Desert Island DVDs: 8 flix I’d take with me if I were stranded on a desert island

Oh the dilemma! Thanks to Andy from Fandango Groovers, in the past month, a whole bunch of us movie bloggers have been inflicted with an amusing predicament. Apparently, Andy was inspired by a UK radio program called Desert Island Discs where guests are invited to imagine themselves cast away on a desert island with only eight pieces of music. The twist for us cinephiles is we’re instead asked to simply pick eight DVDs instead. My initial reaction is thinking about those that might actually help me survive and find ways to get off the island, of which movies like Cast Away would be I’d wish I had in my stash. But really, if you were really stranded and fighting for survival, movie-going experience probably isn’t going to be your top priority. So in this case, the word ‘deserted’ is really up for interpretation. I figure the island could be one that’s been ‘deserted’ by the owner – in Indonesia, if you’re wealthy enough, you can actually buy a piece of an island and make it your own resort. So the island I’m stranded in happens to be previously owned by some Richard Branson-type tycoon who’s forced to abandon it due to some tax evasion scandal – hence the top of the line outdoor theater system 🙂

So without further ado, here are my eight picks (in alphabetical order) that I wouldn’t mind seeing over and over again. Well, that is until the yearn for civilization ultimately beckons.

1. Batman Begins
Why not The Dark Knight, you asked? Well, I do like both movies — and one might argue that TDK is the better one of the two — but I’ve always loved origins story and truthfully, I find this one to be more enjoyable for repeat viewings. Besides, this is truly a movie where Bale’s caped crusader is front and center, instead of being sidelined by a terrific villain in the form of Heath Ledger’s Joker. I wish Maggie Gyllenhaal had been cast as Rachel here though, but at least the rest of the stellar cast well more than made up for Katie Holmes. There are plenty of memorable scenes in Chis Nolan’s first foray to superhero flick, but this spectacular batcave scene where Bruce Wayne conquers his biggest fear is iconic and poignant, plus the music is downright perfect. Gives me goosebumps every time!


2. Bride & Prejudice (narrowly edges out Moulin Rouge*)
I never thought I’d put this one on my list but when I came across a picture of it, I remember how much I enjoyed seeing this entertaining Bollywood [loose] interpretation of the Jane Austen classic Pride & Prejudice. Director Gurinder Chadha infused this movie with humor and amusing culture-clash scenarios, you can’t help but laugh and have fun from start to finish. Bewitching Aishwarya Rai as the ‘Elizabeth Bennet’ character Lalita anchors the movie with her beauty and charm, of course just like Keira Knightley in the latest adaptation, she’s far too gorgeous to play the supposedly plain heroine. Martin Henderson as Darcy isn’t quite as ‘irresistibly tormented’ as Colin Firth, but he shares a pretty believable chemistry with Rai that the relationship still works. The Indian supporting cast is fantastic, most notably Naveen Andrews as Balraj (Mr. Bingley) and the hilarious Nitin Ganatra as Kohli (Mr. Collins).

*Moulin Rouge comes thisclose to being on this list, but I feel that though some of the scenes of Ewan & Nicole together are totally repeat-worthy, I find that I keep ffwd-ing a lot of the beginning parts of the dvd. So overall, B&P is much more enjoyable for me as a whole.

3. Casino Royale
I don’t mean to be disloyal to my hero Timothy Dalton here, but I didn’t really agonized too much on choosing this over his first Bond flick The Living Daylight. Mostly because I’m just not impressed at all by Maryam D’Abo as the Bond girl. Now, Daniel Craig is a formidable Bond that surprised everyone – including me – and he benefits from such a well-written script and amazing direction from Martin Campbell. Not to mention the smartest and classiest Bond girl ever, played by the ravishing Eva Green. Vesper Lynd is hands down my favorite, and the scintillating banter scene of the two of them on a train is proof that a Bond girl can be ever so fetching without having to take her clothes off. This is just one of many scenes in the movie I’ll never grow tired of, hence its inclusion in this particular top 20 list.

