Counting Down to TCFF! The Films I Can’t Wait to See

TCFF is just four days away and I’ve finalized the movies I’ll be watching during the 9-day film fest. I’m just thrilled that there’s quite an eclectic lineup we’ve got this year, practically there’s something from every genre. I’ve blogged about some of them on this post, but below is my full schedule of what I’ll be watching.

Before we get to that though, here’s TCFF’s Preview Video with our hosts Amanda Day & Joe Kessler.

The perk of blogging for the film fest is that I could watch as many films as I could (yay!). Of course it’d still not be possible for me to see every single film, but heck I’m certainly going to try to see at least a dozen films or more if I could help it. This year, I’m also getting some blogging help from fellow Twin Citians (I actually never ever use that term before but seems kinda appropriate here, ahah): June from Girl Producer blog and Emery, a U of M Film Student and aspiring film reviewer. So expect to see TCFF movie reviews from all three of us starting this weekend.

So here are the list of films I can’t wait to see:

Full Film Schedule & Trailers at TCFF Official Site

Friday – October 12

This important documentary narrated by Jeff Bridges shines a light on the 30% of American families that don’t know where their next meal is coming from, there are plenty of other compelling docs playing at the film fest. I’ll be highlighting those later this week.

Saturday – October 13

I like Julia Stiles, and I always think she should get more leading roles! Well, she’s got a starring role in this quirky apocalypse comedy, along with David Cross and America Ferrera.  Directed by actor/director Todd Berger (The Scenesters). Here’s a clip from the movie:

Sunday –  October 14

I just re-watched the trailer again and I’m even more excited about it now. Dustin Hoffman in his directorial debut has assembled quite a cast (Maggie Smith, Billy Connelly, Michael Gambon, etc.) in what looks like a delightful comedy about retired Opera singers. Sponsored by The Minnesota Opera.

Monday –  October 15

This character-driven drama was shot in just 10 days in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Check out the promo for Minnesota films:

Tuesday – October 16

Normally I wouldn’t think of someone being paralyzed from polio as being funny, yet somehow director Ben Lewin seems to have crafted a heartwarming comedy on that topic. The cast is a winner, I’ve always loved William H. Macy and he’s poised to be the scene-stealer here. John Hawkes is one of those instantly-likable actor, plus it’s been a while since I saw Helen Hunt in anything. Check out the trailer if you haven’t already.

Wednesday – October 17

I actually saw this trailer before I saw it on TCFF schedule, and I’m intrigued by the story. I’ve been hearing Olivia Thirlby‘s name being mentioned a lot lately as she starred in Dredd 3D, but this looks like a very different role for her. The cast includes John Krasinski and Rosemary DeWitt.

Thursday – October 18

I’ve mentioned in the lineup post that this film won Audience Award at TIFF. Well, this past week it just received another similar prize at Hamptons International Film Festival Awards. I’m normally not a Bradley Cooper fan but I’m prepared for him to change my mind. I do love Jennifer Lawrence and she’s perhaps poised to get another Oscar nom on this one.

Friday – October 19

Feature film debut from the creator of The Sopranos David Chase. Set in suburban New Jersey the 1960s, a group of friends form a rock band and try to make it big. James Gandolfini also stars in the film.


This is one of those films you watch just for the cast. I mean, check this out, Christopher Walken AND Philip Seymour Hoffman, plus the excellent Catherine Keener in a string quartet where one of the member receives a life changing diagnosis which threatens the unity of the group. So there are TWO music-themed films with ‘quartet’ in the title that I’m looking forward to playing at TCFF! 🙂

Saturday – October 20

27 year-old Lou Taylor Pucci has got over two dozen films under his belt, yet I haven’t seen a single one yet. Well this will be the first then. He stars as a young man with autism who’s breaking free from the shelter of his grandparents and go on a quest for a job and true love. Also starring Seth Green and Cary Elwes.


We don’t get a lot of films being filmed here in Minnesota, so it’s always nice to see it when that happens. Directed by a Minnesota- born director Ted Koland in his first feature film. It stars Justin Long and Jessica Weixler in story about a pair of newlyweds who has to bring their best man Lumpy’s body back to Minnesota for burial and what happens as friends try to reconnect with people who were in the dead guy’s life.

October is going to be the best movie-watching month for me. If you live in the area, I hope you’ll make time to check out TCFF!

What do you think of these movies, folks, which one(s) interest you most?

44 thoughts on “Counting Down to TCFF! The Films I Can’t Wait to See

  1. PrairieGirl

    Looking forward to The Sessions and Lumpy, but the rest of the lineup is impressive. Good luck with your movie marathon at TCFF!

