Everybody’s Chattin’ – Vol. 26


Happy Friday everyone! It’s the last day of May but sadly I’m still wearing jackets these days… with umbrellas in tow!! It’s been a pretty lame Spring, and it looks like it’s gonna be slow going Summer too 😦

But hey, I’ll be seeing Man of Steel is exactly 11 days, so THAT definitely puts an extra spring in my step!! I usually get bothered by the endless amount of movie marketing, and this movie has certainly been bombarding us with endless TV spots… but y’know, I don’t mind at all. I don’t think anything can dampen my excitement for this, ahah. Ok, normally I don’t post interviews but allow me to indulge a bit today with this Henry Cavill interview with Vanity Fair:

I never said this about anyone but Mr. Cavill is like the 8th wonder of the world … [sigh]…

Ok, now that I’ve regained my composure (somewhat), let’s get on some awesome posts I’ve been reading in the past week. I’m going to put a number on each of the Everybody’s Chattin’ posts from now on, just so I can keep track 😉

Kavalier & ClayWell, since Superman’s been on my mind lately, I’ll start with Cindy Buchman‘s post on this awesome book Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon, which takes the story of Siegel and Shuster and loosely fictionalized their partnership and their account of creating the comic strip we know and love today. I’m gonna see if Amazon has this!

While we’re at it, Bubbawheat asked the burning question Why do superhero movies appeal to you? It’s definitely an intriguing question, one which I attempt to answer recently in my Superman & Me post, but it’s great to hear what everyone else has to say.

Cavill_ManOfSteelRich also did a fabulous write-up on how Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner’s vision of the Man of Steel has been the standard-bearer for superhero films in general for many years and inspired millions. He argued why Henry Cavill [and the new film] would need  to escape Reeve’s shadow an be compelling enough to stand on its own. I totally concur and from what I’ve seen so far, I needn’t worry 😀

Now, switching gear to a Marvel superhero, Lady Sati just recently did her review of Iron Man 3. I always LOVE her reviews with all the awesome photos and even more awesome rating system!

A film’s artistic sensibility sometimes begins even before the film itself. Michael has been featuring great Opening Titles on his blog (with this super one being one of my all time favorites, natch) and the latest one he featured is from the sci-fi mystery Contact. I’ve been wanting to see it for a while but just haven’t got around to it yet.

What I love about the blogging community is discovering day in and day out how various films affect fellow cinephiles differently. Keith and his Public Movie Defender posts are awesome as he picks movies that have been lambasted by critics [even audience alike] and serve up his own defense why he disagree with them. The latest one was on Terminator Salvation, which I happen to enjoy quite a bit despite the flaws.

WaltzWithBashirRyan at The Matinee (who was the inspiration behind this Everybody’s Chattin’ series btw) started something great with his BlindSpot series. I’ve been discovering a bunch of posts that opened my eyes to films I’ve been blind about, such as this Israeli animated feature Waltz With Bashir that Josh just reviewed.

Speaking of another indie, the one I missed out on last month due to a thunderstorm, well Terrence’s review of MUD made me even more curious about it. Unfortunately we didn’t see eye to eye on EPIC though, but still, it was an excellent one-word-title double reviews, so check it out!

I haven’t done a Birthday tribute in a while but you’ve got to check out Novia‘s heartfelt and beautiful poem to her beloved idol Cillian Murphy on his 37th birthday. I love how loyal she is to her crushes, as she remains in love with Cillian even though she’s been caught up in the British show fever 😉

For good Friday fun (or any day for that matter), check out John’s mighty creative Movie Directors’ Baseball Jerseys! My favorites are the Scorsese, Coens and Edgar Wright Jerseys!

Now, last but not least, you’d want to head over to FilmHipster to take a stab at his latest Guess the Movie & Win sweepstakes for a chance to win one of four awesome Blu-rays!

Stay tuned for my Monthly Roundup coming this weekend, as well as mini reviews of Epic, Now You See Me and other movies I haven’t got around to reviewing yet. Of course there are more Man of Steel countdown posts, one courtesy of Terrence from The Focused Filmographer 😀

Well, before you’re off to any of the links above, tell me, what’s your weekend viewing plans?

32 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ – Vol. 26

  1. Kavalier and Clay is an AWESOME book. You should definitely check it out!

    Seriously, since we’ve moved we actually do stuff on the weekends, so we don’t watch movies as much anymore. We have District 9 and It Happened One Night (so excited!) waiting for us when we have time, though. 🙂

    1. Yeah sounds like it! I’ll definitely be looking for that book.

      Hey I hope you enjoy D-9. I know some people find it gross and in parts it is, but I really connected w/ the story and the character. Oooh I’ve been wanting to see It Happened One Night, maybe when we meet in person [hopefully soon :)] I can borrow the dvd from you, ahah.

