Five for the Fifth: OCTOBER 2014 Edition


Welcome to FlixChatter’s primary blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Inspired by my recent viewing of Gone Girl which features yet another collaboration between David Fincher & Trent Reznor, it made me think of other great director/composer partnerships.


Fincher & Reznor have collaborated on Se7en, The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo previously. There are many other similar partnerships that have churned out amazing works: Steven Spielberg & John Williams, Christopher Nolan & Hans Zimmer, Ridley Scott & Hans Zimmer, J.J. Abrams & Michael Giacchino, Peter Jackson & James Horner, just to name a few. Wiki has a list of all director/composer partnerships if you’re curious.

So what’s your favorite director/composer collaborations?

2. I just want to highlight a couple of new trailers that came out in the last couple of weeks. The main draw for me for both of these are the filmmakers. Now, first one is Blackhat.

A man is released from prison to help American and Chinese authorities pursue a mysterious cyber criminal. The dangerous search leads them from Chicago to Hong Kong.

Now, I’m most curious to see this mostly because I LOVE Michael Mann‘s work and he’s the kind of director who’d go into great lengths into researching his films. His last film he directed was Public Enemies in 2009, and though it’s my least fave film of his, I’m still hugely anticipating what he’ll tackle next. I wonder if he’s spent the last five years researching about cyber crime, but that doesn’t seem far-fetched to me. The casting of Chris Hemsworth as a hacker is a bit odd, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m a fan of Viola Davis however, and the cast & scenery does have an international flair to it. Btw, did you catch that ‘big hammer’ reference in the trailer? 😉

The other one that really piqued my interest is Paul Thomas Anderson‘s comedy caper Inherent Vice.

In 1970, drug-fueled Los Angeles detective Larry “Doc” Sportello investigates the disappearance of a former girlfriend.

Confession: I haven’t seen any of PT’s film before. Yes I know, I know, I guess I better get on that. This one might be the first of his movies I’d see on the big screen. It looks like a dark comedy and there are some goofy parts in the trailer, which is interesting as I don’t normally see him directing comedies, but it intrigues me even more. Plus the cast is fantastic, especially Joaquin Phoenix who’s such a chameleon!

Does either one of these trailers pique your interest?

3. Now, this is a VERY special topic for me, considering how big of a fan I am of the massively talented Toby Stephens. Not only is he joining Twitter, woo hoo, he’s also making his directorial debut in a short film called In Vitro, hence his Twitter handle. Ahah, his Twitter background photo is hilarious!


As Toby’s described in his own words, In Vitro is a film that subtly explores how infertility can erode a marriage, and what can happen when cold science, replaces passion and a sense of mutual purpose. It’s a subject that’s rarely explored in film, but it’s one that [he] feels needs to be. Sounds like one of my fave British actors, Rupert Penry-Jones, have signed on to be the lead actor! How awesome, as both will be in Black Sails 2 next year!

Toby’s looking to get support via the crowd-funding site Indiegogo, here’s the direct link to his project. I’m so thrilled for him and you can bet I’m one of the contributors! 😉 Check out the video w/ all the details:

Thoughts on this project? I’m also curious which crowd-funding project(s) are you supporting and/or planning to?

4. Last night I watched Jon Favreau’s Chef which was pretty enjoyable. Man, even though we watched it after dinner, those food porn shots definitely got us salivating.


Chef is the perfect feel-good movie for the weekend, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The story is pretty engaging though editing could’ve been much tighter. I think a 90-min film would’ve suffice for a story like this one, and the two Iron Man cast (RDJ & Scarlett Johansson) weren’t given hardly anything to do in their gratuitous cameos. Still, the food stuff are incredible. It certainly made me want to take up more cooking and I wish there’s a Cubano food truck like El Jefe here in town!! Last time I was wiping my drool as I watching was when I saw Julie & Julia and Today’s Special.

What are YOUR fave food movies you’d recommend?

5. This month Five for the Fifth’s guest is my pal Melissa from SnapCrackleWatch blog!


Originally we’re going to discuss holiday movies, but let’s table that until November 🙂

CharlieBrownPumpkinSpecialSince it’s October, and a lot of people are excited about Halloween, Melissa was wondering if you have a film tradition, whether it’s horror or otherwise, to celebrate the season. Melissa mentioned the Charlie Browns Pumpkin Special, which is something I’d be far more inclined to watch than any of the horror offerings out there. For those not a fan of scary movies like me, there are some horror-comedies that are fun to watch year after year, like Shaun of the Dead, Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters, The Corpse Bride, etc.

