Weekend Viewings + Everybody’s Chattin’

Happy Friday everyone!

Well, Winter has definitely arrived here in Minnesota. We’ve got a sprinkle of the dreaded ‘s’ word yesterday… yep, snow! But fortunately it was just a snow mix so it didn’t stick much at all, in fact, on my way home there’s barely a trace of it. Different story if you live in Northern MN though, I think they’ve got some measurable amount up there. Folks going to Halloween parties this weekend should definitely bundle up though, brrrrr!

Anyway, I’ve actually seen two of the movies opening today, Cloud Atlas, and Chasing Mavericks on advanced screening last week, but I’m taking a bit of a break from writing reviews as I’ve been working on them non-stop for TCFF.

I definitely will review both of them next week though. Seems like neither one is getting favorable critical reviews on rottentomatoes, but with a much higher audience reviews (surprise, surprise). Cloud Atlas actually got pretty decent reviews a couple of weeks ago, but it kept dwindling down closer to the movie opening. As for Chasing Mavericks, I enjoyed it for two main reasons: Gerry Butler surfing (‘nuf said) and the beautifully-shot 40-foot waves. Man, I wish I knew how to surf!! The movie isn’t as as bad as the critics made it out to be (heck if I had a nickle for every time I said this!) Needless to say, I’m definitely on the audience side on this one, so if you’re on the fence about either movies, I’d say give ’em a shot.

Well, it’s time for links! 

Novia‘s shifting her gaze from her beloved Cillian Murphy to shine a spotlight on her second crush, Benedict Cumberbatch. Most of you know him from the excellent BBC’s Sherlock, but check out ‘Benny’ Special, consisting of reviews of three movies he’s appeared in.

Speaking of crushes, my Glaswegian friend Mark is in the midst of doing a review trilogy of Scottish films and his first two happen to star my all time favorite Scot! Check out his review of the Scottish drama One More Kiss, featuring a very young and six-pack-free Gerry Butler and one of my all time GB roles as The Stranger in Dear Frankie.


As part of her 7 Days of Halloween special, the creative genius Lady Sati highlighted French actress Isabella Adjani in Possession as one of her favorite performances. There are sooo many movies of similar title, but this one was released in 1981 which also stars Sam Neill.

There are many reasons why I love my friend Michael’s blog, even the name It Rains… You Get Wet is just so clever! One of my fave series of his is TMT, which stands for a Theater… a Movie… and a Time. Check out those posts if you haven’t already, even if you don’t like or know the movie, his stories are fun to read… and you’ll wish you have as good a memory as he does!

Nice to see I’m not the only one having Bond fever this month! 🙂

People are doing all kinds of posts and lists to commemorate Bond month. Dan from Top 10 UK definitely lives up to his blog name as he has a plethora of top 10 007-themed lists, such as this Top 10 Bond Gadgets courtesy of Rodney of Fernby Films.

Fellow Bond fan Dan Fogarty, aka Fogs is doing all kinds of Bond lists, and a couple of days ago he listed his top 10 Bond theme songs. I agree with all but one from his list.

A couple more Bond lists I like, PG Cooper ranks 22 Bond girls, most of which I agree, especially his pick of number 1 who happens to be one of my all time favorites because she’s sexy and intelligent, definitely not a bimbo. Last but not least, growing up with two brothers, I’ve always been into cars and what’s a Bond movie without the Bond car right? John Kenneth Muir listed his top 5 Bond Cars, and I love his unconventional choice of a yellow French automobile that is far from the glamorous Aston Martin DBS!

So what are you going to see this weekend? Whatever you do, hope you have a good one!

41 thoughts on “Weekend Viewings + Everybody’s Chattin’

  1. PrairieGirl

    Just Gerry Butler surfing? Don’t you mean GB in a sleek, skin tight, sleeveless wet suit surfing? Ok, yes, that’s what I thought ;-D

    1. Ahah, well that helps certainly, but you know I love him even with his shirt ON 😉 It’s amazing how much he suffered for his art, and it paid off obviously as he’s so convincing as a surfing mentor!

        1. He..he.. well, not enough 😉 Just kidding Dezzy, yes you absolutely must give it a try, I think you’ll love this one for the heartwarming message and of course, Gerry Berry being his gorgeous self!

  2. I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on Cloud Atlas and Chasing Mavericks, Ruth. I’ll be trying to take both in this weekend (been kinda crazy around here lately). And thank you very much for the kind words and share, my friend. You are generous beyond believe. I hope you have a great, and warm, weekend.

    1. WOW, that’s cool Michael! Glad to see you’ll give Chasing Mavericks a shot. There are some parts I dislike about it which kept it from being stellar, but I enjoyed it immensely!

      I LOVE your TMT posts, and thank YOU for all your support for the blog, even during my TCFF coverage. Your generosity for fellow bloggers is my inspiration!

  3. I am totally bummed I’m not going to see Cloud Atlas this weekend…one of the best books I’ve read in years. Eek, snow already. Not sure I’m ready for THAT kind of winter. Psst, guess who’s moving to Minnesota by the end of this year? 😉

    1. Hi Sam! Oooh are you moving to MN?? Please say yes, that’d be sooo cool! We definitely have to meet up again. You kid must be so big by now!

