May Movie Watching Recap & Movie of the Month

Can’t believe it’s June already! Summer is finally here, yay! Well, the temp isn’t exactly Summer-y yet here, but I have to think positive that Summer weather IS indeed on its way [sigh] Well, it’s been kind of an uneventful month for movie watching, but I think y’all know June is a BIG month for me 😉

Now, here are some of the posts you might’ve missed from this past month:

New-to-me Films Watched:

The Great Gatsby


Jack Reacher




Muriel’s Wedding


The Cabin in the Woods


Star Trek Into Darkness


William Shatner’s The Captains




Fast & Furious 6


Now You See Me


The Kid with a Bike


It’s been a slow month for Blu-ray/Netflix watching. I actually didn’t have even a single movie rewatch all month, and also didn’t get around to watching any classic movie 😦 It’s slow on TV watching too, though I did watch some Frasier episodes (LOVE that show) but that’s about it! I wish the old NBC series Wings were on Netflix, that was one of my favorite shows in the 90s. Stay tuned for mini reviews of some of the movies I saw this past month, and of course, more Man of Steel countdown posts 😀

Movie of the Month:


Now, I’m not saying this is THE best film I saw in May, but in terms of re-watchability, this one would probably take the cake. It’s also the only movie I’d likely get on Blu-ray.

Well, that’s my monthly recap folks. What’s YOUR favorite film you saw in May?

70 thoughts on “May Movie Watching Recap & Movie of the Month

    1. Hi Daniel! It’s still not playing yet in the Netherlands?? Wow, I thought it’s opened worldwide by now. Glad to hear you love Gatsby. I didn’t hate it, I might even rent it again, but not exactly my fave this month.

      1. Hey, thanks for responding Ruth! Unfortunately not yet, it will premiere June 6.. Can´t wait since I’ve read so many good things about it. I’m happy (and positively surprised) to hear you didn’t hate Gatsby. 🙂

  1. My favorite movie I saw this month is definitely Star Trek. You’re definitely right about the rewatchability of it; it’s probably not the best movie but I’ve already seen it three times! That’s a record for me 🙂

        1. Very cool! I also LOVE Karl Urban, so glad to see Abrams cast him as McCoy. Well as you already know, I get the appeal of Star Trek now 😉

  2. Hmm…favorite film watched for May? I’d have to categorize:
    • new summer movie release: Fast & Furious 6 believe it or not — it’s the only film I haven’t re-rated downward after a few days (as I did with ST: Into Darkness & Iron Man 3); though, all are just at 3.5 stars. Missed: Gatsby & After Earth
    • new movie on disc: All-Star Superman (DC Animation film, and I think you’d enjoy it, Ruth)
    • old movie on disc: Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard (1950)

    1. Hi Michael! Hey it’s cool to categorize your faves. I feel like I should do that w/ new releases + rental stuff. Hey Fast 6 was fun indeed, nothing wrong w/ making that your fave 😀 What did you think of After Earth? It really didn’t appeal to me at all but I’m curious to hear what you say.

      Oh, I have seen All-Star Superman, it’s on Netflix Instant 🙂

      Man, I REALLY need to see Sunset Boulevard soon. I better watch at least 2 Classic movies this month 😀

      1. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I didn’t see AFTER EARTH or anything at theaters this weekend. Nothing really appealed. We did re-watch BACK TO THE FUTURE last night for family movie night, though :-).

        Yes, I think you’d really enjoy SUNSET BOULEVARD. I got the itch to see this classic once more after listening to Aurora & Bubbawheat’s podcast featuring their first takes of this and THE ROCKETEER.

        1. Oh no it’s my fault! Somehow I thought you meant those two ‘missed’ being your faves, ahah. Ah, Back to the Future is probably more entertaining than After Earth anyway, ahah.

          Ooooh, thanks for the link. I’ll be sure to give that a listen!

  3. There are some really good movies on your May list Ruth! I’m really anxious to hear your thoughts on The Kid with a Bike. It featured one of my favorite performances of that year. I think I may agree with you on the movie of the month. To my surprise, Into Darkness was a really fun film. I’ve seen it twice and I could watch it again no problem.

    1. I’m hoping to write my weekend reviews tonight of The Kid with a Bike + Now You See Me. It’ll be a lopsided rating this time around, ahah. Hey, glad to hear you agree w/ my Movie of the Month pick 😀

  4. That’s a lot of movies! Did you enjoy Bernie? I loved McConaughey in it, he was so funny! Shirley McClaine is actually in season 3 of Downton Abbey, how far into the series are you?