So, do you have a Halloween viewing tradition, if so what is it? 

Well, that’s it for the October 2014 edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

47 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: OCTOBER 2014 Edition

  1. 1. Easy, Sergio Leone & Ennio Morricone. Best director-composer collaboration…. ever!!!!!

    2. Blackhat looks pretty cool while Inherent Vice is bonkers but dammit, I wanna see it because it’s P.T. Anderson and I’m glad it’s getting excellent reviews.

    3. Seems like an interesting idea. It’s better than what Hollywood is doing.

    4. I recommended Chef to my parents and…. they loved it. For me, I would probably say that film but I want to expose a film I’m sure not a lot of people heard of and that is Ang Lee’s Eat Drink Man Woman.

    5. Yes. That is to watch some horror films, thrillers, and some weird stuff for the month although it’s getting to a slow start right now.

    1. Oh yeah, Leone & Morricone definitely have worked a lot together. My fave from Morricone is still Cinema Paradiso!

      So the reviews of Inherent Vice are out already? Critics usually love his work tho right.

      Yep, I think the idea is intriguing and it’s a personal one, but I bet lots of people can relate to the idea of infertility.

      Oh I’ve heard of that Ang Lee’s film, now I’ve got to check that out.

  2. Ted S.

    1. My current favorite is Nolan/Zimmer combo but the greatest collaboration has to be Spielberg/Williams. Considering the films they’ve made together were box office hits and so many memorable themes!

    2. I can’t wait to see Inherent Vice and I’m not the biggest fan of PT Anderson but this film looks awesome! I kind of wish he got Christiane Bale for the lead instead of Phoenix, I think Bale would’ve been great in a more comedic role. If you want t start on a film by PT Anderson, I recommend Punch Drunk Love, a dark comedy starring Adam Sandler, I think you might enjoy that one. The next one I would recommend is Magnolia, it’s a lot to take in but it’s a great film. Those were the only two films of his that I really liked.

    As for Blackhat, it’s kind of meh to me, nothing really exciting from the trailer. Hopefully the actual movie will be good. I still don’t care for the same look that Mann has been doing for his movies since Collateral, I hate the home video look. With a budget of $100mil or more, I wish he would consider making the movies look more cinematic.

    3. I’m not into funding projects for others, especially celebrities and I don’t like asking people for money. So I don’t have any opinion about his project.

    4. I’m foodie so I can’t wait to watch Chef. I would recommend you check out Big Night:, it’s a great little seen film from 1996 about a failing Italian restaurant. It’s quite funny too.

    5. I used to watch all of the Halloween and Friday the 13th films every Halloween but now that I’m older, I think most of those are boring. Except the first Halloween and Friday the 13th films, those were quite chilling. The sequels were junk.

    1. I think Spielberg/Williams might be my fave, w/ Nolan/Zimmer a close second. I guess it makes sense they work together if they have a good rapport.

      Ohhh, Bale in Inherent Vice would’ve been great! He shows a bit of comedic chops in American Hustle I guess but not far enough. I’d love to see him in more comedic roles. Someone at TCFF meeting today just mentioned Punch Drunk Love. I can’t stand Sandler now but I have heard he’s good in that. Oh Magnolia is on my to-watch list too! As for Blackhat, I don’t mind so much the look of the film, it’s the casting that is a bit iffy but I generally like Mann’s work.

      While I respect your opinion about crowd-funding, I think it’s a good venue for people who otherwise can’t get their film made and their dreams realized. I mean, if people are willing to be a part of something, whether it’s a film or a cool invention, why not? It’s not like they force you to donate, it’s entirely up to you. I get it if it’s some top celebs like say George Clooney or Brad Pitt going through this venue, but not all actors make tons of money. Besides, I like the idea of supporting a filmmaker/actor you love this way, so I’m glad Toby went the crowd-funding route.

      I think you’d enjoy CHEF if you’re a big foodie! Man the shots truly made you drool! Big Night sounds good, will keep that in mind when I’m looking for something to rent.

      Well, I definitely will stay away from those Friday the 13th films, ahah.

