FlixChatter Review – AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019)

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call the release of AVENGERS: ENDGAME as an event, at least to fans of the MCU. If you don’t know what that acronym stands for, but yet you’re curious enough to finally check out just what the fuss is about, I suggest watching a few Marvel movies first in order to fully appreciate what’s going on in this movie. There are 21 MCU movies up until this point, broken down in three phases. ENDGAME, as the title suggest, is the cumulation of the most of the heroes’ journey.

As I was watching the movie, I thought about how much I have come to care about these characters and what they have gone through. Since the release of Iron Man 11 years ago in 2008, there have been multiple new characters being introduced, but in the end, the film pretty much focused on the original six Avengers who survived Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Infinity War. Now, I know there have been calls NOT to spoil the major plot points, though it should go without saying for every movie. FlixChatter readers know I’m very careful about spoilers. That said, it’d be tough to review this film without potentially revealing some key things, so if you prefer to go into the film completely blind, you should stop reading this now [consider yourself warned].

The movie clocks in at 3 hours 1 minute. It’s perhaps the longest superhero movie ever, but there’s just SO much to cover. It actually goes by relatively fast, but that’s not to say there aren’t any slow moments. If the Marvel Cinematic Universe is organized in phases, this movie is comprised of three specific ‘chapters’ if you will. The surviving superheroes (and a powerful new ally) only have one thing in their mind, that is to go after Thanos. It’s quite amusing to see the supreme villain is actually living a rather domesticated life, seemingly not losing much sleep after wiping out half of all living creatures. I’m not going to say how that ‘avenging’ business goes, but the movie then jumps ahead five years.

The second act is perhaps the slowest part of the movie, but I feel like the quieter moments are necessary. Naturally those who survived the snap are in mourning, some have lost more than others… some lost absolutely everything they hold dear. It’s not something people can just move onward and upward, not even those as mighty as the Avengers. As Steve Rogers said in the trailer, ‘Some people move on, but not us.’ Some are dealing with this new ‘post-Thanos snap’ era better than others. One could say they’re all dealing with an intense case of PTSD. Rogers is shown in a therapy session, while Hawkeye and Thor are dealing with this trauma in very different ways. I actually love how this movie is playing with our expectations of certain characters. Let’s just say, some of their um, evolution, for a lack of a better word, is truly amusing and not at all what I expected.

Themes of loss, anguish, regret, vengefulness, sacrifice are all we expect in a film that promises to be ‘the end of the line.’ Those themes are explored well here by writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, brought to life brilliantly by Joe & Anthony Russo. By this time, most of the actors have convincingly embodied their characters. Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner who made up the original six are particularly strong here, with Josh Brolin’s Thanos as the perfect villain. This movie has plenty of genuine emotional moments without being too heavy handed. It’s dark at times without being too brooding or overly gloomy. In fact, there are plenty of funny, witty scenes that provide the perfect levity to balance out the heartbreaking moments.

I’m glad my bladder held out well despite the three-hour running time, so I didn’t miss anything. I have to say though, the level of satisfaction this movie is would depend on how much you care about the characters that have been carefully crafted in the past decade. By the same token, if you’re not familiar with the previous movies, especially the previous Avengers movie, you’d find this movie utterly discombobulating. Even I find the plot rather convoluted and some things don’t make any sense. But most movies involving SPOILER ALERT (highlight if you want to read) time travel, especially involving quantum physics, is bound to be a head-scratcher. Yet that plot device also allows for backstory for certain characters, a walk down memory lane for others and perhaps even a farewell of sort given that the ‘end is near.’ If I were to nitpick however, I find the action spectacle in its finale to be too bombastic for me. It’s a problem for most superhero movies that even the best ones can’t seem to overcome. Fortunately, the Russos remain focused on the characters and what they have lost/stand to lose, which keeps the story grounded despite some overblown action sequences.

We all have our favorite character(s), and mine happens to be the first Avenger. My heart constantly went pitter-patter wondering what’s to become of Captain America. I have avoided reading all the incessant fan theories, and I’m glad I did. Part of the journey is the end. This movie delivers on that premise and it completes many of the characters’ arc in such an emotional way. It also lives up to the ‘whatever it takes’ premise as the Avengers face one impossible odds after another. Thor’s line ‘because that’s what heroes do’ was delivered facetiously in Thor Ragnarok, but here it holds a whole new meaning.

