Everybody’s Chattin’ & Question of the Week on Breakthrough Performer of 2014

Happy Thursday everybody! I’m going to hit two birds with one stone again today, combining two post *series* in one. I want to highlight some of my fave posts from the past week, as well as pick your brain on the topic of the week: Breakthrough Performer of 2014  😀

EverybodysChattinOk, so let’s start with the links, shall we?

  • Mark reviewed Frank which he calls a wonderful one-of-a-kind, whilst Natalie reviewed Cronenberg’s latest, Maps to The Stars
  • FincherTheGuardianAs Sati‘s been hugely anticipating Gone Girl, she kept up her David Fincher series by ranking his films.
  • Speaking of Gone Girl, Katy wrote this great article about the The Strangely Brilliant Career of Ben Affleck
  • Michael reviewed Tales From Earthsea, a thought-provoking fantasy film from Studio Ghibli and Melissa reviewed the recent thriller The Drop.
  • Cindy‘s perceptive eye is what keeps me coming back to her blog. This week she compares Kubrick’s stares vs Spielberg’s faces in their films
  • There’s been a lot of interesting blog series lately, check out Fisti’s Twice a Best Actress Bloggers roundtable, great discussion with my fellow movie bloggers
  • As I’m anticipating Twin Cities Film Fest in two weeks, my pal Melissa has been busy covering San Diego Film Fest! Check out her latest review of this coming-of-age drama Laggies.
  • A few notable September recaps w/ some great recommendations from Kristin, Chris and Steven.
  • Last but not least, A couple of classic reviews worth checking out: Paula‘s review of PULP for her Mickey Rooney Blogathon, and Stu‘s review of early 50s noir The Hoodlum.

Now for Question of the Week!

RosamundPike_GoneGirlWell, it’s inspired by the release of Gone Girl, more specifically the buzz Rosamund Pike‘s been getting in the role of Amy, I thought this would be an intriguing topic. Now that we’ve only got three months left in the year, we might have a few favorites of performances from this year’s movies. Now, they could either be from *new* actors who’ve never acted before on the big screen, or someone’s who’s been acting for a while but just recently caught your attention. I think the latter is far more interesting and Pike might fit the bill for a lot of people. She has been acting for some time in the UK and has been churning some great performances here in Hollywood as well, but Gone Girl might launch her career on a whole new level.

So my question to you is:

Which actor(s) do you think gives the breakthrough performance of the year?

P.S. I shall be launching a new mini-series highlighting some great performances of the year, so stay tuned! 😀

56 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ & Question of the Week on Breakthrough Performer of 2014

  1. Once again, thanks so much for the linkage, Ruth. Much appreciated. Hmm… given what I’ve seen this year, Chris Pratt as Star‑Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy is what comes to mind.

  2. Thanks for the link Ruth! Ralph Fiennes has been around a long time, yet he still surprised me that he could do comedy in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

  3. Ruth, thanks for the linkage! Looking forward to your new mini-series. 🙂

    More than likely, Rosamund Pike will probably give the breakthrough performance of the year for me, but I should probably wait to see it this weekend! Ha. When you asked the question, the first person to come to my mind was Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy, just because I already knew he could act . . . but as a leading man, I think he gets extra points because he did so well, in my opinion.

    1. My pleasure Kris! I’m looking forward to selecting the performances, I figure it’d be best to break it into 2-3 parts so I can highlight more actors.

      Yeah I’m seeing Gone Girl tonight so we’ll see if Pike really was phenomenal. I do think she is talented tho. Pratt definitely proves he’s got what it takes to be a leading man, plus he’s so darn likable!

  4. It’s already been said a couple of times but Chris Pratt sprung to my mind too. I expect him to show up in several rubbish rom coms over the next 18 months or so 🙂 I would also say Jack O’Connell for his role in Starred Up. He’s in ’71 soon as well which looks excellent.

    1. Hello Chris! Yep Chris Pratt has definitely made it to A list this year thanks to Guardians. I still haven’t seen any of O’Connell’s work but he looks impressive in the trailers of the two you mentioned. He reminds me of young Toby Stephens! 😉

  5. Stu

    Thanks for the mention Ruth, much appreciated. I’m going to second Ellar Coltrane, and will also mention Macon Blair for his performance in Blue Ruin.

  6. Ted S.

    I couldn’t think of any actor I saw this year that had a breakthrough role, maybe Chris Evans in Snowpiercer. I thought he’s good as Capt. America but he really shines in Snowpiercer.

  7. Wow, thanks so much for including my review, Ruth, I am so honored. As many others have mentioned, Chris Pratt broke out in a huge way, but as Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop mentioned, I think Jack O’Connell could be the next big indie star, just based on the buzz I am reading/hearing.

    1. My pleasure doll! Wish I could say I have seen any of Rooney’s films tho [sheepish smile] Yeah, this seems to be the year of the Pratt indeed! His career is on fire now. I do hope Pike gets more prominent roles after Gone Girl and yep, agree about O’Connell, esp after Unbroken is released!

  8. Brittani

    Crap. This is hard to pick a breakthrough! Maybe Chris Pratt? Or Cary Joji Fukunaga as a director? (For directing all the episodes of True Detective)

    1. Oh right, this applies to directors too. Fukunaga has shown his amazing talent in Jane Eyre, but TD certainly exposes him to more audiences.

