at all like Zamperini, plus he’d be too muscular. He does have that humble, unassuming personality that might work for the role though.

      Ah yes, I know you love Nicole 😉

      1. I think it would bee to confusing to have Bale play a different version of Batman so soon after he already did a run. I think it would be a much better to just cast a new actor in the role. I mean Bale did a great job but im sure Nolan could find a different actor who will play Batman well enough to suffice. Glad you agree with me on the amount of biopics, and good point about Evans. I actually thought of suggesting Decker,but i figure barely anyone knows about him.

        And yes i do love Kidman, although she is not the only reason im interested in Stoker. The trailer for that one really got me intrigued

  4. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth and company:

    Not a big fan of a proposed ‘Justice League’ when animation is the better, more accessible and uniform way to go.

    Too many characters. Too little time or budget for proper character development. Without massive amounts of CGI.

    Kind of interested in seeing if Emma Watson can pull off playing a spoiled Beverly Hills skank in ‘The Bling Ring’. Even though it’s been done for television under the same title last year.

    1. Oh, but I so want to see Bale & Cavill suiting up to save the world, Jack! 😉 It is a challenging project on all counts though, I agree.

      Haven’t heard of ‘The Bling Ring’ yet, I still need to see Emma’s post HP role in Perks of Being a Wallflower.

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Ruth:

        I understand. “Spandex is a privilege. Not a right” Happy ripped physique and bulging muscles! 😉

        Though, it would be kind of neat if Joseph Gordon Levitt made a quick, oblique appearance as “Nightwing”.

  5. Great post and big thanks for including my Phenomenal 5 list. Wonderful five topics that I sure wanna comment on!

    1. Nolan in charge of the entire DC Universe? Heck yes!!! I’m on record as being a HUGE Christopher Nolan apologist and I loved the Batman films. His involvement is the biggest reason I’m pumped about Man of Steel. I really hope this rumor is true!!!

    2. Radcliffe just doesn’t excite me about anything, at least not yet. I understand getting past the kid’s role expectations but sometimes the intentional foray into darker subject matter doesn’t work.

    3. Inside Llewyn Davis is one of my most anticipated films of the year. And you nailed it – what a cast. I would love to see this really launch Oscar Isaac. He’s a fantastic actor and the Coens are fantastic at bringing out the best in their cast.

    4. Zamperini’s story sounds fantastic. Talk about inspiring. It sounds like a tremendous story of faith and forgiveness. For me that would be a key part of his great story. To leave it out would be a travesty. Jolie directing does make me worry but the amazing story is something I would love.

    5. Spring Movies? MUD! I’m so excited about this Jeff Nichols picture filmed in my neck of the woods. I can’t wait for it and I hope it’s release is wide enough that we will get it opening weekend .

    1. Yay! I’m exactly in your camp about Nolan & Justice League and I’m super pumped for Man of Steel, too!

      I haven’t seen Radcliffe in anything outside of HP yet, but I think it’s good that he’s trying to play against type.

      I’d love to see Isaac getting more roles. At least the Coens have noticed him now, it’ll potentially lead to bigger things for him.

      I knew Zamperini’s story would appeal to you Keith. He became a believer through Billy Graham. It’s amazing how the power of Christ could drive someone to forgive even the most atrocities done to a man. I do hope the filmmakers involved don’t overlook that part of his story.

      Oh I didn’t know MUD was filmed in your neck of the woods. Where are you again, sorry I forgot you told me once before.

      1. I’m in south central Arkansas. The director Jeff Nichols is an Arkansas guy and he can really capture that rural south feel. A lot of the filming for Mud took place in a town called Dumas. It’s not a bad drive from here. Other south Arkansas locations include Eudora, Lake Village, and Stuttgart. None are all that far from where I am. But the big difference in there and here is that many of those towns are in delta areas.

  6. Ted S.

    1. If this rumor turns out to be true and Nolan is charge of the all DC films then sure I’m excited to see a Justice League film but I hope they take their time and churn out a great product, not just a quick cash in. With Nolan on board I’m sure he won’t let that happen and take the time to create something good for us the movie lovers.

    2. I still think of them as Harry and Hermoine, I still haven’t seen any of their other films.

    3. As you know I’m a big fan of The Coen Brothers so anything they come out with, I’ll see it.

    4. Glad The Coen are rewriting the script, not sure about Jolie directing though. I haven’t seen her work yet so it’s not fair of me to judge her but I don’t know… I do think Jake Gyllenhaal could play Zamperini since he looks like him from that photo.