    1. ruth

      Yeah, amazing duo isn’t it? Unfortunately it gets buried under Seven Psycopaths and The Master, the two more high profile movies of Walken and Hoffman, but I’m super excited to see both of them on screen together!

      1. Mark Walker

        I’m looking forward to Psychopaths and The Master but yeah, this looks good also. Did I ever tell you that Walken’s mother was Glaswegian? I have a true story behind that as well… About Walken being seen in a pub by a friend.

        1. Oh wow, no I did not know that Walken is half Scot, that makes me like him more 😉 Oh do tell that story about him in a pub, too bad it wasn’t you who met him, Mark.

    1. ruth

      Ahah yeah, I guess things come in twos in Hollywood, like the Snow White movies and next year we’ll get two White House action movies, ahah. Thanks Dezzy!

    1. ruth

      Perhaps you can start a film fest, Keith 🙂 So what’s a film fest near you? We have a couple here in my city, but this is the first one I’ve ever been involved in.

  2. So awesome, Ruth! I’m very jealous! Hope you have tons of fun (of course you will, duh!). Looking forward to Silver Linings Playbook, Quartet and A Late Quartet the most, but each of these movies sounds interesting!

        1. ruth

          If you do then we definitely should meet up! I’ll be visiting my best friend who just moved to San Diego this past Summer. Can’t wait!!

          1. fernandorafael

            Awesome! Yes, we should definitely meet up. I’m in! Even if, for some reason, I can’t go to Comic-Con, we should meet in SD for coffee or something when you come visit your friend.

  3. The Silver Linings Playbook and uh… uh… yea I guess that’s it. Really looking forward to that one movie though! Hopefully, I’ll see you there Ruth 😀

  4. That’s a good-looking lineup, Ruth! Out of those, I definitely plan on catching The Sessions, Silver Linings Playbook and A Late Quartet when they arrive over here. I was sold on the last one as soon as I saw Walken and Hoffman together. 😀

    1. Oh yeah, I somehow missed on A Late Quartet when I first got the schedule but when I saw the trailer I was like WOW, a must see! Plus I like Catherine Keener too.

      Btw, isn’t there a Chicago Film Fest? Did you ever go to that?

      1. I think the Chicago International Film Festival starts this weekend. Haven’t had a chance to go over the full lineup yet, but I might try to catch a couple movies at least.

        1. ruth

          He..he.. Nick just stopped by and told me about it. Oh you should check ’em out Eric, let me know what movies you’ll be seeing. I’m sure you get more movies than us and probably some celebs attending too right?

    1. Is there a film fest in Malaysia? Well for the longest time I never participated in anything like this, it only started 3 yrs ago. I’m very excited about these films though, I hope one day you could attend a film fest, Asrap.

  5. Hey! YOUR film festival is going on at the same time as OUR (Chicago’s) film festival! Nice. I didn’t realize this was the case.

    Some good looking stuff there. “Lumpy” looks right up my alley and I had not heard of “It’s A Disaster” but that sounds intriguing too.

    1. ruth

      Oh really? I just asked Eric about that. So are you going to be covering that Nick?

      Btw, is there any Malin Akerman movie playing at CFF? He..he.. You saw my comment earlier today right? 😉

  6. Yeah, there was a story circulating for about 20 years from a good friend of my family that he was sitting in a bar in Glasgow and Christopher Walken came in. He never spoke to him but Walken sat around confortably apparently. My friend told this to everyone but nobody believed him. The common response was always “What would Chris Walken be doing in a run down pub in glasgow”. Anyway, about 20 years later me and my dad where watching a chat show with Walken being interviewed. He openly admitted that his mother Rosalie was from Glasgow and he sometimes visits the city to get to know more about her upbringing and environment. It was only then, after so many years that this poor guys story became plausible. I can tell you, he was over the moon to hear it, having even doubted himself for so long. 🙂

    1. Wow, what an awesome story! Your poor friend, he must be so frustrated that nobody believed him. Good thing that Walken admitted it in public to confirm his story. I bet people didn’t come up to him as they couldn’t believe their eyes, ahah.

      1. Well that’s just it. Even though he claims to have laid eyes on Walken, he couldn’t quite understand why it would actually be him. Now that story has never actually been fully proven that it was him but it just seems far too coincidental. My friend is sticking by it anyway. (He’s waited a long time to be vindicated) 😉

  7. I’m really looking forward to Quartet, The Sessions, Nobody Walks, Silver Linings Playbook, and A Late Quartet. I’m sure some of them will have to wait until next year though. 😦

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