Top 5 WORST James Bond Films Ever Made

In light of news for the upcoming James Bond film titled Skyfall, I’m teaming up with my pal Ted S. to list five WORST James Bond films ever made.

Ok so the likelihood of Oscar winner Sam Mendes’ Bond film would end up on this list is pretty slim. For sure this one is off to a flying start with the most award-winning Bond cast ever — Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney & Ben Wishaw joining Daniel Craig on his third outing as 007.

Craig with new Bond girls Bernice Marlohe & Naomi Harris

Ted: I think most film lovers have seen some or maybe all of the James Bond films; even if you’re not into them, I’m quite sure you’ve seen one or two Bond films in your lifetime. As for me, I considered myself a Bond fanatic, I mean come on now, the dude looks good, gets to sleep with beautiful women, drives a super expensive car, blow a lot of stuff up and save the world from the bad guys. It’s a fantasy for every male out there, okay maybe some would rather be Batman or Superman but I digress.

I’ve seen all of the Bond films and read most of the books, so I guess I’m qualified to give MY list of the worst Bond films ever produced. Just remember films are subjective, so don’t get mad at me if I included your favorite Bond films on my worst list.

Ruth: James Bond is huge in my household growing up. I used to watch the older Sean Connery Bond movies with my brothers who were both 5 years older than me, but the Bond I grew up with were Roger Moore & Timothy Dalton. I think Bond movies are the quintessential escapist entertainment — cool actions, exotic locales and our suave hero hardly ever gets hurt. But out of 22 Bond films, there are definitely quite a few duds.

Ted gave me this list a few months back and guess what, apparently we share a similar taste when it comes to Bond movies as I also regard these as my least favorite. We differ on one that I include on the honorable mention though, but let’s get to the top five first:

1. Never Say Never Again

Ted: There are several reasons why I think this is the worst Bond film ever. First off, this one wasn’t considered part of the Bond franchise since it was produced by Warner Bros. (MGM bought the rights a few years ago but it’s still considered the black sheep of the franchise) and also it was a remake of a much superior Bond film, Thunderball. Yes, it starred Sean Connery but he was in his late 50s around this time and when you paired him with the young Bond girl, Kim Basinger, it was kind of creepy.

The villain was pretty weak, in fact I thought the actor who played the villain was very dorky looking and every time he appeared on screen, I started laughing. Then there’s the action or should I say what action? There were two major action sequences in the whole film and they were badly directed by Irwin Kirchner, this is the same man who directed The Empire Strikes Back; not sure what happened there. In an interview, Kirchner said he didn’t want to direct those action scenes, so I guess that’s why there were so badly shot. And lastly, the film was just plain boring.

Ruth: An elderly, balding Bond just ruins the image of the super spy. You know the phrase, quit when you are ahead? Well, Connery definitely overstayed his welcome with this one.

2. A View To A Kill

Ted: You know the film isn’t any good when you have Christopher Walken is playing the villain and yet he’s boring as heck. Also, Roger Moore wasn’t such a young man anymore; he looked bored and probably wanted to be anywhere else but on the set of this film. Oh yeah, Grace Jones was probably the most scary Bond girl/henchwoman ever and not scary in the good way.

Ruth: Grace Jones aside, this movie also had one of the worst Bond girls ever. I realize some Bond girls are merely serve as ‘damsel in distress’ but Tanya Roberts took it way too literally. She came across ditzy and whiny, I mean saying the word ‘Oh James’ multiple different ways doesn’t exactly count as acting!

3. Diamonds Are Forever

Ted: So Connery was basically begged to come back and play Bond again since On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was a box office disappointment. They even paid him a then record $1.2 mil to reprise his most famous role. This was the film that kicked off the comedic tone in the Bond films throughout the 70s and 80s, the dark ending of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service made the studio very nervous so they asked the filmmakers to tone done the seriousness of the film. I think this film has probably the worst Bond girl ever, Jill St. John’s character was badly-written and she didn’t really do much in the film besides showing off her body. But what I do I know; the film was a huge success.

Ruth: I think I must’ve dozed off when I saw this one with my brothers but there was hardly anything memorable in this film. I think the only worthy thing about this one is the theme song sang by the inimitable Shirley Bassey.

4. You Only Live Twice

Ted: This film does have some cool action scenes but when Connery put on fake slant eyes so he could he disguise himself as a Japanese man, it was the low point in the Bond franchise. But this was back in the late 60s so I guess I can forgive the filmmakers for coming up with such an offensive idea.