4. Dear Frankie (narrowly beats Phantom of the Opera*)
It’s hardly surprising to a lot of you that I’m going to have a Gerry Butler movie, the question is which one? Though I fell for the Scot in Phantom, and yes I do still watch that from time to time, I feel more inclined to include the little-known tiny gem about a little deaf kid whose mother had to lie in order for him to have a father-figure for a day. Butler is only in the movie for 25 minutes or so, but oh quality definitely makes up for quantity. From the second he sits down in front of Emily Mortimer’s Lizzie and orders his coffee ‘Americano, strong’ in his husky, Scottish brogue, we’re done for. The postcard-worthy charm of Scotland scenery, the soulful soundtrack and fabulous acting all around makes this one a flick that rewards you with each repeat viewing.

*Butler owns the screen and cast a spell on women the world over as the half-masked tormented hero, but Joel Schumacher’s direction of Phantom is far from perfect that keeps me this from being a classic movie. Though I’ve seen this flick more than a couple dozen times by now, I don’t know if I necessarily want to see it over and over in a short time span.

5. Gladiator (narrowly edges out Ben Hur)
I told Andy earlier I’d include Ben Hur on my list, but despite being one of my all-time fave, I feel that if I only had that one and Gladiator, I’m more likely to reach for this Ridley Scott movie. In a way, the two compelling heroes share a similar fate of being condemned to die despite their innocence and face such insurmountable plight. They’re both redeemed at the end as well. Though it seems as if the main theme is vengeance (especially in this ‘My name is Maximus’ scene), by the end of the story, he’s fighting for Lucilla’s future… and ultimately for the people of Rome. Crowe’s performance alone is enough reason to keep re-watching this, but there are plenty of great acting all around, most notably Joaquin Phoenix as the ‘terribly vexed’ arch enemy Commodus. Add the gorgeous cinematography, lush costumes and the much-copied, stirring soundtrack, I’d say yeah, I’m definitely entertained! Oh, as I own the extended-edition dvd version, the special features section will definitely keep me busy for at least a whole week!

6. Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade
Indy is the one franchise my whole family love. I remember watching Raiders of the Lost Ark with my brothers and we’d always find something to cheer about. The John Williams’ score alone is such a rousing piece that’s practically synonymous with great entertainment. I’m not crazy about the second and the latest installment, but this third one is a real gem. Harrison Ford as the sole hero is enticing enough, now add yet another highly charismatic actor in the mix and you’ve got one heck of a jovial ride you can’t wait to get on again as soon as it’s over. Ford and Sean Connery make for the most perfect father-son duo, and the witty and whimsical script and full-on action scenes keeps you on your toes and far from ever being bored. There are themes of friendship, family, faith, and loyalty that makes this such a satisfying movie-watching experience.
7. BBC North & South
Ok, I must admit this choice is an indulgent one. But hey, you’re stranded on a remote island with nothing but eight movies to keep you entertained, do you blame me? Besides, I’m normally not a ‘beach-person’ anyway, so by the second day I’d be sick of the warm sunny skies and I’ll be dreaming of the cold, moody climate of Northern England (yes, call me crazy but I’m originally from a tropical country who moved to Minnesota, remember?). Oh, and of course having dreamy Richard Armitage as the Darcy-esque Mr. Thornton can’t hurt either. There are 4 parts of this 235-minute miniseries that center on the captivating slow-burn love story between Mr. Thornton and Margaret Hale, but there’s more to it than just romance. In fact, I’m also drawn in by the history of the cotton mill business and their quandary, as well as the complex relationship between the mill owners and the workers. All that provides a compelling backdrop to what the hero and heroine must go through until the moment they finally ‘find’ each other. Oh, and what a moment it is! Just take a look at this train station scene (#16 on the list) and you’ll know why I had to include this movie!

8. Sense & Sensibility
Ahh, last but definitely NOT least. Anyone who knows me realize this one is a shoo-in. On any given Sunday afternoon when I’m not blogging, I almost always reach for this Ang Lee-directed Jane Austen period drama. Thanks to my cousin Rani who first introduced me to this more than a decade ago. I wasn’t instantly blown away by it, but it just kept growing on me each time I watch it — and the fact that I watch this A LOT makes me like it even more! I’m glad Emma Thompson won Best Screenplay for this, though I think her performance is equally noteworthy alongside Kate Winslet. This is one movie where I pretty much have to have the remote on hand in order to rewind some of my favorite scenes, and there are so many of them, especially those involving Col. Brandon, played with amazing subtlety and grace by the always-terrific Alan Rickman! The part when he first beheld Marianne and fell for her is heart-wrenching, and I shan’t ever forget the scene when Marianne murmurs the word ‘thank you’ after he escorts her mother for her. The expression on his face is priceless! I can go on and on about this movie, so maybe a full review is in order. But suffice to say, this is one dvd I simply can’t live without.

