Weekend Roundup: Quick Thoughts on Inside Out & Mini Reviews of ‘A Coffee in Berlin’ + Bollywood sci-fi comedy P.K.

How’s your weekend everybody? To all you dads out there, hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day and that your family spoiled you rotten 😀

Well I ended up seeing three new films and re-watched parts of Roman Holiday this weekend so it’s quite a busy movie-watching weekend for me, though not much time for blogging.


I missed the press screening for this as I spent some time with visiting family last weekend. I’m glad I finally did, here’s my initial reaction to Pixar’s latest:

It’s definitely another winner from Pixar and Joy could very well be one of my favorite Pixar characters now! Seems that this is the weekend everyone went to the movies as Inside Out made $91 mil yet it’s STILL didn’t beat the juggernaut box office prowess of Jurassic World which made $102 mil, wow! My full review of this is coming soon.

So here are my mini reviews of the two foreign movies I saw:


A self-ironic portrait of a young man Niko who drops out of university and ends up wandering the streets of the city he lives: Berlin.

I was curious to check this out as I quite like the poster and I only had time for a shorter film under two hours. Well, this German drama proved to be pretty quirky and quite funny at times, but it’s quite boring at times too. There are some interesting moments, such as the plot involving Niko’s former female schoolmate he used to bully who somehow still has a crush on him. There’s also a scene on the set of a Nazi-themed film which concept sounds like it could make for an intriguing feature film. That scene was perhaps the highlight of the movie for me.

I wish I could like this movie more, but perhaps people who identify with the protagonist’s life might find this movie more interesting. Tom Schilling looked like a German version of James McAvoy that it’s a bit distracting, but overall I’m not all that impressed by him here.



A stranger in the city asks questions no one has asked before. Known only by his initials, P.K.’s innocent questions and childlike curiosity will take him on a journey of love, laughter and letting-go.

My mother in-law was the one who tipped us about this movie. I’ve never heard of it before, but then again I’m not exactly well-versed on Indian cinema. So this also marked the first Indian sci-fi movie I’ve ever seen, not sure how many Indian films have been made in this genre.

Apparently this stands as the highest grossing Bollywood film ever, earning over $100mil in worldwide box office. Aamir Khan‘s a pretty famous Indian actor apparently, but this is the first time I’ve heard of him so I was quite flabbergasted that he’s 50 years old! He certainly looked much younger than his age and he’s quite hilarious as the P.K. with green contact lenses and ears sticking out sideways. Once you see the film you’ll find out what that name stands for. It’s a decidedly quirky scifi comedy, which started off with an alien being dropped from a spaceship and then the film moved to Bruges! This could be the first Indian movie set in that picturesque Belgian city, so it’s quite funny to see the classic Bollywood musical scenes being filmed here.


But the spiritual message of this film turns out to be pretty bold and thought-provoking. I’d imagine this was quite controversial in India given its sensitivity to religious matters and this film wasn’t afraid to question the various religious traditions, from Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, as well as Hinduism. But the main target was really this religious cult led by a massively popular leader.

Anushka Sharma as the female lead is beautiful and charming, she definitely is the heart of the film here. The key scenes between her and P.K. are funny but not without substance. So yeah, I quite enjoyed this movie, I really think people who aren’t usually into Bollywood movies should check it out.


So what did you watch this weekend? Seen anything good?

46 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: Quick Thoughts on Inside Out & Mini Reviews of ‘A Coffee in Berlin’ + Bollywood sci-fi comedy P.K.

  1. Not much this weekend aside from Revenge of the Sith, an episode of Twin Peaks, and Spy. In fact, I was supposed to go see Inside Out but the screening I wanted to go to was sold out as was the next airing so I went with Spy at the last minute.

    1. Hi Steven! Yeah I read your review of SPY, glad you dug it too. The theater for Inside Out was pretty packed, so it might be wise to wait a week or two.

