Monthly Roundup: November Movie Watching Recap


Bye November! Wow, just a month left of 2012.

Wow, almost an entire year has gone by. I feel like November flew by especially fast, perhaps because it’s a pretty busy one, what with Thanksgiving and I’m also preparing for my 2-week vacation to my home country Indonesia and Hawaii coming up in a week. So a lot of shopping for family members, etc. and also researching for our trip. As a blogger I also hit a couple of milestones this month: FlixChatter hitting its 1000th post in early November and I’ve finally got advanced screening privileges courtesy of Allied Marketing Group as I’m now on their Press List. Wahoo!

Well, here are some of the posts you might’ve missed from November:

Well, what did I manage to watch this month?

The month following TCFF where I watched the most movies in a month all year, this is actually the slowest month in terms of cinema trip. I’ve only gone to the cinema to see Skyfall and an advanced screening of Hitchcock, that’s it!

Movies I haven’t seen before:

My hubby and I also have been catching up on some TV shows: BBC’s Sherlock Season 2, Once Upon a Time and Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome


Overall it’s been kind of a slow month for movie-watching and December perhaps won’t be much better either with our two-weeks vacation. I do have a few advanced screenings of movies I’ve been hugely anticipating, it’s just the reviews will come after my vacation at the end of the month.

Favorite November Movie:

Kinda hard to beat this one… it’s always nice when the one movie you highly anticipated did not disappoint!


So, what movies did you get to see last month and which one is your favorite?

42 thoughts on “Monthly Roundup: November Movie Watching Recap

  1. Hi, Ruth and company:

    It looks like November was a very good month all the way around.

    Great piece of work with your ‘A to Z’ Blog-a-thon. Was surprised and pleased to see such a well thought out, diverse array of talents.

    I did manage to catch ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ a few weeks back. A very well written and laid out adult, sometimes brutal ‘Who Done It?’ that doesn’t come close to insulting intelligences as layers are peeled away.

    Written by Stephen Zalilian and dripping with slushy mood and intrigue. Zailian also directed ‘Searching For Bobby Fischer’ back in 1993. Excellent, well rounded, believable characters all around. With a surprisingly wimpy, non-Bondian, every guy, Daniel Craig in the lead role.

    1. Hi Jack! Why thanks for the kind words my friend. I actually haven’t seen any of the Dragon Tattoo films, not sure if it’s really something I’d enjoy to be honest.

      Oh I didn’t know Craig is in ‘Searching For Bobby Fischer,’ I heard about it as you mentioned Joe Mategna’s performance it in your list from last week. I should give that one a rent one of these days.

      1. Hi, Ruth:

        I made an error in sentence structure that you misunderstood.

        Daniel Craig is not in ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’. Though it was directed by the same guy wrote the screenplay for ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. Which has Craig as the lead character.

        And since I liken your sensibilities in film to be just a bit bolder than those of my older sister. There are a few scenes in ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ that probably would not set well with you.

          1. Ted S.

            Yeah Ruth I think Dragon Tattoo might be too intense for your liking, they actually followed the book very close, the graphic scenes I meant. For people who’ve never read the book, the scenes might be too intense.

  2. Sounds like a splendid trip awaits you Ruth! Wishing nothing but a safe and blessed time away with your family.

    November was hectic for me but I did see two movies that certainly left a great impression, Lincoln and Skyfall. There are a whole load of December releases that I’m anticipating.

    Oh and congrats on 1,000 and on your press credentials! Nice!!!

    1. Thank you Keith, my blog will go dark for a couple of weeks during my vacation. I really could use a break from working in my computer, ahah.

      I saw your review of Lincoln, glad you enjoyed that one and Skyfall too. December sure has a ton of great movies.

  3. First of all…see you soon Ruth 🙂

    I have seen more movies in November than in October 🙂 I am still glued to The Mighty Boosh and The Buzzcocks but still manage to sneek in some movies 🙂

    My fav movie in November is the one where I have the worst movie viewing ever…you have read my review on Napola. I really like it despite the horrible dubbing and subtitle

    1. Ha..ha.. your obsession with Noel is still going strong eh. I’m sure you’ll have a Mighty Boosh marathon in late December into January then 😉

      Oh yeah I remember Napola. Very cool, Nov.

  4. travels Ruth. I hope you take and share lots of pictures 🙂 I didn’t see that many movies in November…but SKYFALL was my favorite for sure.

  5. Ted S.

    Yeah Skyfall was the only movie I saw in theater last month and of course I thought it was great since I already saw it twice. The other new movie I saw was The Amazing Spider-Man which I thought was a snoozer, totally unnecessary retelling of Spiderman’s origin.

