Five for the Fifth: May 2013 Edition


Hello folks, welcome to the 5th Five for the Fifth of the year!

As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Happy Cinco de Mayo! I’ve made it a tradition of sort to feature a Mexican filmmaker/actor on the May edition of Five for the Fifth. Last year I featured director Alfonso Cuarón, but this year, I turn the spotlight on Guillermo del Toro since Pacific Rim is coming out later in July.

GuillermodelToroA short bio on the 48-year-old director: Guillermo del Toro was born October 9, 1964 in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. Raised by his Catholic grandmother, del Toro developed an interest in filmmaking in his early teens. Later, he learned about makeup and effects from the legendary Dick Smith (The Exorcist (1973)) and worked on making his own short films.

I quite enjoyed the first Hell Boy movie, though I haven’t seen the sequel, but his film that really made an impression on me was the captivating but often violent fantasy film Pan’s Labyrinth. I’m still not sold on his sci-fi alien adventure Pacific Rim yet, I mean I love Idris Elba and I’m thrilled he got the lead role, but the movie looks like a combo of Independence Day and Transformers to me. As Tim outlined in his trailer review, it does look promising, but I guess it remains to be seen how captivating the movie will be.….

So what’s your thoughts on Mr. del Toro and/or Pacific Rim?


2. Now, many of you likely have seen Iron Man 3 by now which I happen to enjoy quite a bit. You’ve perhaps also heard about the Chinese version of the movie, which according to this Beijing-based Kotaku site said featured four-minute added content and the Chinese character Dr. Wu had a more prominent part in the film. In the film version, Dr. Wu (played by Chinese movie star Wang Xueqi) only had a few seconds screen time, basically a blink-and-you-missed it type of cameo. I since learned that apparently those footage was NOT filmed by director Shane Black.


Truthfully, when I first heard about the existence of this Chinese version, I shook my head in dismay. I mean, as if we didn’t need more proof that Hollywood honchos only care about the bottom line, this is yet another reason creative integrity is just thrown away by the wayside. I mean, I realize some films have multiple cuts that are released in the DVD/Blu-ray versions that feature alternate scenes and/or ending than the theatrical release. But I feel that this is an entirely different ball game that is purely motivated by profit.

Apparently the Kotaku writer Eric Jou shares my dread, “It literally offends me as an American in China and as an ethnically Chinese person that Hollywood would attempt to sell this to the Chinese audience… It undermines Chinese people’s intelligence and movie savvy.”

I’m curious to hear what you think on this matter folks, so please chime in below.


3. Well, looks like the negotiation with Tom Hiddleston to play The Crow fell through 😦 I was so thrilled to see him possibly getting cast in that role, especially since the hot Brit seemed keen on playing the role. I really think he’d have rocked the role, though Brandon Lee would perhaps remain as my favorite Eric Draven.

Now it looks like the deal is set with Welsh actor Luke Evans (one of my picks to play 007) has nabbed the role. According to Deadline, Evans was actually director F. Javier Gutierrez’s first choice for the role but scheduling conflict made them consider other actors. But apparently “… they have decided to push the start date to early next year to accommodate his schedule in order to secure Evans.” 


Well, I still would rather see Hiddleston but Evans is a thousand times better choice than Alexander Skarsgard, for me anyways. I think he’s got the look as the dark and lean rock star, let’s hope he can bring something fresh and perhaps even iconic in this reboot.

How do you feel about Luke Evans’ casting as The Crow?

4. Hugh Jackman is really a jack of all trades, the ultimate quadruple threat as he’s not only a ruggedly gorgeous hunk of a man, but he can sing, dance, act, and with a good business sense as he’s also the producer of the film. He’s the kind of actor who could pretty much do any kind of genre believably, you name it, drama, rom-com, comedy, action, mystery, etc. he’s done it all. But his most famous role happens to be the same one that gave him his breakthrough in Hollywood, and that is X-Men’s Wolverine.


Check out the latest International trailer:

This is surely one of my most-anticipated movies of the Summer. The Wolverine reboot will mark his fifth time Jackman will reprise the comic-book character (not counting the cameo in X-Men: First Class). I think that’s the highest number of superhero character portrayal by a single actor to date. It’s notable just on that front alone, but also the fact that somehow Jackman has not overstay its welcome as that character. Far from it in fact, as this James Mangold-directed origin story (yes, again) set in Japan seems to present the character in a whole new light.

Thoughts on Mr. Jackman and/or his upcoming movie The Wolverine?

5. Now, last but not least, I’d like to make the fifth question be a forum for movie recommendations. I’ll limit the genres to foreign thrillers and/or dramas as I had just been impressed with the Danish thriller The Hunt. As you probably know if you read my blog regularly, it’s my pick for Movie of the Month in April (full review coming later this week), and that’s the second Danish thriller I was VERY impressed with after Headhunters. Interesting that both have the word ‘hunt’ in it though they’re two very different films. As for foreign dramas, I was delighted by Intouchables recently, which I also highly recommend.

Please share your recommendations of foreign thrillers/drama that you think everyone must see!

For those with a Reddit account, would you be so kind as to submit this post?
I’d sincerely appreciate it folks! 😀

That’s it for the May 2013 edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these subjects.

