New year, new blogathon – say hello to ‘Five Films Forever’ blogathon … spearheaded by my friend Claire from Cinematic Delights.

The challenge:

You wake up to eerie silence. You call out ‘Hello?’ but no-one answers. You’re alone except for a film projector and speakers with infinite battery life and five of your favourite films at the foot of the projector. You have nowhere to be so start watching the films. What are they, where are you and how will your story play out?

  • My fate: Where have you been deserted – are you adrift like Hanks in Castaway or are you an end of the world survivor like Smith in I Am Legend?
    It’s way too depressing to imagine myself as the lone survivor in an end-of-the-world scenario… so let’s say I end up adrift in an island somewhere in the Caribbean, but somehow I gained access to an empty vacation house equipped with a state-of-the-art home projector theater system 😉 AND an adorable cat to keep me company! 😺
  • My finale: How will your time alone end? Will you be saved by Spielberg or will you live happily ever after on your own like Disney?
    After a few months of soaking up the sun and enjoying everything the vacation house has to offer, my blissful holiday  castaway period comes to an end when a cruise ship suddenly docks and the Tom Bateman lookalike captain rescues me back to civilization! 😍

  • My five films: What are the five films you would happily watch for the foreseeable future and why?

I had participated in a similar blogathon over a decade ago where I had to pick 8 films that I’d take with me if I were stranded on a desert island. This is a lot harder as I have fewer movies to pick. Looking back at that post, those films are still my favorites but out of that list, there is only one I’d still include in this list.

So here are my FIVE FILMS picks:

1. Roman Holiday

I knew I had to include one classic movie in my collection, and given my love for Gregory Peck, it kinda narrow things down for me 😉 This William Wyler rom-com is one of those movies that’s guaranteed to lift your mood whenever you watch it. The plot may seem straight out of a Disney princess movie but there’s SO much more and it’s deeper than meets the eye… radiant Audrey Hepburn played a princess of an unnamed European country who falls for a handsome, charming American journalist. An eternally enchanting film with a poignant ending that sticks with you long after the end credits.

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I enjoy a good superhero movie, so you’ve got to look among the MCU. Well, the Captain America movies make up one of the best trilogies ever and The Winter Soldier is the best of the three. I’ve watched this movie over a dozen times… it’s so immensely watchable, full of amazingly-crafted action scenes that I can watch on repeat. The friendship between Capt and Bucky is the heart of not just the trilogy, but it strongly impacts the storyline of The Avengers as well.

3. The Gods Must Be Crazy

After enjoying a delightful rom-com and a dynamic action movie, it’s time for a genuinely hilarious comedy. It’s really not a tough pick for me as I’ve loved this 80s classic since I was a kid. I used to watch this with my late mom and two brothers and it still made me laugh out loud to this day. The story of a traveling Bushman who encounters modern civilization is simply brilliant. There’s a certain timelessness to its humor, the witty script and slapstick comedic scenes (courtesy of N!xau as Xi and Marius Weyers as Mr. Steyn) always makes me cry with laughter. To this day I’d still say ‘ayayayayay’ whenever I remember this movie 😀 Oh and that Land Rover is a character in its own right!

4. Monsters, Inc.

When you’re all alone in a desert island, you’ve got to have something to constantly lift your spirits. I love Pixar movies and Monsters, Inc. is one of my all time favorites! Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) is one of my top 10 Pixar characters, and the movie still remains one of the best from Pixar even two decades later. I actually rewatched this recently and I loved it even more. There are so many details I appreciate now that I missed back then… but the genius is in the story (script by Pete Docter, natch) and the memorable characters.

5. Sense & Sensibility

Well, this last pick should be no surprise to most of you. After all, this is my favorite film of all time… one I’ve watched countless times and one that never fails to move me. Elinor Dashwood and Colonel Brandon are two of my all time favorite cinematic characters… in fact, I love the latter much I actually named my lead character in my film Hearts Want after him (Lily Brandon – there’s also the ‘li’ from Elinor).