The concept for the film was decent, but the execution just wasn’t there. The directing was sloppy and the editing was even worse. Another thing that surprised me was how bad the film looked, I mean this was a big-budgeted film for its time and it looked pretty ugly. The other Bond films in that same decade looked spectacular, maybe the director and cinematographer wanted to give the film a new look but in my opinion they failed.

Ruth: I don’t think I have anything else to add. Having a 6’2″, ultra-tanned, hairy Scot pretending to be an Oriental man is more than enough reason to include this on the worst list. I mean, seriously, it doesn’t get any more absurd than this, I don’t care what era it’s set in, there’s just no excuse for it. Oh and the villain Spectre was basically laughable, no doubt this is where Austin Powers got most of its inspiration from for Dr. Evil.

5. The World Is Not Enough

Ted: Denise Richards played a scientist. Again, Denise Richards played a scientist in this movie. The very same Denise Richards who was married to Charlie Sheen and she played a scientist! I guess I made my point, but Denise was not the only problem in this movie. The plot was lame and Brosnan look bored in the entire film. Michael Apted was not known for doing action films and it showed because most of the set pieces were so boring. The only best action scene in the whole film was the boat chase in the beginning. One critic said it best when she reviewed the movie, “The spy who bored me.” I totally agree.

Ruth: If casting could kill. Never in the history of a Bond film has there been a casting decision as ludicrous as this one. Not only did this one boast the most idiotic Bond girl name ever conceived — Dr. Christmas Jones (as if adding Doctor in front of it would make it better??) — there are lines like this, “I thought Christmas only comes once a year.” I rest my case.

Honorable mentions:

  • The Man with the Golden Gun
    Ted: The film almost destroyed the franchise because it tanked at the box office so bad that United Artists considered pulling the plug any future Bond projects. But when they looked at the world wide box office numbers, they decided to keep going with it. The film only earned around $20mil here in the states.
  • Die Another Day
    Ted: The film that ended Pierce Brosnan’s run as Bond. I actually enjoyed the first half of this one but wow, the rest of the film was awful. Bond surfing in the beginning then later he surfed again? It was bad.
  • Moonraker
    Ted: I believe the tagline for this film was, ‘James Bond in space.’ I guess most of the big budgeted films around this time were trying to cash in on the Star Wars craze and so why not send Bond into space right? I think out of all of Roger Moore’s Bond films, this one ranks as the most ridiculous one in my opinion. I didn’t include it on my top 5 worst list is because I enjoyed most of the film, while I hated everything about A View to a Kill.

  • Live and Let Die
    Ted: Roger Moore’s first outing as Bond was a pretty weird movie, the film hardly had any action in it and the villain again was quite weak. The reason I didn’t include it on my top 5 list was because Jane Seymour was so gorgeous in this one, she’s one of my favorite Bond girls.
  • Quantum of Solace
    Ruth: Now this is my pick as Ted quite like this one. I really, really want to like this film and yes I did have a high expectations considering how fantastic Casino Royale was. But really there was just too much fighting in this film and the action sequences were too choppy and too brutal for what I expect a Bond film to be. Dominic Greene may be a good actor but he just makes a dull and lackluster villain. Add the overly-serious Olga Kurylenko who’s all business and no fun, it is the audience who is in need of a bit of solace as we’re ripped off some good escapist fun at the movies.

So what do you think of our list? Share your thoughts and name your own picks of worst Bond flicks in the comments!

119 thoughts on “Top 5 WORST James Bond Films Ever Made

  1. View To A Kill is definitely one of my least favourites. Great point about Walken – you’d expect him to be a great bad guy but in this he’s totally bland. It is a shame Roger Moore’s tenure as 007 should end on such a down note.

    I’m surprised by the inclusion of Diamonds and You Only Live Twice – I preferred them both to From Russia With Love and Dr. No in the Sean Connery group.

    1. It’s really a shame when directors hire good actors but not make the most of it, y’know. I mean, Walken seems like a recipe of good villain, but he’s like a David Bowie wannabe there with his bleached blond hair, ahah. What, you didn’t like ‘From Russia’? I quite enjoyed that one. Great train scenes, too.

      1. I suppose it goes to show that although we can hypothesize about great actors who could play great Bond villains, it doesn’t always work out.

    2. Ted S.

      Yeah I can’t believe you have a talented actor like Walken and yet the role written for him was so lame.

