January Weekend Viewings & Everybody’s Chattin’

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to another edition of Everybody’s Chattin’!


It’s been a week filled with sub-zero temps here, and indeed it’s been brutal waking up to – 12˚ F in the morning but hey, it makes us all Minnesotan tough! I’ve lived here about a year longer than anywhere else in the world, including my home country, so I count myself a Minnesotan now πŸ˜€

Well, we’re still smack dab in the middle of movie dumping grounds of the Winter months, so I’ll definitely be skipping all of the new releases this weekend. Yet another Hans Christian Andersen’s butcher-job adaptation Hansel & Grentel: Witch Hunters, Jason Statham’s Parker and the Farrelly brothers’ star-studded Movie 43 all looks like they’re only worth a rental, at best.

I plan on watching the BBC’s Emma starring the lovely Romola Garai that my co-worker lent me, and hopefully catch up on a Jimmy Stewart movie and more of The IT Crowd!

Now it’s time for links!

ApocalypseNowPosterYou know I adore my pal Michael‘s TMT series and this week he reviewed Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam-war themed classic Apocalypse Now. I’m not a war movie buff, but I might have to give that a watch at some point.

Another classic review of a film I haven’t seen yet, but I’m definitely intrigued as I quite like Chuck Heston. Jeff of The Stalking moon recently wrote an in-depth review of The Omega Man (1971). This one also deals with the ‘apocalypse’ but this time involving a plague caused by biological weapons! Reminds me of 28 Days Later, but with Moses, er I mean Heston being the only one left to save the human race. Yeah, I’m game for that!


AnthonyMackieManyFacesAnother favorite blog series of mine is Nostra‘s ‘The Many Faces’ and today he’s highlighting one of my favorite actors, Anthony Mackie. I’ve only seen about five of his films so far, and though he didn’t have a leading role in most, he’s always great to watch. I missed Night Catches Us at TCFF a couple of years back where he’s actually the lead, so I have to catch that soon. I’m thrilled that the 33-year-old Louisiana native will be in Captain America: Winter Soldier!

Eric just posted a few rental mini reviews and I’m glad to see he has some nice words for Headhunters! That’s one of my favorite films of 2012. Haven’t seen the other three though, I’m pretty sure Killer Joe is not my cup of tea.

UpstairsDownstairsPosterYou can always count on Terrence to post the latest movie trailers every week, but this sci-fi drama is one I’ve been wanting to see: Upside Down. I love a sci-fi star-crossed romance, which is why the premise of this one intrigues me. Check out the latest poster and trailer of the movie starring Jim Sturgess and Kristen Dunst. I really hope this turns out good!


I carry this picture with me always… that’s Floppy sitting on my lap

Lady Sati recently reviewed another winning clay-mation feature from Tim Burton, Frankenweenie. The premise should appeal to every dog lovers, and as someone who lost my beloved Floppy in grade school, I know it’ll be quite emotional for me. Sati actually rated it higher than Corpse Bride which I like, so I definitely need to rent it soon!

Keith is apparently a huge fan of French Cinema. His recent review of Girl on the Bridge sounds quite intriguing. What he said here really sold me “… the real magic of this picture lies in the unusual relationship between these two lost souls.” The film stars Daniel Auteuil and Vanessa Paradis (Johnny Depp’s former flame).

Now lastly, I’d like to highlight a new blog I discovered recently. Mr Rumsey happens to be a fellow Bond fan as well, so it’s been fun ‘chatting’ with him about Bond, even though I need to get him to come around on his thoughts on Dalton, ahah. In any case, check out Mr Rumsey’s Film Related Musings blog.


He recently did a sweet review of one of my 2011 favorites, Warrior.

I’ll be doing this for future Everybody’s Chattin’ post whenever I come across a new blog I like.

So what are you going to see this weekend? Whatever you do, hope it’s a good one!

34 thoughts on “January Weekend Viewings & Everybody’s Chattin’

  1. I hate the cold. As for me, i won’t be going to the theaters this weekend, but i will be going tuesday to see Silver Linings Playbook at a local theater(i think i mentioned this before, but my local theater has a discount on tuesdays. Used to be 3$ tickets, although recently that has gone up to 4$)

    Also i am going to try to have Oscar party at my house this year. Hopefully it will be successful πŸ™‚

    1. How cold is it where you are? Surely not nearly as cold as here πŸ™‚ Oh I hope you like SLP, hey $4 bucks is still a good bargain.

