January 2015 Recap + Pick of Movie of the Month


First month of 2015 has come and gone. Hello February! This is always a special time for me as it’s my birthday month and I reach a milestone this year [moving up the age bracket 😉 ]. I don’t fret about getting older though, as I think you are only as old as you feel and I don’t feel a day over 30, he..he..

Well, it’s kinda been a rather sluggish start as I’ve only seen a paltry 7 new-to-me movies. But hey, I did get to see a lot more TV shows than I usually do in a given month.

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New-to-me Movies:


The Guest


112 Weddings Documentary

The Hundred Foot Journey


Selma is in my Top 10 of 2014 Movies, even though I saw it in early 2015 I just had to include that on my list. Blackhat proved to be a disappointment, which is a major bummer as I generally love Michael Mann’s work. The Guest, Lucy and The Hundred Foot Journey are all great rentals, definitely worth your while if you haven’t seen them.


The Dark Knight Rises

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Ever After

So it seems that my hubby & I were in the mood for superhero movies this month. We actually bought the Bluray of X-Men: DOFP weeks ago, and I’m glad we bought it as that movie is as awesome as the first time I saw it. Same could be said with The Winter Soldier, though I find myself liking The Dark Knight Rises a lot more this time around.

January Blindspot:

Rear Window

TV Shows:

Broadchurch – Season 1

Black Sails – Season 2

The Honourable Woman


The Flash – Season 2


Fave Movie of the Month


Glad I finally got to see this Hitchcock classic. Nice to see 2015 Blindspot starts off strong, and I do have 11 more to go that I can’t wait to see.

Well, has 2015 started off great for you? What’s YOUR favorite movie of January?

49 thoughts on “January 2015 Recap + Pick of Movie of the Month

    1. Hey cool that we both have our Blindspot movies as our fave of the month. Yes Lucy was surprisingly good, I actually like it a bit more than The Guest!

  1. Hard to believe it’s already February. I plan on rewatching Days of Future’s Past too, now that I’ve borrowed the disc. Speaking of Michael Mann, I got around to watching Heat just the other day… a bit disappointing. My favorite thing I watched last month is Fargo TV series, I’m about halfway through the first season so far.

    1. I know, time sure flies doesn’t it? DOFP is such an excellent movie, not just a great superhero movie but a great movie, period. Heat was disappointing? Wow, that’s a bummer, I thought that was one of the best crime noir ever made.

  2. Great month of content Ruth. Loved everything you gave us. Sooo glad Rear Window mad such an impact on you. Wasn’t it great? My first BlindSpot film was great as well. I’m going to really enjoy this series.

    1. Yeah I’m glad I finally caught up with Rear Window, can’t wait to see another Hitchcock classic Marnie later in the year. Cool that you have a French film as your first Blindspot, I haven’t even heard of Robert Bresson so I should rectify that at some point 😛

  3. I’m glad January’s over, which means we only have to endure February and March, hopefully it will mild like this past month. I want spring and summer!

    I bought DOFP disc way back on Black Friday sale and just recently watched it too, still love it! I was thinking of getting the 3D version but then remember the 3D effects weren’t that great when I saw it in theater. Of course the only new film I saw in theater was American Sniper. I finally saw Grand Budapest Hotel over the weekend, it’s quite entertaining. Loved the cinematography and performances. I re-watched a few films I bought on BD, including 3D Titanic, I was quite surprised how great the 3D effects looked and I enjoyed the film much more this time. Also, I finally have ALL of the Bond films in my collection now, bought Never Say Never Again and watched it. It’s still bad but I somehow enjoyed it, that’s how I feel about all of the bad Bond films, except Die Another Day and Moonraker, those were just atrocious!

    1. Yeah, it’s nice too that the days are getting a bit longer, I hate it when it’s already dark even before I leave work.

      DOFP is just so rich in its themes, there’s so much going on but still very enjoyable. Glad you like Grand Budapest Hotel too! Ahah, I can’t even remember anything from Never Say Never Again except how old Connery looked in that film. Yep, DAD is awful even w/ Toby in it, it’s definitely atrocious. Moonraker is one of my guilty pleasures though.