      1. Ted S.

        I think you’ll be surprised by Sandler’s performance in Punch Drunk Love, he can be a decent actor if he’s under direction of a good filmmaker. After Punch Drunk Love, he did try to be in more “serious” movies, Spanglish was kind of good but it wasn’t well directed. But it seem that was short lived and he kept making those stupid comedies since.

        Oh I agree that crowd funding is a great place for people who couldn’t get money for their projects, but my issues is most of these people couldn’t get any funding because they’re nobody. It seems only people only willing to give money if the projects involves celebrities or someone who knows celebrities. I was thinking of going to one of those crowd funding sites for my short movie since I lost my budget but I know I won’t get the money close enough to make it because I’m a nobody. Now if I know someone famous or works in the industry, I’m quite sure I’ll get lots of money from people.

  3. 1) I do like the Fincher/Reznor/Ross combo especially on The Social Network. Darren Aronofsky and Clint Mansell are pretty great. Canadian Filmmaker Atom Egoyan and Mychael Danna are lesser known but well worth checking out. Elfman/Burton, Hitchcock/Herrmann, Leone/Morricone, Fellini/Rota and Spielberg/Williams are just some teams that were just so integral to each other. Errol Morris and Philip Glass would have to be my favorite. Glass’s music paired with Morris’s visuals are just so hypnotic and haunting. I was lucky enough to see this in the theater in college. I’ve never been in a theater so hushed. You could hear a pin drop. This was their first collaboration together.

    2) I’m with you Ruth on Public Enemies being my least favorite film of his. Blackhat looks worth a look. Definitely on my calender. BTW Michael Mann’s music is usually pretty great going all the way back to Thief (Tangerine Dream). Miami Vice (Jan Hammer), Last of the Mohicans (Trevor Horn), Heat (Elliot Goldenthal) and The Insider (Lisa Gerrard) are some of my favorites also.

    PTA is one of the few directors I’d trust with Thomas Pynchon’s notoriously difficult work. Paul’s been compared to Robert Altman (M.A.S.H., Nashville, The Player) so much so that when Altman was in poor health during the shooting of Gosford Park the he was on standby to take over the film should anything have happened to Altman. The trailer was almost Coen like.

    3) You know I haven’t gotten on the crowdfunding kick yet mostly due to lack of disposable funds. I thought the whole Veronica Mars effort was pretty cool as a fan of the show. Zach Braff not so much. I really like the idea of it all. Good luck to Toby.

    4) Haven’t seen Chef yet. Will let you know what I think when I do. Big Night was pretty awesome. Tucci and Shalhoub were great together. The “side of spaghetti” scene was just brilliant.

    5) My girlfriend likes to go see the annual showing of Halloween in the theater. Me… I’ll try to catch some new horror out there. This horror/comedy from New Zealand, which has been getting rave reviews, is next on my list. Watch the trailer if you dare Ruth.

    1. Ohhh, I LOVE Philip Glass’ music. His repetitive style is hypnotic. Now I want to listen to this one but without the dialog.

      Oh right, Mann’s films do have great music. Last of Mohicans are so lush and haunting. Yeah, the trailer does remind me of something the Coens would do, as they like dark comedies.

      I think the Veronica Mars folks tried to pitch it to the studio before they went the Kickstarter route. Their fans were more than eager to get it made so that was easy for them. I sure hope Toby will get his dreams realized, for sure I’d be lending support to his project!

      Another mention of Big Night, now I’ve got to see that!

      He..he.. I don’t think I even dare to see the trailer Dave! My idea of *horror* is more in the vein of those movies I’ve mentioned, so more goofy than scary 😀

  4. Tom

    1) For me, it’s gotta be Spielberg and John Williams. That’s on the basis of ‘Jaws’ epic and classic score alone. 🙂

    2) ‘Inherent Vice’ for me, all the way. ‘Blackhat’ looks just OK to me. I will also second the notion that Hemsworth seems a strange casting choice here, but he should be able to pull it off. That physique, though, is a lil hard to come by with computer hackers, I’d say! haha

    3) ‘In Vitro’ looks pretty interesting — though I’m sure it’s infinitely more so if you’re bigger fan of Toby Stephens! 😉 I really haven’t seen much of the guy at all. Must. . .correct. . . . this

    4) As far as fave food-related movies go, ‘Chef’. Chef all the way. Haha! I absolutely loved that one, as small and insignificant as it was. that was clearly a passion project for Jon Favreau and I enjoyed it accordingly

    5) no particular Halloween habits for me, though I do like to try and theme out my Throwback Thursdays with horror films. It’s the one time of year they’ll ever be featured on the blog, unless something “big” is coming out and I find that I can’t miss it.