      Sorry Dan, I can’t stand Diamonds Are Forever, I did enjoy some parts of You Only Live Twice but overall I thought it was a mess.

  2. NEVER AGAIN and NOT ENOUGH are undoubtedly two of the very worst 007’s ever captured. Beyond that I’m a little aghast.

    Not only do I think including two of Connery’s six smacks of blasphemy, but I have no idea how a list of the worst 007 goes completely Dalton-free! C’mon man – LICENSE TO KILL at the very least, if not both. And are we pretending that ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE never happened?

    Interesting choices, but I vote nay.

    For my money…


    (in no particular order)

    1. Well we both are Dalton fans, Ryan, and I happen to like Licence to Kill. Dalton is a gritty Bond, way ahead of his time before Craig came along. I think I’ll forever be defending Dalton, ahah.

      As for HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE, I think it suffered from Lazenby as Bond but the story is actually pretty good. I think people just hate it ’cause Bond gets married.

    2. Ted S.

      Ryan, I actually enjoyed both of Dalton’s Bond films and I included On Her Majesty’s Secret Service on my best Bond films ever, guess our taste in Bond films are quite different.

      1. jamesb59

        Actually I totally agree with you, Ted, OHMSS is my fave, and Dalton was awesome in the role. Moore poofs don’t like Bond as a real man’s man and assasin, which is what he mainly is.

    3. aaaaaaah…..LOL On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is one of my all-time faves. the ski chase down the mountain alone is totally worth it.

      I didn’t like any of the Brosnan Bonds other than Goldeneye, which is another of my all-time faves….by the time he got into the invisible car, i was done.

    4. Jeez Ryan you manage to pick my top two Bondfilms for your worst five.

      I’m a huge fan of both IHMSS and Licence to Kill. Mostly because they are so non Bondish but more natural and gritty and to be fair Dalton was at least 15 years ahead of his time. He plays him like Craig does now. Dalton is my favorite Bond.

  3. I’m just about to start rewatching all of the Bond films and really quite looking forward to it. There are a couple of duds and View To A Kill is up there (although great theme song) but the one I dislike most is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It just seems so lacklustre and nothing-y compared to the rest.

    1. Ooh fun, Louise. How many more do you still have to watch? I should do that one of these days, maybe sometime before the new one comes out.

    2. Louise, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ is my GF’s favorite Bond movie. It is unique in a lot of ways and the ski sequence is awesome. I also like the finale that happens with Bond’s new bride.

  4. The only redeeming parts of ‘A View to a Kill’ happen within the first 15 minutes…the invention of the snowboard and the epic theme song. Normally Moonraker comes up frequently in my least liked Bond movies as well. I tend to like a more serious story so the Roger Moore featured films leave me underwhelmed.

    1. That’s right, Max, and the San Francisco scenery is pretty nice but overall it’s just blah. Moore’s Bonds are good fun when I saw them as a youngster, but yeah, they lack bite ’cause Moore just aren’t that believable in the action stuff.

  5. PrairieGirl

    I’m guessing I’ve seen only three Bond films: Dr. No (the premier of the series), The Living Daylights and Casino Royale, and love all three. In fact, I saw Dr. No just the other day for the first time, and even though it’s certainly old school now, it still stands the test of time and was excellent, glad I got to see it. So I know this is supposed to be about the worst Bond films, so let me just say I’m so glad for this list, so when I go looking for more to see I can avoid the duds and zero in on the good ones. Thanks Ruth and Ted!

    1. I should rewatch Dr. No, it’s been ages but Connery was soooo good looking. Plus the enigmatic villain who makes up the title is pretty convincingly evil. I should lend you my Licence to Kill dvd, Becky, Dalton is good in it, too, as he always is 🙂

      1. PrairieGirl

        I know, SC was HOT back then! And the whole film was just great. Oh, for sure I’ll borrow LTK. Loved TD in TLD just as you said I would, so I certainly believe that LTK is good too,

        1. PrairieGirl

          BTW, Ruth, I have the first three Bond films on regular DVD… $10 for all three at Wal Mart, what a deal, huh?! So if you want, let me know.

    2. Ted S.

      Thanks Becky, you should try watching some of the films we listed, who knows you might enjoy them. As I mentioned, we all have different taste in films so might like the ones we hate. 🙂

  6. I think ‘A View to a Kill’ was the first Bond flick I saw theatrically, and I’m not ashamed to admit that a big reason for that was the Duran Duran theme song!