83 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: May 2013 Edition

  1. Hugh Jackman has my undying respect. Is there such thing as the perfect man? Well, it’s gotta be close to Jackman. I can’t say I’m a comic book purist, but I did love the X-men series because of Jackman. I’d pay to see him play in Wolverine. He brings integrity to everything he touches.

    1. You’re right, he’s as close as it’s gonna get to a PERFECT man. I mean he’s also a nice guy, a family man who loves his wife and kid. I can’t wait to see him in The Wolverine, yes he is VERY watchable and charming on and off screen. You’ve got a great taste Cindy 😉

  2. 1. Guillermo del Toro is one my favorites (and not because he and my son share the same birthday ;-)). Admittedly, I wasn’t too excited with the early trailers for Pacific Rim. The most recent has changed my mind.

    2. Unfortunately, nothing surprises me these days on what the studios are doing to squeeze out box office. It’s terrible, alright.

    3. Could turn out well. We’ll see.

    4. Wolverine is one of my most anticipated films for the year. Can’t wait for this.

    5. I’d recommend the French thrillers I highlighted in my recent review: The Nest (aka Nid de guêpes), District B13 and Sleepless Night (aka Nuit Blanche).

    Alway fun to participate in this, Ruth. Thanks.

    1. Hey that’s cool that del Toro shares your son’s b’day. As for Pacific Rim, I’m still not that excited yet but hopefully it would exceed my expectations.

      I’m hopeful about The Crow, but not as excited as when Hiddleston was cast.

      Yay, glad to see you’re anticipating The Wolverine. The International flavor makes it even more intriguing.

      Thanks for the recommendations, will definitely give ’em a look, Michael.

  3. I have nothing against Evans, but I don’t think there’s anyone out there that would convince me that a remake of The Crow would be a good idea. Brandon Lee’s performance and his following death are about on the same level as Heath Ledger as The Joker in terms of roles that can’t and really shouldn’t be redone with different actors. I would have at least maintained an open mind with Hiddleston but I’m not sure anymore…

    1. I hear ya Andy. I was devastated when Brandon Lee died, I mean he had such a promising career. I had hoped he’d be able to follow in his dad’s footsteps and do the things Bruce Lee wasn’t able to. I was REALLY hoping Hiddleston would be cast, as I figure if they were gonna do the reboot, I’d rather see him do it.

  4. 1. I like Guillermo the filmmaker a lot for only one reason: Pan’s Labyrinth, which is a masterpiece. But I don’t like him as a person. He rubs me the wrong way, I don’t know why. Like he’s trying too hard to be funny. About Pacific Rim, I’m interested in that one but I’m not expecting much.
    4. I really like Jackman. I think he’s a fantastic talent. Can’t say I’m very excited about The Wolverine, though. I’ll probably see it but I don’t think it’ll be very good.
    5.El Secreto de Sus Ojos from Argentina is a pretty awesome thriller. Mark Walker actually just did a review of it. I’d also recommend Somos Lo Que Hay from México. Some may consider it horror, but it’s more of a suspenseful drama (and it’s amazing). Actually, it was just remade in the US.

    1. Hi Fernando, happy Cinco de Mayo! 😀

      Yeah I feel the same way about del Toro. He was in one of the panels at Comic-con a couple of years ago and he just swore up a storm. I mean I get that some people would be swearing once in a while but with him it was every other word. Suffice to say, I didn’t find him charming nor funny at all. Pan’s Labyrinth is indeed a great film though.

      Oh no, you don’t think The Wolverine will be very good?? I sure hope it would prove you wrong my friend.

      Yeah I read Mark’s review on The Secret in Their Eyes, glad to hear you recommended that also. I don’t know about the other one, but I’ll give it a look. Thanks my friend!

      1. Yeah, that’s exactly what I don’t like about him. I mean, I curse a bit like everyone but he just does way too much, it’s too forced.

        I do like to be proven wrong when it comes to movies, but I don’t think it’ll happen with The Wolverine. That one looks bad, lol.

  5. Also the only think I do disagree with is the Chinese version of Iron Man 3. The plain and simple fact of the matter is that movies exist in an expanding global market, yet most american directors still make their films with an American audience in mind. Changing some features to make the film appeal more to a Chinese audience is the studio’s way of trying to give that audience a more enjoyable product, and in the end that’s what the movie industry exists to do. Lol, rant over now 🙂

    1. Well, the thing is, I don’t think the intention was to ‘improve’ the film for the select market, sounds like from that Kotaku site, it was actually ‘dumb-ing down’ the audience. The thing is with some superhero films, they’re based on comic books which was an American product, I think tweaking the story just so it’d sell more in a certain market compromise its artistic integrity and like that site’s writer said, it insults the targeted audience’s intelligence. Sounds like the targeted audience actually did not enjoy the final product.

  6. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    ‘Pacific Rim’?… To steal a quote from ‘Megas XLR’. “Chicks dig giant robots!”. Though not a huge Gundam fan. del Toro knows mystique and how to make the most of the plot line and story.

    Leave ‘The Crow’ alone! Yes, there are flaws within the film and tragedy surrownding Brandon Lee. But it is an incredibly atmospheric telling of James O’Barr’s graphic novel brought to life by Alex Proyas and city sized sets.

    Jackman RAWKS! No matter what role he’s given. And I’ve followed him since ‘Kate & Leopold’,
    He fits any era and not averse to stunts and occasional CGI blue or green screens.

