A Day at the Wizard World Minneapolis Comic-Con


Whew, this past weekend was quite a whirlwind for me. I had to apply for a Schengen VISA in Chicago on Friday that’s why I had to miss the first two days of Comic-con. My friends Ashley and Anne were able to make it to Friday and Saturday though, check out their recap which includes the panels with Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, William Shatner, Sean Astin, Karen Gillian, and more!

So the only day I was able to attend was Sunday. I got there around 11 am and most of the talents like Lou Ferrigno, James Marsters, Adam Baldwin, Manu Bennett (Azog in The Hobbit), Ralph Macchio, Ian Ziering, etc. were still hanging around their booths. We had to pay up to $40 bucks (I think for Fillion it was like $100 buck!) to get a photo and signature with each of them though. Heh, I can’t imagine paying that much just to have my picture taken with a celebrity, but given how I feel for Toby Stephens now, I might just be obsessed enough to do so, ha! Not that he’d ever do this kinds of thing unless he’s promoting a project or something. In any case, so my hubby and I just hung out in the exhibit hall, checking out all the vendors and cosplay-watching of course!

Proof that Toby was never far from my mind that I actually took a picture with two female pirates as I had been wishing someone would’ve put on a Black Sails‘ Captain Flint costume! Yes I know, I am hopeless 😛


matt-smith-the-11th-doctor-mpls-comic-con-Well the best part is definitely the Matt Smith panel, and I haven’t even watched a single Doctor Who episode with him as the Doctor. Yes I’ve actually only watched about 7 episodes total and those are the ones with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Still, it was an enjoyable panel as he’s pretty hilarious. He seems like a good sport too, answering every single question in a jovial way, even after being asked the same questions over and over again, mostly by the younger fans. Seriously, how many times do people have to ask him about his favorite Dr Who companion?! I agree with Anne that I wish Karen Gillan and Matt Smith could have done their session together to eliminate the same boring questions, besides the two seem like they made a fun pair. I might have to start watching their Doctor Who episodes now, ahah.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It took about a half hour into the Q&A session that someone finally asked Matt about being cast in Terminator Genesis. Unfortunately he couldn’t really say anything as he fears for his life, ahah. Typical I suppose, besides, it hasn’t even been announced who he’ll be playing yet, but for sure NOT John Connor as that role’s been filled by Jason Clarke. In any case, though I haven’t seen Matt in anything else before, I really like the guy. He’s quirky, playful and seems genuinely friendly. I sure hope he has a long career ahead of him post Doctor Who.

Oh, it’s fun to meet up with my friend Conor Holt, the filmmaker of A Better Life which was my favorite short film at TCFF last year and he’s also a contributor to FlixChatter. His short film deservedly won Best Student Short Film at Wizard World Film Fest! Here he is beaming with pride, congrats Conor!! I hope he continues to make movies in the future!

Well I’d have more high points if I had gone the entire weekend. The low point is that I miss all the highlights on Saturday, but hey, there’s always next year! Speaking of which, a Wizard World rep said in the press note that the Minneapolis event was a huge success and the next year’s date has been announced: May 1-3!


I’m sure glad Minneapolis’ got our own Comic-con now! It’s next to impossible to score tickets to San Diego Comic-con any more, so I’m glad I was able to go a few years ago. Glad that now I don’t have to travel far to geek out 😀

So that’s my recap folks. Have you been to a Comic-con before? If so, what’s your favorite moment?

45 thoughts on “A Day at the Wizard World Minneapolis Comic-Con

        1. Ahah well I don’t want to scare anybody off w/ my costume! 😉 I don’t think I have the guts to dress up as anything really, neither is my hubby or I’d cajoled him to dress up like Capt Flint 😉

        1. That’s nuts that they become so exclusive now, I had no idea how I could get in 3 yrs ago, but it was before we had to create some ID or whatever PRIOR to registration.

    1. I remember your Comic con post, Mikey! Yeah, Smith is a fun guy, very entertaining. Ahah I know, I never bother w/ them, besides I’ll never know what to dress up as!

  1. Thanks for linking out to our post! It was a lot of fun on Saturday, but Matt Smith’s panel was worth the Sunday trip. I love all of your pictures. I didn’t actually take a lot of shots with people, but definitely was jealous I wasn’t in costume. There’s always next year!

    1. My pleasure Anne! Yeah my hubby & I sat on the right side of the stage as it was so full! We should meet up next year, I won’t be in costume though, I just don’t have the guts, ahah.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. It’s funny how these things have evolved into big showcases for television and movies. Comic’s have practically been backburnered. You just never know who you might see at one of them.