    5. Oblivion and Olympus Has Fallen are the two films I’m looking forward to see this spring, guess Iron Man 3 are on the list too since it will open in the first week of May.

    1. Oh yeah, I do hope they take their time too, Ted. I mean what’s the rush? I was initially meh about the whole JL idea but w/ Nolan on board, it changes the outlook somewhat. Plus Bale reprising his role, whoah!!

      Ahah, me either, Ted.

      I haven’t seen Jolie’s film but yeah, I don’t know either. But maybe if the script is really strong and the Coens could give her some pointers it might be ok. Ew no, I wouldn’t want Jake G to play Zamperini.

      You’re looking forward to seeing Olympus Has Fallen?? Well maybe you could watch and review that for me Ted. I don’t even want to pay to see it and there’s no screening for it from ALLIED.

  7. I’d be so happy if nolan did the justice league film, plus if it gets moved back to 2020 then he will have ages to work on it and to overlook some more DC film 😀

    Oblivion and Iron Man 3 would be my most anticipated films of spring 😀

    1. 2020?? Man, I don’t know if I could wait THAT long!! I’d say give it about 5 yrs, so maybe after Man of Steel 2?? I still wish they’d do a good adaptation of The Flash!!

      I’m curious about Oblivion too, but not too enthused about Iron Man 3 for some reason.

          1. They just need to focus on getting their main heroes right, batman and superman. Because the the justice league film will be made great or terrible based on the relationship between these two characters. Fingers crossed 😀

  8. I’m leery of the truthfulness of Latino Review’s rumor-mongering… but if true, I’m still of mixed feelings about Justice League. Nolan’s good, no question. But he’s good at dark and sombre. I’m not sure we’ve seen bright from him. And the Justice League can’t be all dark; it’s not “Batman and some other guys”. Green Lantern and Wonder Woman can straddle the line some, but Superman and Flash have to be bright (and it’s a hard question as to which of those two should be more.) My feeling is that Man of Steel is going to be a big test for me as to whether I’ll enjoy the direction the DCU is going in film.

    I haven’t seen any of their subsequent films (actually, I still haven’t seen any but the first Potter film). Emma Watson might make a good Cinderella, though, and Igor sounds like it might at least be an interesting take on things.

    Most anticipated spring movie? Going to have to go with Oz.

    1. Well I heard Man of Steel is not as dark his Batman films, so I think he lets the directors have their vision, in this case Snyder. You’re right though Man of Steel would be the test for a lot of people, but from what I heard so far of the response I’m highly optimistic! For sure I LOVE Henry Cavill’s casting.

      Excited for Oz, eh? I think Raimi might have a hit on his hands as a lot of people seem to be excited for that.

      1. I don’t know… what I’ve seen of Man of Steel doesn’t exactly scream “Superman” to me, and Snyder’s own vision has always been pretty dark. So, still not very optimistic. (I know they’ve greenlit a sequel based on initial test audience response, but they did that with Green Lantern too.)

        1. Well, from what I hear, the trailer doesn’t show a lot of what’s in the film. I guess we shall see come June 14 right Morgan? Superman is my fave superhero so naturally I might be overly-excited about it, ahah.

  9. 1. I think we’ve reached comic book franchise saturation point, and I’m not feeling this whole Justice League thing. Also, I’m not sure I buy the Nolan story.
    2. Branagh + Blanchett? Sign me up. Sure, Watson can come too. I think that the casting Radcliffe’s been getting, while interesting, is somehow pigeonholing him. He did The Woman in Black, and next that thing where he has horns (still horror-y), and now Igor (Frankenstein is nothing if not highly literary horror). I’d like to see him take on, say, a rom-com.
    3. Definitely interested in this movie. Love Cary Mulligan!
    4. Sounds like an interesting film, and I would like for Angelina to do something that gets more attention from American audiences. You know, provided it’s good. 🙂
    5. I guess as far as I know, there aren’t any “spring movies” I’m super-excited about. Olympus Has Fallen looks entertaining enough, but there’s nothing I’m going to rush out to see. It’s all about summer blockbuster season.