    Securing my Soapbox:
    Carry on.

    1. ‘Chicks dig giant robots?’ Well I’m a chick but I don’t think I fit in that category, ahah.

      You know I’m with you about leaving the classics alone, but you know that’s just not gonna happen with Hollywood, Jack. I totally agree the atmospheric style of Proyas’ The Crow, I was quite impressed with it and Lee’s performance, he was the perfect ‘tortured soul’ with style.

      Oh right, even in flawed rom-coms Jackman is gold. It’s amazing how he can be believable in any genre!

      Hey, no foreign recommendations? I’d think you’d have a super long list for me 😀

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Ruth:

        The “Millennium Trilogy” of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, ‘The Girl who played with Fire’ and ‘The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest’ are recent superb foreign offerings. The first tale of the trilogy is far better than the Anglicized, Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara. Even the subtitles. The story, writing and plot delve into the nuts, bolts and background of troubled hacker, Lisbeth Salander.

        If you are in the mood for the original idea behind Germany’s “Final Solution”. Look for “The Wannsee Conference’. A 1992 made for TV film cast with dead ringers for Heydrich and others discussing more effective ways of getting rid of “The Jewish Problem”. In German. With a script taken from its original notes. Far, far better than HBO’s later attempt with ‘Conspiracy’.

        ‘Elevator to the Gallows’ is an incredibly moody and atmospheric 1958 B&W french noir, With a cast of unknowns who fit their characters perfectly amidst shadows and a Miles Davis soundtrack.

        1. Ah see? I knew you’d have an arsenal of recommendations!! I don’t think I can handle the Dragon Tattoo series, to be honest, though I’ll take your word for it that they’re excellent.

          I am intrigued by your two German and French film recommendations though, I’ll give those a look. Thanks Jack!

          1. jackdeth72

            Hi, Ruth:

            ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and its continuing tales are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. The trilogy are adult tales told from a mature, adult point of view. That delves into histories and materials better left unseen and unknown. Yet are the crux and reason for being of the novels and later, films. I understand if you want to give the film(s) a pass.

            Bonjour Tristesse reviewed ‘Elevator to the Gallows’ last year and turned me onto it. A marvelous little noir gem well work exploring and seeking out.

  7. ninvoid99

    I like Hugh Jackman. The dude is a great actor but I really hope the “Wolverine” movie is better than the last one. That was one of the worst films I had ever seen.

    I’m a big del Toro fan as I hope “Pacific Rim” rocks though I’m more excited for the upcoming Criterion release of “The Devil’s Backbone” which has the spine number… 666.

    1. Oh I am quite certain The Wolverine will be eons better than the previous film. I agree it was a terrible film though I still had a bit of fondness for it because it’s got Daniel Henney as Agent Zero 🙂

      I hope Pacific Rim delivers but I’m not exactly super enthused for it. “The Devil’s Backbone” is sooo not my cup of tea though 😀

  8. I’m excited for Pacific Rim, though I have a weird feeling that it won’t be a hit with general audiences.

    That’s crazy with the Chinese version. I hadn’t really heard about that before now. It definitely sounds like a cash grab.

    I have no idea about the actor, but I think a Crow remake/reboot is a good idea especially if it’s still got a lot of involvement from James O’Barr.

    A quick note, I don’t think The Wolverine is actually another origin story, I believe it actually takes place after X-Men the Last Stand, as Jean Grey plays a small role probably as a memory.

    No idea on the foreign thrillers, my wife and I watch a lot of Asian horror, though I haven’t watched anything notable with her in a while now.

    1. Why do you think Pacific Rim won’t be a hit for audiences, Bubba? I’d think a lot of people are fond of alien and robot movies??

      Oh right, that’s an oversight on my part about The Wolverine. Thanks for correcting me, Bubba. I’m curious to see how the Jean Grey scenes will play out.

      Oy, I don’t think I want to see any Asian horror flicks. A couple of them have traumatized me for life.

      1. I can’t put my finger on it, I just have that feeling in the back of my head. Transformers was a big hit, the Godzilla remake not so much. Guillermo del Toro is a great filmmaker, but I don’t think he’s had a major hit yet, just several moderate and critical successes. It’s just tough to say for sure what will hit and what won’t.

        1. Ah I see. Well, you could be right. So far I’m still not sold yet and I normally like alien sci-fi movies. It remains to be seen if it’ll be a success as there’s so much competition around the time of its release.

  9. 1. I admire Del Toro’s imagination and creativity, but the only film of his I really love is Pan’s Labyrinth. Of course, I haven’t seen much of his early films yet.

    2. It sounds like a marketing scheme in poor taste. Hopefully, the Chinese version of the film doesn’t suffer too much from it.

    3. He’s been in a lot of blockbusters, and I think he can pull it off. Probably not as well as Hiddleston could have, though.

    4. I like Jackman as Wolverine. He’s perfect for the role. I just hope The Wolverine is better than the last origin film.

    5. I’ll sing my praises of Sleepless Night again, starring Tomer Sisley. Also, I’d recommend Tell No One, starring Francois Cluzet. They’re both foreign thrillers, and they’re streaming on Netflix.

    1. Ted S.

      Josh, you should check out The Devil’s Backbone and Cronos, great little unseen suspense/horror films from Del Toro’s earlier work.