What made the MCU franchise so successful and gratifying to fans is that there’s a unifying thread throughout the movies. Yes, there are parts that have continuity problems–I mean what happened to Wanda aka Scarlet Witch’s Russian accent after Avengers: Age of Ultron?? But in the grand scheme of things, the storylines are so tightly-interwoven that by the time they all assembled in Endgame, we know just how high the stakes are for these characters. It also helps that earth mightiest heroes have a worthy adversary to fight against, which in and of itself is quite a feat. For a movie with such a compelling premise and a humongous build-up, it would be a shame if the payoff is weak. Thankfully that’s not the case here and for that I’m grateful. I’m also glad I packed tissues as it’s an emotional roller coaster of the best kind. Endgame made me laugh out loud one moment, then bawl my eyes out the next.

The film is an artistic and technical marvel. The set pieces are great, which is to be expected for a film of this scale. Alan Silvestri, the original composer of The Avengers, delivers rousing music with his iconic score, but it also sounds perfectly melancholy when it needs to be. What a bittersweet and worthy send-off for a bunch of beloved characters. I don’t even mind watching it again before its theatrical run is over, it’s THAT good.

Bravo to the Russos once again for completing a satisfying finale to such a behemoth franchise. There must have been an enormous pressure on them to deliver and I think, all things considered, they did an astounding job.

What do you think of AVENGERS: ENDGAME? Let’s hear it!

21 thoughts on “FlixChatter Review – AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019)

  1. I just skimmed over while I applaud you for the warning of spoilers as that is something I don’t want to see as another blogger unfortunately did that on her Twitter scroll as did some videos on YouTube. I already got a ticket for Sunday morning as I’m trying not to see anything about the film. I want to go in blind.

    1. Hi Steven, it’s a shame that people have been spoiling this for fans. My hubby told me someone revealed something huge on Reddit, ugh!! Hope you enjoy this too, let me know when you have your review up!

  2. I couldn’t get tickets to see it tomorrow night at a Dolby Cinema Southdale, so I’m seeing it Sunday afternoon. Didn’t read your review since I want to in fresh, I’ll come back and share my thoughts on Sunday.

    1. Hi Ted! Hope Sunday afternoon is better for viewing, be sure don’t drink too much before you go, LOL. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

      1. Just saw it couple of hours ago, yeah I didn’t drink anything before going in. With about 20 minutes of previews, it was in the theater like 3 and half hours!

        As for the movie, I liked it, probably less than you did. I didn’t know what to expect going in but I really enjoyed the first half of the film, it felt more like a detective story of the survivors heroes figuring out how they can fixed what happened. But then of course things got predictable in the second half and as usual with the last few Marvel films, the action scenes just weren’t memorable to me. Also, I had some major questions as to what happened towards the end, I won’t spoil it here but it involves Spiderman and Capt. America.

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  4. Vitali Gueron

    I loved Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers, even more than I did in her own movie. She isn’t the center of attention all the time, but when she is needed, she comes through! I especially liked a scene towards the end of Endgame, where several other female Avengers come together to assist her.

    1. Hi Vitali! Glad you enjoyed the film. Honestly, Capt Marvel is not my fave character in Endgame, she comes across so cocky here. But then again I was just ok w/ Captain Marvel movie, I only gave it 3.5/5 and that’s actually quite generous. I do remember that scene you mentioned and that was pretty cool. Girl powerrr!!

  5. Rodney Twelftree

    Great review, Ruth. Tell me, what did you think about [spoiler] happening? And the part where [spoiler] did the thing with [spoiler spoiler OMG spoiler] when they had the [spoiler]? I know, right?


    1. Mwahahahaha! It’s tough not to spoil anything while writing this review. I think it’s awful that some people spoiled the major plot on Reddit and Twitter though, NOT cool! Did you write your review yet? Let’s compare notes!

  6. I really enjoyed myself. It did what it had to do to get where it needed. LOL. Hope that makes sense.

    Time travel as a plot device is nothing but messy to be honest no matter the story. At a certain point you just have to go with it, you know?

    1. Hi Iba! Yeah, it’s not perfect as there are always plot holes when it deals with time travel. But like you said, if the film is engaging enough and you care about the characters emotionally, then I think the filmmakers have succeeded.

  7. Nice review. It truly is an event movie and one unlike anything we will probably see again. I won’t rehash the handful of issues I wrote about because that final hour alone was epic. Such a crazy gambit of excitement and emotion.

    1. Hey Keith, sorry for the tardy reply. There are a ton of issues that I probably would think about more after seeing it again, but this time around I was quite overwhelmed with emotion and was all in with the characters’ journey. I know lots of people have issues with Captain America’s scene at the end, and the more I think about it, I kind of see how problematic it is, but at the same time it was so satisfying to see him finally happy. Anyhoo, I’m gonna check out your review shortly now.

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