Trailer Spotlight: Man of Steel – the S stands for smashing – now the countdown begins!

I knew I would be inside of a movie theater watching Disconnect when this trailer hits … so I was super excited when I got home to see it on my big screen TV! Well, all that waiting is not for naught. I have a bunch of superlatives I could use for this trailer… but I’m going to restrain myself. As you could surmise from the title, it’s absolutely smashing!!

Hope is the key word in this latest Superman adaptation … that “S” on Superman’s chest doesn’t stand for “Superman” or “Smallville”… Apparently it’s not even an “S.”

“In my world it means hope.”

That’s what Kal-El told Lois in the interrogation room. Superman has always been portrayed as the beacon of hope for humanity as he identifies and cares more with his adopted universe than his own. And in practical term, this is the movie that Warner Bros and DC is most hopeful about, as it holds the key to the future of the DC comic franchise in its cinematic universe. Looks like Zack Snyder, in collaboration with Christopher Nolan as producer & David Goyer penning the script, just might deliver the biggest movie event of the year!


Now, as a big fan of this DC hero, I’m super hopeful that this would live up to my expectations and the signs are pointing in the right direction. I love that there are going to be more Krypton scenes with Russell Crowe channeling Marlon Brando as Jor-El, as well as stirring moments of our Kryptonian protagonist with earthly parents (Kevin Costner and Diane Lane). Of course mostly I’m looking forward to Henry Cavill rockin’ this role, Michael Shannon as a menacing Zod and the flirtatious banter between Supes and Lois [lucky Amy Adams!!] 😉 To me, this trailer promises us that high-octane action and emotional pay off are not mutually-exclusive.

The only gripe I have is the lack of a truly mighty score that’ll go with our mighty hero… I mean Hans Zimmer himself has talked about being intimidated by the task of following John Williams footsteps [per Collider], though I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt that he’d create something great. But after hearing his score here, I’m afraid it only makes me miss Williams’ iconic creation, THAT’s still the score that immediately evoke the image of Superman for me.


It’s no secret that this is THE one movie I’m looking forward to ALL year. Yes it’s a superhero movie and I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes. I mean, to some it’s just another one in a string of comic book movies that Hollywood’s been churning out the past few years. But no, when it comes to Superman, I’m not jaded, yet, not sure I ever will. I’ve loved that character since I was three years old, with Superman the Movie being my first memorable movie-going experience and Christopher Reeve as my first official crush. So yeah, even though there have been some disappointing films along the way, I don’t think I’ll ever stop being a Superman fan.

Now the countdown to Man of Steel officially begins here at FlixChatter!

I’ll have Superman-related posts a few times a month all the way to its US release date on June 14! Thanks to Bubbawheat from Flights Tights and Movie Nights and Michael from It Rains… You Get Wet and Terrence from The Focused Filmographer for agreeing to participate in this mini blogathon of sort. So stay tuned for some super posts!! 😀

Well, what say you? Thoughts on the trailer and/or Superman in general?

68 thoughts on “Trailer Spotlight: Man of Steel – the S stands for smashing – now the countdown begins!

    1. Glad to hear Chris! Seems like Twitter was all abuzz last night over this trailer and I’d imagine some of them aren’t die hard fans like me. Now let’s hope if won’t disappoint us! 😀

  1. I saw this trailer last night and I was really impressed. I really want there to be a good Superman franchise. There needs to be! Snyder directing does concern me a little but Nolan’s involvement more than makes up for it. I also love the inclusion of Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, and Kevin Costner – three favorites of mine.

    I was pretty disappointed in the last Superman attempt. It was good until things came unraveled in the end. My fingers are crossed and my hopes are high for this one. I know I’ll be there opening weekend!!!

    1. I quite like two of Snyder’s films so I was actually intrigued when I first heard he was directing. Looks like he’d do well here, he certainly has an unconventional visual flair and camera angles, which I look forward to see. Yeah the cast is great isn’t it? I was already sold on Henry from the start, which is everything in a Superman movie, but the supporting cast is just WOW!!

