[Fan] Poster Spotlight: Man of Steel + Q&A w/ designer Patrick Connan

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Poster Spotlight, so I thought it’s time to do one as part of the Man of Steel Countdown!

I first noticed this poster last week when I came across a tweet from the movie’s official Twitter account. Here’s the beautiful poster titled…

Dark Side of the Man

Click image to see a larger version

Isn’t that awesome? I love the simplicity of the design, yet it has so much energy to it. Seems that fan-made posters are getting more and more creative these days, way better than the ones the studios churn out. I checked out the Barbarian Factory blog and was quite blown away by other poster designs featured there, including the ones for Star Trek (the JJ Abrams reboot) and The Lord of the Rings. I decided to contact the designer via Twitter and Parisian-based designer Patrick Connan kindly obliged for a quick Q&A. Read on:

1. How long have you been a designer & do you specifically do poster designs?

I am a graphic designer for almost 10 years, it has been 5 years since I worked for a very large Parisian agency specializing in the design of film posters. Being a huge fan of movies, I have to admit that I finally get to combine my two passions!

2. I notice you have a ton of film-related posters on your blog, when did you start designing those? I presume you also run the Geek Art website?

Indeed, as I said earlier, being passionate about cinema I like to give my perspective on a film that I liked and I eagerly awaits! I decided to work for me, in addition to my daily work in my office since the beginning of March this year. It came to me like that, all of a sudden I wanted to illustrate the bad-ass movies I loved as a kid, and then many other things, and since I can’t stop doing stuffs!!! No, I am not the manager of the Geek-Art.net site, but thanks to Thomas Olivri (Master & Commander of geek-art) my visibility on the net could be powered with my series on the Lord of the Rings, and for this, I can not thank him enough!

3. What tools do you use to create the posters?

I mostly use Illustrator and Photoshop to create my posters, and of course the layout using InDesign! I work with my tablet mainly. Once I have more space in my apartment I can finally get back to draw, because of lack of space I have to put it aside!

4. Are you a fan of Superman in general? What inspires you to design the Man of Steel poster?

I’m sure there are fans more diligent than me about Superman, however I adored watching old movies and series with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher when I was a kid! I have never had the opportunity to read some comics, because in France there is not the same enthusiasm for them in the United States for example. For this poster I wanted to give a retro look, original and minimalist, and the parallel with the Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon seemed to flow naturally!

5. Tell us anything you’d like us to know about your movie poster design and when it’ll be available for sale.

Thanks Patrick for the quick interview … and for creating such an awesome poster!

Now, before I sign off, I’ve got to share this final Man of Steel trailer. I’m running out of words already to express how I feel about this film… every trailer just gets better and better. So just watch it. now.

I know you want to 😀

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What do you think of the poster & this latest trailer?

33 thoughts on “[Fan] Poster Spotlight: Man of Steel + Q&A w/ designer Patrick Connan

    1. There are a bunch of fan-made posters on the web but this is one of the most original I’ve come across. Glad you like it, Michael. And the trailer… well I’m speechless!! 😛

  1. PrairieGirl

    That is just so cool! Great Q&A with the artist. I wonder if he ever runs into any copyright issues if he’s selling his movie posters?

    1. PrairieGirl very good question indeed, if I have to ask the copyright of all the films that I want to work on, I think my job is to summarize nothingness! Every artist who wants to sell his art or at least try to make themselves known have to play with fire and tempt fate! Thanx for asking! P.

    1. I hear ya Nick. I’m usually in that camp too but I’m just so psyched for this film I don’t think anything would dampen it, ahah.

    1. Ahah, nothing can spoil me at this point, though I’m holding off reading any reviews until Tuesday! Only 4 more days to go for me, wahooooo!!! 😀

        1. Hey, you got Star Trek 2 & Skyfall first!! 😀 I actually entered in a sweepstakes for an earlier screening (yesterday) but didn’t get it 😦

            1. Yeah, I think bigger budget films should be released worldwide within 2 weeks. I feel bad for people who have to wait a month after everyone else in the UK or US have seen ’em. I mean the potential for spoilers are huge!

  2. Interesting posters. I’ve seen this types of posters online. They certainly are different that what you see at the theaters. As for the trailer – BRING ON MAN OF STEEL! I’m ready!

        1. Sounds like a great plan Keith! I’m actually taking a day off Wednesday after the press screening on Tuesday, I figure I need a day to um, recover from it, ahah.

  3. Ted S.

    That’s a cool poster, reminds me of this original poster of Donner’s Superman film: http://www.supermanhomepage.com/images/chris-reeve-movies/Superman-Movie-Poster-tb.html

    But this one is more modern looking. Also, it’s nice of him to let you interview him about his work, some artists tend to be kind of an ass about talking about their work.

    With all these clips and trailers, if the film opens with less than $100mil, someone will get fired at the studio. I might skip opening weekend since it’s going to be packed at the IMAX theater and I hate seeing films in a full theater.

  4. Nice post Ruth. That poster is awesome! I’d love to see a wall of posters like that at the cinema. Great interview as well. It was a very interesting read. I’ll definitely revisit the first two Superman films (if not more) before Man of Steel is released. 🙂

    1. Yeah, if only the studios are more creative in making posters, I mean they have so much more money! Yeah I’ll be doing the same too Josh, as I plan to do one more Countdown post before the movie comes out next Friday 😉

  5. Ruth, I love how excited you are for this movie. I really do. It’s making ME excited. Nice interview. Cool that you did it.

    1. Thank you Nick, that means a lot!! I hope you’d enjoy the film. I know my gut says that I won’t be disappointed 😀 Glad you enjoyed the interview.

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