Ok, that’s it. I’m kinda glad it’s only eight as this post might’ve gone to a second page by now! To see what my fellow movie bloggers pick, check out Fandango’s blog. You might wonder that I picked my selections out of my Fave Scenes list. Believe me, it’s not intentional, but obviously the two are related. So if anything, I guess I’m pretty consistent in my choices 🙂

So what do you say, readers? Would you care to share what 8 dvds you would pick if you were stranded? Let’s hear it!

64 thoughts on “Desert Island DVDs: 8 flix I’d take with me if I were stranded on a desert island

    1. I almost had to wrestle myself to choose between Gladiator & Ben Hur, but in the end Maximus won! 🙂 S&S is one I’ll never grow tire of, there’s just sooo many things to love in that movie.

    1. Yes, Ross, and I make no apology for it, either. If you see DF you’ll know why, and GB isn’t on it the entire time, so there! 🙂 Thanks for the compliment about the image. That makes me wish I were stranded on such an island!

  1. Yea! for Batman Begins. Outstanding Desert Island DVDs. I could easily have taken Batman Begins, The Last Crusade and Gladiator myself. Nice mix of action, comedy, romance and of course, the GB movie. I’m almost surprised not all 8 movies have GB in them 🙂

    1. I know you’d love that, Castor. I didn’t intend to have one for every genre, but now that I think of it, my two fave genres are action + drama. He..he.. I actually didn’t have to restrain myself too much to include just ONE GB flick, but you should really check out Dear Frankie, that always tells me that the guy can act!

  2. Great choices. I went for The Dark Knight on my list, but you are right in saying that Batman Begins is brilliant as well.

    Casino Royale a brilliant choice as well, that was pretty close to being on my list. I love Daniel Craig.

    1. If the luggage restriction weren’t so strict, I would’ve brought TDK along, too, Caz. But I feel that Batman Begins is truly about Batman/Bruce Wayne so I like it slightly more.

      I was one of those Daniel Craig’s skeptic, and mostly because I thought Dalton was equally great as Bond. But CR was truly superior because of the fantastic script… and Eva Green is such a deviation from the typical daft Bond girl!

  3. Absolutely love the artwork that leads off the post. Brilliant!

    LOL @ the Gerard Butler “null and void” comment. Poor Gerard and his awful career choices.

    I like the selection of Batman Begins over TDK for the reasons you’ve given. Might not be as much of a steely thriller, but it’s plenty more enjoyable for other reasons. Hell, it’s got Neeson in fine Mentor form – what island viewing experience would be complete without that?

    1. Thank you for the compliment, took me a while to get it done, mostly deciding which photo from each film to put there.

      ‘Poor Gerard’ will show y’all he’s still got it in him, I tell you, so just wait for it. His next two flicks are as far away from rom-com as they come.

      Yes, I do love Nolan for reviving Batman, I normally don’t even care for that particular superhero — I’m more of a Superman chick — but his version is absolutely amazing. I mean it takes the genre to a whole new level, that’s no small feat. As for Neeson, people go all ga-ga over Heath’s performance that they forgot just how outstanding Ra’s al Ghul is as Batman villain. Sometimes your worst enemy is the one you think has your back.

  4. Quite a few good picks there, The Last Crusade is my favorite Indy film as well, can’t go wrong with Harrison Ford and Sean Connery teamed up, two of the largest film icons, Indy and Bond.

    1. Oh it totally escaped me about Connery being a Bond icon! Wow you’re right, absolutely can’t go wrong with two of the most beloved heroes. Btw, I was curious to see what you’d have on your list, but you didn’t do one? I wonder how many Russell’s flicks will be on your list 🙂

      1. I’m thinking about doing one, time is an issue right now though trying to crack out all these Russell Crowe reviews with only a little bit of time left. But I’ll definitely think about my picks for a couple days and get something up.