  2. Funny, I used to love watching Bollywood films back when I living in the Far East, they’re quite popular there. I don’t think I’ve seen any Bollywood films since I arrived in the States, Slumdog Millionaire doesn’t count I guess, ha ha.

    I bought a few Bluray discs since many of them were on sale last week, including Kingsmen which I thought was quite fun. I also bought American Sniper, at the screening last winter, they didn’t show it at the Atmos theater so re-watched it since the disc came with Atmos soundtrack. I still feel the same about the movie but the Atmos surround was pretty great.

    I was thinking of seeing Jurassic World but I know the IMAX theater is still going to be too packed, I’ll just till the crowd dies down a bit.

    1. Hi Ted! I actually never watched a Bollywood movie until I came here, and it’s not really a straight Bollywood film as the director’s technically English. It was Bride & Prejudice, and yeah Slumdog Millionaire doesn’t count, ahah.

      Hey may I borrow American Sniper from you? Haven’t got around to seeing it. It’s not super violent is it?

      1. Yeah, we can meet up for coffee again and I’ll bring American Sniper disc. And no it’s not graphic at all, there’s only one scene where they showed a soldier who was shot and his face got messed up but it’s nothing like say Saving Private Ryan or other more violent war films. I mentioned in my review that it’s more of an action picture than a war film.

  3. I’m probably going to check out that Pixar film at some point..,.I haven’t seen an animated kids film in ages (not even the Lego Movie!).
    I didn’t watch any films over the weekend. My wife and I are currently going through season 1 of True Detective, so that took over!

    1. Hi Stu! Oh my, you haven’t seen The LEGO Movie! It’s soooo awesome! Trust me, it’s as much fun for adults as kids, to me anyway 🙂

      Ah True Detective, I still need to see first season too!

      1. I’m afraid not! I’m not a huge fan of animated films (although I do like a lot of adult-oriented stuff). I’ll try and get round to it at some point but there’s always a lot more I’d rather watch.

  4. Cool to hear you checked out Inside Out and enjoyed it. Haven’t seen the other two though. I did have an amazing Father’s Day and watched Ponyo with my daughter (was the first time she saw it and she really liked it).

    1. Hi Nostra! Yeah it’s really cute but also gives us insights into our psychology which I think is pretty cool. Glad to hear you had a great Father’s Day! I actually haven’t seen Ponyo yet.

  5. I watched the U.S. Open. ALL weekend. Sigh. I did manage to sneak in a movie–I watched ‘The Words’ with Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons! Have you seen it? You would very much like it, I bet!

    1. Hi Cindy! I didn’t know you’re into golf. I like that Jordan Spieth, seems like a nice young man, very grounded.

      Oh I didn’t know Jeremy Irons is in The Words, now that’s a reason to see it, I’m not that fond of Bradley Cooper.

      1. It wasn’t a great film. And when Jeremy was involved, it was the best part of the film. I could take or leave Bradley. He was okay. I Dennis Quaid and Olivia Wilde were unnecessary and took away from what could have been a more interesting narrative. Still, it had some good moments.

  6. I didn’t finish watching PK. It was too weird for me, how an alien tried to understand multiple religions. Maybe I should finish it though. Nice that you tried to watch sci-fi Indian movies, a new thing

  7. The only movie I saw was Inside Out, which was a good one to see. My stupid drive in was playing 2 that I’ve already seen, and while I’m sure my partner would have been up for Jurassic World again, I definitely vetoed Pitch Perfect 2. NEVER AGAIN!

    1. Hi Jay! Glad to hear you like Inside Out too. I think it’s cool there’s a Drive In near you and the fact that they play new movies!

  8. Oh, and then on Saturday night I had a dream that I was in my dead aunt’s apartment and Phyllis, the actress who voices Sadness in the Pixar film, made me a “bouquet” of flowers that was actually just grass and mushroom stems in a soup bowl. But the soup bowl did have a ribbon around it and I did like it very much. That’s practically another movie, right?

