My first day at Comic-Con… and meeting Captain America!

Hello there friends, just a quick update from my first day at San Diego Comic-Con. I’m going to keep this brief as we just got back to our hotel at around 11 and we’re exhausted. But I just wanna give a quick update as promised. Pardon the lack of our own photos as we haven’t got time to load them into my laptop, yet, so I’m borrowing other people’s pics for now.

Well, we survived our first day ever at comic-con! Phew! Truthfully, even though we arrived early at the event (just before 7:30 AM), it seemed we weren’t early enough. Lots of people were already lining up for various things, registration, getting into the exhibit hall, etc. It’s quite frustrating at first as people gave us wrong information on where to get stuff, etc. I won’t bore you with the details as it’s probably just the case of us being a newbie, but I wish that all the volunteers had been more well-informed (not to mention friendlier) and have consistent information to help people like us. In any case, by around 8 or so, we’re already lining up to get to the Exhibit Hall that opens at 9:30.

As soon as the door opened, we rushed to get to the Marvel booth, or you can call it The Avengers booth as the whole stage is emblazoned with the movie’s logo and paraphenilia. There’s the Captain America uniform and boots right in front of the stage in a glass case, as well as other Marvel items. Speaking of the Captain… well, a couple of days ago I told you about the Chris Evans signing at the booth? Well, that’s the reason we rushed to get there so we could get in line for the raffle.

CapAmericaSignedPostcardGuess what friends… I WON! Thank you for your prayers, I ended up being one of the 100 lucky ones who picked up the winning ticket from the bucket! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ So after about two hours in line (PLUS the waiting to get inside the hall) I did get to meet Chris Evans up close and got a signed poster and postcard from him. I’m glad that I didn’t end up getting the free screening tickets for that morning or I wouldn’t have been able to get to the Marvel booth to win the signing!

I wish I could get a picture taken with Chris but the guy in front of me wasn’t able to take a clear shot, but that’s ok, I think my hubby who was in front of the stage took some pics of him up on the stage that I’ll post later. As we’re so rushed by the Marvel staff, I didn’t really get a chance to say a word to him. Partly I was also in some sort of a daze so when he said, ‘hi, how’re you doin’?’ All I said back was, ‘Good, how’re you?’ Seriously!! He handed me back the signed postcard with a friendly wink, and I was sort of speechless when I left the stage. I feel like such a dork now, I wish I had said something intelligent to him.

Ah well, in any case, he definitely looks just as handsome in person and genuinely affable. He’s got a dark navy blue sweatshirt on and khaki cargo pants (see pic of him on the right that someone took at the screening) Nothing flashy, he seems like a regular, humble guy with no superstar attitude. At the end of the signing, he made a brief speech about how proud he is of the film and that it makes it easy for him to promote the film (I think he said something about this being the first time he had to do a full promo ‘tour’ for a movie as the lead actor).

Speaking of the film itself, we just got back from seeing it over and hour ago. I’ll have my review when I get back [review is now here] but my initial reaction is I really like it! I truly sympathize and respect the man behind the hero, and he’s a much more relatable person than most superheroes out there as he starts out as such a weakling. The movie also looks good, LOVE the retro vibe but that’s to be expected from the director who made The Rocketeer. So far the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes stands at 70% and I agree with the critics’ consensus: With plenty of pulpy action, a pleasantly retro vibe, and a handful of fine performances, Captain America is solidly old-fashioned blockbuster entertainment.

Of course it’s not every day that I meet the actor the morning of seeing the actual film, but I think I’d still enjoy it as much if I had seen in under an ordinary circumstance. Oh, we also scored this awesome retro Tyler Stout’s posters at the screening. Pretty awesome stuff!

Anyway, that’s all the update I can give you right now. It’s way late and I have to be up early again to hopefully get into Hall H to catch the Tintin panel and The Amazing Spider-man later in the afternoon. Stay tuned for more updates folks!

In the meantime, let me ask you this – what do you think of Captain America so far? Are you gonna see it this weekend?

26 thoughts on “My first day at Comic-Con… and meeting Captain America!

  1. We saw Capt. America at a midnight show last night, I loved it! & I was really tired so that’s saying something LOL i too found the character really relatable & I like what Evans did with it.

    DEFINITELY stay after the credits, people.

    So happy you got those tickets Ruth! & i wouldn’t worry too much, i think most celebs are used to rushed interactions πŸ™‚

    1. FUNK

      Hi ya,
      I one to always stick around for the credits to, good call:) You never know what tidbits you may discover, plus I like listening to soundtrack.

        1. So very true Dave & Paula, I’m making a habit of that now. I think most superhero movies are doing that now. You’re right Dave, the music is often great to listen to anyway so why rush to get out like the others.