    1. I think my superhero threshold is pretty high, esp when it involves Cavill as Superman 😉

      YES, Branagh + Blanchett does sound VERY good indeed! Good point about Radcliffe in horror roles, maybe a spy thriller or something to switch things up??

      I like Mulligan too, she’s sporting a pretty convincing American accent too.

      Wow, you’re interested in Olympus Has Fallen too?? As you know, I’ve fallen out of Butler, but that whole thing looks laughable. Who knows maybe I’m wrong 🙂

  10. The Coen brothers have so many awesome movies to their name that they could release a movie called “Watching Grass Grow”, with a trailer that was time lapse grass growing, and I would look forward to it. LOL. I’m sure this movie will be interesting at the least, and in the best case scenario, it’ll be yet another Coen classic!

  11. Great news for the Coens on both fronts, but I’m still unsure about Nolan and the Justice League. I’d love some more Bat-Bale, but I don’t know if it would be possible to meld completely realistic world of his Batman movies with Greek gods and alien worlds and everything else. Still, I’d much rather have Nolan onboard than some of the names WB was throwing around in the past- McG or Brett Ratner. *Shudder*

    1. Well I think the only way we’d see Bat-Bale is in JL Universe. Ahah you’re right, I sure hope WB won’t hire a hack director to do the DC movies. I think Snyder is a big possibility for JL.

      1. Once I see Man of Steel I’ll be able to judge whether Snyder is worthy or not (not that it may matter by then). I thought 300 was great and every successive film he’s made have all gone steadily downhill.

        1. I think Man of Steel might be a make-or-break career for Snyder. I actually like Watchmen, but no interest in Sucker Punch. I really hope Man of Steel is as good as what I’ve been reading from early screenings.

          1. You’ve summed up my exact feelings on Snyder, save for complimenting Watchmen. I haven’t seen it since it was in theaters, though, so it may be time for a revisit.

            1. I saw it on the big screen. For sure Snyder has a distinct visual style, so it should be interesting to see what he’d do for Superman.

  12. 1. If Nolan is involved I’m at least interested.

    2. While I told you that fairy tale movies haven’t impressed me in a long while I can’t help but root for Daniel and Emma. I wish Harry Potter was around when I was a kid. And by all means see Perks Ruth. If not for Emma then for Ezra Miller. My surprise pick of last year. John Hughes would have been proud.

    3. Coens? Yeah I’m there. I still look back fondly on seeing Raising Arizona my first year in college.

    4. I could see Jake Gyllenhaal in the role. Angie is a pretty smart woman. I saw her interviewed on Inside the Actors Studio and she really seemed like a personable and grounded woman. You can find the video on youtube.

    5. Spring movie? Shane Carruth’s follow up to 2004’s Primer… Upstream Color. Finally. If this sounds like a good time to you: “Mind-blowing. It’s confusing, but you’ll love being confused. A sure-fire conversation starter. Like classic David Lynch mixed with a dab of Cronenberg”, then this movie is for you.

    1. Ted S.

      I want to see Upstream Color too even though I wasn’t a big fan of Curruth’s first film Primer. Color seems to have that Malick and Kubrick feel to it.

      1. The thing that excites me Ted about Upstream Color is that it’s going for something different. I get tired of all the same/same Hollywood stuff. With films like Holy Motors, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Beyond the Black Rainbow, Inception, etc I know I’m probably going to see something out of the ordinary. My favorite artist is Dali. Beyond his technique I love that you’re seeing things you recognize but in a whole new way. He painted the stuff of his dreams. That’s probably why I’m drawn to the films listed above and the films of Lynch, Malick and Gilliam. You feel like you’re seeing something for the first time and that’s exciting to me.

    2. That’s the spirit, Dave! Yeah, w/ Nolan overseeing DC stuff, I’m more inclined to believe in the JL project, too.

      Oh yeah, I definitely will see ‘Wallflower’ soon!

      Man I should see Raising Arizona don’t I? Seems like EVERYONE loves that movie!

      Heh, I’m not fond of Jake Gyllenhaal in general, but he’s ok in Source Code. I want someone who could capture Zamperini’s courageous but humble spirit, I don’t know if Jake has that. Well, Angie does seem to gravitate about altruistic persona, so I hope she’d do his story justice.

      You’ve got me intrigued about Upstream Color now!