  2. Great post once again Ruth and its an honor to be included! 🙂

    My weekend movie plans are still up in the air. I’ll be seeing “Now You See Me” and “After Earth” this weekend and I’m hoping to catch up on some sci-fi at home. Plus my son and I are enjoying going through Star Trek Deep Space Nine. They’ll be some of that as well!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hello Keith, my pleasure man, thank YOU for the great content you do every day! 😀

      Now You See Me is a mess, it was only fun in parts but mostly it’s a giant ball of meh. Not gonna watch After Earth either, I probably catch up on older films I haven’t got around to. Enjoy your weekend too!

  3. Thanks for the link Ruth – it’s been great finally scratching some of these titles off my neverending “to-see” list, and in some cases (like BATTLE OF ALGIERS or BROADCAST NEWS) being completely knocked on my ass!

    PS – If you want to join in you totally can mid-stream! they go up the last Tuesday of every month.

    1. You’re most welcome Ryan!! Y’know, I was just thinking about emailing you about Blindspot but then I realize I’ve got to pick which films I want to do. Yeah it’d just be 6 movies then for the rest of 2013 😀

    1. You’re the one who’s most generous with the share and support, Michael. You’re an inspiration, truly. Great series btw, hope you keep it up! 😀

  4. Ted S.

    It’s kind of depressing that it’s almost June yet it’s still chilly here in MN and pretty soon it will be cold and snowy again. Which is why I do hope I land that gig in Las Vegas!

    I’ve stopped watching any clips or features about Man of Steel, it’s crazy how hard Warner Bros. is marketing this flick. It’s obvious that the people at the studio really love the movie and hopefully the rest of us will love it as well. I remember they hardly promote Superman Returns since not many from the studio liked that film.

    I was thinking of checking out The Hangover part 3 this weekend but my girlfriend hurt her ankle so I’ll have to wait till she healed so we can go see it together. Other that I don’t really have any desire to see other new movies, After Earth look atrocious and looking at Rottentomatoes, seems most critics have confirmed that.

    1. I know!! We need to get out of this cold & rainy spell soon!!

      Ahah, normally I’d be sick of all the crazy marketing but w/ Man of Steel, I just ate ’em up 😀 Like I said, I don’t think anything could dampen my enthusiasm for it. LOVE everything I’ve seen so far and I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.

      If you go see Hangover 3, pls send me a review 😀

    1. Thanks Chris!! Well you set the bar high w/ your Fueled By Film posts, man. I’d love to win your sweepstakes btw, so I’ll definitely try!

  5. PrairieGirl

    Henry Cavill is amazing… I don’t remember him having such a deep voice, but it sure stands out in this interview. He’s humble, yet oh so confident ;-D

    1. Amazing indeed, talk about the whole package!! Yeah his voice is quite deep, I mean not as deep as Richard Armitage or Gregory Peck, two of my other idols (can’t you see my type here, ahah) but it’s pretty manly. It’s his dark, wavy hair that drives me CRAZY, I mean there’s got to be an award for those locks… man!!! Ehm, sorry, I tend to get carried away after watching that interview 😉

  6. Rich

    I liked ‘Cavalier and Clay’ too, though I personally thought it dragged in places. It’s definitely worth a read, though, especially if you have any interest in the golden age of the comics industry.

    Thanks for the link.

  7. Thank you so much for the link Ruth 🙂 even though it has nothing to do with superhero theme 😉

    Ow…the British show fever will get worse when Peaky Blinders finally being played in BBC 😉

    1. My pleasure Nov!! Oh it doesn’t have to have a superhero theme to be included dear 😀

      Which one is Peaky Blinders?? Btw, I look forward to your write-up on Broadchurch!

      1. Well, this post of yours is full of superhero links 😉 So, I am honored to be here.

        Cillian’s TV Series where he becomes the heartless gang leader 😉

        I am writing it up now 🙂

  8. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Great looking, informative post with lots of link love.

    As long as there is a Superman, there will (has to be) a Lex Luthor to present a domestic threat. And a Brainiac to handle “Old Home Week” memories and dastardly deeds!

  9. Thank you for the link Ruth! Can’t wait for your review of Man of Steel, hope you will like it I know how much you are anticipating it!

    1. My pleasure Sati! I am very optimistic that I won’t be disappointed, somehow I feel like it’d at least meet my expectations if not exceeds it. I mean we’re talking about Henry Cavill as Supes 😀

      1. Yeah he is always a treat to see so I’m positive at the very least the film will be….entertaining to watch 🙂 I’m thinking of rewatching The Tudors soon.

  10. Bit late in answering this, but my weekend was good. Went to see Fast & Furious 6 which was simply awesome and probably my favorite action movie this year. Looking forward to seeing Before Midnight this Thursday (if I can find a theater that’s showing it since the biggest chain here has it on their website, but not when and where it will show).

  11. thank you, Ruth. thank you for so many great links, thank you for your continued enthusiasm in sharing other pages and thank you for including my double review.

    I look forward to your thoughts on Man of Steel

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