Highlights from 2016 Wizard World CHICAGO Comic-Con: Netflix’s Daredevil panel + Carrie Fisher Q&A


Hello hello! I’m back from my mini vacation to Chicago, visiting friends, sight-seeing and topped off with a fun day at Wizard World! As I mentioned in this post, I was only able to make it to Sunday, and they sure saved the best for last. I got to see the Netflix’s Daredevil cast [minus Jon Bernthal which had to cancel due to filming], followed by the eternally entertaining Carrie Fisher right after!

So here’s my recap from Sunday:

12:00-12:45 – Netflix’s Daredevil panel

I waited in line for about an hour and a half before I finally got into the Ballroom, but it was worth the wait! The host was from Honest Trailers, and I think he was pretty good, though some of the fun moments came from questions from the audience. Everyone was understandably mum about season 3, though Charlie Cox mentioned about The Defenders a few times, so I don’t know if Netflix is gonna run that first before season 3 of Daredevil.


Charlie also talked about the wonderful continuity of the Marvel TV universe, as in one episode, Rosario Dawson‘s Claire showed up on set with a cut above her eyebrow. It turns out she got that injury from a scenario in Jessica Jones involving Luke Cage!

Speaking of Rosario, can I just say I have a massive girl crush on her after seeing her here! I mean, I’m already a huge fan of Claire but Rosario has such an amazing personality to match her beauty, she’s truly a fun person to watch on and off screen.

The host talked about how fun it would be to do a Daredevil/Jessica Jones musical mashup (like what CW’s The Flash/Supergirl). Rosario quipped that perhaps Kilgrave could make everyone sing in the show! Oh how fun would that be!!


Charlie Cox looks exactly like I’d picture him to be. Gorgeous and adorkable (he turned to Rosario when someone asked them who their favorite cereal mascot is, I suppose they didn’t have that in England, ahah). He also told a story about one of his earlier films he’s not proud of, which I think is this one, where the director didn’t speak much English and he didn’t want anyone to help fix the erroneous dialog. Now he actually made me curious to see it!!

Elden Henson who played Foggy seems very shy (or disinterested I don’t know), but he really didn’t do much during the panel. I thought he’d be as witty as his character, but meh. Despite what happened at the end of season 2, looks like Elektra will be back as Elodie Young is one of the panelists. She seems so petite and delicate, but the host reminded everyone she’s got a black belt in Karate so yeah, she definitely can beat everyone up real easy.


I really enjoyed Deborah Ann Woll as well, she has a fun, spunky personality but she’s also affable and sweet. The two ladies really livened up the panel, I’m certainly a fan of both of ’em now.

One of my favorite parts is when Charlie talked about the challenges of portraying a blind man on the show. He was quite elaborate describing how Matt Murdoch wouldn’t have to even look at the direction where he’d be grabbing something because of his heightened senses, which is something he’d have to train hard to do.

The panel seemed to go by in a flash, I could totally watch them for another hour!


1:00–1:45 – Using the force with Carrie Fisher


I am so glad I went on Sunday as the Q&A session with Carrie Fisher is an absolute blast! Of course she brought her dog Gary. In fact the first ten minutes is pretty much about Gary and the beef jerky, as she (as well as the two hosts) were feeding him the entire time! In fact one time Carrie berated Gary at one point for walking back and forth to get food.

I love how real she was and that she really didn’t give a flying fig about anything or anyone. I also respect that she’s a big advocate for mental illness and she was totally gracious towards fans who ask her about dealing with Bipolar disorder.


The hosts didn’t just ask her about Star Wars, though of course that was the main entrée, but they also asked about her experience about working with John Belushi in The Blues Brothers and The ‘Burbs with Tom Hanks. When asked about which movie(s) she regretted she turned down, she said that she was never in a position to turn down roles. But she did reveal that she wished she had been in Terrence Malick’s Days of Heaven.

Here are just a sampling of her funniest quotes during the panel:

“Harrison is witty. He’s not funny. There’s a big difference. Funny involves a bit of people pleasing and Harrison isn’t a people pleaser, but he people-pleased inadvertently.”

“Look, my son is Hitler!” – referring to Kylo Ren when asked about who she would ship in The Force Awakens

“In that universe it’s issues with their father. So if you have issues with your father and I must say I have, in both universes, so you don’t want to screw with me in either one.” – on why Leia is so fierce.
She then asked the little girl how her father’s treating her. When she said he treats her well, Carrie said, “Well then you’re not gonna be as fierce. Ask your father to start neglecting you.”
“I’d make Trump go away. So I never have to hear about his small hand or small penis ever again.” – on what she’d do if she had the force
“I knew Luke was my brother, so I tongued him.” – when asked if she had read that Mark Hamill’s Luke was Leia’s brother.
“John Belushi. What would I say that you’d laugh at. No, it’s Harrison, which would be funny too.” – on who’s the best kisser.
“Where the hell have you been? Did you go to a small island as you didn’t look it.” – on what she would say to Luke after he came back from his hideout.

I never laughed so much and so hard in a single hour! She had me in stitches so many times my stomach hurt after the panel was done.

Carrie Fisher is a legend, folks, I absolutely loved the Q&A. Plus, at the end she made this young girl’s day when Carrie invited her to the stage. She was the last person to ask a question and she said she’s Bipolar. She also had a service dog with her that she dressed as Leia!



Favorite Cosplayers

One of the best parts about comic-con is the people cosplayer watching!

The Spidey photographer who I think is a press member (as he wore the same light blue wristband as I did) is both my hubby and my favorite! Not just because of the costume, but he was such a fun, obliging guy. As soon as my hubby asked him for a photo, he immediately dropped to the floor and stroke a pose!