    1. Oh yeah, Bernie is great! I just haven’t got around to reviewing it but I’ll be doing a set of mini reviews post next week. I quite like Jack Black and McConaughey is quite hilarious indeed.

      I’m soooo bad w/ TV series. I haven’t made it to season 2 yet. Yes I know, I’m like the opposite of you when it comes to TV, I have no discipline 😦

      1. Oh, don’t worry I’m only good with watching some shows regularly there are plenty I started to watch and I’m nowhere near finishing 🙂

        1. Ah, I see. Then I don’t feel so bad 😀 Which shows did you watch that you didn’t finish? I know I’ll try my hardest to finish Downton Abbey!

            1. You never finished The Wire? Even with Idris? 😉 Did you ever finish Richard’s Strike Back? I actually did finish ’em all on YouTube though I fast fwd a lot of the scenes. I wish there were more of those, some of the love scenes of him with his girl was pretty hot, ahah. Richard needs more love scenes as he often gets cast as the guy who merely longs for the girl, which of course I find VERY hard to believe 😀

    1. The first movie we got on BD looks awesome, so we might as well get the sequel, too. I love watching the special features too.

    1. Glad to hear Andy! Yeah I’m planning to review all of them, but maybe not for a while yet for Bernie as I’m gonna do a set of mini reviews next week. Hoping to get around to the other two by tomorrow 🙂

  5. It’s been an extremely quiet month for me too Ruth. I’m lucky if ive seen or reviewed 4 or 5 film’s. I did see some of Jack Reacher but I fell asleep and wasn’t overly impressed with what I did see.

    1. But you’ve been busy w/ your cabin Mark, so that’s a great excuse 😉 Ahah, too bad you didn’t like Reacher. It’s funny but I wasn’t even interested in it until my pal Ted reviewed it, but I ended up liking it. I actually think Cruise is better than in Oblivion.

      Btw Mark, I thought of you last night when we [tried to] watch Plunket & MacLane w/ Robert Carlyle. Unfortunately we didn’t care for it about 15 min in so we ended up watching the last episode of Sherlock instead.

      1. I didn’t care much for Plunkett either Ruth. I still don’t think I’ve seen it all the way through either. As much as I like Bobby, he has done some poor movies.

        1. Y’know, I actually said that whilst I was watching the first 10 min. Robert, you’re way too good for this!! Same w/ Jonny Lee Miller, I think he’s a decent actor. I don’t know why the movie is listed under action comedy as it’s not funny at all! It’s kind of gross too.

  6. My favorite that I watched in May was actually Brazil (1985). Star Trek was definitely a lot of fun though. 🙂 Was The Kid with a Bike good? I’ve heard some great things about it.

    1. I just checked out your post on Brazil. I didn’t realize it was Terry Gilliam’s. I might give it a go though I’m usually not into surreal cinema too much, ahah. I did enjoy The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus though, Heath Ledger’s last film.

      I’ll be reviewing The Kid with a Bike tonight. Yeah I’d recommend it, but it didn’t grab me as much as I thought it would.

      1. Yep, it’s a Gilliam film, but it isn’t surreal in a way that is polarizing. I would guess that if you weren’t put off by Doctor Parnassus, then you won’t think Brazil is too surreal. From what I’ve seen, it’s probably my favorite Gilliam film, though 12 Monkeys isn’t far behind. Thanks for checking out that post! 🙂

        Awesome! Looking forward to reading it then.

        1. I’ll give it a shot then. I don’t mind surreal movies once in a while, sounds like there are lots to appreciate in Brazil. Gilliam is actually from my home state Minnesota 😀

  7. Oh cool, so you did end up watching The Kid With a Bike. What did you think of it?

    P.S. Wings is on Netflix Instant. I don’t know if it has changed, but at one point they had the entire series on there.

    1. Hi Eric! I think it’s good, but I think I was expecting more emotional involvement from it, the way I did w/ Dear Frankie, but in the end it fell a bit short for me. I still think it’s a good film though.

      Oooh I have to look closely then. I LOVE Wings, it’s such a fun show!!

  8. Ted S.

    It’s summer movie season so I’ve been to the cinemas often and my favorite was Iron Man 3. I have some issues with Into Darkness, I hate to use the term plot holes but there were so many times I thought myself “why didn’t they just….”, it’s a fun movie but I prefer the first film. Also, I thought Abrams didn’t do a good job of integrating the IMAX sequences into the movie, it’s very distracting when you watch on IMAX. Hopefully he’ll get some advice from Nolan or Brad Bird on how to integrate those sequences smoothly into his new film.