  7. Vince

    I wanted to mention the 1967 movie Casino Royale with David Niven playing Bond and with John Huston directing. While obviously spoofing itself and spotlighting the glamour of the Bond franchise, David Niven as Bond just drags the whole movie down – now if it was Peter Sellers maybe…

    1. Ahah, David Niven as Bond? I always remember him as the bemused Oscar host who had to deal with a naked streaker walking across the stage!! There’s gotta be a bunch of spoof movies of Bond, I should check if I can watch parts of it on Youtube.

  8. These Bond posts and lists are always fun to participate in (especially after reading various opinions on exactly why they’re either the best or worst). Mine are, in order of worst to least:
    1. View to a Kill – Christopher Walken is wasted as a villain, Roger really overstayed in the role of JB with his last two stints, and it’s not a very compelling story (even if it did try to catch up with computer tech circa mid-80s).
    2. Moonraker – while it has one of the best villains (Michael Lonsdale) of the series, he’s wasted in a mess of story (again) playing catch-up to Star Wars. The space angle never really works in this series.
    3. Die Another Day – man, I wanted Pierce Brosnan to go out with a good Bond. Sadly, didn’t happen for me. Another story involving some orbiting space device and ludicrous action scenes (notice, I’m not complaining about Halle Berry ;-)). Meh villain, too.
    4. Never Say Never Again – yeah, just because someone had movie rights that allowed the ‘Thunderball’ story to be remade doesn’t mean they should have. Still Connery actually look better here as an older Bond than he did in ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ (when he was actually younger… comparatively).
    5. The Living Daylights – I know I’m going to catch hell from Ruth on this one, but I must put it here. Timothy Dalton has to be the most wasted, talented actor to play Bond. He really could have had a much longer career in the role, but the stories he was handed tried to change JB to a more politically correct version. Bad move. I actually like TD better in ‘Licence to Kill’ (which makes a lot of worst lists, btw) because it’s the darkest Bond ever.

    Thanks Ruth and Ted for fun (I say this as I duck).

      1. Ahah, don’t worry Michael, everyone’s entitled to their opinion so I won’t hurl anything at you for what you said about TLD. I didn’t think he was wasted but one thing I didn’t like about Living Daylights is Joe Don Baker as the villain. I mean he’s just not even in the same league as Dalton! When the two are speaking it just felt so weird as Dalton was so eloquent yet tough and he looked like a geeky teenage boy obsessed with war toys! But there are parts in the film that Dalton executed brilliantly and his dramatic range really shone, especially the part when Saunders got killed in the amusement park. His rage as he squeezed the balloons was quite intense.

        Glad you enjoyed Licence to Kill though, glad they cast a better villain in that one. Yep, it’s the darkest Bond ever and I loved it! Crazy how young Benicio was in that film, I almost didn’t recognize him when I saw that film recently.

    1. Ted S.

      You know I actually like The Living Daylights quite a bit, I wouldn’t call it great, just a bit too long. Other than that I think you and I have the same taste in the Bond films. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by as always!

  9. Hi, Ted, Ruth and company:

    Excellent one-on-one topic!

    The film that turned me off the Bond franchise was ‘Never Say Never Again’. Connery was looking old and acting his age. Michael Fox’s ‘M’ was ridiculous in an unneeded re-make of the far superior ‘Thunderball’.

    Was never much of a fan of Roger Moore as Bond. Too pretty and unwilling to get his hands dirty. Better suited to play Simon Templar in ‘The Saint’. Still think George Lazenby made a very serviceable Bond in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. Far better than than the following two given the Bond mantle.

    Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan were paler imitations of Moore’s Bond. While transitioning from spy to action hero.

    Daniel Craig has made the circle complete. Though still retains that bit of a bastard that Connery wielded so effortlessly.

    1. Ted S.

      Hi Jack,

      Thanks as always for your well thought out comments, I totally agree with you about Never Say Never Again, it was just a mess of a film.

      I’ve never seen any of the Saint TV show episodes, I did enjoy the Val Kilmer film version, wish it could’ve been better though. That’s one of the films they should remake/reboot/retool or whatever Hollywood is doing nowadays.

      1. Hey Ted, so agree about The Saint. I’d love to see that being remade by a really competent action director. With a better script and more compelling villain, it could’ve been a GREAT spy flick. I do like Kilmer though, he was quite fun to watch.

    2. Hi Jack. Dalton a paler imitation of Moore’s Bond??? I’m left scratching my head with that comment of yours, but other than that, I agree with you. IHMO, Craig made ‘the circle complete’ as he basically emulated what Dalton did before the audience was ready for a truly gritty, no-nonsense Bond.