  5. Marc

    Amazing list Ruth!! I love the split of total guy flicks (nice call on Casino Royale and Gladiator) and some period piece Merchant Ivory-esqe romance films. Quite a nice mix actually:)

    Also kudos for putting in an Indy flick. Crusade is my personal fav btw.

    1. Thanks Marc, I guess growing up with two brothers kinda affects my taste in movies. I almost put Die Hard 3 on my list but upon consideration, I guess I have to balance my selection with some quieter flicks, he…he… High five on Indy 3, what’s amazing is how the action and humor never gets old. That’s one flick that’s got such a timeless quality.

  6. I LOVE that you put Last Crusade on here… but even more so, Batman Begins… I actually thought it was on my list before I posted but I screwed up. People love loving Dark Knight but I think BB might be the greatest comic book movie ever made!

    1. Hey Kai, there’s always an honorable mention list, right? I started with more than a dozen and went from there, but I knew from the start BB will win over TDK.

  7. Gladiator! Nice!

    I also had a hard time edging out Indiana Jones (Raiders would’ve been my choice), but I opted for Star Wars in it’s place. This was honestly such a fun list to do.

    1. Gotta love Maximus Decimus Meridius, if only we could take the actors along to the island, too (now there’s another fun list to do, isn’t it?) 🙂

      This was truly fun, but quite challenging as well, but it’s my own fault ’cause I waited ’til the last minute.

        1. You mean chores, right? Though being in a choir with Walken sounds great, too! 🙂 If you’re a big fan of his, gotta check out Romance & Cigarettes where he sang in a diner, freakin’ hilarious!

  8. mcarteratthemovies

    Well well, color me shocked to see Gerard Butler on this list … NOT! Even though I’m not his biggest fan, you picked good movies that he’s done, ones I’ll see more than once. I love seeing “Sense and Sensibility” on here. As Jane Austen films go, it’s a winner. Then again, can you EVER go wrong with Winslet, Thompson and Hugh Grant in a film?

    1. Not to mention Alan Rickman! Who cares about Hugh when you’ve got him! 🙂 Yeah, DF isn’t exactly a Gerry Butler vehicle, but he really is one of the best thing in it, so naturally I gotta have that on the island.

  9. Just found out the existance of this task 🙂 I’ll write mine tonight and post it tomorrow.

    I like doing blog’s challenge or task….it reminds me of a challenge I haven’t finished yet 😉

      1. My other challenge is not movie related, it’s a Japanese Challenge, I need to write about sakura.

        I’ve written my list 🙂 I need to do some googling (for the movie posters) before posting it. But my list isn’t as spectacular as yours 🙂

        1. Oh wow, glad I don’t have to worry about such a challenge.

          Cool, Novroz, let me know when you have it up and I’ll be sure to check it out. Hey, as long as the movies are what you enjoy most, then it’s spectacular to you, right? Btw, I’m curious, are you a big fan of Indo movies? Unfortunately I’m not, despite my dad being in the movie biz when I was a toddler. He wrote the script for Rama Superman Indonesia 🙂

          1. Hehehe I enjoy any challenge on Japan, it is my dream country 😉

            I have posted it 🙂 8 movies that I’ve watched over and over again without felling bored.

            Who is your dad anyway?

            Nope, I rarely watch Indonesian Movies. I’m a visual effect freak, and Indonesia hasn’t made any good movie with great special effect yet. As for drama, it has to be really good…and most Indonesian movies are about love…my least favorite genre.

            In my life, I have only watched 2 Indonesian Movies in cinema because those movies are based upon my favorite Indonesian novel…so I was curious to see it.

            1. I’ve never been to Japan but I’m not crazy about the food (I don’t eat seafood) so I’m probably gonna be miserable living there 😦

              I’m sauntering to your blog to check out your list!

              Oh my dad’s not famous, his last name is Endraatmadja, I mentioned it a bit here:

              I’ve only watched a couple of Indo movies, ‘Ada Apa Dengan Cinta’ and ‘Nagabonar 2′ in the last 2 decades, so that tells you how much I like ’em 😦 Indo movies are also mostly horror, a genre I despise.

              What are the two you watched that are based on a novel?

              1. I never been to Japan too, I can’t afford it…but I still can dream about going there 🙂

                Horror is actually my genre, but Indonesian Horror is TOO fake…I love horror movies from Thailand, Korea and Japan. Hollywood movies always fail to scare me.