    2. Hi Josh! Poor taste is right regarding the Chinese version of IM3, I hope it won’t become a trend but who am I kidding? 😦

      Yeah, I think Hiddleston is a better actor than Evans, and I really believed he could bring something new to the franchise. Ah well, we shall see I guess.

      I think this new Wolverine already sounds a heck of a lot grittier than the last one, which I hope will translate to something meatier as well.

      Oh I like Tomey Sisley, so I’ll definitely look for Sleepless Night. I also like Cluzet, glad they’re both on Netflix, yay!

  10. Ted S.

    1. As I said many times before, I prefer del Toro’s earlier films. It’s funny that a lot of people got to know him only after Pan’s Labyrinth success, a good film but kind of overrated in my opinion. I thought The Devil’s Backbone and Cronos were way better films. I even like his Blade 2 even though many people seemed to hate it. As for Pacific Rim, still not that interested in it, giants robots and monsters aren’t too exciting to a grown man like me. It might be one of the big box office disappointments this summer along with World War Z.

    2. To be honest I’m not surprised at all when I heard Disney/Marvel decided to release another version of IM3 to the Chinese market. I actually don’t have problems with it, when they invested well over $200mil on a movie, they’re going to want as much returns as possible.

    3. As I said before, I don’t really care about the remake of The Crow, I didn’t really care for the original film either. If not for Lee’s death, the film might not have been as well known today. I do like Evans as actor and I prefer to see him in 007 tux then put on a make up and play a dead superhero.

    4. Definitely excited for The Wolverine, but as Bubba mentioned above, it’s not another origin story. When Mangold took over as the director he decided to make it into a sequel, this film will apparently take place after the events of X3. Mangold said Aronofky’s version was pretty much a stand alone film and he wanted to connect this movie to the X-men universe. I still prefer to see Aronofsky’s version but I’ll settle for a good Wolverine film after the awful first film.

    5. I think I may have told you about these two movies already, Mother from South Korea and Tell No One from France. Two very good suspense thrillers. Check them out before the eventual American remake.

    1. Hi Ted! Well, I don’t think the two del Toro movies are my cup of tea. Even with Pan’s Labyrinth, I didn’t know it was gonna be so violent when I rented it. Yeah, I’m not that interested in World War Z either, I’d only see it if there’s a press screening for it.

      As for being profit-driven, well I know it’s as old as time that Hollywood would do whatever it takes to get their money back and then some, but even so this seems to be going a little far.

      Y’know, I’m glad Mangold wants to connect Wolverine to the X-men universe, I have no problem with that.

      Great recommendations Ted, bummer about the American remakes in the works!

      1. Ted S.

        The Devil’s Backbone is more of a ghost story, if I remember correctly it hardly have any gore or graphic violence in it. It’s pretty tame compare to Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s one of the few films that actually scared me the first time I saw it.

        If say I made a film and the studio decided to change some of the content for the over seas audience, I can always tell people that’s not my version and I can disown it. That’s why I don’t have any issues with it, I believe Shane Black already been telling the press he didn’t have anything to do with the extra footage in IM3 shot for the Chinese market. As long as they don’t force the filmmakers to be involve and compromise their original work, I don’t have problem with it.

        I think I won’t mind seeing a remake of Mother, the original was good but I felt something was missing, I hope the remake will fix some that issues I had with the film. But for Tell No One, the remake will be useless. It’s funny because it’s based on an American novel and the author of the book tried very hard to get a Hollywood studio to turn his work into a movie but none were interested. But when the French film was a hit, they all bid to get the rights to do a remake.

  11. Love me some 5 for the Fifth!

    1. I know del Toro is a beloved filmmaker but I have to say he doesn’t just blow me away. That said, I absolutely adore “Pan’s Labyrinth”. Pacific Rim is one that kinda worries me. The trailers really resemble Transformers for me and that’s not a good thing.

    2. I had not heard about this Chinese version but it sounds pretty pathetic. Create a movie that you like and let it stand alone. For the studios to alter that for gain is really sad.

    3. Honestly I don’t know if I need to see “The Crow” remade. Maybe I just have remake fatigue. But when you think about it this is a movie that in the right hands could be remade well. I would definitely love to see Hiddleston take on the role but Evans is a pretty interesting casting.

    4. I love Jackman in the Wolverine role. That said I really didn’t like X3 and X-Men Orgins: Wolverine. So I really don’t know what to expect with this one. But I really would love a good Wolverine movie. Hopefully this is it.

    5. Easy choice for me. Keeping with the Danish theme I would HIGHLY recommend “Flame and Citron”. It’s a 5 star movie for me and my favorite World War II picture. I try to give it some support whenever I can and I would love for more people to see it. It stars Mads Mikkelson and its so wonderfully written and directed. Absolutely brilliant piece of cinema.

    1. Hello Keith!!

      Yeah, I think we’re in agreement about Pacific Rim but who knows, maybe it’ll prove us both wrong.

      Pathetic is right Keith, I guess the greed of the studio honchos knows no bounds 😦

      I’m slightly less interested in The Crow reboot now as I so wanted Hiddleston to play him, but ah well, I guess I’ll keep an open mind w/ Evans, just not super enthused about it.

      Oh those two films are certainly the weakest of the franchise Keith, let’s hope The Wolverine would bring it back to top form.