  10. I’m thrilled that you didn’t include any Timothy Dalton films on this list. It drives me crazy to hear his movies unfairly pushed to the bottom. I would switch around the order, but here’s my list of worst choices:

    1. Diamonds are Forever – this one goes way too far into campy territory. Somehow, Connery looks 10 years older here than in You Only Live Twice. It’s such a mess.

    2. Die Another Day – yes, it has a great opening 30 minutes, but the rest of it is the worst stretch in pretty much any Bond film. Such a waste of a good start and totally ridiculous, even by Bond standards.

    3. A View to a Kill – this one just edges out The Man With the Golden Gun as the worst Roger Moore outing. It’s slow-moving and silly, Moore looks way too old, and Tanya Roberts is awful as the leading girl. They also waste Christopher Walken, and even Grace Jones isn’t crazy enough.

    4. The Man With the Golden Gun – this is another really odd Moore outing that’s only interesting because of Christopher Lee as the villain. The rest of it is mostly uninteresting, especially because of Nick Nack.

    5. Never Say Never Again – this was a close call over Moonraker but never really grabs you. Connery gives it a decent shot, and the story isn’t bad, but Basinger is rough. Also, it has a really ho-hum ending.

    1. Ted S.

      Hi Dan,

      Those are definitely bad Bond films, I was thinking of putting Diamonds Are Forever on #1 but then I saw Never Say Never Again recently and I just couldn’t stand it.

    2. Hey Dan, well you won’t find any quibble or mockery about Dalton from me, man. I’m so glad we both agree on that! Btw, this list is in random order, so we basically agree on the worst list!

  11. i’m actually going to post an interview related to the James Bond series to my blog on Monday. i could write a book on it though LOL

    These are my best Bonds (no particular order):
    Dr. No
    Casino Royale (2006)
    On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
    Living Daylights

    You’ll notice no Roger Moore Bonds…it’s not that i won’t watch them, it’s just that he’s my least favorite & his movies were so campy. Craig is my favorite, he’s the most like the books, then Connery.

    The worst are:
    Die Another Day
    Never Say Never Again
    Diamonds Are Forever
    Tomorrow Never Dies

    I think in the later Bonds, they just ran out of ideas…there’s only so many whacked-out plots & villains in the world i guess.

    1. Ted S.

      Hey Paula,

      Those are great choices for your best Bond films and looks like we’re in agreement on the worst Bond films. Although, I have to admit it I quite enjoyed Octopussy, I don’t know why, the film was so silly and you can tell Roger Moore was getting bore playing Bond.

      1. Octopussy has its moments, like when Q shows up at the end, but in general it’s one of my least fave. All of the Moore Bonds are a little silly tho 😉

    2. Hey Paula, you changed your gravatar pic 😀 I LOVE that you put Casino Royale AND Living Daylights on your BEST list.

      Ha..ha… I see what you mean about Moore’s Bonds, but I guess since I grew up with them, I actually don’t mind them. No, they’re not my faves but because they’re so campy, they’re actually fun to watch. I mean, I actually own Octopussy and the chase scene in India is such a hoot! Glad to see you don’t like Brosnan either.

      1. Yep, new pic, I stole your sunglasses idea 😉

        I guess I’ll rewatch the Moore Bonds since I trust your opinion & Ted’s, they usually replay sometime during the holidays 🙂

        1. Ted S.

          Hey Paula, if you have Comcast or Infinity or whatever it’s call now, they usually have all of the Bond films On-Demand during the holidays. I actually rewatched a bunch of them a couple of years ago and they’re all broadcast in HD! If I remember correctly, most if not all of them are free.

  12. They were all a little more than camp especially after the 2nd film Her Majesty’s Service George Lazenby if any of the actors enjoyed it well I think it was more the swagger licence if you ask me I prefer Roger Moore as he did ‘The Saint’ and I loved that show. As of late the Bond trilogies have gotten more bizarre and depressing than fun. Although I haven’t seen the original with Barry Nelson who is far from the British stereotype the Bonds are today. Soundtracks are even worse as that is what I enjoyed most like Shirley Bassey, Paul McCartney, Gladys Knight, Nancy Sinatra, Tom Jones,Lulu I wish I could add Amy Winehouse would have been great for this collection as there are more but these are the ones I loved best.
    Will I see ‘Skyfall’ I don’t think so as the last one was pretty bad in my books so I think the Broccoli’s should end the series here and try something else.