    1. Yeah seems that it’s expanded beyond just Comics stuff, but they’re definitely still there and Comic book artists still have a big part of it. If you can go to one it’s really a lot of fun though, it’s not just meeting the celebs but it’s the entire experience w/ the Cosplay and everything.

  3. Definitely sounds like you had a hell of a time. $40 just to get an autograph from a bunch of stars? Better than the lame $400 dollars for a lame photo w/ Avril Lavigne who awkwardly smiles while not letting her fans touch her because she is a butt-knocker.

    1. It was a fun day for sure. $400 bucks w/ Avril Lavigne, well that’s just appalling. I don’t know if ANY celeb is ever worth that much really.

  4. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Congratulations for seeing Jayne “The Hero of Canton” Cobb. (Adam Baldwin)! Though he will always be “Animal Mother” from Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket to me.

    Nathan Fillion. Karen Gillian (Amy Pond) and Matt Smith (The Doctor) sounds like a wonderful day.

    I attended a “Con” back in 1976. Long, long before they became “Cons”. At The Marriott Twin Bridges Hotel on the very edge of Alexandria, VA. Was blown away by the number of home made Daleks, Cybermen and young ladies channeling Tom Baker’s ‘Doctor Who’. Long coats, hand knitted scarves, slouch hats and all. Have never been offered more Jelly Babies, either.

    Still prefer Amy Pond over Rose Tyler when it comes to The Doctor. Check out The Girl In The Fire Place for a sumptuous looking period piece. With clockwork robots and a white steed ridden to the recuse of Madame Du Pompadour, by David Tennant’s Doctor!

    1. Hi Kevin! Oh I didn’t meet Baldwin, only saw him standing at his booth, same with most of the others. I wish I had seen Fillion though, but that was on Saturday.

      Wow, so Dr Who was popular even back then eh? The endurance of that franchise is impressive! I’m curious now about The Girl in the Fireplace 😀

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Ruth:

        There is an entire earlier generation, Myself included, who are die hard in the belief that Tom Baker was the best (Certainly, longest running) and most popular Doctor. The series is also the longest running Science Fiction series in television.

        Curious to know how many fanboys wore their personal take on Cobb’s orange knitted wool cap from Firefly’s The Message ? And how many fangirls wore Kaylee’s tiered Cotillion dress from Shindig ?

  5. Ted S.

    I’ve never been to any Comic-Con and to be honest with you, I’ll probably never go to one. I just don’t get it and paying money to get a photo with celebrities just doesn’t sit well with me. I mean we’re the fans and why the hell are these people with money charges us to get photos with them? Well I don’t want to start ranting about this so I’ll leave it alone. Glad you had fun though, I didn’t even know there’s a comic-con here in Mpls.

    1. Ahah well I don’t think the celebs themselves want to get paid, it’s more the organizers. I hear ya though, that’s why I refuse to pay unless I’m REALLY a huge fan of the actor, but I know the ones I’m a fan of probably won’t ever want to do this kinds of things. Yeah, this is the first ever Comic-con, the first of many hopefully 🙂

  6. Thanks for the mention, Ruth! You got some great pictures with cosplayers, and had great seats for the panels. I’m jealous; I completely missed the DeLorean!

    1. I was lucky that when I showed my press wristband someone took me to the side of the stage. We’ve got a pretty good view from the side and from the giant screen. I hope you’ll go again next year girl!

      1. I know Anne and I would love to go to ComicCon, but the chances of that happening are slim to none. Yeah, I’d go back and we even talked about wearing costumes!

  7. Going to a comic-con has been one of my life missions like… forever. I might as well target big and go to the one in San Diego. Hopefully it’ll happen in the near future.

    1. I hope that happens soon Asrap! There are tons of Comic-cons now all over the country, I think the NYC one is pretty cool too and might be easier to get into than SDCC.

  8. Sounds cool!! I am going to the San Diego one this year, it was nearly impossible but my friend managed to get me a ticket. I have never been so it should be interesting. Love the pirate pic if only Toby was there…. sigh a girl can dream right?!

  9. I’ve never been to a Comic-Con before, but it sounds like a good time. It’s cool that you got to sit in on the Matt Smith Q&A. I can’t wait to see how the new Terminator movie shapes up.

    1. Hey Josh, it’s fun to go to one once in your life, it’s quite a lot of fun! Yeah, the Terminator Genesis movies has a pretty good cast.

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