      1. I am indeed! We will definitely have to get together and watch some movies! She’s a big girl; she’ll turn two right after we arrive somewhere in West St. Paul (no place yet). Exciting, yet stressful. 🙂

  4. Many thanks for the linkage Ruth. I’m over the moon. And yes, you should take a well deserved break, it seems you have been at relentlessly. Have a great weekend Ruth. All the best! 🙂

    1. I kinda had a hunch that DF would be included in your Scottish trilogy man, but borrowing your words, I’m over the moon to see One More Kiss included as well! Enjoy your weekend too, man. When Chasing Mavericks come to Glasgow, you’ve got to give it a shot… support fellow Glaswegians, right? 😉

      1. Yeah, ive been dying to see DF again for ages and thought I’d do it around the same time as One More Kiss. Once i’d watched them another fell into my lap and decided to hold off on reviews until i had a little trilogy ready.

        I’ll definitely check out Chasing Mavericks. If truth be told, i quite like the look of it and even if I don’t like it then yes, i’ll have at least supported my brethren 😉

    1. Oh I totally understand doll, I feel like I’ve been out of it too after TCFF. Oh man, don’t I wish there was a director’s cut and featurette, etc. for DF, that movie just never gets old for me!!

      Hope all is well w/ your business project.

  5. If I see anything this weekend, it will be Cloud Atlas, or I might get to it next week. Chasing Mavericks is one I’ll catch on DVD.

    All of these Bond posts make me want to watch 007 films, so I might watch/rewatch some of them. 🙂

    1. Hey, those waves in Chasing Mavericks is worth seeing on the big screen, Josh 😉 Bond movies are always fun to watch anytime for me, he..he..

  6. Great collection of posts Ruth! My excitement for Skyfall continues to grow! I will definitely check out the lists that you mentioned. The idea of watching Gerard Butler surf on 40 feet waves sounds very exciting as well. So much to look forward to! Enjoy your weekend as well Ruth 🙂

    1. Thanks Raul! Yes, 2 more weeks to go for Skyfall, can’t wait!!

      Yes, GB surfing for real was fun to watch in Chasing Mavericks, he’s so convincing too, obviously all his training paid off. I thought the story was pretty cool, it shows the dedication of surfers, it doesn’t portray them as the typical carefree ‘hey dude’ party boys. I do hope you give that a shot, the critics can be so out of it sometimes.

  7. Thank you so much for the link! I was going to see Skyfall this weekend, but Gustav needs a winter coat asap so I’m probably going to shop all weekend trying to find the one that fits and see Skyfall next week 🙂 Cloud Atlas looks interesting but the reviews definetly don’t encourage me to see it.

    1. My pleasure Sati! Your posts are always so well-designed. Have fun shopping for Gustav, you are spoiling him rotten aren’t you? Btw, you didn’t name him after a Bond villain did you? 😉

      1. Yeah we are 🙂 But we signed him up for training which will start soon, so hopefully a trained professional will help us with mischievious little one ^^ No, no, it’s a name from this cartoon I used to watch when I was little, plus w thought such a serious name will be funny for a little Yorkie 🙂

  8. I am going to a couple Halloween parties this weekend, so I don’t think I’ll get a chance to hit the theater. I would like to see Cloud Atlas at some point, though I honestly don’t have high expectations for it. Might wait a couple weeks to catch that one.

    Have a great weekend, Ruth!

    1. Hey, party safe Eric! Good thing we won’t have snow this weekend but it’s certainly cold out there so bundle up. Boy don’t I sound like a mommy or what, ahah.

  9. Ted S.

    I think I’ll just rent Cloud Atlas, I still have a bad taste in my mouth after The Matrix sequels and Speed Racer, so I’m not going to invest my money in theater on the Wachowskis. Chasing Mavericks reminds me of The Karate Kid but about surfing instead of Karate.

    I’m still catching up on my freelance work so I’ll be doing that over the weekend. Maybe going to a party tomorrow night, depends if my date is free or not. She works at Children’s Hospital.

    1. I’d give Cloud Atlas a shot Ted, for what it’s worth, it’s beautiful to look at on the big screen and the actors playing multiple characters are quite amusing.

  10. Thanks for the link Ruth 🙂 although I am pretty sure those are bad reviews.
    Poor Benny is actually my third crush now, I am having a change of heart this past month 😉

    With all the hype…I wish for you that Skyfall will live up to your expectation 🙂

      1. I always think that my review isn’t good when the movie doesn’t blow my mind…but just like Stephen King said, writers tend to be the worst judge of their own writing 😉

        Horaaayyy…I hope you’ll like it 🙂
        Looking forward to read your thought on the second series.

    1. Just got done with the review, I like it more the longer it stays with me. I might even watch it again with my hubby this time. Curious to hear what the surprise is, I’m guessing a Bond poll? 😉

  11. Hi, Ruth. Sorry I’ve been away. Just too hectic these days! I can see you’re having yours too.

    This weekend I haven’t seen much movies. I saw Rock of Ages last night, but it didn’t impressed me. I haven’t finish it so I will later when I have time. But I did saw a couple of Bond movies, and I love Casino Royale. Thanks for encouraging me watching them! I am now having a little anticipation for Skyfall, I know you do.

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Oh no problem, I figure you’re on a break. I was gonna borrow my friend’s Blu-ray of Rock of the Ages, still curious to check it out because I grew up listening to that music.

      Hey, glad to hear you love Casino Royale. Now you’ve got to give the two Timothy Dalton’s Bond flicks a try as he’s the original ‘gritty’ Bond before Craig came along 🙂

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