    1. Hi Stella, I love the older Bond soundtracks too, I think Shirley Bassey’s voice and songs are so strong and memorable. The latest song was terrible, can’t even listen to it once without wincing. Ahah, as far as retiring Bond, I doubt that’ll happen as they’ve made so much money for the Broccolis.

      That is awesome that you’ve met Roger Moore. He seems like a classy guy. What a funny story, you are too starstruck to even say hello!! I was kind of like that when I met Gerry Butler but my hand had a mind on its own, ha…ha.. Glad to hear he’s a nice guy. I just read an article on him and he does seem like a humble guy who doesn’t take fame too seriously. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Just to add I did meet Roger Moore in Vancouver in 92′ as he walked into the shop I was working at in the Pan Pacific Hotel though I was too stunned and with trying to be normal as I had a total crush on him since ‘The Saint’ he was so nice and a lot different than I thought he would be. I didn’t get an autograph as those words couldn’t pass my lips past the smiling I couldn’t stop so I let him go out the door without a word except for my laughing fit that started after he left I am sure he heard me with my OMG’s as well. So that was my starstruck moment.

  14. I’m just so glad The Living Daylights is not in that list. It’s such an underrated bond film. I love it for the title song by A-ha let alone everything else. Great list

  15. Great list guys. To be honest, I’ve never been been a huge James Bond fan and really started to watch only with Golden Eye. No doubt The World is Not Enough was pushing the boundaries of ridiculousness in terms of casting and plot.

    1. I know Cas, glad you took the time to read it anyway. It’s never to late to catch up on Bond franchise as they’ll forever be making them 😀

  16. Haven’t seen any Bond films, but these all look terrible. I shall steer well clear, as I don’t care for spy movies in the first place. And Connery is annoying.

    1. You haven’t seen ANY Bond film?? I know you’re all about indie flicks but I think you’d enjoy at least a few Bond movies. Ahah, I think this is the first time I heard Connery being described as annoying.

  17. Great lists!
    The bottom 5 Bonds for me are:
    1) Moonraker
    2) Quantum of Solace
    3) For Your Eyes Only (Zzzzz)
    4) A View to a Kill
    5) You Only Live Twice

    And the Best!
    1) From Russia With Love
    2) GoldenEye
    3) The Spy Who Loved Me
    4) Goldfinger
    5) Dr. No
    And I really like Thunderball (despite the Tom Jones song!)

    1. Ha..ha.. FYEO boring? That’s one of my guilty pleasures actually, and I love Carole Bouquet as Bond girl. Thanks for sharing your list, Pat!

    1. Awesome Brenda, always nice to hear we could spark some discussion in anyone’s household. Thanks for stopping by. Do let us know what the consensus is in your household 😀

  18. Moonraker – I just remember that the space sequences are laughably bad and the Bond girl being annoying as hell.

    The World Is Not Enough – It bears repeating but “Denise Richards is a scientist.” The only things I like it about were the theme song ,sung by my favorite 90s band ,Garbage, and Sophie Marceau’s blue lace/sequined robe she wore toward the end of the film.

    Die Another Day – a pathetic Bond plot with cheesy special effects. Again the only good thing about was the theme song, sung by Madonna.

    You Only Live Twice – I try to tell myself every time I see a white actor in yellowface that the film was made in a different time. I try to put my film studies student cap on and I just can’t with this film. They really expected Japanese people to buy that Sean Connery was Japanese, really?! And it has a bad theme song.

    Quantum of Solace – I was just bored by it.

    I have high hopes for this latest one even though it could also fall victim to “too many stars spoil the movie” syndrome. I don’t know what Ralph Fiennes’s role is but I hope that he and Daniel Craig get to duke it out shirtless. And I hope that they pick someone like Adele to sing the theme song. But chances are they’ll go with Lady Gaga, which wouldn’t be too bad either since she can sing as well. Just as long as it is not Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Rihanna, or Beyonce.

    1. I’m so glad you call Brosnan’s Bond pathetic, especially in that silly movie! You’re right though I LOVE Garbage’s theme song, in fact I listened to it a few times as I was writing the post! 😀

      Quantum was really dull wasn’t it? Sooo much action but it just wasn’t engaging. The ending was terrible too, I mean at least other Bond films had a rather fun finale, cheeky at times, but fun. This one it was just meh.

