Five Movies. Five Words – Vol. 3

FiveMoviesFiveWordsCan’t believe I completely dropped the ball on this series! I mean I didn’t do a single Five Movies in Five Words the entire year of 2014! [face palm] Yes I know, I know, one of my New Year Resolution is to be more consistent 😛

Thanks to Josh @ The Cinematic Spectacle for reminding me! So basically the idea is to come up with five movies from various genres and capture the essence of the film, or whatever that comes to mind when I think of that film, in one word. As a general *rule* I’m picking films I saw the past year (old or new) that I haven’t had the chance to review yet. So here we go:

The Hundred-Foot Journey


The Imitation Game


Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter


Last Train to Lisbon

NightTrainToLisbon beguiling

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb


Well, that’s the first 2015 edition of Five Movies in Five Words. Any thoughts on these films?

45 thoughts on “Five Movies. Five Words – Vol. 3

  1. Great post Ruth. Sadly I didn’t find The Imitation Game quite as momentous as I had hoped, but I still very much enjoyed Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance and I thought the last ten minutes were exceptional. I still need to see One Hundred Foot Journey but I like the sound of it from this post 🙂

    1. Oh the ‘momentous’ here refers to the actual historical moment when they decoded the enigma. I’m not IN LOVE w/ the movie by any means, it could’ve been more compelling but there are some good things here to appreciate. Hundred Foot Journey is quite a pleasant surprise, there’s more to it than meets the eye, all in all a delightful film.

  2. Tom

    Now this is a cool feature Ruth. I guess since you didn’t run one in ’14 this is my intro to it, I like it a lot. I know the feeling of guilt having gotten behind on some ideas. Hey that reminds me actually, would you ever have any interest in contributing a piece to my bi-monthly Bite Sized Reviews feature? Not sure if you have stumbled across those, but it’s a post where I feature two movie reviews from guest bloggers and they have a short space to put their thoughts on the movie title of their choice. If you’d like to know more, send me an email to

    #endofshamelessselfpromotion. 🙂

    1. Hello Tom, long time no *see* man, always glad to see you stop by!

      Oh yeah I have read some of your bite-sized reviews! Sure, I’ll participate. Do I get to choose which movies to review then? I will email you about this, thanks for the invite!

      1. Tom

        I know, I’ve consciously taken a bit of a step back from the blogosphere as of late. Been finding myself overwhelmed and I really think this whole thing works if you’re 100% psyched to do it. Anyways, I’m back and hopefully will be a bit of a more regular around here. 🙂

        Yes, the only thing for BSR I check is that I haven’t covered titles already on the blog, so send along a title you’d be keen on talking about and I’ll make sure it hasn’t already made an appearance. Also, no rush on that at all. I put one up roughly mid-month and end-of-month every month. 🙂

        1. Ah I see. Totally understand! Well, hope to discuss movies more often w/ you 😀

          Ok that sounds great about the BSR. I will send you some movies I have seen but haven’t been reviewed yet here on my blog and you can tell me which of those movies you want me to review 😀

    1. I’m glad I read your review and I thought the premise was great. I LOVE Jeremy Irons and I’ve come to appreciate Jack Huston from a couple of things I saw him in, and he’s wonderful here too!

  3. I had actually forgot that you done these as well, Ruth. I’ve left so many features behind too.

    The one that interests me most here, is Kumiko. I really want to see that.

    1. Hello Mark! Yeah it’s hard to keep track on ’em but hey you have to keep up w/ your Trivia posts 😀

      Kumiko is bizarre, hilarious and entertaining despite some lulls. If you like Fargo then it’s a must-see!

  4. Great post, Ruth! This is interesting to choose certain words to certain movies. I only watched The Imitation Game, and I agree it was momentous although it’s not as momentous as I thought it would be. Gonna check the others to find if we’re on the same line or not. Cheers!

    1. Hi Paskalis! I should’ve chosen a different word for Imitation Game as I was describing the momentous circumstance of Turing discovering the enigma instead of how I feel about the film, which I should’ve done. I think the word that comes to mind is ‘conventional’ as I expected something a bit edgier from this director.

        1. Yep, a tad too safe in my opinion. But overall it just feels like a run-of-the-mill biopic, nothing groundbreaking at all. I find that a bit underwhelming considering how edgy Headhunter was, a Danish film by the same director.

          1. I know Headhunter, but never quite seen it. Therefore, I cannot compare it to the director’s earlier movie. Yet, it’s quite obvious, right?
            Well, if I may pick one word for Imitation Game, I’d pick Cumberbatch even if it’s not a word lol

    1. Hi Cindy! It is a cool concept, that’s why I had to steal it from my friend Josh 😉 I have a feeling you’d like Last Train to Lisbon, I remember you said you like Jeremy Irons right? It’s an enchanting, slow-burn drama/mystery that is surprisingly engrossing. It also features a great performance by Jack Huston (Anjelica Huston’s nephew) in the flashback scenes.

    1. Oh no!! I actually enjoyed it, albeit there are some slow moments. I do love Dame Mirren and I was pretty impressed by Manish Dayal’s performance too.

  5. Wow – I saw the first four on your listed and have done full reviews on each. But I really like this conceptually. 5 films reviewed in five words. – I have a one word review of the concept:


    1. Thanks Ted! I recommend The Imitation Game even though you’re generally not fond of dramas, but there’s some elements of espionage that you might like.

  6. I keep meaning to see the Hundred Foot Journey, that looks like a cute movie. I really like this idea and hey its only one word and a good post for movies you really don’t feel like writing much about. I may have to steal this too!

    1. Oh you’d enjoy Hundred Foot Journey! It’s a surprisingly sweet story, kind of a cultural dramedy and the cast is great. Yes do steal away, this idea came from Josh, it’s really fun to do!

  7. Haha, fun idea! I like it. Definitely a post that requires fewer words to write, which is nice. You do so many good ideas throughout the year, Ruth, so it’s understandable to drop the ball every now and then! 😉

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