Favorite 2015 Super Bowl Movie Trailers/TV Spots & Commercials

Photo Courtesy of NFL
Photo Courtesy of NFL

Honestly, I don’t really care about the Super Bowl or Football in general, but this year it’s kinda fun seeing the playful rivalry between two Marvel cinematic superheroes. Captain America & Star-Lord, aka Chris Evans & Chris Pratt, championing for New England Patriots and Seattle SeaHawks respectively, have set a bet that whoever loses would show up in their superhero costume at a children hospital of their choice. I thought that’s really awesome and frankly, we movie fans are already winners of this bet 😀 Can’t wait to see pics of Pratt in his Star-Lord uniform at Seattle’s Children Hospital!

Apparently they watched the game together, look at them making goofy faces at the camera. Nice self promotion, Chris Pratt! 😛


Even though I didn’t watch the game, I did see some of the trailers played during the game. Here are five of my favorites:


Brad Bird is back! Him directing this film definitely the main draw for me to see it, and the story sounds intriguing too.



Basically Chris Pratt doing his best Indiana Jones’ impersonation until he does the real thing. I was skeptical about this project initially, but after the first trailer, I’m sold!



I scoffed the first time I saw the trailer for this, but the positive reviews got me excited for this now. I like Matthew Vaughn‘s direction in X-Men: First Class but this one looks more of a gleefully fun spy actioner, though the R-rating means this is NOT for kids. Can’t wait for the press screening next week!



What made Despicable Me movies so watchable are those minions, so I’m glad they get their own movie! I can’t get enough of these suspender-wearing tiny yellow creatures!!



It’s like those Mission Impossible movies but w/ muscle cars [and well, muscle men too]. I mean, I LMAO-ed all the way through every Fast & Furious trailer, but this TV spot shows the most preposterous scene ever! It’ll be bittersweet seeing Paul Walker here though.

Favorite Commercials

As far as commercials go, there are some good ones. The notable one is the Chevrolet’s ‘What if your TV went out?’ which cleverly played on everyone’s biggest fear that night. Surely some people nearly had a heart attack when the saw it, ahah.


But out of those featuring celebrities, I thought these two car-related ones are pretty hilarious.

This bombastic KIA ad with Pierce Brosnan pokes fun of his James Bond role:


Thanks to Michael for reminding me about the Clash of Clans commercial, once again poking fun at his own badassery from his ubiquitous TAKEN movies!


And THIS has got to be the most fun commercial of them all. Nick Offerman rules!!

What’s your favorite Super Bowl trailers and/or commercials?


33 thoughts on “Favorite 2015 Super Bowl Movie Trailers/TV Spots & Commercials

  1. I can’t wait to see TOMORROWLAND, it’s great that they keep everything a secret. I love the visual and the concept of traveling to the future with advanced technology is something I always want to do. I wasn’t that thrill when they announced another JP film but the new trailer looks cool so I’ll check it out. Funny thing is I wanted to hate the last two Fast & Furious films but they’re so over the top that I can’t help but went along with them. Speaking of ridiculous action scenes, I was hoping they’d show a teaser for Mission: Impossible 5 since it got moved to this summer instead of Christmas. I’m still hesitant about Kingsman, I can’t stand those slow-mo Matrix style action sequences anymore. I hope I’m wrong about the film.

    Didn’t pay attention to the commercials since I think many of them lack creativity within the last few years. It’s just repeat of things they’ve done in the past.

    1. Yeah Tomorrowland sounds intriguing and w/ Brad Bird, it certainly has potential to be a great one! I wasn’t thrilled about another Jurassic film either but man that first trailer had me hooked. Oh yeah MI5 is coming to us sooner, well it’s more of a Summer flick anyway, so I can’t wait to see that too. I didn’t see any commercial during the game, these were just ones I saw when I was browsing my Flipboard.

  2. Absolutely loved the Pierce Brosnan KIA commercial. Perfect. Just when I thought the F&F franchise couldn’t pull off another outrageous looking stunt, they did. Did I mention I’m so looking forward to KINGSMEN? Fun post, Ruth.

    1. Yeah I love that KIA commercial too, it certainly made me laugh. I didn’t think they could top the ridiculous level of whatever they did in their last movie, but boy was I wrong, ahah. Yeah, Kingsmen screening is next week, can’t wait!

        1. OMG! How could I not include the Liam commercial!! I’m gonna add that on the post now. I LOVE how he has no problem milking his TAKEN role every single time but it’s never NOT hilarious. Love that guy!

  3. Some fun adverts here! Jurassic World is going to be terrible but I’ll still be first in the queue to see it! Kingsman is a lot of fun, well worth a watch and very British! I’d love them to put a really leftfield film trailer in the Superbowl like a Terrence Malick film and watch everyone just get really confused.

    1. Oh no, I hope Jurassic World would be good even if it likely won’t top the original. Kingsman does look VERY British, and that’s a good thing in my book 😉 Ahah yeah that’ll be interesting to see Knight of Cups trailer during the Super Bowl though there might be a minority of people who might dig that.

  4. My favorite commercial is the Snickers commercial where Danny Trejo is Marcia and Steve Buscemi as Jan. I love that trailer for Furious 7. My least favorite…. T-Mobile w/ ugh… I don’t want to say her name. She’s repulsive.

    1. I have to look for that Snickers commercial. Trejo AND Buscemi together? They should do a buddy comedy duo together, ahah. I don’t know who’s in T-Mobile commercial, now I’m curious.

        1. Oooh I just saw who it is. Ewww, I can’t stand her, you’re right she’s everywhere, ugh it’s so gross! I’m not even gonna see the ad itself, not gonna give her the time of day!

  5. What a great collage! Glad I didn’t take pains to see ALL the SB commercials (I was flipping back and forth from the SB, Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth) and Downton Abbey, so only saw a handful), since you have the best right here. Gotta love Pierce Brosnan and the Minions 😉

    1. Hi Becky! Oh I saw all of these online, I didn’t go downstairs for even a minute during the game. Brosnan’s ad was hilarious and I’m a huuuuge fan of those yellow minions!

      1. Well, I was a Seattle fan on Sunday, (very sad, boo hoo) because of my niece living there and because they beat Green Bay two weeks earlier. I like ANY team that beats Green Bay! I wouldn’t have had the patience to watch all online line, so again, thanks a bunch for the recap 😉
        Btw, does your sis-in-law still live in Seattle?

  6. You know I don’t watch trailers, only thing I saw was the Pitch Perfect 2 one because my daughters are so crazy about the original movie (and to be honest I don’t mind if that film would be spoiled to me)

  7. OK, that Pierce Brosnan commercial for KIA was HILARIOUS! Loved it! Totally missed that one somehow. I loved the Brady Bunch commercial for Snickers. It was one of the funniest ones, I thought. I also liked the Liam Neeson one as well.

    1. Hi Kris! Ivan showed me that KIA commercial and I just had to include that given my love for all things 007 🙂 Neeson seems to be milking his Taken role for all its worth but he’s still watchable!

  8. Love that Brosnan and Neeson had fun with their film characters. I might not see Minions, but I’m really looking forward to the rest of those movies.

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