Everybody’s Chattin + Trailer Spotlight: Finding Dory


Happy Midweek all! [just three more days until Friday] I’ve been thinking of taking a brief blogging break after the whirlwind film festivities of TCFF at the end of October. Well, I figure I should do that before the rush of holiday movies. I do have a top 10 TCFF picks to do still, so expect that at the end of the week before my temporary hiatus.

Before we get to that, let’s get to those links shall we? 

I haven’t got around to reviewing this but I agree with Josh‘s and Tom‘s take on the excellent Steve Jobs movie.

Some of you already know what I think of Spectre, well it’s interesting to read reviews of opposite spectrum from fellow bloggers. Check out what Mark and Keith think of the latest Bond movie.

SufragettePosterI missed Suffragette at a recent press screening, so check out what Natalie and Jay think about the historical drama. I also missed The Intern screening, but I’m in no hurry to watch it. Based on Mike‘s review however, it sounds like it might still be worth a rent.

One of my top five films from TCFF is Brooklyn, glad to hear that Adam feels the same way.

Margaret reviewed Bone Tomahawk, a horror Western that I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to handle.

TheAssassinPosterJordan‘s been covering Adelaide Film Festivals and posted his review of his martial arts drama The Assassin.

Nostra‘s still keeping up w/ the BlindSpot series, and he recently posted his thoughts on Werner Herzog’s Aguirre the Wrath of Gods, whilst Cindy posted her musings on the absurd (but entertaining) work of Wes Anderson

Some fun music-related posts: Dan did a list of Top 10 films about musicians, Michael posted one of my favorite Bond song Skyfall, and Chris reminisces on the best songs of the 1980s

Last but not least, Chris E. reviewed the pilot of Supergirl, a show I wasn’t all that interested in despite my love for superhero stuff.

And now on to the trailer spotlight…


Ooooh, what a treat we’ve got here! I’m a huge Pixar movies fan and Finding Nemo is one of my all time faves. So naturally I’m looking forward to its spin-off Finding Dory! I LOVE everything I’ve seen so far, even the poster is so fun, witty and whimsical.

“Finding Dory” reunites the friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the true meaning of family along the way. Featuring the voices of Ellen DeGeneres, as Dory, Albert Brooks as Marlin, Diane Keaton as Dory’s mom Jenny, Eugene Levy as Dory’s dad Charlie and Ty Burrell as Bailey.

Check out the brand new trailer that just dropped earlier today:

I LOVE Ellen’s voice as Dory, and great to see some of the same cast back. But I’m looking forward to hearing Idris Elba and Dominic West as new voice cast members! Not sure what roles they’d be playing but it doesn’t matter, love those guys, esp Idris whose voice is as sexy and smooth as the Brit himself.

Man, now the worst part is the long wait. Finding Dory‘s released next June 2016!

What do you think of Finding Dory trailer?


43 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin + Trailer Spotlight: Finding Dory

  1. Thanks for the link love Ruth! 🙂 And thanks for some juicy links, loved the horror western post.

    BTW my thoughts on Youth will be up soon, interested to hear your thoughts

  2. Tom

    Much obliged for the link friend! Good to hear you took to Steve Jobs as well, that has Best Screenplay written all over it. (I suppose I should hold my breath until I’ve seen Macbeth, though. 😉 )

    1. Pleasure Tom! I wasn’t too keen on seeing Steve Jobs initially but I’m glad I decided to see it, it’s a well-written film and the acting is top notch! Too bad it under-performed at the box office. It’s not an accurate portrayal of Jobs (there are many articles that outline its inaccuracies) but as an art form, it’s excellent!

        1. Hi Tom, there are countless of them. Here are a few:





          The FastCo article contains this sentence: As Sorkin told the Wall Street Journal, when asked about some of the movie’s most memorable lines of dialogue, “If any of them are real, it’s a remarkable coincidence.”

          1. Tom

            Wow, thank you. There’s a lot of great stuff here. Lots I didn’t know to be honest (yes I will admit my appalling lack of research for most of my reviews haha!) and lots I probably should have guessed. I think where I was talking about accuracy was more specifically to do with Fassbender inhabiting Steve Jobs. My impression has been that Fassbender can play cold, cruel characters. Steve Jobs fits that bill. And there are certainly many corners that get rounded out, for the sake of brevity and for dramatic effect. These articles definitely clarify much for me, but Ill stand by my opinion that Fassbender was an excellent Steve Jobs. Better than Kutcher, and Kutcher actually managed to surprise me in 2013!

            1. Hi Tom! Well my hubby and I are both Apple/Mac fans so we paid a lot of attention to Mr. Jobs. My hubby also read the biography by Walter Isaacson and read a lot of articles on him. But that said, I think you’re right that the actors were great in portraying the real life characters, save for Seth Rogen as Wozniak but I think he just wasn’t written in a fair way as he came across like a whiny, petulant guy. I don’t know if Jobs is a cruel character, I mean he’s difficult and perhaps on the ruthless side, but I think cruel is a rather strong sentiment. But perhaps the way he’s portrayed here made you think that way and that’s one of the reasons his family objected so much to the script as it didn’t show his kinder side. In any case, oh I think this one is EONS better than the Kutcher version, certainly everyone involved is in another league entirely.

    1. Hello Drew, always glad to see you stop by! I LOVE Finding Nemo too, and whilst I’m normally skeptical of sequel, in this case I’m actually excited for it. It just looks so delightful!

  3. Thanks Ruth for the reference to my review of The Intern. As it happens I just saw the trailer for Finding Dory in the theater the other day when I went to see The Martian. So your timing excellent.

    1. You’re welcome Mike! Oooh that’s cool that you saw the Finding Dory trailer on the big screen, man I know it’ll look so beautiful to watch when it comes out.

  4. Thanks so much for the link. Lots of thoughts on Spectre buzzing around. I can’t say I’m too excited about Finding Dory. Nemo wasn’t a big deal for me but I know it is loved by many including my kids.

    1. You’re welcome Keith! Not a fan of Finding Nemo eh? Bummer, I love the story and visuals of that movie, well you gotta see this one for your kids then 😀

    1. Hi Ted! There have been a surge of animated movies in Hollywood but I think Pixar remains one of the best animated house in the biz so naturally I can’t wait to see this.

  5. Thanks so much for the link Ruth! God, I was just so busy lately I didn’t even knew Pixar is doing Nemo spin off. I just hope it won’t be as heavy as their recent movies

    1. My pleasure Margaret! Hope you get some rest soon girl. I remember Finding Dory was announced a while back but I forgot all about it until now. Yeah, let’s hope it’s as fun and entertaining as Finding Nemo!

  6. Gonna chek out those Spectre reviews. Thanks for the linkage! Appartently I got over 320 hits on that music article in a week, which has got to be some kind of record on my blog. Would be nice if those visitors took the time to comment…oh well

    1. Hi Chris, well I end up agreeing w/ you about Spectre, in fact I think I like it less than you. I think people generally don’t like to comment, I get more response from fellow bloggers.

  7. abbiosbiston

    Finding Nemo is actually one of the very few Pixar films I enjoy but I’m not sure revisiting it is going to live up to the original.

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