JUNE Viewing Recap: INDIAN SUMMERS, Netflix’s Murder Mystery, Unlocked, etc.

I can’t believe it’s July already… I feel like once July 4th is behind us, we’re already more than halfway done with Summer 😦 Well, I actually didn’t really do much movie/tv watching around the Fourth weekend as I prefer to make the most of Minnesota Summer outside.

I did watch quite a few things in June, some of which I haven’t reviewed nor even mentioned on the blog. But for those looking for new releases reviews, here’s a handy list:

Aladdin | Godzilla: King of Monsters | Rocketman | Dark Phoenix | Always Be My Maybe | Late Night | Dead Don’t Die | Toy Story 4 | Spiderman: Far From Home | Midsommar | Yesterday

Oh I also saw MIB: International which I can’t say was a good movie (read: it was awful!). Review coming sometime next week.

Let me start with the show I’ve been bingeing. Thanks to my friend Vony B who has a similar taste as mine in regards to British shows [and hunks 😉 ], she recommended me INDIAN SUMMERS on Amazon Prime.

Period drama set in 1932 during the final years of British colonial rule in India.

I finished Season 1 in about a week, but took my time with the 2nd season as I kind of don’t want this series to end (there are only 2 seasons). I LOVE it, it’s kind of like Downton Abbey but with even more intrigue and higher stakes, and also feature a diverse cast. The show centers in Simla, in the foothills of the Himalayas, during the Summer, hence the name. The British colonialism story has been told before but what I love about this one is how the story is told by both sides, the British and the Indians. The characters from each group are both multi-dimensional… not every British are evil and all Indians are good or vice versa, lots of gray areas that make the show so compelling and intriguing. Kudos to show creator Paul Rutman for making such an addictive show and each episode always ends with a breathtaking cliffhanger!

Nikesh Patel & Jemima West

My initial draw to the show is Julie Walters who plays against type as the ruthless and conniving Simla club owner. But soon I was rooting for Nikesh Patel’s Aafrin, the Indian man in a British suit who’s rising through the ranks in the Indian Civil Service. What period drama without romance? The secret ‘forbidden’ romance between Aafrin and Alice (Jemima West) is downright juicy! I’m only about 3 episodes in on season 2 but I’m savoring every moment. Even though I’m not done with the entire series yet, based on what I’ve seen so far I’m giving it a high rating.

New to VOD

Isn’t It Romantic

So my friend Holly has reviewed the movie here, and I agree with her that it’s a lot of fun! I’m not the biggest fan of rom-coms (unless it’s written by Nora Ephron or Richard Curtis) and I love that this movie pokes fun at the genre while paying homage to it at the same time. “I had you at hello-copter” had me in stitches! I adore Rebel Wilson and she’s definitely the reason to see this.

Netflix Shows:

Murder Mystery

Ok so when Netflix bragged that over 30million people saw this movie in its opening weekend, I was curious what the fuss is about. Well Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are made for each other in this lush but vapid vacation comedy that’s practically devoid of suspense. Ok I gotta to admit the gorgeous locations are pure escapism, heck I’d love to be invited aboard a yacht by a perfectly-tanned tycoon who looked like Luke Evans. I told my hubby that if that’d ever happen to us, I’m definitely saying yes, ha! Of course I’d be hit by lightning long before that’d ever occur in my lifetime. It’s entertaining in parts, but I likened it to eating McDonalds… yes you enjoyed it but once you finished eating, you wished you’d eaten something far more nutritious.


I had never even heard about this movie before I saw its image suddenly flashed on Netflix. This is the fourth action movie of Noomi Rapace on Netflix I saw in the past couple of years, the previous three were What Happened To Monday, Bright and Close. Boy, the petite Swedish actress is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Here she plays a CIA interrogator who’s lured into a ruse that puts London at risk of a biological attack. It started out really intriguing but as soon as Orlando Bloom showed up, it became an old school spy flick where nothing is what it seems. It’s not as smart as you think however, which is disappointing given its gripping first act. The cast is filled with talented actors, Michael Douglas, Toni Collette, John Malkovich, but most of them are pretty wasted in bit parts. Rapace’s is interesting to watch however despite her stoic expression and no-nonsense demeanor. I’d say it’s still worth a look if you’re a fan of spy thrillers, and at 1hr 38 minutes, it’s pretty darn efficient.