      Yeah, the ending of Superman Returns leaves me scratching my head, too bad as it had potential, surely.

    1. I’m gonna try to watch all the Superman movies, well at least 1 and 2, plus Superman Returns to prepare for the countdown posts! I’ll remind you about it for sure, looking forward to your article!! 😀

    1. Yeah I don’t want to see any more additional scenes besides what’s shown here… but I think compared to a bunch of other trailers, this one is not as revelatory. Can’t wait!!

  2. This trailer is way better than the first one, which I actually really liked, so now I’m super-psyched for this. June 14 will be here before we know it. Thanks for the fix doll 🙂

    1. The first one really worked to wet my appetite but this one certainly has the WOW factor all around. I like that they ended w/ Superman and Lois… I’ve always liked their banter and flirtation, and supremely jealous of Lois of course 😉

      1. Of course…who wouldn’t be? 😉 I’m also glad that Cavill looks a little more like himself here, some of the pictures I’d seen didn’t even look like him. I don’t know if it was his hair or what.

  3. GaryLee828

    They need to cut a trailer that highlights Michael Shannon as Zod, similarly as how Dark Knight highlighted Ledger’s Joker. I’m waiting to see Shannon in this role, and 3 trailers in, and we’ve heard like one line of dialogue and they only show a quick image of him. Movie should be good, though; they just need to cut a trailer that displays more plot and hero vs. villain. The movie comes out in less than 2 months; they need to cut an engaging trailer. These all look like teaser trailers. Time to step it up or they’re going to not draw as many people in.

    1. Ted S.

      Totally disagree with you on this Gary, the less they show the plot in the trailer the more I like it. Big event films these days showed too much of the plot in their trailers and I’m glad Man of Steel went the other route and not showing too much.

      1. GaryLee828

        I hear you, and die-hard superman films will flock to the theaters for this – and I do agree that you shouldn’t give too much of the plot away on a trailer, but to moviegoers who are not fans of comic books, superhero movies, etc. will take a look at the thin trailers and think the film looks boring and pass on it. However, if you give us something on the trailer then moviegoers who aren’t necessarily fans of the comics (like me) will want to go see it. “The Dark Knight” didn’t give away too much and they managed to draw in moviegoers in addition to the comic crowd. There’s nothing wrong with revealing the plot of the movie as long as you don’t give away many details, and what I’m saying is that unless you’re a comic fan, etc. you’re not going to watch these trailers (which jobs are to draw moviegoers in) and think “This looks amazing! I will definitely be seeing that!” the way droves were after viewing the Dark Knight trailer. It looks as if it lacks substance judging by all 3 trailers. I understand a teaser trailer lacks substance, but once you’re a few months away and you release the main trailer it’s time to hit moviegoers over the head with a mind-blowing trailer that’s going to get everyone (not just comic fans) excited – and this one didn’t do that. I was expecting more. I hope they cut one more trailer. They need to. B/c as much as you and devoted Superman fans like Ruth are drenching in anticipation a lot of us like myself who view this just shrug and are like “eh?” and that will amount to a nice fraction of moviegoers and cost the studio a nice chunk of change if they can’t give us something more exciting than that. Also, keep in mind, this is the summer, and it will be competing with other big movies, as well. It can easily knock all of those other films out of the water, but it needs a better trailer to do so. With this trailer many moviegoers will choose to see something else. This is supposed to be the movie event of the year, and you offer up 3 trailers that don’t even look to give a hint at any actual plot. I’m sure it does have a plot, but a lot of moviegoers won’t think about that; they will just think the trailer looks dull. I was just expecting a lot more. The second half of the trailer was basically just like the first half where as most of the time the first half of the trailer sets you up for an interesting second half. Many moviegoers will equate (boring trailer = boring movie) which will mean less viewers and less $ which could spell another potential bust and the last thing the Superman franchise needs is another bust. Moviegoers needs a SUPER trailer to get them excited and help them wash the bad taste out of their mouth from the last Superman film similarly as the way BATMAN BEGINS wiped out the bad taste of Batman & Robin. This trailer needs to look like it’s going to blow the last Superman away – and judging by these 3 trailers it didn’t look to do that.