      Oscar party? Nice! Where’s my invite? πŸ˜‰

      1. In Connecticut. Don’t know how its weather compares to the national average right now, but its not exactly comfy outside. And im pretty sure i will end up liking SLP

        And the invite was sent to your mail of course πŸ˜‰

  2. Ted S.

    I don’t know how long I can take with these cold temps we’re having here in MN, I’m seriously thinking of moving to somewhere warm. But it’s a good excuse to stay in and watch movies, not sure what I’ll watch this weekend though.

    If you want to see both Apocalypse Now and The Omega Man, I can lend you the BD. Not sure if you knew but The Omega Man the second film based on I Am Legend book, which they remade with Will Smith back in 2007.

    1. Come on Ted, Winter is just another month away πŸ™‚ A good friend of mine is actually moving to Arizona next week and y’know what, I don’t think I could handle that heat. I’d take subzero temps than 120˚+ in Summer!

      I think I’ll watch The Omega Man, but not sure I can handle Apocalypse Now. Oh yeah I read about that, no wonder the premise is so similar.

      1. Ted S.

        After living here for over 20 years now I think I prefer the heat over the cold and snowy weather. I won’t have to put on a lot of clothes to stay warm and won’t have to deal with driving on slippery roads. I seriously thinking of moving out of MN, not to AZ but maybe Vegas or California.

        You’d be surprise to know but Apocalypse Now is not that graphic for a war film, it’s very similar to The Thin Red Line where most of the graphic stuff weren’t shown on the screen. Also it came out in the late 70s so it’s not as gruesome as some war films that came after it.

  3. Some fantastic links here. Honored to be on a list among some great movie enthusiasts. Thank you, Ruth.

    brrr, it sure is cold where you are. You should see the new jacket I just got. I’d be pretty warm in that climate methinks! πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend my friend!

    1. You’re welcome T! Did you get a parka? That’s the only kind of jacket that could withstand this cold. Even so I still wear at least 2 layers underneath! Enjoy your weekend too, T!

  4. Thank you so much for the shout-out, Ruth! Much appreciated! Those are some really interesting links surrounding mine – thanks for tipping me to some good reading! Stay warm where you are (it’s cold and windy here in Osaka at the moment as well). Looks like your film-watching friend Floppy will help in that regard.

    1. Oops! So sorry, Ruth – somehow I didn’t catch that your dear Floppy had passed away. Apologies for my faux pas! And condolences. I lost my beloved childhood pooch Charlie right before I graduated high school, and still think about him often all these years later.

      Do you have a dog now, by the way?

      1. Hi Jeff! Oh that’s ok Jeff, Floppy’s passed on so many years ago. I was only in Jr High at the time. Yeah, I think you can never forget about your beloved pet even after they died. No, I actually don’t have a dog nowadays, it’s just super expensive here in the US and I’m not sure I want to walk them out when it’s twenty below outside πŸ˜€

  5. 10 degree Fahrenheit? (calculating it to Celsius)…wow! I’ll freeze to death if I was there πŸ˜‰

    I am going to see warrior sometime this year and hope I will like it as much as everyone else πŸ™‚
    Right now I am watching The Big Bang Theory…not as hilarious as The IT Crowd but quite enjoyable. I want to watch Jackie Chan’s last movie next Monday πŸ™‚

    1. Ahah, you just have to invest in a warm parka and you should be ok, Nov. I actually got quite acclimated to the weather now and can’t stand the heat too much, as you probably noticed when I was there.

      I don’t think I’ll see Big Bang Theory, don’t really care for the cast. What’s Jackie Chan’s last movie? You mean his latest??

      1. Well…I am trying to try US comedy again after liking British comedy so much…but sorry to say it does feel flat, especially now that I have had a taste of surreal comedy like The Mighty Boosh…normal sitcom just don’t cut it anymore unless if it’s really really funny like IT Crowd….But I’ll give big bang theory a chance even though only one season πŸ˜‰

        The rumour said it that C-12 will be Jackie Chan’s last action movie, he will retire after that.

  6. Oh Floppy looks so pretty in that picture! I can only imagine how saddening it must have been 😦 Thank you for the link and hopefully Frankenweenie won’t make you too sad – it actually has a lot of humor in it.

  7. I actually saw more movies than usual this weekend. I watched:
    – Premium Rush: pretty fun flick although I wouldn’t see it again
    – Pitch Perfect: I really don’t know what to make of this flick. It was really weird and kinda hilariously bad at times. But it was fun lol
    – Django Unchained: Loved it! A bit too over the top with the violence but I really liked it otherwise.

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