The Chef Show

I think this show’s got more unwanted PR from Gwyneth Paltrow when she apparently didn’t remember she was in the first Spider-Man movie that Jon Favreau had to remind her. It’s too bad as it’s a really good show… just make sure you don’t watch it hungry.

Favreau was chef Roy Choi’s apprentice when he did the indie movie Chef (which I highly recommend). In the first two episodes, they made even the simplest food like grilled cheese so mouth watering. I don’t even like grilled cheese that much and I was salivating! Nice that Favreu has plenty of cool friends to stop by his show. In an Atlanta restaurant, a few Avengers (and its honcho), Robert Downey Jr.Tom Holland and Kevin Feige joined them for lunch.

I love the casual vibe of the show and the camaraderie of the chefs. Favreau and Choi seemed to genuinely each other’s company, and obviously enjoy what they’re doing that their joy is infectious. Can’t wait to watch the rest of the season!

My fave JUNE movie has got to be Always Be My Maybe

…with Spider-Man: Far From Home closely behind.

So what’s the highlight of your JUNE viewing?

7 thoughts on “JUNE Viewing Recap: INDIAN SUMMERS, Netflix’s Murder Mystery, Unlocked, etc.

  1. After Games of Throne, I decided to start watching a show called BILLIONS and I pretty much spent all of June catching up on that show. It’s great and looking forward to the new season next year. I haven’t seen Unlocked or Murder Mystery yet, I think both are on my to watch list on Netflix.

    Glad you enjoyed The Chef Show, so far I’ve only seen 3 episodes. I’ve been following Roy Choi’s career from the beginning. You may or may not know but he pretty much kick started the whole food truck craze that happened throughout this decade.

    1. Hi Ted, I heard about BILLIONS, though I’m not fond of the lead actor. Have you seen BLOODLINE? Curious about that one because of Ben Mendelsohn.

      Yeah Chef Choi is great, I definitely wanna watch more episodes of The Chef Show, I didn’t know he kickstarted the food truck craze, wow, he’s amazing!

      1. I think I have BLOODLINE on my to watch list on Netflix but haven’t had a chance to spend time watching it yet, so many shows I want to watch and not enough time to watch them all. ha ha.

        Are you referring to Paul Giamatti or Damian Lewis on BILLIONS? They’re the two leads of the show and they’re part of reason why the show is great. But the is what makes the show one of the best on TV right now.

  2. The tv show INDIAN SUMMERS sounds good. The premise reminds me a little of David Lean’s 1984 film A Passage to India although that was set in the 1920s.

    Will read your Toy Story 4 review when I’ve seen the movie. Not out until August near me.
    My favorites of June are probably The Wild Pear Tree and the documentary 63 Up.

    1. Hey Chris! You should give INDIAN SUMMERS a try, it’s really good! I haven’t seen A Passage of India but I think it’s on PRIME also, should give that a watch.

      Oh my, TOY STORY 4 isn’t opening til August?? I wonder why it takes so long to get to your country, you’re in Denmark right?

  3. I started watching Indian Summers a few years ago on PBS because I love most of their shows.. I didn’t get thru the first season sadly. Though I can understand how some do as it does well even on PBS. I completely agree with the rest..especially Always be my Maybe, and the terrible Adam Sandler – Jennifer Aniston movie.. people were saying Sandler is a great actor etc.. I’m like.. whaaaaa???!!! Didn’t see “Isn’t it Romantic’ nor The Chef Show – but that does sound like one I would like as the only reality show i watch is Top Chef. 🙂

    1. Hi there Peggy, how’s it going? I LOVE Indian Summers, I really wish it were as successful as Downton as I think it’s far more intriguing.

      Oh man, Sandler is NOT a good actor but I suppose that movie doesn’t require a skilled actor, ahah.

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