Five favorite scenes of Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE Part 1 – in anticipation of Part 2


Taking a bit of a break from reviewing #MSPIFF movies as I had too much going on today to work on any review.

Wish I were at #CinemaCon this week! Twitter is all abuzz with footage of Dune Part 2 trailer which sounds absolutely phenomenal. Director Denis Villeneuve and stars Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya were in Las Vegas to present the trailer and here are some of what to expect per THR,

“Part One is more of a contemplative movie. Part Two is an action-packed, epic, war movie. It is much more dense. We went to all new locations,” said Villeneuve, before debuting the trailer, which did not appear online afterwards. “I didn’t want a feeling of repetition. It’s all new sets. Everything is new.”

The trailer is described as epic in scope, with notable scenes of Paul’s first ride on a Sandworm and first look of Austin Butler as the main villain Feyd Rautha, who appears as a bald albino in the trailer. Villeneuve described Butler’s character as an “Olympic sword master crossed with a psychotic serial killer.” Dayum!

He also said that while 40 percent of the first film was shot in Imax, 100 percent of this film was shot in Imax. Woot!!


I just might rewatch DUNE again this Summer in anticipation, it was my top movie of 2021 and it’s one of the most rewatchable recent blockbusters thanks to its tremendous scope and spectacular visuals by DP Greig Fraser.  Not to mention Patrice Vermette’s production design and Hans Zimmer’s iconic score… it’s truly unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s hard to pick just five scenes but for the purpose of this post’s loading time, let’s stick with that number.

This Spice Harvesting scene count as 1, it’s just broken down into two videos

I have a thing for these sleek-looking Ornithopters at Arrakis Shield Wall!! I love everything about its design and they’re just mesmerizing to watch as they glide above the sand dunes. The aerial view is simply stunning to behold, this is the kind of movie that’s meant to be watched at IMAX!

The wide shots aren’t just the only memorable scenes in the movie. I love this quiet but suspenseful scene where Paul faces the Hunter Seeker assassination attempt in his room.

This weapons training scene with Gurney is another indoor one that showcases the marvelous set design and architecture of Arrakis’s state-of-the-art home. Josh Brolin is a lot of fun to watch in this movie, he made every scene tense and fun at the same time.

There are relatively few fight scenes in Part 1 as most of the battle sequences will be in Part 2, but this one featuring Jason Momoa‘s Duncan Idaho in his last stand against the Sardaukar um, stands out from the pack.

I love that Momoa paid tribute to his son who does Kali, a form of martial arts technique that is native to the Philippines. Its emphasis is on weapon-based combat, be it with sticks, knives, or even improvised weapons.

Let’s hope we get DUNE Part 2 trailer soon! The movie is released on November 3… so we still have quite a bit of wait for that.

What are some of your fave scenes from DUNE Part 1?

10 thoughts on “Five favorite scenes of Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE Part 1 – in anticipation of Part 2

  1. It’s hard to say considering that it’s been more than a year since I saw the film as I was just enthralled by it. I’m totally anticipating the 2nd film. I’m hoping for some crazy-ass shit hopefully inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky.

    1. The second film promises a lot more action and more intriguing characters! I still need to see Jodorowsky’s version, at least before part 2 comes out.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t think I would love part 1 as much as did even though I had high expectations already. I have a feeling Villeneuve won’t disappoint with the 2nd part.

  2. Dune is one of the few movies that when I watch it again, I don’t really have to skip any scenes, everything looked so great and I can just sit back watch the whole movie. And the Dolby Atmos soundtrack is one of the best that I’ve heard. I’ve watched the 4K disc countless times now. Lol!

    Even though, it wasn’t shot with real IMAX cameras, it would’ve been great to see it on our real but closed IMAX theater here. For the “IMAX” scenes, Fraser used prime lens so that the scenes can be as tall as the real IMAX film stock.

    1. You’re right Ted, despite its length, the movie is NOT bloated, and every scene is meticulously crafted. I love that there are plenty of 4k scenes on YouTube now and the sound is as phenomenal as the visuals.

      I think Part 2 will be filmed entirely with IMAX cameras while it was only 40% of that in Part 1. So it’s gonna look even more epic!!

      1. Oh no, the first one wasn’t shot with IMAX cameras at all, they shot with digital approved IMAX cameras but they format the aspect ratio to fit the taller IMAX screen. I assume they’ll do the same for the second film unless they decided to use actual IMAX film cameras. Which will likely cost them a ton of money since real IMAX cameras can only shoot for like 5 minutes and then they have to reload the negative to shoot again. Very time consuming and slows down the shoot but if they decided to go that route, then the second film will look even better than the first one.

          1. I think ever since IMAX trademarked their brand for movies, there’s a lot of confusion going on. If a film was shot with real IMAX cameras, they’ll advertised it by using the terms: Filmed with IMAX Cameras, like most of Nolan’s films. But most of the other films like Marvel and the first Dune, they’ll use these terms: Filmed For IMAX.

            I read an interview with Fraser and he said Denis V didn’t like the look of film for the first Dune and he thought digital looked too clean. So to compromise, he decided to shoot the movie in digital, then scanned it to film and then scanned back to digital. When he showed that to Denis, he loved the look and that’s how the first film were shot.

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