[Fan-Made] Posters of the Week: Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises

I wanted to do a poster post and there’s nothing that interest me from Impawards site. But a few days ago I came across these two awesome fan-made posters of two of my most-anticipated superhero flicks! I’ve posted fan-made posters before, like this broken-glass one for The Dark Knight Rises, as they’re often much, much cooler than the ones the studio churned out.

There are a plethora fan-made ones for Nolan’s final Batman flick, but I’m guessing there’ll be more popping up for Man of Steel as well in the coming months. This is the first one I’ve seen so far that looks pretty darn cool. I really dig the color scheme and the decidedly-darker tone instead of the usual bright and buoyant sentiment of Superman. According to ComicBookMovie site, the artist is Daniele Moretti.

Image courtesy of comicbookmovie.com

Instead of Photoshop-ing Henry Cavill’s head on to it, the designer went with a comicbook style, but the figure is clearly inspired by the now super-buff Brit’s on-set photos wearing the suit. There’s even a helicopter in the background, and from this new set of action shots, for sure there’ll be some helicopter rescue scene in it somewhere.

Now, this one for The Dark Knight Rises is set in the same bluish tone as these official versions for the second film.

Image courtesy of Shockya.com

I LOVE this, the rainy setting makes it even more dramatic and the bat signal amongst the futuristic-looking skyscrapers is a nice touch. It almost have the same theme as the Man of Steel one in that our hero is surveying the city below with the cape blowing in the wind.

Now I hope the official posters will be even better. We’ve seen this awesome teaser for TDKR, but I’m most curious about the Superman one. If anything, they should be as cool as the posters for Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (I especially like this one), but perhaps a bit darker and grittier.

What do you think folks? If you’ve seen other fan-made posters you think are awesome, please do share the link!

25 thoughts on “[Fan-Made] Posters of the Week: Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises

  1. The Superman one has this kind of golden age retro vibe to it. Not sure if that was intentional or not. Of the two, I like the Supes one the best. The second one seems like it could have been in the reject pile of the Dark Knight advertising campaign and almost goes Schumacher Bat-ass on us.

    1. Yeah you’re right Markus, it does have a bit of a retro vibe. Ahah, now that’s harsh man, I think the TDKR one is not remotely circus-y like Shumacher’s Batman.

  2. The posters look good, but I can’t wait for the real version of the Superman poster, especially Henry Caviil!You gotta admit, he is one handsome guy!

    1. Oh yeah Henry is VERRRRRY easy on the eyes. Though I hope they’ll go with something creative instead of just using his gorgeous mug 😀

    1. Ahah, well I think there have been some um, complaints about that one, Julian, but I think it’s making mountain out of a molehill. I mean it’s a set photo, it might not look like that in the film. Can’t wait to see a trailer, I do hope Snyder will deliver as he’s got a good cast for Man of Steel!

  3. I like the Superman one better although one has to wonder what the man of steel is doing posing like that while the city is burning!

    Nonetheless, I’d much rather watch TDKR than the Superman reboot at this point. The Batman poster is quite reminiscent of some versions of the TDK posters.

    1. Ahah, well he’s surveying the city below to think of the most efficient way to save it. Nah, he’s just posing, but he looks good, no?

      1. Ha! He looks good in that Sky Captain way but I had the same thought as Castor…what’s he standing around for?

        Or did he sneeze and shoot some lasers out his eyes by accident? He looks like a guilty 3 year old:P “Did I do that?”

        1. He’s Superman, he can still save people by just standing around and looking sexy, ahah.

          Mwahahaha, I never thought of it Marc but I’d think if he sneezed he just might accidentally shoot out laser out of his eyes!!

  4. Haha, Castor’s comment made me laugh, though he does have a point – why is Superman just standing there while the city is burning?

    They are both great posters but actually, I think I do prefer the Superman one.

    I look forward to seeing the official posters! 😀

    1. Hi Claire, I do hope the official ones would at least be as good as these, I mean come on, they obviously have more money to spend on marketing.

  5. Ted S.

    I think I like The Dark Knight Rises better, not really digging the Superman one. I’m still little worry about Man of Steel because of Zack Snyder, hopefully he’ll make me like him again by giving us a true great Superman film.

    1. I know you’re partial about Snyder Ted. And as I said before, I really hope he’ll prove his doubters wrong and really lives up to the hype of Man of Steel. I’d hate it if he ends up ruining Henry’s career!

  6. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Good looking posters!

    The poster for the Man Of Steel has a definite shadowy Max Fleischer look that waxes nostalgic.

    While The Dark Knight offering couldn’t be more Gotham Noir. More of a Wil Eisner/Walt Simonson, Animated Series vibe than anything else. Very intriguing!

    1. Hey there Jack. Whoa, I’m afraid I don’t know who Mr. Fleischer is [hides in shame]… but I’m guessing that is a compliment?? 🙂 Yeah, the Batman one is intriguing indeed, it’s dark but melancholy.

      1. Hi, Ruth:

        There’s no need to hide in shame.

        Mentioning Max Fleischer is a huge compliment, Fleischer led the animation and produced many of the old ‘Popeye’ and ‘Superman’ shorts and features during the 1940s.

        An animation legend in his own time and beyond. Very much like Paul Dini and Bruce Timm in Warner Brothers’ ‘Superman’ and ‘Batman’ animated series from the mid 1990s.

  7. I love the Superman one. I do love that era of cinema with hand painted posters. Maybe because it was the kind of deal my Granddad did. He was an illustrator and a fantastic artist.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes my friend.

    Have a good day

    1. Your granddad was an artist? Cool! My dad was too actually. I should scan one of the movie posters he did. Interestingly enough it’s an Indonesian Superman poster, ahah.

      Oh, happy birthday again! Enjoy your weekend matey!

  8. Again great fan posters. I agree that some of the posters that are not linked with the movie makers are so much better. Mostly, production houses take the easy way out, when in reality they should be experimenting with poster art too. I also love the minimalistic poster art that has recently become famous.

  9. sorry, but I actually don’t like either one. I don’t like the way Superman looks and Castor’s right, why is he posing with Metropolis is burning?

    and the Batman one…something to do with the cape. the cape looks real while Batman looks like just another statue or something. I’m not sure. But I give the artists props. It is much better work than I could do myself.

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