      1. Ted S.

        I’m not a big fan of Gyllenhal either, mostly because he hasn’t starred in films that interest me, but he can definitely do dramatic role. For example I thought he was excellent in Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain. Let’s hope Jolie cast an actor with charisma and of course has the acting chops. Who knows she might pursue Bale for the role.

        1. Have you seen Source Code, Ted? That’s actually not bad, directed by Duncan Jones. But other than that, I’m not a fan of his at all. I certainly don’t mind Bale in that role but he’s probably done similar roles before though.

  13. 1. I’m excited for a Justice League movie, especially if it works out as well The Avengers did.

    2. I think Radcliffe is a talented actor, but he might be stretching himself too much with the Igor role. But who knows? Watson just doesn’t seem right to me for Cinderella (not sure why though).

    3. I’m looking forward to it, and I’m curious about its Oscar chances.

    4. It sounds promising. I also need to see In the Land of Blood and Honey to decide how I feel about Jolie as a director though.

    5. I’m most excited about The Place Beyond the Pines. 🙂

    1. Yes, let’s hope it could at least match Avengers’ quality but boy, they have giant shoes to fill!

      I see Watson as Cinderella more than Radcliffe as Igor myself, but who knows. I’m not too keen about monster movies though.

      I think w/ Coens and this cast, it’s definitely got potential!

      I haven’t even seen the trailer for The Place Beyond the Pines, that should tell you how excited I am for it, ahah.

  14. 1. I’m cautiously optimistic about the Justice League film. I loved The Avengers and if Christopher Nolan does indeed have so much input then I’m excited. Those kinds of things can always either be brilliant or downright awful.

    2. I can definitely see Watson as Cinders, that’d be a pretty perfect piece of casting in my opinion. Not that it sounds like my kind of film, though. As for Radcliffe, I’m still very lukewarm about him. Sounds like an interesting project, however, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

    3. I hadn’t really given this one much thought but the trailer looks decent and I like the Coens so i’ll be keeping tabs on it.

    4. I haven’t seen Land of Blood and Honey but I’m sure she’s capable enough. It sounds like an interesting story.

    5. To be honest, there’s not a massive amount I’m really excited for this spring. Probably Place Beyond the Pines is my most anticipated film. Not a huge amount else really!

    1. Cautiously optimistic is the right way to see it, Chris, I guess I should be that way too 🙂

      I think Watson as Cinderella is waaaaaaay better casting than Kristen Stewart as Snow White.

      The trailer does look good doesn’t it? It’s certainly got the Coens’ touch and Isaac in the leading role is good to see!

      I think the story of Zamperini is inherently intriguing, so it’s just a matter of having the talent to bring it to screen.

      Wow, another mention for ‘Pines!’ Gosling certainly has a lot of fans.

  15. Sorry I’m late to this one Ruth. Busy as usual.

    1: I couldn’t get the poll to load properly but I chose ‘maybe’. If Nolan oversees it, it could be something special. Won’t know for sure until Man of steel is released though.

    2: I don’t really rate Radcliffe or Watson but those are still interesting casting choices. They could work.

    3: Love me some Coens, as you know. I’m definitely looking forward to this one. Isaacs is a fine actor as well. Can’t wait.

    4: I haven’t seen Jolie’s previous directorial outing but a collaboration with the Coens sounds very intriguing. Not sure who I’d cast though. Brad Pitt , maybe?

    5: I forget all the spring movies ahead but I’m really looking for to The Place Beyond the Pines with Ryan Gosling and Derek Cianfrance collaborating again, after the brilliant Blue Valentine.

    1. Not a problem, Mark, I’m always thrilled to see you here!

      Sorry the poll didn’t work, but thanks for answering anyway. I actually was in the ‘NO’ position for a long time until I hear Nolan could be involved. I’m optimistic about Man of Steel, maybe more than I should, ahah.

      I knew you’d be stoked for Coens 🙂 I’m so glad they chose Isaac in the leading role.

      Oh no, NOT Pitt!! You know I’m not fond of him, but having Zamperini be a Brangelina production just doesn’t appeal to me at all.

      Wow, three mentions for ‘Pines!’ 😀

            1. That’s ok. Who knows one day I might warm up to him, though the chance of that happening is pretty slim 😀 It’s funny though about Jolie, I used to be a huge fan of hers around Tomb Raider time, I thought she was so cool. I even saw GIA though generally that movie is not my cup of tea.