My second favorite is Kylo Ren as the guy resembles Adam Driver so much in terms of mannerism and tall, lanky figure. I wish he had a red lightsaber that could actually turn on!


Suicide Squad was a popular one, unsurprisingly, the fact that the film still tops the box office this weekend. There were multiple Jokers and Harley Quinns, and the entire gang were hanging out in the lobby the entire time. I saw one giant Batfleck walking by as I was in Starbucks, but I couldn’t find him again, bummer!

This one is for Margaret 😉
Ok he’s no Leto but I think he nailed the Suicide Squad‘s Joker look pretty well!


Click on each image to see a larger version:

LOVE this Wonder Woman cosplayer who’s absolutely gorgeous and always ready to pose for the camera! We ran into her a couple of times and she truly embodied the character in her pose, plus it’s a real kick-ass costume + prop. You go girl!

Wonder Woman ready to strike!
Wonder Woman ready to strike!

That was a blast! Wizard World Chicago was definitely bigger than the one in Minneapolis, and there was still a huge crowd on the last day. I really enjoyed the two panels I attended and had a blast roaming the lobby and exhibit hall!

Big shout out to Wizard World PR people Jerry Milani & co. for your hard work organizing this wonderful event!

So that’s my Wizard World Chicago recap, folks. How was YOUR weekend, seen anything good?

31 thoughts on “Highlights from 2016 Wizard World CHICAGO Comic-Con: Netflix’s Daredevil panel + Carrie Fisher Q&A

  1. Carrie Fisher, she is a legend. Have you seen her stage show Wishful Drinking? I saw it on HBO and it’s a riot. She tells some amazing stories including stuff about her tumultuous relationship with her parents, her relationship with Paul Simon, and Star Wars including the fact that she’s a Pez dispenser. I hope General Leia gets to kick some ass in the next film.

    1. Yes she is a legend! I haven’t seen Wishful Drinking but I definitely will check ’em out now. She is so open about her life it’s so refreshing. Yes I hope she gets more screen time in the future SW films.

  2. Sounds like a fun time at the Comin Con, I don’t think I would have patience to wait in line that long. I didn’t really realize that Carrie Fisher was such a funny lady until I saw her guest starred in TV shows like 30 Rock and some others I couldn’t remember. I know that studios would bring her in to re-write or polished some scripts but sadly she never gets credited for them.

    Only saw one new film over the weekend, Hell or High Water. It finally opened in more theaters and saw it at Southdale Mall.

    1. Hi Ted! The waiting is actually not that bad at all compared to the one in San Diego. Ivan was getting food whilst I waited in line so it worked out well. Carrie is such a breath of fresh air, she’s hilarious and so open about her life, as well as cordial to her fans. There were young folks who had some mental issues who asked her questions and she was very sweet & open about her own Bipolar disorder. I’m not surprised that she was asked to polish some script, if only she got to actually make her own show. I think she did w/ Wishful Drinking.

      Oh so did you like Hell or High Water? Would you be willing to review it at some point? No rush by any means.

      1. If you can find the 30 Rock episode where she guest starred on, you should watch it. It’s hilarious, Fisher played a has been writer who Tina Fey’s character idolizes.

        I really liked Hell or High Water, I had some issues with it so I wasn’t in love with it like most critics are. Yeah I can probably write up a review of it sometime this week.

        1. Oh ok I definitely will look for that! Carrie is a great writer and a fun gal so I could see the REAL Tina Fey also idolizing her.

          Ok cool, thank you Ted!

        2. PrairieGirl

          Hey Ted, looking forward to your review of Hell or High Water, Even though I’ve never heard of it or know anything about it I never miss one of your reviews, yes it’s true ;-).

  3. Ahh it sounds like you had a blast! I’ve only ever watched interviews with Carrie online but she’s an absolute legend, I love her.
    I got to meet Elden at London Film & Comic Con, and he was such a sweetheart! Gutted for you that Jon dropped out 😦
    – Allie

    1. Hi Allie! I was gonna tweet you the photo of the Kylo Ren guy. Doesn’t he resemble Adam Driver? He’s very tall too, so he looks good in that Kylo suit.

      Elden might’ve been more fun in person but in a group he’s the most boring. Yeah I wish Jon had been part of the panel, he sounds like a fun guy!

    1. Hi Cindy! Yeah she really is a lot of fun, she’s just so real which is rare to see in a big star who’s been in the most massive franchise in history. She has a great sense of humor but also a big heart.

      1. PrairieGirl

        Boy are you ever, you couldn’t hide your weariness when I saw you today to work! Chill out as soon as you can. Tell Ivan I loved all his pix, but didn’t see a photo credit to him 😉

    1. There were so many that I had to write some of ’em down during the panel. Yes she is such a delight and her quote about Harrison sounds spot on! Btw, hope you enjoyed that pic of Leto Joker’s cosplayer, I thought he did a good job even w/ the hand tattoo!

        1. Indeed! His expression as he’s posing is pretty unnerving I think. Funny he hangs around w/ that Batman guy the whole time, they must be BFFs in real life 😀

        1. Oh right, darn I forgot you’re in the UK! So are you gonna go to BFI London Film Festival in mid October? Oh man, I’m dying to go to that!

            1. Man if I had all the money in the world I would man, I’d move there too, ahah. I mean my screenplay is actually set in Chichester, an hr south from London on the coast. I’m dying to visit there too one day, I feel like I’ve been there from all my research 🙂

  4. That is some awesome cosplay! I’d love to go to one of these some day; they aren’t as popular in this country. I was in Manchester one day when there was a Comic Con on and the cosplay was out of this world (excuse the pun).

    1. Hi Mark! It’s fun to go once in a while, the cosplayers really are out of this world, that’s half the fun for me other than the celebrity panels 😀

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