    1. Hello Tom! Thanks for joining Five for the Fifth 😀

      High five! I’m a huge fan of Williams and his work is unrivaled in my opinion.

      I hope Inherent Vice is as great as that trailer! I read some mixed reviews so far but I’m still intrigued. I LOVE Michael Mann so I usually gives him the benefit of the doubt. My main er beef (pardon the pun) is w/ Hemsworth casting and I thought exactly the same thing, he’s way too buff as a hacker, ahah.

      I hope you’d give The Machine a shot Tom, if you like sci-fi you might enjoy that. Of course if you’re up for a great pirate series (that’s so UNLIKE Pirates of the Caribbean), do check out Black Sails!

      Very cool that you dug Chef too. Yeah, nice to see Favreau doing something personal like that and it’s indeed a lot of fun.

      I figure there’ll be tons of horror stuff all over the blogosphere this month, but I generally avoid horror any time of the year.

  5. 1. Well I do enjoy Spielberg and Williams quite a bit, and I have been a fan of Nolan and and Zimmer’s work together. So, since the list you linked is a bit overwhelming, heh, I suppose I’ll go with those two on this one. 😛

    2. The trailer for Blackhat doesn’t honestly do much for me, though I suppose I’m a bit intrigued based purely on who’s involved. That new PT Anderson movie looks like it’ll be good, though. You really do need to catch up on some of his movies, you’re missing out. XD

    5. I dunno, don’t really have much of a tradition, though I do sometimes try and seek out some new horror that I haven’t seen previously. I suppose the closest to a tradition movie for me would be Halloween (the original), though I don’t always get to that every year.

    1. Those two are great picks Chris, Williams & Zimmer are two of my fave composers!

      Yep, Blackhat appeals to me because of Michael Mann’s name, but the trailer could’ve been more gripping. Yeah I know, lots of filmmakers I still need to catch up on!

      It’s amazing how Halloween is still a lot of people’s horror movie of choice around this time of year 🙂

  6. 1. I’d have to go with Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Hermann’s collaboration – Psycho, North by Northwest, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and Vertigo.

    2. Both, and very much. Big Michael Mann fan here, as you know, and Inherent Vice is one of the Fall’s most anticipated.

    3. Looks good. Finally saw The Machine and see what you enjoyed with it. BTW, Toby did the audiobook narration for a Jeffery Deaver James Bond novel, Carte Blanche, I have in my stack.

    4. Ratatouille, Eat Drink Man Woman, Sideways would be mine. And I did very much enjoy Chef, too.

    5. Oh, there’s a list of ‘usuals’ for Halloween I rotate through along with new horror film for the season:
    – Halloween, John Carpenter’s
    – Sleep Hollow, Tim Burton’s
    – Shaun of the Dead
    – Trick ‘r Treat
    – Beetlejuice
    – Fright Night
    – An American Werewolf in London
    – The Howling
    – It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

    1. I knew you’d go w/ the classic, Michael. Oh yeah I remember the score for NBN, that’s a good one!

      Glad we share a love for Mr. Mann’s work, it’s been too long since his last movie!

      Oooh, glad to hear it, Michael! I asked my brother back in Indo to see it and he loved it too. I have Carte Blance in my car for a while, boy that’s a great Bond story & Toby’s an excellent narrator!

      Oh my, how could I forget Ratatouille! I should check out Eat Drink Man Woman & Sideways too!

      Somehow I knew you’d have John Carpenter in your list! Hey, I like that we both have a penchant for horror comedies 😉

  7. Stu

    I am really looking forward to Inherent Vice. I don’t think I’ve seen a trailer in ages that has got me as excited as this one. It looks a little bit like The Big Lebowski to me, although I don’t expect it to be too derivative of the Coens.

    In terms of composer / director collaborations, both my favourites are mentioned above: Steven Spielberg and John Williams for Raiders of the Lost Ark, ET, Jaws, Close Encounters etc. and Ennio Morricone’s work with Sergio Leone because of The Man With No Name trilogy, Once Upon A Time In The West and Once Upon A Time in America. Both composers have composed famous scores for others, but I think they’re associated with those two directors first and foremost.