Sense & Sensibility is actually not my fave Jane Austen novel (that would be Persuasion), but Emma Thompson‘s script and Ang Lee‘s direction actually elevated the material and made it work perfectly for the screen. The agony of unrequited love & ecstasy of finally finding love is realized so beautifully, all mixed in with sharp wit and humor that makes it so fun to watch every time. It’s also a gorgeous movie to get lost in… isn’t escapism what everyone wants in a movie? The acting, scenery, costumes, art direction, music, etc. all work harmoniously to make this a timeless masterpiece. I certainly don’t mind watching this on repeat if I ever get stuck somewhere.

So what do you say, friends? What 5 movies would YOU pick if you were stranded? Let’s hear it!

20 thoughts on “FIVE FILMS FOREVER Blogathon

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  2. Thanks for taking part, Ruth! 😀

    What a great selection you’ve picked. Lots of variety! I too went for a B&W and an animation.

    The Gods Must Be Crazy – I haven’t heard of this before. It clearly brings a lot of enjoyment to you so I’ve added it to my watchlist.

    Ahh, of course you saved the best until last 🙂

    1. Hey Claire! Thanks for setting this up, it’s a lot of fun! Been a while since I did a blogathon.

      I knew I wanted to have a varied selections, I mean if I’m gonna be stuck for months, variety is key! That’s cool we ended up having a b/w classic and animated movie!

      Oh man, you absolutely should watch The Gods Must Be Crazy, it’s soooo funny! Definitely an underrated comedy that I think is so timeless.

      And yes, gotta have an Austen period drama on my list… and Col. Brandon has my heart ❤️

    1. Hello! Glad you joined the blogathon. Ahah well I find it too depressing to be stuck somewhere unpleasant given we’re in the midst of a pandemic so I imagine a FUN castaway that’s more like an island holiday 😀

      Btw, in regards to your comment about Sense & Sensibility, I’m totally up for the crazy comedic version since I actually enjoyed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (

  3. “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies” and “Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters” both adorn my bookshelf next to each other. Decent enough reads from Quirk Books. One day the later surely has to come to the big screen too 👍

    1. Nice!! So did you also watch the movie version of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies? I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie adaptation of “Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters” too! I think PPZ wasn’t making a ton of money or we’d have seen that by now.

      1. I have seen the movie version, enjoyed it too. I’m sure it’s in my list of films reviews to write up still somewhere. It made a loss at the box office so it would be a risk for anyone to take the challenge of SSM on, pity. One day maybe. 🙂

    1. Ahah, you have to pick only one of the Blade Runner, Ted! 😀 Man, you made me want to watch Unforgiven, that’s the only one I haven’t seen on your list.

  4. Hi Ruth,

    Fellow #FiveFilmsForever blogger here.

    Loved reading your writing. Great selections. Monster’s Inc is close to perfection in my book and as a big MCU fan I very much concur on your take with the Captain America trilogy, in particular the 2nd and 3rd which to me are pretty much flawless action films.

    Roman Holiday is beautifully charming and I rewatched Sense and sensibility again recently with my daughter, immaculate filmmaking

    I’m pretty sure I have never seen The Gods Must be Crazy but that clip made me chuckle so I’ll try and track it down and check it out.

    1. Hello Dom, welcome to FlixChatter! Always great to ‘meet’ a fellow film blogger.

      Glad you enjoyed my picks. Yes Monsters Inc is as close to a perfect movie as you can get. Cap American 2 + 3 are truly the best superhero movies out there. Thrilled that you’re a fan of Sense & Sensibility… immaculate filmmaking is no hyperbole.

      I’m curious what you think The Gods Must be Crazy. I really love that movie but it might not be for everyone as the humor is quite peculiar. Worth checking out though!

  5. The Gods Must Be Crazy is easily in my top five all-time comedies. Once again, Ruth, you make me love you.

    This list also reminds me that I haven’t seen Roman Holiday in eons and I really must remedy that. Nice work, Ruth, but I expect nothing less.

    1. Hey Rodney! Awww your comment made me smile, dude, thank you!!

      Roman Holiday is just so lovely, in fact I may rewatch that around Valentine’s Day 🙂

    1. Hello Cindy!! How lovely to have you come visit!

      Love your picks! Man it’d be hard to choose between Brave and Finding Nemo. Which Pride + Prejudice version are you bringing btw?

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