    Have fun on your vacation, if you can get to Maui and do a helicopter ride into “Jurassic Park” Island. It’s pretty cool.

    1. He..he.. I knew we’d agree on our movie of the month, Ted.

      I’m actually staying in Kauai Ted, so definitely will take the helicopter ride to Jurassic Park falls!

        1. Thanks Ted! I wish I could go on the Jurassic Park tour but that’s in Oahu and we don’t have time for island hopping, so perhaps next time. Fortunately the JP Falls is in Kauai though, can’t wait!!

  6. Skyfall was one of my favorite films from November, but my overall favorite I saw last month was Bergman’s The Passion of Anna. It’s one of his best films IMO.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Oh 21 Grams is a good one, very intense. I haven’t seen The Lives of Others but have heard great things about it, I should put that on my to-see list!

  7. So… when we get to meet later in Jakarta, can I tag along with you to Hawaii? I’m pretty small, so I’ll fit perfectly into your suitcase. Just give me a lot of sedatives and I won’t make a fuss. What say you? 😛

    Btw, I’ve just read your Movie Alphabet blogathon and was completely attempted to participated. But I’m pretty sure it’d be way too late by now, so I’m going to keep a lookout for the next one 🙂

    PS: It feels wrong leaving a comment on your blog without saying anything about movies, so I’m just going to say this: Skyfall is actually the only movie I saw in theater last month, therefore I’m choosing it as my favorite November movie, hahaha..

    1. Ha..ha.. well if you can fit into my suitcase, why not? 😉

      Oh I’m sure it’s fine if you wanna do the Movie Alphabet thing. No such thing as too late, girl.

      Glad you agree on Skyfall!

  8. Sounds like you have an awesome month ahead of you! I will be taking a holiday vacation as well, but to a far less interesting location — Michigan. 🙂

    Also, nice job on getting on the press list! I should see about doing the same.

    1. Hey, Michigan isn’t too shabby, man. I actually have been wanting to visit Mackinac Island. Which part of Michigan are you going?

      Yeah you should try getting the Press list. I’m sure there’s a marketing company that you could contact. I was fortunate to know about Allied through TCFF.

      1. I’ll be all over the state, actually. My family lives up north and my girlfriend’s parents are near Detroit, so we’ll be hitting up both. It’s been a while since we have been there, so it will be good fun, but it’s no Hawaii or Indonesia. 🙂

        How do those advanced screenings work? I have been to a few, but I still had to wait in line for hours to get in and grab a good seat. Are they similar, or is it easier to get in?

        1. Sounds like a fun trip, Eric. I’m sure you’ll have a blast.

          Oh, if you’re on the Press List, you don’t have to wait in line. They’ll reserve the seats up until 15 min before the movie. Awesome isn’t it?

  9. Nice round-up. A slower month if you compare it to October but not a terribly slow one. Again, have lots of fun on your upcoming vacation. Take a break from the internet and enjoy the beach and the warmer weather 😉

    My favorite November films were De Rouille et D’os and Killer Joe 🙂 I saw more films in Novembre than the previous month, I think.

    This year has flown by. Can’t believe there’s 28 days left in the year :O

    1. Hi Fernando, I guess I didn’t realize how few movies I saw as it was quite a hectic month. I am looking forward to a break from the computer though, ahah.

      So have you bought your Christmas presents yet? Not sure if that’s a tradition in Mexico as well. It wasn’t that way when I grew up, we only give presents for our immediate family, but not friends or even aunts/uncles.

      1. Yes, we do that here, too. And no, I haven’t bought them yet. I’m waiting for my Christmas bonus. I’m only getting presents for my immediate family and not for aunts, uncles or cousins. I have a pretty big family and if I got presents for everybody, I’d go broke! haha. With my close friends and also here at work, we’re doing a Secret Santa kind of thing so that everybody has to get only one present, so that’s great.

  10. Slow months for me in terms of movie watching. I think I only saw:
    – Skyfall
    – Silver Linings Playbook

    uh… that might be it?? I will do better in December though. Way too many movies I want to see coming out.

    1. You’ve been working nonstop eh Cas? Hope you get a bit of a break around the holidays man. Yeah December is one busy time for moviegoers 😀

  11. Skyfall was great wasn’t it, it somehow got the right balance of serious and then the one-liners.

    Good Will Hunting is on my top 100 films list, I love the characters, especially the scenes with Robin Williams.

    Thanks for adding me to your bloglist, by the way!

    1. Yes indeed! I like GWH but it’s more of a one-time viewing for me. I thought Williams was great in his role.

      Oh my pleasure! I don’t know why it took me forever to update my blog roll.

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