                The movies were Laskar Pelangi (this one was well made) and Sang Pemimpi (this one was too boring..The book wass so funny but the movie made me fall asleep). I’m still waiting for them to make movie from the 3rd book.

                Ah sorry to say I’ve never heard of your dad…then again I didn’t really know most of Indonesian directors. I live in Indonesia but I don’t pay much attention on Indonesian entertainment.

                1. No, don’t be sorry, I told you he’s not famous. Besides, he was in the film industry back in the 60s, before I was even born! I actually have not watched any of his movies, either, just bits and pieces of Rama.

                  Yeah, I noticed you liked horror as you have RINGU. I won’t watch those types even if you paid me 🙂 I agree Indo horror flicks are lame, I saw parts of Kuntilanak and it made me laugh!

                  Hey, everyone should have a dream country. Mine is Greece, I’d looove to go there one day!

  10. PrairieGirl

    Hey, rtm, I would have been gravely disappointed NOT to see Dear Frankie on this list, but I didn’t doubt for a minute you’d include it, as it should be. GBs acting in it is beyond superb. I need to see it again sometime soon!

    1. Thank you for that encouraging validation, Prairiegirl! I mean, your story about telling a complete stranger at a clothing store about DF was awesome… and what a coincidence, his role happens to be The Stranger! I’ll lend it to you again, or maybe we’ll watch it together one of these days. That doorway kiss scene alone is reason to re-watch this one!

    1. Oh ‘Russia’ is one of my fave Connery’s Bond flicks, and it’s got a fabulous theme song, too. Hey, THANK YOU for organizing this enormously successful blog event. It was so much fun! We should make this an annual thing as our choices might change year to year 🙂

      1. From Russia with Love is my favourite Bond movie, I saw a reissue at the cinema last year, click here. I have had an idea for a different event later in the year or next year. I will email you about it.

        1. WOW cool, I don’t think it made it here in the US so lucky you! Oh what I’d give to be able to watch the two Dalton Bond films in the cinema again, maybe if I won the lottery one day I’ll build a home cinema center and have a Bond movie marathon 🙂

          Ooooh I’m curious what your imaginative mind has in store, Andy, yes please do let me know!

  11. A great list! Love that it really makes the journey of covering the bases. Your inclusion of Batman Begins makes me feel better about having left it off of my own list. It deserves to be someone’s desert island viewing after all. Great list, can’t believe this is the first time I’ve seen Gladiator show up so far.

    1. Hi Steve, welcome to FlixChatter! I LOVE Batman Begins, it really does stack up against TDK and it’s just so enjoyable because it’s not so dark and serious… I mean it’s a superhero flick, it’s gotta have some fun!

      Actually a couple other people pick Gladiator, can’t remember who. I don’t typically like violent flicks, but for some reason I can tolerate this one because the story/script, acting, cinematography, etc. are just superb.

      1. I like that you’ve distanced Batman Begins from your typical violent flick. Despite Batman’s ass-kicking tendencies, the fist-fighting was mainly used to set the mood.

        Yeah, I saw Gladiator on a few other lists after yours. It totally belongs in this list festival. But if there can only be one Crowe film in here, it has to be LA Confidential.

        1. No, I don’t consider BB a violent movie, actually TDK has more brute force. I find it highly intellectual, more of a psychological drama than an out-and-out superhero action fare, hence the enduring quality.

          I stand by my Gladiator pick 🙂 I love LA Confidential, but I definitely would rather watch the Roman sword & sandal flick more often.

    1. Hi McD (to distinguish you from the other Ross), I didn’t realize there’s a hairdo theme, but yeah, Kate Winslet’s gorgeous curls is awesome. And for a time, Hugh Grant was the ‘hair guy’ the way Jen Aniston was for the girls… Mr. Floppy Hair 🙂

  12. I must beg forgiveness on not having commented earlier, but there were a lot of us who did this little exercise and…well…it’s been a busy week.

    To your list…

    Y’know, seeing BRIDE & PREDJUDICE here made me realize something. Given that I consider Aishwarya Rai as one of the most beautiful women in the world (along with Christina Hendricks and monica Bellucci if you must know), it just dawned on me, that amongst my eight, I haven’t brought along any eye candy at all.

