Superman: A History and a New Hope

Yet another SUPER post on my favorite superhero!

Special thanks to Terrence for taking part on the Man Of Steel Countdown festivities. I love this post and especially his closing statement…

Is Man of Steel the beginning of a new era for Superman? I think so. It brings in a new era and with it a new hope. That is, afterall, what the “S” symbol stands for!


A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a mother and father on a doomed planet called Krypton sent their one and only son, Kal-el, on a crash course to Earth in an attempt to save him from the impending doom of their homeworld. With the similar appearance of the inhabitants of Earth, young Kal-el differed in a very remarkable way from those who took him in as one of their own: powered by the rays of the sun, Kal-el (now living under the pseudonym “Clark Kent”) began to exhibit and harness powers of a super nature. Under the direction and guidance of his adopted parents, Clark learned that with great power comes great responsibility and as he grew he quickly learned just what that lesson would mean for him in his futuremanofsteelquote

Not only would Clark (soon to be known to the world as Superman) have a…

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4 thoughts on “Superman: A History and a New Hope

    1. No THANK YOU!! I know you’re more of a Marvel guy so I really appreciate you joining in to celebrate a DC hero 😀

      Ahah well I’m taking next Wed off so I can properly um, recover from watching Man of Steel. I’m glad I get to see it 3 days early for press screening! When are YOU gonna see it T?

      1. I have no idea. Maybe at the exact same time as you! Def planning on BEFORE Friday. 🙂

        Its a good thing you took Wed off. Do you think you will watch this one multiple times in theaters? Do u get to see it in IMAX?

        1. I’ve told my husband I’m planning to see this at least 3 times on the big screen 😀

          Yes one time would be at the real IMAX theater, not the faux one at the Cineplex y’know. I have to see this one in as big a screen as possible!! 😀

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