    I haven’t seen Chef but it’s on my list to check out. And I’ll also recommend Big Night, although I haven’t seen it for years. More recently Jiro Dreams Of Sushi had me drooling, and I’ll also give a shout out for Delicatessen and Soylent Green, although maybe it’s worth watching them after eating. Mmmmm … tasty.

    No halloween traditions for me except to say that I usually do try and watch at least one horror film. I have got The Evil Dead ready to watch this year, as my wife has never seen it.

    Sorry I think those answers are in a slightly jumbled order!

    1. Hi Stu!

      Yeah, I’d think that PT would be able to separate himself from the Coens even if the style seems similar from the trailer.

      I always associate Williams w/ Spielberg’s movies, so yeah definitely. I haven’t seen any of Sergio Leone stuff tho, as I’m not into Westerns.

      Oh someone did recommend Delicatessen to me, I definitely should get to that! It’s a French film, right?

      I saw the first Evil Dead and it was quite hilarious. Generally horror isn’t my thing tho.

  8. 1. Composer Angelo Badalamenti and director David Lynch. I canøt imagine Lynch’s films without those scores.

    2.I love Michael Mann, but I haven’t really taken to C Hemsworth. To me he’s a slightly bland actor and doesn’t have much charisma, though I did enjoy Rush.

    3. Can’t wait to see a PT Anderson comedy!

    5.I’ve seen Charlie Browns Pumpkin Special, it’s pretty cute 🙂 I did horror marathons the last two Octobers and enjoyed catching up on the classics. This year I’ll see a few more.

    1. Hmmm, now I have to look up Angelo Badalamenti [sheepish smile]

      Yeah I’m not either aside from Thor, that’s why his casting baffles me a bit.

      So is this PT’s first comedy? I still need to see his work, esp. Magnolia & Punch Drunk Love.

      So which horror classics are you seeing Chris?

      1. If you do a quick google for Angelo Badalamenti, you’ll notice he did Twin Peaks music 🙂

        Not sure if Inherent Vice is PT Anderson’s first comedy. From what I gather his latest is a mix of Comedy | Crime | Drama

        Don’t know which classics I’ll see. I have already seen 28 Days Later this month.

  9. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    ‘Inherent Vice’ looks like a sloppier, more drug attached version of either, ‘Cutter’s Way’ or ‘The Big Lebowski’. Looks interesting with an A-List cast.

    I’ll go with ‘Big Night’ with Tony Shaloub abd Stanley Tucci.

    Usually crank up ‘Night of The Living Dead’ on DVD for Halloween. Also becoming a fan of Herk Harvey’s no budgeted ‘Carnival of Souls’. Great opening credits. Mood and tension to burn. In a primer in the use of dark, deep to razor sharp shadows!

    1. Kevin, Carnival of Souls in one of my favorite horror films. The Saltair Pavilion setting and the organ music really added to the creepiness of film. Criterion has a wonderful dvd release of it. It was really ahead of its time being an indie film way back in ’62.

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Dave:

        ‘Carnival of Souls’ is one of those gems that defines “Bang for the Buck!”. With lots of money saving tricks employed (The car wreck survivors breaking the surface of the Pavilion’s lake at night. Was actually a swimming pool shot at low angles.) The organ music as you had mentioned heightens creepy suspense and tension. The superb use of sharply defined, fluid and latticed shadows as Mary (Candace Hillgosss) explores the Pavilion.

        All add up to a classic that is much more than the sum of its parts!

    2. I second any screening of Carnival of Souls. Especially, if you dare, alone and at night, with the light off. If that doesn’t unsettle you, nothing will 😉

    3. Hi Kevin! I definitely need to check out Big Night now that lots of people have mentioned it here. Btw, I went and looked at Carnival of Souls trailer. Oh man that looks SUPER creepy!!

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Ruth:

        ‘Big Night’ is a very good fraternal film. With Mr. Tucci and Shaloub seeming to know their way around a busy kitchen. While comfortably and believably latching onto a rivalry vibe. That any brothers would experience in trying to make and keep their restaurant (menus, tables vs. banquettes, reservations, etc) a success.