      I so want to see Flame & Citron but it’s not available on iTunes nor Netflix Streaming so I might have to ask someone w/ the disc subscription to rent it for me.

      1. I first saw it a few years ago on streaming. Hate to hear its no longer there. I loved the film so much that I tracked down an overpriced Blu-ray copy. Now it’s nestled snugly in my movie collection. But if you’re ever in southern Arkansas stop by. We’ll let you borrow it. 😀

        1. That’s what I thought too! I’m kicking myself that I didn’t watch it then. Hey if I pay for the postage would you let me borrow your BD? 😉

  12. 1. I’m a fan of GDT but I don’t know that I LOVE any of his movies. Maybe Pan’s Labyrinth but the rest are only great concepts and good/decent movies IMO.
    2. I hate this course of action but unfortunately it’s not going to change anytime soon. I think half the blame goes to Hollywood execs but at least half the blame falls on the Chinese government and its inconsistent rulings on what movies are allowed to be shown in the country. Case in point: the Django Unchained fiasco.
    3. Luke Evans has absolutely zero charisma to me. But then again, The Crow holds no interest for me anyway so… 🙂
    4. Jackman can be great but sometimes annoys me. Definitely see his appeal, though. I love the Wolverine character, one of my favorites from my childhood, but this new movie looks pretty meh.
    5. I’m so bad about watching foreign movies. Maybe I’ll pick up some of the films suggested in the comments!

    1. Hi Brian! That’s interesting that you’re a fan of his but you’re just so so about his work. I actually don’t like del Toro personally, as Fernando above pointed out, he rubs me the wrong way somehow.

      Yeah, I guess you’re right that the Chinese gov is also to blame for it, I’m just glad I live in a country w/ a lot more freedom!

      Ahah, zero charisma? Well I guess the ladies beg to differ. But yeah, I’m more of a fan of Hiddleston by a long shot.

      Jackman annoys you? In what way? I’m not a huge fan of his but I always think he’s such an affable fellow.

      Hey, there’s always time to start Brian 😀

  13. 1. You know me, I don’t watch trailers, but I am looking forward to Pacific Rim. The guy is talented, so I’m expecting good things.
    2. Well, it’s called the movie business for a reason, so I understand the move. It could probably mean some extra breaks for the company as well in China, so I understand it. The Kotaku post is just one opinion about it, so I wonder how others feel about it.
    3. I don’t have any feelings toward the Crow, so the casting leave me cold. It’s not a movie I’m going to watch.
    4. Looking foward to Wolverine, Jackman plays the role extremely convincing.
    5. Well, I’m a big fan of Korean cinema, so some suggestions there are The Yellow Sea and No Mercy.

    1. Hi Nostra! I wish I could have your discipline and not watch trailers but I actually enjoy those 🙂

      Well sure, every business aims for profit, but I feel that with all of the studios meddling with filmmakers’ vision, this is just another way for the to forgo creativity just so they could make a quick buck for their films. I dunno, I just can’t help think what else they’d butcher, y’know.

      I’m not familiar at all with Korean cinema, so thanks for the suggestions, Nostra.

  14. LOVE Del Toro. Pan’s Labyrinth is one of the greatest films ever made, IMO, and I’m a fan of many of his other films as well. I’ve seen him in person at Comic-Con three times now, and he’s one of the funniest, most engaging personalities you could imagine. Hysterical guy.

    I have hopes for “The Wolverine”, but if I were to “Bet with my head and not with my heart”, I’d bet its going to be a let down 😦

    1. Wow, greatest film eh? That’s quite a high praise! Yeah he was at the panel when I was lucky enough to go to comic-con a couple of years ago. I think he’s one of the most popular filmmakers there. Let’s just say I’m not fond of his style of profanity-laden humor though.

      “Bet with my head and not with my heart”… interesting way of looking at things Fogs! Well let’s hope it would actually exceeds all of our expectations 😀

  15. 1. Pros: del Toro, Idris Elba & the guy from Sons of Anarchy, seems kinda like INDEPENDENCE DAY. Cons: Seems kinda like TRANSFORMERS.

    2. Hollywood has always been interested in money. Studios made different versions of movies in languages other than English at the beginning of the sound era to try to recoup the overseas grosses they were losing. Silent films were easy to export…just make new titles. Sound…not so much. Dubbing technology didn’t exist yet. At Universal, they would shoot the English and non-English versions with a different cast on the same sets with most of the same crew at different times. Spanish-language DRACULA is probably the most famous example. I wrote a post on it but I need to learn more about these.

    3. I got nothin’. I like Luke Evans. I like Tom Hiddleston. Never saw the original.

    4. I’ll be there. Maybe not at midnight, but I’ll be there.

    5. FLAME AND CITRON (of course), NE LE DIS `A PERSONNE (TELL NO ONE), and LES FELINS, with Jane Fonda and Alain Delon.

    1. Yeah, Idris casting is definitely a major PRO for the film, but I don’t know if even he could save the movie.

      Hey thanks for that piece of Hollywood history Paula, I didn’t know about the different versions of silent films. You’re right it’s gotta be a lot easier to do when there’s no sound involved, but I figure they didn’t change the storyline like they did in Iron Man 3 though. That’s the biggest beef I had with this whole ordeal.

