Five Movies. Five Words – Vol. 4


Seems that I dropped the ball [again] on this series! Volume 3 was back in January, ahah.

I got this Five Movies in Five Words from Josh @ The Cinematic Spectacle. So basically the idea is to come up with five movies from various genres and capture the essence of the film, or whatever that comes to mind when I think of that film, in one word. As a general *rule* I’m picking films I saw in the last few months that I haven’t had the chance to review yet.

So here we go:

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)

Felony (2013)


What We Do in the Shadows (2014)


Populaire (2012)

Populaire frothy

Paddington (2014)


Have you seen any of these? How would YOU describe them in one word?

27 thoughts on “Five Movies. Five Words – Vol. 4

    1. Ahah, very true! And how about Peter Capaldi, Dr Who himself, who has a crush on Kidman in the movie? That scene when the song ‘Hello’ came on as she came out of the phone booth is hilarious. I totally didn’t expect THAT song to be in this movie!

  1. Never saw Populaire and I STILL haven’t seen What We Do in the Shadows. Thanks for reminding me! Fun post, Ruth. I’ve written about scores–would love your thoughts!

      1. Tom

        Ah yes, that is the only film on this list I have seen and I agree. It’s fantastic. So far my favorite comedy of 2015

        1. Oh cool, so you have seen at least one. Glad you think so. I LOVE LOVE that movie, I watched clips of it on youtube almost every day if I need a laugh. It’s uproariously funny from start to finish. I don’t usually like sequels but I’d LOVE to see a follow up on it.

    1. You might like Felony Ted since I know you like film noir. And if you’re up for a hilarious horror comedy, I can’t recommend What We Do in the Shadows enough.

  2. Paddington = “mirthful” – interesting Ruth!

    I like the idea of distilling a “review” into one word but it’s definitely a challenge. I find myself thinking of one word then adding others to it and realize I’m back to writing a traditional review!

    Most recently watched American Sniper for the first time. My one word review/thought/musing would be: “patriotic”.

    1. Hi Dan! So you’ve seen Paddington? I wanted another word for ‘amusing’ and I think ‘mirthful’ is a more apt description.

      It’s quite challenging to reduce a review into one word but it’s really fun to do once in a while. Well, sounds like you chose the appropriate word for American Sniper.

    1. Thank YOU for the inspiration! I’m surprised you’ve only seen just one from here. I can’t recommend What We Do in the Shadows enough, so freakin’ hilarious!

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