        ‘Carnival of Souls’ creepily holds its own in the arena of “Getting and doing a heck of a lot with very little” opposite George Romero’s premiere, ‘Night of The Living Dead’. Both are definite “Backyard Films”. Though, Mr. Harvey excels at making the skin crawl and heart stop with organ music and a complete lack of violence and bloodshed!

        And belated Kudos to SnapCrackleWatch. For such a well discussed Halloween topic and question!

  10. The trailers for Inherent Vice and Blackhat both look great; can’t wait for both now. As for director/composer partnerships well, there’s Peter Jackson and Howard Shore and Darren Aronofsky and Clint Mansell.

    1. Hi Mark, Inherent Vice looks fun doesn’t it? As for Blackhat, I hope it’s gonna be as good as Mann’s other thrillers. Great picks on director/composer combo there!

  11. Hello Lady Ruth, what a great list of questions! Let’s see…
    1. Hmm I am going to be honest, I don’t know enough about composers to pick a fave. I would agree that Reznor with Finch is great, I love the score of Social Network and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I think Reznor has found his niche in pairing music with films.

    2. Both trailers definitely piqued my interest. For one I like when Chris Hemsworth plays a normal person and not a super hero, I think we really get to see what he is made of and he is more than hunky muscle. I will definitely go see Inherent Vice, that is my type of movie right there. I am a huge fan of Paul Thomas Anderson, one of my fave movies of all time is Boogie Nights and this one almost has that same feel to it. I am in for sure! Also, speaking of music, Anderson is great at pulling together a good soundtrack for his films.

    3. Toby’s project sounds cool, I would definitely check it out, if anything just to please Lady Ruth and support your main squeeze. Crowd funding is an interesting topic, I think you could do a whole post on it. On one side it is cool to see movies get made that might not otherwise have a chance, on another hand I don’t like the asking for money aspect. But there’s more to learn on that subject and I don’t know enough to either disagree or agree with it. Just my random thoughts.

    4. I have been itching to see Chef, I need to check it out. I am into food shows and stuff like that. I would have to say Like Water for Chocolate and Chocolat would be great food movies. I also like Sideways for the food and wine aspect of it. Cool question!

    5. Halloween, I am a big scaredy pants too, but I will watch Amityville Horror (70s version), Evil Dead, The Shining, Rosemary’s Baby and Nightmare before Christmas. I like to give those a whirl around this time of the year. Thanks for including me as your guest!!

    1. Hi Queen Mel, sorry for the tardy response! Yeah I think Reznor is a talented composer. I had no idea he was w/ Nine Inch Nails before. I remember the score for 300 was awesome, I think NIN had a song in that.

      I have only seen Hemsworth playing a somewhat normal person in RUSH but I think Daniel Bruhl was much more compelling in that. I’m curious to see if he could pull off this role without me constantly thinking of him as Thor, ha..ha.. I do love Michael Mann though. I still need to see Boogie Nights! Heard so many great things about it, and I think it’s not violent so I probably would be ok w/ it. I know There Will Be Blood seems too intense for me.

      Awww, thank you for at least checking out Toby’s project on my account 😉 I hear ya about crowd funding, it seems like a sensitive issue for some people. I know it’s gotten to be popular with start-ups in terms of technology & invention, not just films. I do think in the case of Toby, I like the idea of being able to be a part of a film even in a small way and it provides a venue for fans to support people they love. I don’t have a problem w/ it. I mean look at Veronica Mars that got made solely because of the fans as the studio turned it down.

      Chef is fun! I actually like Sofia Vergara in it too, she’s fun to watch. Oh Like Water for Chocolate is one I’ve been wanting to see!! It’s a Spanish film isn’t it?

      Oh my, you are much braver than me! I don’t think I could see The Shining or Rosemary Baby, and a haunted house would give me nightmares for months, though believe it or not I have seen Evil Dead! Thanks for being a gracious guest, m’dear!!

      1. Ruthy Ruth… omg past couple days have been busy. Can’t I get paid to blog for a living life would be so much easier. lol

        Yes I am curious to see how Hemsworth will work out in that movie. Also, you need to see Boogie Nights, it does have some violent and sexual scenes that push the limit, but not too bad. I think you could overlook them, it is a great film. Do it!

        Yes Like Water for Chocolate is in Spanish, but I think you would enjoy it. For sure! And thank you for including me in your post. You’re the best!!