      Ha..ha.. I’m really curious about Ralphy’s role, too. And yeah, Adele would be a perfect choice. I’d hate to see any of those girls you mention doing the theme song!!

  19. Hey Ruth, was disappointed to see View to a Kill on the list. That is one of my guilty pleasure Bond movies. Christopher Walken makes a great villain and Grace Jones is perfect as Mayday. I get the impression though that she might be like that in real life eek! Saw an interview with her once where she hit the interviewer! Scary :-0

    1. Sorry Ronan, but even you agree it’s more of a ‘guilty’ pleasure right? Grace Jones is scary, wow I wonder if the interviewer pressed charges??

  20. “A View to the Kill” and “Never Say Never Again” are examples of incompetent filmmaking. With “View,” it’s like Roger Moore was too tired to even care any more, and the writing and directing followed suit. “Never” was made by people who had no concept what made Bond work, even if it was a remake of a previous Bond film (by the way, the director’s name is spelled Irvin Kershner).

    I never quite understood why people hate “Diamonds Are Forever” so much, as it’s one of my favorite films. Sure, it’s over the top (and Sean Connery looks like he aged a decade since his previous outing), but it’s fun. It definitely changed the feel and tone of the series, precluding Roger Moore’s turns. Similarly, “Die Another Day” is a guilty pleasure; it’s a stupid movie, but is so outrageous and has a great sense of fun.

    On the other hand, I never understood the praise for “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” From breaking the fourth wall at the beginning of the movie (“That never happened with the other guy”) to the silly frilly costumes Bond wore at the ski resort (giving Austin Powers his wardrobe), to the long, boring chase scenes, this movie almost seemed a parody of itself. I find it painful to watch, and I’ve tried numerous times. I’ll even take Bond in space over this.

    1. By the way, Roger Moore is three years older than Sean Connery, so it’s funny that “elderly” Connery’s last film was released when he was 53 while Moore’s last outing was when he was 58.

      1. Hi Jamie, welcome to FC! I forgot Moore is older than Connery! Can’t believe Moore was almost 60 when he did his last Bond, he’s practically a grandpa. Plus he doesn’t age as gracefully as Dalton who could still kick butt even now at 65!

        1. Roger Moore was always younger looking, though, considering he was already 50 when he did “The Spy Who Loved Me,” and was thought of to be hired to take over the role of Bond due to his youthfulness compared to Connery.

          It really is ashamed that Timothy Dalton wasn’t given better material, considering he really was pretty good as Bond. At least Pierce Brosnan had two really good films before they returned to silliness. Let’s hope Daniel Craig’s revision lasts a bit longer.

    2. jamesb59

      Matthew old egg! AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Moonraker? Moonraker!!?!!? I don’t know who you will convince of that laughable excrement. did you enjoy the cartoon sounds when “Haws, I mean Jaws” hit the big tent only to miraculously survive? Why don’t you list the great story elements, or lines from this movie for me? The only thing missing was Wile E. Coyote, and I heard that was because he refused the part. And when Moore isn’t defacing the role of Bond he is skipping around in 17th century garb with knee breetches and silk stockings, clicking together his buckled shoes while applying his mole to an inch of white face makeup with his wig bouncing, screming, Oh Pansy! Where’s my snuff? Phsaw! Phsaw! AAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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  22. Nick

    hmmm i quite disagree with a lot of the people on this page. I will probably get a lot of backlash for this but Dalton and Craig are the best Bond actors by far. If you have read any of the books bond is not a suave person, he is a professional killer, and what do both craig and dalton do? they kill people with a cold resolve. as for worst bond flicks the list goes:

    1. Diamonds are Forever
    2. The World is Not Enough
    3. Moonraker
    4. You Only Live Twice
    5. Die Another Day

    Diamonds is pretty funny theres no denying that. Aside from Connery looking fat and old the final scene on the oil rig was just about the most boring ending (so we thought until For Your Eyes Only) to a bond villain ever. Oh, and lets not forget the two most hated henchmen ever, Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd. Those two alone ruined the movie for me, the rest was just icing on a shit cake.

    The World is Not Enough had potential. but it fell flat as Bronsan failed to deliver. Nothing more need be said as it already was said in the article.

    Moonraker….just sucked, It was the return of Jaws, who finally says something at the end, highlight of the film haha. laser battles, the amazon, going through the desert, and a horribly boring bad guy.

    You Only Live Twice… the long awaited revealing of Ernest Stavro Blofeld. Less than exciting to say the least. Hot red head getting eaten by piranhas? ok that was kind of funny. Bond turning into a japanese was super lame too. The girls were ok i thought. The action seens were pretty good though.