  9. Thank you for the mention you are too sweet! I know I mentioned him in my recent actors list, but I really have been liking Corey Stoll, he was new to me and I think he is worth talking about and I am sure he will be getting even more roles soon. Another actor who I think will be garnering more roles soon and has been giving great performances is Miles Teller.

    1. Hey, gotta support you supporting SDCC!! That’s cool that you’re doing that, w/ a press pass too, you go girl!

      Corey Stoll needs to get some leading roles! That guy is GOOD and such a chameleon too! I’ve only seen Miles in Divergent, which he said he hated.

      1. Seriously he does! I just saw him in Homeland last night and he was great. Sorry just writing back, I have had a hectic past couple of days. Yes Miles part in Divergent, wasn’t that great, but I think he has a lot to show and he could become a great actor.

        1. Hey no problem, I usually tuned out all day Saturday and Sunday was hectic for me as well w/ TCFF, so my Five for the Fifth was a bit late. Hope you have time to take part in that one btw 😉

  10. Thanks for the link!

    As far as your question is concerned, I’d go with Chris Pratt. I know that seems like a really obvious choice, but until Guardians of the Galaxy, I really didn’t know much about him at all and now I want to know everything. He completely owned that movie. What a presence!

    1. You’re welcome! Yeah, I’ve only seen Pratt in a couple of small roles, but clearly James Gunn hit the jackpot when he cast him in Guardians. He took a chance on him that paid off beautifully!

  11. While I agree that this is probably Rosamund Pike’s year…five major roles since last fall!…there are a few others that I liked, as well.

    Lake Bell did wonderfully in last fall’s “In a World…” and also in “Million Dollar Arm”, which also showed me that John Hamm can act in something that doesn’t require him to always come off as a jerk.

    Simon Pegg finally graduated from stellar ensemble guy to quirky (solo) leading man in “Hector and the Search for Happiness,” most probably helped along by Rosamund Pike 🙂

    And as for breakout couple, I nominate Manish Dayal and Charlotte Le Bon in “The Hundred-Foot Journey” they were fresh, charming and quite a handsome couple, but primarily they were understated and believably a wonderful, romantic pair.

    And I couldn’t take my eyes off Sophie Nelisse in “The Book Thief”. While she’s young and her acting is still developing, she held her own with pros like Emily Watson and Geoffrey Rush, and has a decided screen presence.

    1. Hi again Jenny! Oooh I’m glad you’ve seen Lake Bell in In A World! That’s her directorial debut as well. She’s hilarious & gorgeous too. Still need to see ‘Hector…’ too but I like Simon Pegg. I love Mirren too so I definitely will rent “The Hundred-Foot Journey.” Nelisse is adorable indeed, she definitely could hold her own against the more seasoned actors.

  12. I’m so looking forward to seeing Rosamund in Gone Girl. I read the book recently and hers is an amazing character. I hope she does a great job with it. Checking it out on Sunday!

    1. Hi Fernando! I think you’d be impressed by Rosamund, wow what a killer role, no pun intended 😀 Btw, I saw Chef last night and I quite like it!

  13. It’s hard to call it and I haven’t seen Guardians yet (I know… I know) my vote would be for Jack O’Connell. I love Pike though so I’m really hoping that this is big for her!

  14. I haven’t seen GG but no one will have more fascinating character to play this year than Pike. If she embodies Amy as the reviews indicate, she’s going straight to all time best hall of fame.

    1. I’d agree with you on that Sati, Rosamund KILLED it! [pardon the pun] 😉 I sure hope she gets some noms come award season, she truly is phenomenal!

  15. Thanks for the link Ruth!
    Though Pike is certainly great in Gone Girl, I was actually not that surprised. I haven’t seen her in this big of a role before, but anyone who’s seen Pride and Prejudice has got to know she’s pretty special. So Tyler Perry in Gone Girl is my pick ha ha (yeah, I’m joking a little bit here but he was pretty good).

    1. You’re welcome Melissa! I think Pike was more impressive in Gone Girl than anything else I’ve seen her in. I just never seen her in that femme fatale role, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that sinister side of her before. Hey Perry was good indeed and I’ve only seen him briefly in one of those Madea movies!

  16. Thank you for the link! 🙂
    It seems pretty foolish not to mention Rosamund Pike, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans (for Snowpiercer) ’cause they’re such popular choices and I totally agree with them… but I also thought Dave Batista in Guardians of the Galaxy and Ah-sung Ko in Snowpiercer were great too. For Ah-sung Ko, to play a character with hardly any dialogue and still be dynamic, I thought she was amazing.

    1. You’re welcome Katy! Yes those three are VERY good indeed, they’ll definitely be on my list of great performances this year. Not that impressed by Batista though, but Ah-sung Ko was great in Snowpiercer!

        1. For which role that Clafin did, Hunger Games? I thought Clarke was great in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and also in Zero Dark Thirty previously.

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  18. Great topic! I’d say Jack O’Connell in Starred Up (though he has Unbroken too), Nat Wolff in Palo Alto, and Toby Kebbell in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

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