  4. January was a very productive month for me as I made time to write quite a lot. Also managed to watch 40 movies.

    Of those 40 my favorite probably is Blue from the Three colors trilogy, which I will write about this month for my Blindspot series.

    1. Wow, 40 movies!! I wish I had time to do that, but even on vacation I still can’t watch THAT many movies. Oh the Three Colours Trilogy has been on my to-watch list for some time.

  5. I was considering seeing Blackhat because I love Michael Mann, but judging from the reviews doesn’t look like one of the directors best. The Guest I hope to catch soon.

    I also have my blind spot film Snow White (1937) as my favorite of the month! 🙂

    1. Hi Chris! It’s wise to just rent Blackhat later. I was so excited for it, even did a whole post on it in anticipation but it was massively disappointing. The Guest is a pleasant surprise though. Glad that you love Snow White, it’s definitely a classic!

    1. Hi Allie! Oh I love The Flash! I watched a few episodes of Arrow but didn’t actually like it enough to keep watching, despite Stephen Amell’s gorgeous-ness 😉 The Flash on the other hand, is entertaining and has so much heart, thanks to Grant Gustin’s performance and I also Jesse L. Martin in this show.

  6. Cool! Maybe you didn’t see a lot of “new” movies in January but it’s nice to see it was a very productive month, blogging-wise, for you. My favorite film seen in January is actually my favorite film of 2014 (of the ones I’ve seen so far), Whiplash.

    1. Hi Fernando! I guess I should watch more movies instead of blogging eh? 😛 Man I still need to see Whiplash soon, that seems to be a lot of ppl’s faves from the past year. So I take it you’ll be rooting for JK Simmons come Oscar time?

  7. I really disliked Selma, which I think I even saw in January. My favorite out of the ones I’ve seen is definitely Laggies which is so underrated.

    1. That’s a bummer that you really disliked Selma. I went in with neutral expectations but found the film itself & the performances to be poignant & moving, apart from all the controversies surrounding it. I missed seeing Laggies at the TCFF last year as one of my interviews ran long, I definitely need to give that a rent.

  8. Stu

    Wow, you were busy this month, and Rear Window is a great choice. I think we are sharing the same milestone this year (although mine isn’t until summer). I’m clinging on for a few more months I guess!

    My favourite last month was probably Whiplash. I really enjoyed that. Followed very closely by Birdman and Foxcatcher.

    1. Hi Stu! Well, more busy blogging than actually watching movies 😐 I think you’re like a decade younger than I am aren’t you? I grew up in the 80s 😛 I still need to see Whiplash, gotta be amazing if it actually beat Birdman for you.

        1. Yay!! I really thought I’m like the oldest amongst my blog peers! But like I said Stu, we’re only as old as we think, and people are still surprised I’m hitting the big 4-0 so that’s always a good thing 😉

            1. Great answer!! Yes that is Toby. Seriously, he’s just so perfect in that role! I knew he’s versatile but I didn’t think he was THAT versatile. I’m so used to seeing him as a posh British gentleman, but he looks so bad ass here. I love all the scheming that’s going on in the show, and I especially love the relationship between Flint & John Silver.

  9. January left us in the blink of an eye.
    I’m glad you finally got to see Rear Window, which is one of Hitchcock’s finest films and one of the best ever.
    As for the newer movies, I’ve only seen Lucy and was slightly disappointed by it. I expected more given the theme. Maybe I found it to be a little too Matrix-like for my taste. I always want to see something different and unique.
    Thanks for sharing Ruth and congrats on your birthday….I will be turning 30 soon….

    1. Hi Niels! I actually didn’t expect much from Lucy but I enjoyed it. I don’t always like Luc Besson movies, in fact I hated The Family, but Scarlett was good as the bad ass female protagonist and the ending is pretty cool.

      Ah you young’un you, ah to be 30 again…

  10. Nice recap here, Ruth! Glad you got to see a lot of good movies. Rear Window sounds like a lot of fun! And I have YET to see Selma! But I did get to see Foxcatcher and American Sniper, both movies which I really, really enjoyed.

    BTW, I’m totally digging all of your art for your posts in 2015 – they look great!

    And happy birthday to you! You don’t look a day over 30 to me!

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