              1. I think Pitt is a great actor but each to their own. 😉
                As for Jolie, I used to like her but she’s become a bit of a characture. She certainly has the ability to act but she plays on her looks now and less on her ability.

                Haven’t seen GIA but I reallly like her in Girls Interupted. I don’t hold out much hope for her acting future though.

                1. Ahah yes I think he’s a decent actor, I give him that, I just don’t like him for some reason. Sorry I just can’t help it.

                  I totally agree about Jolie!! I thought before she was refreshing that she doesn’t seem concern about her looks, but after she made The Tourist where she practically pranced around Venice as if the whole thing was a modeling shoot, I lost interest. It didn’t help that Brangelina happened either, ahah.

  16. 1. Definitely looking forward to a Justice League movie, especially if Nolan oversees it. Count. Me. In.
    2. Very interesting projects, especially Cinderella (great casting there with Blanchett). Igor could be good or terrible, but it’s intriguing.
    3. Really looking forward to Llewyn Davis. Huge fan of the Coens and that cast is to die for.
    4. Wow, fascinating story. It’s amazing to see the typ of stuff some people have gone through. Based on looks, Adrien Brody could play him but I think he’s too old for the part.
    5. Oz and Place Beyond the Pines!

    1. Glad you’re excited for JL prospect too, let’s hope they take their time to make sure it’s a good one!

      I’m so thrilled to see Blanchett w/ Branagh, that sounds incredible!

      Coens’ films always have a great cast, and this one is no exception.

      Brody sounds like an interesting idea, I know he’s done biopics before and he’s a good actor.

      My goodness, I think from the look of it, ‘Pines’ just might be a big hit as everyone seems to be excited for it!

  17. 1. I can’t see a Justice League film happening. Happy to eat my words. But there’s just been so much back and forward with it. And there hasn’t really been a plan for the Justice League. When Disney bought Marvel and the first film under the new studio, Iron Man, was made, there was a vague notion that there would be a build up to an Avengers film. Even though it was still up in the air, there was that vague plan all the way back then. With the DC Universe there’s never been such foresight to do something like that. For that reason alone I don’t think it’ll happen and I don’t think I want it to happen.

    2. Not too fussed about those two – never been a fan of either!

    3. Very much looking forward to the film since I heard about it. Just look at that list of cast members!

    4. Is wear I see a bit of Jake Gyllenhaal in that photo on the right. Maybe? A little?

    5. I don’t know! To be honest, I’m more excited about catching up on all the films I haven’t seen rather than what’s set to be released.

    1. Hi Jaina! Well, your concern about JL is understandable, I was exactly in your camp before but since I’m more of a DC girl, I’m naturally optimistic that it COULD happen. With Nolan on board, I could see a silver lining, ahah.

      The cast in Inside Llewyn Davis is awesome indeed!

      As I said above I’m not fond of Jake G, I just don’t see him in the role. But then again who knows, with the right script and direction, it just might work.

      1. See it’s funny. I much prefer reading the traditional DC comic books over the Marvel ones. Something about them just speaks to me more. But overall, the execution of the Marvel films has been excellent. Nolan’s Dark Knight series is the only high point of the DC comic film adaptations in my eyes and you can’t rely on that alone to build a whole film universe. No matter how talented Nolan is.

        Also, I want more Nolan films. Not comic book films. More of what he does best.

  18. 1. Eh I really hate it when someone says ‘it’s over’ and then decides it’s not. Nolan made a great ending to TDKR and now he is probably disenchanted with the lack of accolades for the movie so the end he said is final isnt final after all.

    2. I don’t think Emma is a good fit, but I’d love to see Blanchett as a wicked stepmom. I don’t think Radcliffe is a good actor so I don’t really care about his projects.

    3. This looks really good but I wish Justin Timberlake wasn’t in every other movie nowadays. He is always the flaw.

    4. This sounds interesting if they focus on the capture, the rest kinda sounds like Life of Pi.

    5. I’m not really looking forward to anything, but I’ll see OZ next week, hopefully it won’t suck 🙂

    Ruth with reddit the way it works is that the link is posted and than people vote up and down. So it’s much better if you just post link you submitted here and people can click upvote. If say 5 people uploaded same link it doesn’t help, it actually even damages the chances as the submmissions should be original.