      I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t see FLAME AND CITRON when it was still on Netflix Streaming, now it’s no longer there 😦 But I think my friend Keith might be kind enough to lend me his Blu-ray 😀

      1. Well you know I recommend it lol people got tired of me shilling F & C I think. You’re correct, the storyline was basically the same in both versions of DRACULA.

  16. Hey Ruth! Thank you once again for your wonderful Five for the Fifth Post. Guillermo Del Toro is definitely one of my favorite directors out there! Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my favorites of all-time. I’m very excited to see Pacific Rim even though on the surface, it may look like Independence Day and Transformers as you mentioned. Definitely don’t agree with the added Chinese version of Iron Man 3. As far as the casting done for The Crow, I’ve yet to see the one with Brandon Lee, so I think I’ll have to check it out first. Hugh Jackman is just such a talented actor, and I think this film will definitely outperform its predecessor, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I finally got a chance to finish watching The Skin I Live In by Pedro Almodóvar, and I was just speechless. The guys is just a genius, so that would be my foreign film recommendation. Cheers!

    1. Hi Raul, nice to see you stop by.

      Oh, you should give The Crow a shot, it’s actually pretty well-done and the story is poignant yet cool, if that makes sense. Brandon Lee had so much promise, which made the whole accident even more tragic.

      I have high hopes for The Wolverine, yes let’s hope it would blow the previous movie out of the water, ahah.

      I kept seeing ‘The Skin I Live In’ on Netflix Streaming, I might give it a go when I’m in the right mood, it sounds VERY disturbing even from the trailer.

  17. Jackman is multi-talented and brings a lot of credibility to his role as Wolverine. Couldn’t imagine anyone that could pay it better. Jackman looks a lot like Clint Eastwood in his early days.

    1. Indeed Chris!! It’s amazing how initially they’re gonna go with Dougray Scott for the role but now I can’t imagine anyone but Jackman as Wolverine. You’re right he looks so much like Eastwood. I’d think Clint would make a mean Wolverine with his growl, ahah.

  18. 1. I think Del Toro is a reliable filmmaker. And as for Pacific Rim, it looks cool to me so far
    2. Yeah, that is a bit insulting. A good film should appeal to all ethnicity, and not need a token character for someone to enjoy it
    3. I wouldn’t have had a issue with Skarsgard in the role,but i know he is a actor we happen to disagree on. Evans seemes like a decent choice to me, but he isn’t a favorite of mine.
    4. I hope they finally get wolverine right this time
    5. A lot of the thrillers i like im pretty use are more sexual and/or violent than you like,so im not sure what i could recommend here.

    1. Well, I hope Pacific Rim would meet your expectations, Julian.

      YES! I’m glad you said it, “A good film should appeal to all ethnicity” I totally agree. I mean I did not grow up in America but I don’t expect that Hollywood films would change the plot and put Indonesian actors to appeal to me. I mean if it makes sense to the story sure, but in this case it’s just so forced simply to cater to that audience.

      I know you like Skarsgard, but he still hasn’t sold me since Disconnect. I was supposed to see another movie of his called The East but the weather prevented me from going.

      Oh you can always recommend films for my readers Julian 😀 Not everyone is going to have the same taste as me.

  19. Hooray for the fifth!

    1) You know, I have only seen one of del Toro’s films — Pan’s Labyrinth. I enjoyed it when I saw it years ago, but I would like to revisit it since I don’t remember much of it. I’m indifferent about Pacific Rim.

    2) Absolutely ridiculous.

    3) *sigh* Another reboot??

    4) I think Jackman is a great actor. Can’t say I’m terribly interested in the Wolverine film though.

    5) The Lives of Others!!! I would love to hear your thoughts on that one.

    1. Hi Eric! Pan’s Labyrinth is one of those indelible films as some of the violence are quite shocking to me.

      Hey, glad you think so too!

      Well, reboot in Hollywood is like snow in Minnesota, they’ll never gonna go away! 😦

      Not interested in The Wolverine?? Even the Japanese setting?

      Oh The Lives of Others is on my to-watch list and it’s on Netflix Streaming so I’ll definitely get around to it soon.

  20. My thoughts are this: Pacific Rim will be awesome, so will Wolverine. I am generally not bothered too much about a Crow remake. I have The Hunt to watch right here, so your recommend has nudged me to watch it tonight! 😉

        1. Yay, glad you like that one Kevin!! It’s a bit tough to review for me, I had to let it sink for a while but it was definitely a GREAT thriller.

  21. Always enjoy these posts Ruth!

    1. I like Pan’s Labyrinth but I’ve not seen much else of Del Toro’s work. I am looking forward to Pacific Rim though, I just hope it doesn’t go too much the way of Transformers.

    2. I had absolutely no idea about the Chinese version of Iron Man, and I don’t like the idea of it. Since when should a film be tailored towards a specific nation just to keep them happy and ensure they spend more money seeing it? It puts the integrity of the film at stake, surely?

    3. I think The Crow should be left alone, personally. However, seeing as nothing gets left alone anymore, I think that’s not bad casting. I’m actually not that fussed that Hiddleston isn’t on board; I don’t think he physically right for the role, even though he is an awesome actor!

    4. Hmmmm, Wolverine. Not really sure about this right now. To me it feels like he was signed on to do X number of Wolverine films but as Origins was a bit of a flop, they didn’t want to continue that story and so they’re just kind of making a random new one for the sake of it.