  2. I will be seeing Captain America on Monday and hope it will be better than both Thor and X-Men First Class.. Looks like fun! Glad you got to see Evans in person πŸ™‚

  3. I’m so happy for you(I probably would have had a similar reaction if Deborah talked to me πŸ˜› ), and i look forward to your pics. Also, did you see any good cosplays yet?

    I might watch Captain America, since it is playing at the local theater that has a tuesday discount.

  4. Excited for you. haha, Star Struck! πŸ˜€ it happens! πŸ™‚

    glad you are having a blast and that you won the raffle!! Oh yeah!! Enjoy! can’t wait to see more of your trip!

  5. what? Didn’t I leave you clear instructions before shipping you off to Comic Con to get me Chris’ phone number????
    This is a mortal insult to my feelings! πŸ™‚

  6. FUNK

    Wow, most excellent Ruth! I’m really glad you won the raffle, and that must of been something, can’t wait to see the movie and what you’ll write up on your experience there.


    So not only are you attending geek freakin’ heaven Comic Con, but you got to be in the same airspace of a dude I greatly admire. The word ‘jealousy’ just doesn’t seem to cut it right now. That aside, I’m happy you got to meet the awesomeness that is Evans, and lookin’ forward to your FIRST AVENGER review.

    And you’re attending the SPIDER-MAN panel with my future wife Emma Stone in attendance. Blimey!

  8. Hello everyone, sorry for the mass reply… just trying to catch up here and on reading others’ blogs.

    @ Custard – Ahahaha… no need to listen Custie, just read πŸ˜€

    @ Joel – Thanks! I’ve got Part I of Day 2 done now, thanks for reading.

    @ Castor – Hope you enjoy. I do like both Thor and First Class (more than you I think) but Capt. America is equally enjoyable. If I had to pick one, I think First Class still wins though, just on account of Magneto & Xavier alone.

    @ Michael – Will you be reviewing it? I’ll check your blog, curious to read what you think.

    @ Julian – I wasn’t exactly star struck, I mean, he’s handsome but not exactly my type. Henry Cavill is the one that sets my heart aflutter… can’t imagine what it’d be like if I were to meet him instead. I probably fall down, ahah.

  9. @ Scarlet – It’s amazing that I won the raffle, I mean what are the chances?? Especially since the guy in front of me already won. I wasn’t star struck exactly because of Chris, but I think just the energy of the whole place just made me speechless, y’know. Now if it were Gerry Butler or Henry Cavill I think I’d really make a fool of myself, ahah. With Chris I actually was VERY well-behaved πŸ˜€

    @ Dezzy – I did get his number Dezzy, I was just sworn to secrecy NOT to share it πŸ˜‰

    @ Fitz – I didn’t exactly score a big scoop in terms of blogging, I was there really as a bystander just trying to experience what comic-con is like, so I didn’t do much of networking.

    @ Funk – The screening wasn’t anything special as it was like going to a regular movie theater. I didn’t win the free screening that Chris introduced, but the movie itself was good, I really enjoyed it. Is it coming out soon in the ROK?

    @ Hi Andy, I didn’t know you’re such a huge Chris Evans fan. I wasn’t too familiar w/ his work, I probably only seen about a couple of things he’s in, but he’s growing on me. Emma is lovely indeed, I’ll be posting more pics of the Hall H panels soon, there are quite a few pics of her that my hubby took. I think she looks good both as a redhead and a blond (in the Spidey movie).

    @ Novia – It was a blessing to experience, Nov, thanks for reading. Btw, I’ve got your Total Film magazine at my friend’s house in Jakarta. I’ve asked my brother to pick up the package so you can then pick it up at his house in Tebet area (my brother owns a car wash business across from Mbok Berek restaurant)

  10. Saw it on Friday night. Liked it quite a bit, but can’t say I loved it. I did love that Avengers trailer however! Seeing how Joss will handle the ensemble gets this geeks juices flowing. X-men: First Class is still my hero movie to beat this summer.

  11. Ruth – Yep, pretty big Evans fan. The guy sold me with his teen comedy, NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE. He’s the perfect blend of charisma and funny, able to bring the dramatic when necessary and is definitely able to handle action beats. Dunno if you’ve seen this particular title of awesomeness, but n 2009 there was a hero flick called PUSH. It’s everything the TV series HEROES should have been, and one of the more clever, exhilarating superhero movies I’ve seen in awhile. Evans (and Dakota Fanning) star, and the two of them are absolutely great. His character is a 360 from the CAPTAIN in nearly every way. So if you have a chance, check it out.

    1. Oh yeah, I’ve heard of PUSH but the review wasn’t that good I think. I’ll rent it now that you’ve mentioned it. I like Chris a lot better now after seeing The Losers and Capt. America (and after meeting him in person).

    1. Hi Irina, ha…ha.. I didn’t even know who that other Chris Evans is you’re referring to. Well I think the Hollywood actor is much better looking, no? πŸ˜€

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