    1. Hi Sati, been hoping you’d drop by and offer your two cents 😀

      I don’t know if that’s the reason Nolan is still interested in the DC universe, I think there’s enough accolade AND box office returns for TDKR not to hurt his ego, ahah. I have a feeling he’s just been given “an offer he can’t refuse” and really, who wouldn’t be excited of THAT possibility to oversee an ENTIRE comic book universe!!

      Yeah I think I’m more enthralled by the idea of Blanchett as evil stepmother and Branagh directing than Emma being cast!

      I’m glad you feel the same way about Timberlake, he should just stick to being a popstar! But I guess he’s ok in supporting roles, just don’t give him too much screen time.

      As for Zamperini’s story, I’d rather see a more character-development piece than a visual feast, but that’s just me.

      I might actually buy ticket to see Oz if the reviews are good since I missed the press screening last Monday.

      I can’t post ANYTHING on Reddit, and I’m talking about other people’s posts, not my own (as they don’t seem to like self promotion), so forget voting up and down as the link can’t even get through 😦 That’s why I’m hoping one of my blog friends could submit mine.

      1. I read somewhere Bale is not coming back as Batman, on one hand it’s cool because they could use someone else and have a fresh start but who will do a better job than Bale? They have pretty difficult task here to find someone new for Batman role.

        I find Timberlake so distracting in movies. When I see him on screen I’m like “oh hey, there’s Timberlake again”. He is always doing the same hip, cool character and it just takes me out of the movie.

        Ahhh, I see. I think there is some sort of limit to submitting links, once every few hours or something like that. I’m still figuring out the reddit thing and as nice as it is to get a lot of views I care the most about people who actually comment, I always say few readers who care and come back are better than thousands that just look and move on to something else.

        1. Yeah I read that news yesterday. Such a bummer, but I’m still holding out hope that Nolan could persuade him somehow? As you said, who could do a better job than Bale?? I’d be so tickled pink to see Bale and Cavill together, add Lee Pace as The Flash and I just might spontaneously combust!! 😀

          Yep, agreed on Timberlake, he’s terrible in In Time too, I kept wishing someone else got the lead role as I like the futuristic concept.

          You’re absolutely right about Reddit, it’s more rewarding to have people who actually care about your posts to leave a comment than casual browsers.

  19. Hi Ruth! Thank you for another wonderful Five for the Fifth post! Always a pleasure to read them! I am just as excited as you are about the thought of Christian Bale making an appearance as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the after-credits of Man of Steel. I really want to see a Justice League film done. If Christopher Nolan will indeed be leading the DC Universe for Warner Bros., then I can’t ask for more. I’m sure he’ll make it happen, and it will be incredible! As far as Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, I’m excited for their post-Harry Potter roles! I’ve enjoyed anything that the Coen Brothers have done, so I’m looking forward to their upcoming films as well! It’s been a very slow, movie-watching winter for me, so just looking forward to watching any great film! Cheers!

    1. Hi Raul! I always love it when you drop by. Glad you are as excited as I am about JL and Bale reprising his role as Batman. Sadly that seems to have been debunked today. But oh well, who knows what Nolan would have up his sleeve to launch this ambitious project. I’d love to see that happen, esp. since I LOVE Cavill as Superman.

      I haven’t seen ANY post HP role of either one of those actors, but haven’t been interested in anything they’ve done except for Emma in Perks of Being a Wallflower.

      The Coens consistently deliver don’t they? I’m definitely excited for ‘Inside Llewyn Davis.’

  20. bdgill12

    1. I want to see how Man of Steel turns out before buying into Justice League. That said, if Nolan is in, I’m in, even if I might prefer to see him go back to original material.
    2. Emma Watson impressed me immensely in Perks of Being a Wallflower so I think she’d be a good fit. Do we really need another version of Cinderella, though?
    3. I will see anything the Coens are involved with, period. Can’t wait! And definitely interested to see what the movie does for Isaac’s career.
    4. I hear the book is excellent and the story definitely intrigues me.
    5. Honestly, this is the most lackluster spring I can remember in quite some time. I’m really not excited about a movie until Iron Man 3.

    1. That’s wise Brian, I think a lot of ppl are in your camp. I do hope it’ll deliver as I LOVE Superman and Cavill.

      I’m just about to check out your ‘Wallflower’ review. Well, with Snow White & Sleeping Beauty adaptations already done & in the works, naturally Cinderella will follow.