    5. Foreign recommendations? I don’t watch nearly as many foreign films as I should, which is a shame because I love foreign language films. I can recommend The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Tell No-One though, both of those are great French films.

    1. Hello Chris! Glad you enjoy this series, really appreciate the kind words.

      I’m glad you’re with me about the Chinese version of Iron Man 3, or any film for that matter. It’s just poor taste no matter how you look at it. Definitely the integrity of the film is at stake if the main writer/director are not even involved in the re-cut for that specific market.

      Yep, nothing gets left alone these days whether we like it or not. You don’t think Hiddleston is physically right for the role? I think he’s just as lean and can sport a mean stare w/ rock star hairstyle, like in the end of Thor 2 trailer 😀

      I hear ya about Wolverine but at the same time I really dig the idea of setting the film in Japan and hopefully we see a more character-driven story that’s more compelling than the predecessor.

      Those are great recommendations. I already have Tell No One on my to-watch list for this year 😀

  22. 1. Elba is lead in Pacific Rim? I thought it was that blonde dude 😛 I think Pacific Rim can be awesome, though Del Toro’s recent projects were very disappointing.

    2. Well this sucks. It’s like the movies are treated like products nowadays – “here, here we are throwing extra for specific market!” – It alters the movie and director’s vision. That’s awful.

    3. I never thought of Evans as talented actor, but maybe I just didn’t see the right movies with him. I think they need someone more famous to pull it off, though, this remake is a bad idea to begin with so they need something to attract the audience.

    4. I’m not that into X Men unless Fass is involved 🙂 I like Jackman, he is a good actor but his presence is not enough to get me to see the film.

    5. I don’t watch many foreign movies so I don’t think I can help here. Love Crime is good, worth watching. I saw it not so long ago and it was very entertaining.

    1. What blond dude? I only saw robots and Idris 😀 He..he.. maybe it’s selective viewing.

      Well let’s hope PR will be better than Mama (at least based on your review).

      Yep, it’s an awful trend indeed Sati. Sadly it’s probably gonna continue 😦

      Normally Jackman himself doesn’t sell a film for me but I quite like Wolverine as a character so naturally I’m intrigued.

      I’ll give Love Crime a look. Somehow I peg you as someone who watch a ton of foreign films 😀

      1. Oh, God no. I don’t even watch regular, big movies anymore that often 🙂 I don’t know why – I have nothing against foreign movies but somehow I never have enough of the will to watch them 😛

        I saw pretty much every movie with Jean Dujardin, though. “Un Balcon sur la Mer” is nice – good romance and he is shirtless in it 🙂

  23. If you’re looking for a Scandinavian drama, After the Wedding (2007) is arguably director Susanne Bier’s best, and features Mads Mikkelsen in a fine performance. Another from that region worth watching (if you can find it) is Chinaman/ Kinamand (2005).

    1. Oooh I heard of After the Wedding, I didn’t know Bier directed it. I’ll give it a look since Mads in it. He hasn’t disappointed me yet.

  24. What up Ruth?

    1.) I am a big fan of del Toro. Have you seen his first film Cronos? I also know there is an interview floating around called Welcome to Bleak House where he takes you on a tour of his amazing workspace/house. Looking forward to checking out Pacific Rim.

    2.) Hate the idea of catering the film to a specific audience, I don’t even like when they dumb films down in the U.S. to get a PG-13 rating.

    3.) I fear for the safety of Evans if he makes a Crow film.

    4.) I can appreciate how hard Jackman works to get in shape for that Wolverine role even if I do not have much interest in seeing the actual film.

    5.) You should check out this Danish film called Terribly Happy, Fogs just featured it as a readers recommendation that he got from some awesome guy.

    Love the 5th as usual

    1. Hi Adam, aka Mr. BestRatingSystemWinner 😀

      Cronos is a horror film right? You probably know I don’t watch too many of that genre.

      Why do you fear the safety of Evans making the film? Are you referring to the ‘curse’ or whatever it was that happened to Lee?

      I’m surprised not many people are enthused about The Wolverine. Well I’m hopeful about it, I think it’ll be great 😀

      I missed that review but will look that up now, thanks Adam!

  25. 1. I hold Del Toro in high regard mostly due to his impressive work in Pan’s Labyrinth, one of the best films of the last decade. I look forward to Pacific Rim based on that note alone as I wasn’t really a fan of the Hell Boy franchise.
    2. I couldn’t agree with you more. The whole notion of changing a film to cater to the Chinese audience is an insult to the creative individuals that are involved and, like someone else commented, an insult to both the Chinese and American moviegoer. Unacceptable.
    3. I’m not sure about the remake of the film and the casting of Luke Evans, I was far more excited about Tom Hiddlestone for the role though I still had my reservations.
    4. I can’t believe they’re redoing the story of Wolverine again in such a short span of time. If I was Jackman I would be asking for a ton of money because that’s all he’s going to be remembered for. I would like to seem him in more challenging and deep films that do not involve signing sometime in the future, if ever.
    5. As for foreign recommendations in the drama/thriller category, I would encourage any living soul to watch The Lives of Others, Das Boot, Downfall and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. All truly amazing. The first of the bunch is one of just a handful of films I’d give a perfect score to.