    No seriously…almost every one is heavily heavily cast with dudes!

    I think I need to sort out my priorities.

    While I haven’t seen your BBC selection or DEAR FRANKIE, I couldn’t possibly quibble with any of the others. They have fun times built right in and would never get old while I watched them awaiting rescue.

    Kudos to you for a fine list miss…even if you did pick the wrong Indiana Jones installment.

    1. Hi Hatter! Glad to hear from you, hey don’t be sorry man, I’ve just realized I haven’t commented on your post either, but I’ve sauntered there just now to rectify the situation 🙂

      Yeah, you’ve got to have some eye candy when you’re stranded all alone, Hatter, thus my DF and N&S selections … oh, Bale is scrumptious as the caped crusader as well I might add.

      No, you picked the wrong Indy, sir, I mean as one very clever bloke below said: “can’t go wrong with Harrison Ford and Sean Connery teamed up, two of the largest film icons, Indy and Bond!” he..he..he..

  13. Love that you’ve included Sense and Sensibility, I love the attention to detail, the accents, the corsets… Emma Thompson is great in that film.

    Good choice. 🙂

    1. Hello Ronan, welcome to FlixChatter! I cannot exclude Sense & Sensibility as I watch that movie so many times already AND still love it every single time. Everyone praise the mighty Kate Winslet here, but I LOVE Emma’s subtle performance and I do love her character Elinor much more than Marianne. Plus, she wrote the fantastic script, too!

      1. Wow, even more impressed now, didn’t know Thompson wrote the script. Talented lady.

        Plus, she went on Jonathan Ross one time and said: “I’ve just sweated on your couch. Well, one does what one can, but the beast will out” 🙂

    1. Hey thanks! I found the TV on the beach image through Google and then I just created an animated GIF image with 8 different movie stills. I’m a web designer so I do this kind of thing for a living 🙂

  14. Emma Thompson – Great choice. Just saw Last Chance Harvey the other week and really enjoyed it. I love the GIF image at the start. Really original idea 🙂 I’d quite like to be on the island, now that I see what it would look like!

    1. Oooh I love Last Chance Harvey! I caught in on a long flight and I was swept away by the beautiful love story. Thanks for the compliment, yeah who would mind being stranded on an island with that kind of entertainment system!

      1. Dave


        My Jane Austen would be Pride & Prejudice from ’05. The most passionate love story I’ve seen in a long


        I was already a fan of Matthew MacFayden from the BBC’s MI-5 or Spooks if you live in England. Now

        why did they change the name? lol. It’s their version of 24 but with less histrionics. Dench, speaking of Sutherlands… the elder Sutherland, and Blythen of Mike Leigh’s movies. Plus a stable of fine

        young actesses in Kiera Knightly (underated because of bad material aka Domino), Jena Malone (getting

        better… liked Her in Donnie Darko and the HBO movie Cheaters), Carey Mulligan (seen An Education?),

        and Rose Demund (also in An Education).

        It bumped Sense and Sensibility to #2.

        Have you ever seen Mansfield Park?
        My #3. A lesser known Austen.

        Great performance by Frances O’Connor (A.I.). Yet another great Australian actor. Dang!

        Jonny Lee Miller of Trainspotting fame is in it. He the one who does the spot-on Connery impersonation. But he also did Hackers with Angelina Jolie so the movies basically cancel themselves out for his career. lol. (I amuse myself a lot) A bit of gossip… he was Jolie’s first husband.

        Directed by Patricia Rozema… is Canadian, who just happens to be a lesbian. Jane Austen needs a

        woman’s touch. Wouldn’t you say? Emma Thompson… etc. Rozema scripted Drew Barrymore to a Screen

        Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe in HBO’s Grey Gardens so you knows she’s good. See the

        documentary first though. It’s a Criterion. Yea!

        Can you just picture a man’s touch…

        Tony Scott’s “NORTHANGER ABBEY”

        “Anger? You haven’t seen anger ’til you’ve seen a
        young girls unrequited love scorned!!!”

        Starring Denzel and Michelle Rodriguiez
        with Dakota Fanning as “General Tilney”

        Summer 2011

          1. Ahah… I was wondering what’s w/ the line breaks 😀 Oh boy Dave, you’re so speaking my language dude… I’m gonna reply to your comment later today but I just want to say THANKS for all your great comments, I love reading all of them. Keep ’em coming, man!