        1. Ahah, I wish we could both blog for a living!! That’d be awesome 😉

          I’ve been busy too, that’s why I have been sluggish in responding to comments. But I’ve been working on a big post, the female counterpart to the top 10 actors list I’d watch in anything 😀

          Oh I will see Boogie Nights at some point. Btw have you seen Magnolia? That’s one by PT Anderson I’m still curious about. I think Like Water for Chocolate is on Netflix, at least I hope it is. Thanks dahling!

  12. Hey Ruth!
    1. You’ve already mentioned some awesome collaborations here, and I am loving Fincher and Reznor/Ross’ a lot. I also think Hitchcock and Herrman is a great partnership.

    2. I really like the look of both of these and I hadn’t even heard of Blackhat before so thanks for bringing it to my attention! 🙂

    3. I have mixed feelings about crowd-funding. I’m all for it for projects where money is genuinely an issue but whenit’s for people and studios who could afford it anyway, I think that’s a bit cheeky to be honest. Some of the Kickstarter things are cool though when you get trips to the set or signed memorabilia or whatever.

    4. I’ve heard some good things about Chef, although I know I’ll end up feeling hungry by the end! The Trip is an excellent TV series with Steve Coogan and that has some amazing looking food in it.

    5. I always say I’m going to watch horror films around Halloween but I rarely actually do because I’m a massive wimp! My local cinema always shows a classic horror film on Halloween night and I really want to check that out one year.

    1. Hello Chris!

      Hey, I’m glad to be the one introducing a new movie to someone! If you’re a fan of Michael Mann’s work, it looks like a must-see!

      I’m totally against studios going the crowd funding route, but for a lesser-known actors, not movie stars who made millions of dollars, I have no problem with it. I mean tiny projects like this will never get studio funding, and why not open it up to fans to be a part of?

      Oh yeah The Trip is great, I remember some fun impersonations they did at some fine restaurants. I still need to see the sequel!

  13. Aww, one of my favorite posts I anticipate every month!!

    1) My favorite collaborators are probably Christopher Nolan/Hans Zimmer and Peter Jackson/Howard Shore. I’m also a big fan of Tim Burton/Danny Elfman.

    2) The trailer for Blackhat looks a little odd to me, and I agree that Chris Hemsworth is an interesting choice for a hacker. But I really like Hemsworth, so I hope it’s a good role for him!

    Inherent Vice looks hilarious to me. I love Joaquin Phoenix, and I think the cast looks great. Definitely one on my list to see! Great trailer too.

    3) Good for Mr. Stephens! I agree that it’s a topic you often don’t seen in film, so I think that’s pretty cool. I do think it’s interesting with how political a lot of filmmakers get, even without necessarily intending to be, when they make a movie that asks questions rather than give answers. I’m not saying I don’t understand WHY they do that, because it makes sense. But I’d like to see a filmmaker bold enough to at least give answers that reflects what they believe, even if it’s a divided issue (I think of Million Dollar Baby doing that.)

    4) I really want to see Chef – just been waiting for it to show up in my nearest Redbox so I can rent it!

    5) I don’t have any Halloween traditions, but I do try to watch at least one horror movie a year. Although I try to stay far away from either gory or demon possession type movies.

    Great post, Ruth!

    1. Hi Kris!

      Oh my, how could I forget Burton & Elfman, their collaboration in the Batman movies are awesome.

      I hope Hemsworth did a good job in Blackhat, I guess it’s good that he’s trying out different types of roles. Joaquin is always excellent, he’s just such a great actor!

      Yeah I’m thrilled for Toby! As for being politically correct about a controversial topic, I do feel a lot of filmmakers are lacking conviction. They just show things as they are and don’t want to *offend* anyone by taking a stand. At the same time, perhaps they do want to put it out there and let the audience interpret things how they see fit. A lot of thought-provoking sci-fis are left open-ended and I don’t really have an issue with it.

      I think you’d enjoy Chef, just make sure not to go hungry when you watch it or it’ll be torture, ha..ha..

      Yep, no gory/demonic types of movies for me either. It just has no appeal for me at all. Btw, Ivan and I are studying Revelations now w/ a group of friends. So I don’t care for movies that glamorize and glorify the devil.