        1. Ted S.

          We’re agree to disagree here Gary. I think most people who aren’t into comic books know who Superman is; they’ve been many TV shows and films based on the character so I don’t think they’ll be confuse as to what this film is about. It’s about Superman, it’s a comic book character and oh yeah it will have big action scenes. No need to show plot points or anything else in the trailers.

        2. Hi Gary, sorry to hear you’re not wowed by this trailer. I kind of like the fact that it doesn’t show too much of Zod, I mean it’s a Superman film, it should be more about the protagonist, esp. in an origin story. Same w/ Batman Begins, it’s more about Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. TDK is a sequel so it’s ok to show the villain a bit more.

          As for your argument about the plot, oh I think we see a hint of it, and that’s more than enough for me. I hate trailers that reveal way too much. As w/ any trailers, it is supposed to tease us, and I think this one does the job. I really do believe from what I’ve heard so far about Man of Steel, it looks poised to blow Superman Returns out of the water.

          In any case, thanks for opining and the most important thing is that the MOVIE itself will be good right, no matter what we think about the trailer! 😀

          1. GaryLee828

            Yes that’s true for those of us like ourselves who actually go to see it, but my thing is the studio spent a ton to make this and are expecting a huge return, and of course you will get your Superman devotees at the theater, but you’re going to lose a lot of other moviegoers if the trailer doesn’t seem appealing – especially since the last one was such a dud and so many are still going to be thinking about that one. That’s my point is that it needs to look SUPER (pun intended) and it only looks mediocre; even if the film is amazing, many moviegoers won’t know if they don’t bother to go see it. I am sure the movie will make a nice chunk of change at the box office, but will it earn what it cost to make? Or will it surpass what it cost to make? Is it going to make a profit? And if it does fail to meet expectations what happens to the franchise at that point? So my point is the franchise hinges on the success of this film, I think. Which is why they need to make a great trailer to assure that doesn’t happen.

  4. Ted S.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Snyder doesn’t screw this one up and from the look of this trailer, I’m sold. I don’t see a lot of his over use slo-mo action sequences in the trailer, so it’s a good sign. I don’t care for that score either, I hope/wish that’s not the Zimmer’s final score. I remember the score in Batman Begins trailer was pretty bad, thankfully the actual film’s score was great.

    1. Hey Ivan and I were wondering if there’s another superhero trailer that didn’t use the final score and you mentioned Batman Begins which is also by Zimmer! Well I certainly hope Zimmer will come up with something way better than this as I was listening to Williams’ score again tonight and boy do I miss that one!

  5. Ha! nice… Superman’s number one fan! Love it. Looking forward to reading more as the big moment approaches!

    That trailer IS excellent, and I know you and I have spoken before about how underwhelming I found the previous ones. 😦

    1. He..he.. yes I guess you could say I’m one of his biggest fans 😀

      Wahoo, glad to hear you think this trailer IS excellent Fogs! Very pleased that you’ve come around since the last two.

  6. jackdeth72

    Take a deep breath, Ruth. I have paper lunch sacks ready, should you hyperventilate!

    Finally! A trailer that bodes back to the good old George Reeves and Christopher Reeve days of “Truth. Justice, And the American Way”!

    Russell Crowe and his voice overs work so much better than Brando ever did. Also like that Clark/Superman finds his Fortress of Solitude very early on.

    Very good write up and trailer.

    This could actually give my Warner Brother Animated collection a run for its money!

    1. Ahahaha, yes I have my paper lunch sack handy too Jack, how did you think I manage to even write anything coherent here 😉

      Yeah I think Crowe’s voice is easier to understand than Brando who mostly mumbled, ahah. Glad to see this manages to impress you, Jack, I know you’re quite hard to please 😀

  7. Even in that short scene near the end, Amy Adams already looks a miles better choice for Lois Lane than the drippy and woefully miscast Kate Bosworth from Returns.