    1. Ahah, that sounds like a fun dream! That could make for an amusing movie. Since we’re sharing dreams, well I had a really sexy dream with Henry Cavill a week ago, boy I wish I didn’t have to wake up!! 😛

  9. Is Inside Out the sort of movie that non-parents can enjoy? I’m not really familiar with Pixar’s stuff, must have been at least a decade since I saw any of them.

    On the weekend I watched 12 Monkey :D:D For perhaps the 200th time.

    BTW Ruth – I am going to make a post re a PSH blogathon, would love for you to take part!! I want to hear as many different voices about the great man as possible so spread the word!! 😉 The more the merrier! 🙂

    1. Hi Jordan, I just finished my review ready to post. Yes I think it’s good for non-parents, as I don’t have kids and I’m 40 years old!

      Oh my, you’ve seen 12 Monkey 200 times?? Boy I don’t think I have seen a single movie more than a couple dozen times, ahah.

      I just left you a comment about the PSH blogathon 🙂

    2. Hey Jordan,

      If you liked ’12 Monkeys’ the movie, have you checked out the recent show that was inspired by it? It’s actually pretty good and innovative for a sci-fi time travel show.

      1. I heard about it and was very hesitant… I’m pretty obsessed with the movie, I’m not sure how I could enjoy a TV series about it without Terry Gilliam’s crazy direction

        1. It definitely isn’t as crazy or surreal as Gilliam’s vision. But the original screenwriters I believe are involved in the Show. It pays very cool homages to the movie with the story, while still keeping it somewhat of an original story.

          I liked it. You… May not. Lol.

  10. Sounds like you had nice weekend of catching up with movies. I didn’t get the chance to watch any movies myself. I hope to see a summer movie tomorrow, maybe Inside Out or Jurassic World .. well see depending on the show times. 😀

      1. Hey Ruth, yes I saw Jurassic World and had a blast! So much fun! I guess generally I like serialized TV dramas, where the story and character development are on-going. I tend to only follow a handful at a time or binge watch the season.

        I watch a fair share of movies too, but probably not as much as “real” movie bloggers and I have a lot of “blindspots” to catch up on haha.

        1. Sounds like you like JW more than I did 😉 I really wish I have more time for TV, I mean it’s really the golden age of television right now, SO many good shows out there. You should give BORGIA a shot if you like intriguing characters. Surely you’re used to the sex & violence of GoT so it wouldn’t shock you. Hey, I think being a TV blogger is more fun these days, I mean Comic Con is ALL about TV more than movies now.

  11. Glad you got a chance to see A Coffee in Berlin. I liked it a little more, but it was slow going in some parts. I didn’t see much this weekend, except for Inside Out, and I rewatched E.T.

    1. Hello Mark! So it hasn’t formally opened in the UK yet? Glad you enjoyed Inside Out too! Yeah Summer is a busy time for me too, I only blog four times a week now instead of my usual five.

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  13. Ruthie!! Congratulations on your first Bollywood movie ever! This was a pretty good choice too for your first. Coincidentally, the movie that I mentioned to you a while back, the Bollywood movie that had Toby Stephens in it, was also an Aamir Khan starrer. The man makes good movies with 1 of his films also reaching the foreign film category in the Oscars years ago.

    If you’re ever interested, I highly recommend almost any Aamir Khan movie post 2001, especially the most recent stuff. ‘Tare Zameen Par’ is one he ended up directing about children and learning disabilities which is a subject also never been tackled in that industry.

    1. Oh I don’t think this was my first Bollywood movie, it’s just the first Bollywood sci-fi movie, which is still rare in India I reckon. Wow I didn’t realize this is the same Aamir Khan in Mangal Pandey: The Rising, that’s an expensive Bollywood film too I think. I did not recognize him here at all, he had long hair in Mangal Pandey. He looks amazing for being 50 years old, just like Keanu Reeves who looks about 35 year after year!

      Thanks for the recommendation Shah. I’ll take a look at his work more closely, he’s a talented actor!

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