      1. Haha, well there are so many great collaborations out there . . . I actually thought of them when I thought of Danny Elfman’s scores for the original Spiderman films (some of the few films Elfman scored that weren’t Tim Burton films), and then I was reminded of how wonderful some of Elfman’s scores were for Burton’s films.

        That is a really great point, and I don’t necessarily want to say I know what someone’s intentions are because I never truly will. And Toby Stephens certainly comes across as sincere, so I really don’t have any interesting in judging his motives. I do like the idea of movies offering answers, and I guess I feel like more films today leave you having to come up with your own answer. And that’s not bad either! I like those two. I think he’s tackling a very difficult subject matter, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with it. Thanks for talking about that, Ruth – you make a lot of good points!

        Oh, that is really cool, Ruth. Reading, studying, and talking about the book of Revelations has always been very exciting and somewhat terrifying for me. It’s very eye-opening, and it’s a reminder that we won’t always be here, and that Christ will be returning again. I couldn’t agree more with you about movies that glamorize demons/devil, much less trying to communicate with one. I’d actually take a gory movie over one of those, and I really don’t care for those at all.

  14. Hi Ruth, nice set of questions this month!

    1) Darren Aronofsky and Clint Mansell are my favorite duo.

    2) Inherent Vice is my most anticipated movie of the year. PTA hasn’t let me down yet.

    3) I haven’t supported a crowd-funded movie yet, but I love that it’s opened the doors for so many filmmakers.

    4) Ahh, that’s tough. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory comes to mind. I also really liked Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

    5) I try to watch as many horror movies as possible during October. In fact, this weekend I am going to a 24-hour horror marathon. Something about this time of the year just makes horror movies even more appealing.

    1. Hi Eric!

      I don’t think I’m all that familiar w/ Aronofsky/Mansell’s work.

      I definitely need to catch up on PTA’s work one of these days. Inherent Vice might be my first 🙂

      I have supported about four of them now so I’m anticipating their release in the next year or so.

      You might find it hard to believe but I’m not fond of chocolates or sweets in general so Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory might not do anything for me 🙂

      A 24-hour horror marathon?? Wow that sounds like torture to me, ahah.

  15. The trailer for Blackhat intrigued me for sure! 🙂 Chris Hemsworth and a story related to Hong Kong both peaks my interest.

    My fave food movie would have to be Julie and Julia. Meryl Streep and Amy Adams always makes me want to ambitiously try out those Julia Child recipes. If we go animation, Ratatouille is awesome as well and if you talk about a movie scene, the one in Bridesmaids when she’s making that cupcake. Yums!

    As for horror traditions, I’m with Melissa with Charlie Brown’s Pumpkin Special. I also tend to watch The Others and every other year, I get in some Resident Evil flicks 🙂

    1. Hi Kim, lovely to see you stop by girl! Yeah, the setting of Blackhat does look intriguing doesn’t it? Plus w/ Michael Mann at the helm, it certainly looks promising!

      Ratatouille is definitely awesome! Even in animated format, the food looks so yummy!! I haven’t seen The Others but I kind of already knew the twist so I feel less inclined to see it now.

  16. 1. I love the collaborations between Spielberg & Williams, Nolan & Zimmer, the Coens & Carter Burwell, M. Night Shyamalan & James Newton Howard, and Krzysztof Kieslowski & Zbigniew Preisner, among others.

    2. I’m looking forward to Inherent Vice, and Blackhat looks interesting, though it doesn’t look like a slam-dunk.

    3. It seems like a good concept, and I hope it gets made. It didn’t reach its goal, but hopefully they can get the rest of their financing from somewhere else.

    4. I really enjoyed Chef, but I agree the editing could’ve been tighter. Babette’s Feast, Chocolat and Eat Drink Man Woman are some good food movies.

    5. I usually watch Halloween on or around Halloween, but I don’t watch many horror movies either.

    1. Hi Josh!

      I’m ashamed to say I’m not familiar w/ Krzysztof Kieslowski & Zbigniew Preisner 😦 I really should check out those Three Colors trilogy.

      I just saw the Inherent Vice trailer and LOL-ed once again. I hope the film is as good as the trailer. Can you believe it I haven’t seen any of PT Anderson’s film before. Yeah I know, hope that’ll change soon.

      Well it reached about half its goal but I think he’s still going to get it made, which is cool!

      Chocolat is lovely isn’t it? I don’t even like chocolate but that’s an enchanting film.

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