    I liked Fast 6 but a couple decided to bring their toddler into the movie and the baby cried throughout most of the film, I had to report them to the theater’s manager. I hate it when people don’t have the courtesy for others. Yes you paid to see the movie too but when your baby is crying, it’s distracting the rest of us, at least take the baby out of the theater till he/she stops crying. If you can’t find a baby sitter don’t go to the movies! Alright rants’ over.

    1. Ahah, well naturally there are gonna be plot holes, but then again so are The Dark Knight Rises 😉 Too bad about the IMAX thing though, I know how fond you are of watching it on IMAX. I know I will be seeing Man of Steel on the real IMAX at the zoo, I already told Ivan I’d be seeing that movie at least 3 times on the big screen 😀

      Oh man, that’s terrible that people didn’t take their baby outside when they cry at the movies. That is so impolite, I mean that’s as bad as talking on the cell phone. So what did the theater manager say?

      1. Ted S.

        Yeah that’s why I don’t like to use the term Plot Holes much, every movie has them and I tend let them go, especially in summer flicks. But I felt Abrams and his writers kind of got lazy or just assume the audience will accept whatever they gave us and went with it.

        Let me know when you’re going to the zoo’s IMAX, I’ll be there too. I hope Great Clips will give out free passes again, got free passes from them for Oblivion and Iron Man 3.

        Well, I think the theater manager asked them to take the baby out when he/she starts crying again because after I reported them, I didn’t hear the baby crying again. But it’s so inconsiderate though. That’s why I love going to the IMAX at the zoo, they’ll kick you out just by texting or checking your phones during the show. I’ve never had a bad experience everytime I’m there.

  9. Yeah, Star Trek Into Darkness looks like it will be very rewatchable. Glad you saw The Kid with a Bike.

    My favorite film I saw in May was Michael Haneke’s The Seventh Continent, but Tim Roth’s The War Zone is a very close second.

    1. My review of The Kid with a Bike is up shortly. The Seventh Continent sounds intriguing. I hadn’t heard of it before so I had to look that up.

    1. Hello doll! Oooh, an award, how sweet of you [yes pun intended] 😀 I’ll go check it out, but THANK YOU for thinking of me.

      THE LOVED ONE sounds wonderful, I had to look that up but I quite like the premise.

  10. Wow, you watched a lot of awesome movies. Still have not seen your favorite (it will be out this week though), interested in seeing it.

    1. I don’t know about a lot but yeah, some of them are quite awesome. Hope you enjoy Star Trek Into Darkness, I think it was entertaining.

    1. Yeah, I think it’s certainly one of Jack Black’s best, though I think he’s quite hilarious as Nacho Libre, ahah. I probably would rewatch Star Trek Into Darkness when I get it on Blu-ray, too many new movies to see that I might not be able to rewatch anything on the big screen, unless of course it’s Man of Steel 😉

  11. I only made it to the cinema once in May and that was to see Star Trek. I rarely actually get to go to the cinema, which really bothers me. I don’t actually watch all that many films at all to be honest, I just don’t get the time. But I love doing it and try to fit them in where I can. I also watched Kill List, Eraserhead, My Neighbour Totoro, Let The Right One In and rewatched Les Miserables.

    1. I hear ya Chris! I feel like time just ran away with me sometimes. I feel bad that I haven’t got around to reviewing some movies I had seen.

      Hey, you watched a lot of stuff I haven’t seen. I mean, I haven’t even seen Les Miz once!

        1. Ahahaha, so true isn’t it? I’ve been thinking of taking a blogging break for a month so I can watch movies without the responsibility of reviewing them, ahah.

          Oh I quite like musicals, though I usually prefer some dialog in it instead of everything being sung. I’ll get around to it eventually.

  12. yaiii for Star trek. I don’t watch much movies on May, so it is also my best movie of May 😉

    I will have more movies in June…but mostly foreign language. I have one Dutch movie for a readalong (I choose watching instead of reading) and a French movie for World Cinema, and a samurai movie. Those are on my must watch on June

    1. Of course Star Trek is your pick because of Benny 😀

      Very cool Nov! I did see a foreign film this month, The Kid With A Bike. I’m also curious about IP Man and also Dragon w/ Takeshi Kaneshiro (I think he’s pretty cute, even though usually I’m not into Asian actors).

    1. I’m so jealous everyone’s seen MUD! I missed that one as there was a snow storm during the screening at a local film fest and I haven’t been able to see it since.

  13. My favorite from May was Chaplin’s City Lights. Only seen half of those you listed. Bernie surprised me in a good way, Jack Black’s performance was outstanding.

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