007 Chatter: Bond 50th Anniversary Minimalist Posters


I haven’t done a 007Chatter nor poster post in a while, so might as well hit two birds with one stone. Besides, when I saw this last week I just couldn’t resist sharing them. Thanks to The Huffington Post for the tip. These minimalist posters were designed by the creative duo Clif Watson and Maria Taylor of Herring & Haggis design company.

23 James Bond Films,
23 Days,
23 Poster Designs.

Each day, leading up to the U.S. premiere of Skyfall, we watched a film from the 50th Anniversary blu-ray collection and created a poster design for it.

Here’s what they came up with for Skyfall:


I LOVE the organic simplicity of the design, it’s decidedly un-Bond-like, forgoing the usual stereotypes of the glitz and glamor of the super spy. Watson was quoted by the HP article said this about their approach on the design: “We agreed early on that we would avoid the typical Bond marketing subject matter. No girls, cars, guns or martini glasses allowed!”

Primarily a typographical and color exercise, each design utilizes a map to highlight the key location from 007’s mission. What a brilliant idea! Very clever and creative, I love how the use of colors also convey the mood of each film.

Here are additional favorites of mine from their collection [click on thumbnail to see a larger version]:

The posters are no longer available to purchase, unfortunately. But you can view the entire poster collection on their site: 007.herringhaggis.com.

Fans are getting more and more creative in designing posters of their favorite films. Here are more beautiful fan-made ones I found on Skyfall:

I also love this illustrations of all the Bond actors I found on Filmofilia site. Not sure who created it, but it’s one of the best I’ve seen and each Bond sketch actually resembles the actual actor, which is quite a feat. Even in a form of a drawing I still love Timothy Dalton most 😉


Anyway, I’m quite looking forward to the Bond 50th Anniversary tribute at the Oscar ceremony this year. Not sure what’s actually going to be featured or whether all of the Bond actors will be there [oh wouldn’t that be nice?], but for sure new mama Adele is going to sing the Skyfall theme song! Does this mean Roger Deakins would finally win an Oscar in his 10th nominations? I sure hope so!

Well hope you’ve enjoyed these posters. Which ones do you like best?

37 thoughts on “007 Chatter: Bond 50th Anniversary Minimalist Posters

  1. Can I say all of them? Really some wonderful graphics and renderings. Thanks so much for posting these, Ruth. And good to have another Bond post here at Flixchatter :-).

    1. Yeah, I think all of the posters are excellent. Seriously I think fan-made ones are getting much better than the official ones.

      Oh yeah, Bond is here to stay at FC 😀 I’ll think up of something else for next month, maybe a TLD tribute 😉

    1. The profiles one is amazing indeed! I wish I knew who made it so I can give credit to him/her. I’d love to have that hung in my entertainment room!

  2. Ted S.

    I like the Skyfall one better without the deer, somehow it looks odd with the animal being the main feature. I also like the fan made versions, good stuff. For earlier film, I really like License To Kill one.

    1. I actually love that deer, it doesn’t have that Bond vibe but once you know what that animal means it’s really cool!

      Yeah, that lighter in LTK is just brilliant! I was actually gonna order the TLD and LTK ones as you know I LOVE Dalton’s stuff, and those two posters are actually one of my faves!

      1. Rob

        Clearly at a loss because I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Skyfall yet – but that poster does make a nice ad for Jagermeister.

  3. Sometimes I just feel like a big doofus. This is one of those times. I just can’t wrap my mind around the elk Skyfall poster. I get its more about the art than promoting the movie but…sigh…I’m pitiful! 😛

  4. Sometimes I such a doofus. This is one of those times. I just can’t wrap my mind around the elk Skyfall poster! I know it’s more about the art and promoting the film but …sigh…I’m pitiful! 😛

  5. Cool posters, Ruth – thanks for finding these and sharing them! I think the YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE one is my favorite, though the SKYFALL ones are neat too. Didn’t know about the 007 Oscar tribute, will be curious to see what they do (hopefully it won’t be one of their interminable dance numbers…)

    1. Hi there Jeff! Glad you haven’t seen them yet. Yes, the YOLT one is awesome isn’t it? I love the color scheme on that one, and of course the two Dalton Bonds are my faves also 🙂 They just announced that all the Bond actors will be at the Oscars, woo hoo!!!

  6. It seems like we’ve been talking about Bond for months and months. But why not – Skyfall was great and the DVD/Blu-ray comes out next month (I think) so we should keep discussing it! I love minimalist posters in general and some of these are great. My favorite, I think, is The Spy Who Loved Me.

    1. Yes, I know I’ll always be talkin’ about Bond, even when it’s not cool to do so 🙂 I do think less is often more when it comes to posters. Yeah, that Spy Who Loved Me one is awesome, I love the color combination especially.

  7. PrairieGirl

    During Lo J’s radio show yesterday afternoon (and you know what “authorities” those two are ;-D) ALL of the Bonds (including Mr. Connery) will be at the Oscars… I so hope they are right… how awesome would that be?!

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