  8. ninvoid99

    I really hope this doesn’t suck. I’m in the minority for the fact that I actually loved Superman Returns. I found myself humming the theme after seeing this trailer.

    1. I love parts of Superman Returns but some of the crucial plot [read: the Supes kid] is disappointing. But that theme from John Williams is certainly one of the best parts about it, even if it was tweaked a bit.

  9. This was such a brilliant trailer. 14th June is just too far away! I am losing it 😀

    Just finished my review and i’ll give you a quick snap shot, loved the music, action and the lighter feel 😀

    1. I think one of the writers said it actually would be much lighter than Nolan’s Batman films, so I don’t think it’ll be oppressively serious, Julian.

  10. I hope the film is as good as the trailer. Superman has always been one of my favorite superheroes, so I’m highly anticipating this. Plus it’s got Russell Crowe. I’m game. 🙂

  11. Thank you for asking me to join in. I was looking forward to seeing Man of Steel the most this summer and that was *before* I saw the new trailer. Now I’m almost like “Iron who?” I really do hope this is a Superman movie to live up to the first one.

    1. Thrilled that you’d join in, Bubba! I actually was gonna write that I wasn’t excited about Iron Man at all, but I thought why be negative, ahah. Yeah, “Iron who?” is right!!

      1. I’m sure it’ll be a good movie, but it doesn’t have anywhere near the level of buzz or excitement that Man of Steel has. Besides, Iron Man has 2 amazing movies under his belt already, it’s been over 30 years since the last good Superman movie.

        1. Amen man, I think Superman is generally a more popular superhero anyway and w/ all the talents involved, naturally this will be the EVENT movie of the year!

  12. PrairieGirl

    Dumb question… Is Superman still Clark Kent in this upcoming film? If so, I’d like to see a little of that portrayal in the trailer.

    1. I think all the scenes of him as a kid and him working on that big ship is of Clark Kent, he’s just not wearing those thick-rimmed glasses, this is a re-imagining 😀

  13. I was already on board with the teaser and this certainly hasn’t changed my mind 😀 Hopefully, this will deliver big time as you hope it does!

  14. happy to see you all excited…I wish I wish I can be as excited as you about the movie I want to watch the most this year…I can’t be excited bcoz I know it wont be played here 😦

    About this movie…well you know I am one of those people who said it’s another string of superheroes 😉

      1. I think you missunderstood my comment, Andina 😉

        I havent read all the comments above but I am pretty sure I am the ONLY one giving less enthusiasm toward the movie here 😉

        1. I think Novia meant the movie SHE is hugely anticipating won’t play in Indo. Too bad you’re not excited about this one Nov, well you’re missing out 😀 I think Man of Steel is not just ‘another’ superhero film given its massive popularity and the fact that it’s a complete reboot and re-imagining. I’d say if you only want to see 1 superhero film this year, THIS would be it 😀

  15. I am slowly coming around to this one. I think being burnt with certain unnamed movies last year has dampened my general outlook for event films. We’ll see though.

    HC is certainly a dish!

    1. Which movies *burned* you the most last year Iba? I hear ya, but w/ Superman I’m more than willing to give him a second chance, esp. with Cavill in the role!

  16. I like how cute Henry and Amy are together but I’m afraid I didn’t like that trailer. The music wasn’t memorable and all of that just didn’t get my heart racing. But I did enjoy shirtless Henry 🙂

    1. The music is a HUGE part of what could make or break a trailer, I agree Sati. It didn’t get my heart racing the way John Williams’ theme did to me, every single time! But yeah, shirtless Henry is more than welcome to appear on my screen… well anywhere for that matter, ahahaha… It’s just so cool to see him don the suit as my hubby and I predicted he’d make a good Superman since we saw him in Count of Monte Cristo!

      1. For me the music is the most important part of the trailer. Hell, what was going on in Green Lantern trailer was awful but it was an amazing trailer because of kick ass music. I’m so happy for Henry especially since he almost got cast as Bond and Batman but he never could catch a break and now it’s finally his time 🙂

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