        1. Hey Dave, man you are totally speaking my language dude!! Glad to hear you are so well-versed on Austen stuff! Yes I love that 1995 P & P too, I actually prefer that than the original w/ Colin Firth, though initially I was kinda skeptical about it. I also love MacFadyen’s performance as Darcy. Yeah that is strange that they change the series name from MI-5, but I love the actors in it, both Rupert Penry-Jones and his replacement Richard Armitage are great, if only all of them could be in the same show at once 😀

          You mean Rosamund Pike right? Yeah I like her in P&P and in An Education, but Carey Mulligan is nothing short of amazing in the latter.

          But as much as I like P&P, it would never dethrone Sense & Sensibility from my top list of favorite movies of all time. Especially having Rickman as Col. Brandon [sigh]

          Oh I adore Mansfield Park! I LOVE Frances O’Connor as Fanny and yes, she’s another super talented Aussie actress. Yep, I know that JLM is Jolie’s first husband, I think the starred together in Hackers? I didn’t know Rozema is a lesbian, I guess that explains the scenes of Fanny and Mary in the rain, I thought that was just odd in an Austen film. I also love Alessandro Nivola as the bad boy Henry, he’s such an underrated actor as he’s fantastic in Junebug as well but all people talk about was Amy Adams!

          Btw, have you seen this post Dave? I’d love to hear your take on our picks.

          1. Dave

            Rose Demund… lol. See what happens when I don’t check my work. I’m writing in Word now because I lost too many posts that I was working on by hitting the refresh button or some other stupid nonsense. I get lazy and use Wordpad and see what happens?

            I came to those period dramas thru Joe Wright (saw Atonement first) and Patricia directing them. Early on (18) I found that I didnt like all of Nicholson’s or Deniro’s movies but I liked all of Kubrick’s or Scorsese’s movies. So it takes great reviews or the work of a director I like to get me to check out something I might not ordinarily watch. I use Metacritic … its cleaner than Rotten Tomatoes and does TV, music and videogames also. Too many hack reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes. Janet Maslin they’re not. I’ll do a post about critics sometime and my thoughts on the good and the bad of their influence of the film industry.

            The only actors I’ll watch in anything are… get ready… Winslett (favorite), Day-Lewis, Hackman, Freemon, Clooney (although Leatherheads was brutal), Newman, Dench, Mirren, Hoskins, Bogart, Lancaster, Murray, Bale, O’Toole, Finney, Irons, Streep (although not so much lately and especially She-Devil), Blanchett, Pegg and Frost, Kingsley, Dreyfuss, Sellers, Cheadle, Albert Brooks, Larry David, John Hurt, Brian Cox, Holm, Wilkerson, Lawrence Tierney, Emily Watson, McDormand, Linney, Joan Allen, Judy Davis (where did she go? Had she done In the Bedroom pre-My Cousin Vinnie I don’t think there would be such a backlash), both Hepburns, Bello, Weisz, Driver, Gervais and Merchant, Tomei (probably the single most underrated actress out there… that’s for another post), Kelly Macdonald, Janney (her CJ Cregg is probably my favorite female character role of all time… what, like 4 Emmy’s in 5 years? You go girl!), Grace Kelly, Cagney, Catherine O’Hara, Melanie Lynskey… although I can’t stand the drivel that is 2 & 1/2 Men. Arrested Development can’t finish a 3rd season and THAT show runs 8 years with a crack addict in it. Poor Martin and Emilio…

            Rozema has been pretty open about her sexuality. Her I Heard The Mermaids Singing or When Night Is Falling (a little corny but the best lesbian film IMHO I’ve seen) were both lesbian dramas. Plus the latter film stars the great baddie Henry Czerny as a boring, good guy who doesn’t know how to please his wrestless wife. Nice change for him. It also stars a little known, bewitching, Montréalité actress named Pascale Bussières. Perennial Canuck Don McKellar makes a cameo in the film.

            As far a period dramas go I really have only seen the Merchant/Ivory cannon or the Oscar contenders. Will check out the BBC’s P&P though sometime. I’ll post more on this on the period drama page. If you love Rickman check out Bottle Shock. It got mixed reviews but I liked it. It also stars Pullman and Farina.

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