    1. I don’t know that I’d automatically be enthusiastic about Pacific Rim just because I like Pan’s Labyrinth, but I certainly would give it a shot.

      Glad you think so about altering the content of a film simply for monetary sake. But that’s what greed does to people 😦

      Oh yeah, I was 100 times more excited when Hiddleston was cast, I’d love to see a Shakespearean actor tackle that role.

      Ahah, are you not a fan of Jackman’s singing? I think he’s done a decent job finding a variety of different roles besides Wolverine, so I won’t fault him for that.

      Those are all great recommendations Niels, some of them I already noted. Thanks much!

  26. 1. I love love love Del Toro, if for no other reason than he’s one of us- a huge film nerd. It’d be great to sit down and talk to the guy about movies because he knows so much about them- the good and the bad.

    2. That’s… pretty low. I guess I’d have to see the full scene and the context in which it was shown, but it sure seems like a really bad/unethical cash grab.

    4. (sorry, no answers for 3) I saw the Wolverine trailer the other day at Iron Man 3. And I kind of chuckled that they keep marching him out there as Wolverine. I find it funny because of the specific character- Wolverine- who’s the same guy for decades and decades because of his healing ability. It would’ve been easy for them to cast another guy at some point for that role but I kind of admire that it’s still Jackman. I don’t even know if they’re doing it on purpose. But it’d be great to see Jackman still playing Wolverine 20 years from now.

    5. Let’s see… probably my most unique/fun/favorite movie that I’ve seen recently was Sholay, and Indian film that has a little bit of everything for everyone.

    1. Wow, you said love three times so you must REALLY love the guy John 😉

      Yep, very low and unethical indeed. That Koteka site has some screengrabs and plot of the Chinese version but I’m just not interested in seeing it to be honest.

      I think Jackman still looks pretty darn good as Wolverine. I wouldn’t be all that interested in the franchise if it’s got someone else in the role at this point.

      Oh I’ll check out Sholay, I’ve never heard of it until you mentioned it. Thanks John.

  27. 1. I am absolutely stoked to see Pacific Rim and am excited to see what del Toro will bring to us! oh man! 🙂
    2. On the matter of the Chinese version. well, I’m not watching it, so it doesn’t really bother me. I mean, films get changed all the time…at least titles do. (Captain America, The Hangover, etc) based on where they are showing. As long as it doesn’t mess with the integrity of the film as a whole, it doesn’t bother me, I guess. I mean, Red Cliff was edited for the “Americanized version” and, I, for one, am glad. I don’t want to sit through a 9hr movie.

    it’s not a big deal overall to me I suppose.

    3. Evans as The Crow. That works for me! It frees Hiddleston up to be in something else that is not comicbook related. I’m a fan.

    4. I like how versatile Jackman is in his roles. He continues to impress me and, while at first I scoffed at his casting as Wolverine (he’s too tall), he really has settled into the role quite well. I still am holding my breath as I got burned with Xmen Origins: Wolverine! ha

    5. I recommend checking out The Song of Sparrows.

    1. Ahah, that’s cool that you’re enthusiastic about it, hopefully it does not disappoint you T!

      Well changing title is one thing but this is messing with the plot. I think with Red Cliff, they just truncated it to fit a theatrical running time instead of stretching it into 2 films. I dunno, I feel like this one is done simply for profit and nothing else and inserting a Chinese character simply to appeal to that audience is once again, insulting.

      Ah well, I guess if you put it that way about Hiddleston that sounds good. But the thing is, he was actually keen on playing the role and these days comic-book stories CAN still have depth and be as compelling as non comic-book ones. I feel that Hiddleston can bring something new and different if he got the part.

      The Song of Sparrows sounds good T, never heard of it before so thanks!

  28. Been so busy lately and I missed your 5 for 5th 😦

    1. I look forward to Pacific Rim. The trailer looks amazing!

    2. I honestly didn’t know about the Chinese version of Ironman…well I don’t read much on the subject anyway, but I think it’s wrong to add extra scene just to sell more.

    3. Not that musch interested with The Crow, so I don’t really mind who plays in it. I only saw the old one because I was curious with Brendon Lee

    4. Can’t wait for Wolverine!!!! Too bad the trailer only show a glimpse of my favorite actor (I think he only appears for 2 second..booo) Anyway, nice to see Hiroyuki Sanada plays more in US movies. Two movies this year in 47 ronins isn’t being delayed again.

    5. I still haven’t seen The Intouchable 😦 I really want to.
    Foreign movie I want everyone to see is definitely Funny Games ( ) by Haneke, it was a brilliant brilliant thriller!!

    1. Not a problem Nov, I just learned that you got a new job so congrats!

      That’s cool, hope it opens the same time as here.

      Yep, it’s very wrong. Imagine if they add an Indonesian actor out of nowhere just so it’d appeal to Indo audience. Ugh!

      Brandon Lee is certainly awesome as The Crow.

      I figure the Japanese setting would be extra appealing to you Nov. I didn’t know Cillian is in it too.

      I just read another review of Funny Games, but it’s not really my cup of tea Nov.

      1. Thank you, Ruth 🙂
        No…not Cillian! It’s Hiroyuki Sanada, my favorite japanese actor.

        Oh…come on Ruth!! there’s no real violence in Funny Games, you should really watch it one day 😉

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