      I sure hope it’ll give a boost to Isaac’s career. He deserves it!

      Yes, I think Michael has read it and the Christian aspect of it definitely intrigues me.

      I’m actually not that enthused about Iron Man 3, I probably watch it at press screening but not super excited about it otherwise.

  21. Whoa, Carey feels like whole other woman in that trailer. She’ll be magnificent by the looks of it. It does reminded me of Walk The Line.

    Watson as Cinderella? That I gotta see!

    1. She’s quite versatile isn’t she? I normally think of her as this demure girl but she looks quite feisty in this one. Are you a big fan of Watson or Cinderella? 😀

  22. Ahh, I hate being late for five for the fifth!

    1) I know nothing about the Justice League, but it’s hard for me to get excited about comic book movies in general.

    2) I’m glad to see those two continue to get good work. Not really interested in either film though.

    3) Love the setting, love the Coens. Really looking forward to this one!

    4) That’s an incredible story. I’ll have to keep an eye on its progress.

    5) The Place Beyond the Pines. Outside of that, I’m not seeing anything that really stands out to me.

    1. Hey, better late than never Eric. I really appreciate your constant visit and comments Eric, that means a lot to me.

      Ah, fair enough. I normally would be too, but Superman is my fave superhero! 😀

      I’m interested in Cinderella one, I mean I grew up watching Disney movies.

      I might get the book of Lou’s story. It sounds like Red Dawn but even better because of the redemptive nature.

      WOW, I’d be very surprised if The Place Beyond the Pines didn’t become a hit. Seems like everyone is looking forward to that.

  23. 1. I wasn’t a big believer in The Avengers until I saw a trailer and realized how much Joss Whedon did for it. Now, I can’t say that I’m too optimistic about a Justice League movie, mostly because beside Batman and on a lesser scale, Superman, DC hasn’t built up the kind of foundations that Marvel did with all their movies for Thor, Iron Man, and all these supporting characters like Agent Coulson or the Black Widow…
    2. I loved The Perks of Being a Wallflower and while Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller really did the movie, I was also surprised by Emma Watson’s work. I think she has a solid career in the works. As for Daniel Radcliffe, he’s doing pretty well for himself with all his theater work along with his film career.
    3. The Coens are always an event. Definitely excited for Isaac to finally get a quality lead role
    4. Looks aside, someone like Michael Fassbender would have been great. Otherwise, someone like Jake Gyllenhaal if he really committed to it ala Christian Bale ahah
    5. The Place Beyond the Pines. March 29. No ifs or buts.

    1. I didn’t believe in Avengers right off the bat either Cas, so yeah I guess I’m cautiously optimistic about JL. I’m more of a DC girl so I’d love to see them succeed as well.

      I think both Emma and Daniel’s career are only getting stronger. It should be interesting if they star in another project again down the road.

      Yes, amen on Coens and Isaac. What a great combo!

      Oh yeah, I think Fassbender could do the role. I doubt Jake G could lose that much weight like Bale.

      Ahah, you and everyone else it seems!

  24. Damn Ruth so many good questions.

    1.) I heard that Bale/Nolan rumor was just that a rumor not based in fact and was more wishful thinking than anything else.. also probably a good traffic generator as well thinks the cynic in me ;-). I would still be interested in a Justice League film.

    2.) I must confess to never seeing any of these Potter films.

    3.) While I am a huge Coen Bros. fan that trailer left me scratching my head a bit. I am sort of taking a wait and see approach with that one.

    4.) That sounds like a great film project.. I am going to say Ryan Gosling would be a good casting decision cause why not.

    5.) Going to have to second Castor’s vote for the Place Beyond the Pines being my most anticipated spring film. With my guilty pleasure being Spring Breakers, that looks awesomely terrible.

    I got to keep my eye out for the 5th of April, not sure how I missed this cool feature in the past.

    1. Hi Adam, always nice to see you pop by!

      I think the news about Nolan & JL is legit, I sure hope it’ll happen but most importantly they do a good job on it instead of rushing things.

      Oy, I don’t know about Gosling as Zamperini, but I know he has a ton of fans so I guess that could be a good thing for the project. I’m just not a fan of the guy. Hence I’m not as enthused as Place Beyond the Pines as everyone else seems to be.

      Hope to see you the next time around man, I always tweet this several times to invite people, so stay tuned 😀

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