    Die Another Day, where do i start with this one? Everything about this movie sucked. It went from bond seeking revenge to Diamonds are Forever part 2, but oh wait add angry North Koreans who get turned into white people. I don’t dislike Halle Berry but she sucked as a bond girl, incompetent, boring, and just bland.

    Well there are my least favorite, now for the real heat to come.
    Top 5 Bond Films:

    1. The Living Daylights
    2. License to Kill
    3. The Man with the Golden Gun
    4. Live and Let Die
    5. Casino Royale

    The Living Daylights is by far my favorite. Why? Bond is a professional killer, and he is portrayed as one in this film very well. The action seens were very well done. 1 of his friends goes down which enrages him. The plot was very interesting. Also the girl had a role that was more than just being a good looking girl.

    License to Kill is probably my second favorite flick. Bonds best friend gets maimed so he goes on the hunt to find the killer. It has probably one of the most memorable car chases in the series. Again bond is a rogue professional not some suave playboy.

    The Man with the Golden Gun was probably one of the best Moore film’s. A great villain, few to no goofy henchmen, and Brit Ekland was smokin. The opening them done by Lulu is pretty awesome too. As stated with the previous two films, its bond being a professional and not some super suave guy. He twist a girls arm to get info.

    Live and Let Die. Not so much on the professionalism on this one, however the fact that his assistant is the son of the guy from Dr. No is an awesome continuity. oh and the main title song is done by Paul mccartney, can’t hate that. jane seymour? can’t hate that either.

    Casino Royale. Opening seen? need i say more. oh and again with the professionalism on this one.

    I realize i left out a lot of the connery films and ohmss. not to mention half the moore films and completely neglected never say never. Never say never is not an official series film so it doesn’t count, and shouldn’t. If you count never say you should also include the original Casino Royale which is basically an old version of Austin Powers. The connery years were ok for the most party up until You Only Live Twice. They were a good starting point for the series. The mid Moore years were ok, but nothing to special, good for a boring afternoon and some pizza. i would have thrown Goldeneye in with the good films but its top 5 not top six. Almost everything was good about golden eye except the bond girl was not so attractive.

    OHMSS, yeah Lazenby sucks at talking but the man could move. It was serious too, which was awesome. Blofeld got a face lift and was moderately more competent than in the previous movies.

    1. Hey Nick, well you will get a big hug from me for saying Dalton is one of the best Bond actors! He sure was and I don’t care what anybody says. Three of your best Bond list would make mine as well, the two Dalton ones & Casino Royale I mean. Btw, the scene in TLD when Sanders got killed at an amusement park, Dalton’s reaction as he squeezed the balloon was just superb. You could just see the rage in his eyes, that’s what made me like him, he’s got that sense of danger to go with that dashing good looks.

  23. What I consider to be the five worst Bond movies:

    1. “GOLDFINGER” (1964)

    2. “DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER” (1971)

    3. “DR. NO” (1962)


    5. “TOMORROW NEVER DIES” (1997)

    1. Hi Lady, thanks for your comment. You didn’t like Dr. No? I haven’t seen that one but I’m curious about it. I think you’re one of the few who didn’t like that movie.

  24. I recently re-watched a bunch of these here it goes.

    Diamonds are Forever
    Live and Let Die
    Quantum of Solace
    You Only Live Twice

    I rewatched Moonraker and sure its no Citizen Kane but its quite entertaining!

    1. So Joel, these are your list for worst, right? I agree w/ you on Solace, definitely a letdown after Casino Royale. I quite enjoyed Moonraker actually, but overall it’s just not a good movie.

  25. Alx

    You only live twice is actually a good one in many senses. Also, anything that is not Broccoli production doesn’t count anyway since they’re bad anyway, that’s why Never say never again shouldn’t even be on that list. Here is my top 5 worst 007 flicks:

    5. A view to a kill
    4. Moonraker
    3. For your eyes only
    2. The world is not enough
    1. License to Kill

  26. Erik

    Somehow, I got here by searching for “worst face lifts”. But what the hay, I’ll comment.
    1. Die Another Day – Starts great, fun sword fight, then cheesy FX and Halle Berry take over. Also, Bond doesn’t get the attractive girl.

    2. Thunderball – The first unit lighting is incompetent; Ted Moore was a stain on the BSC. Over reliance of poor fx work like above. Location and studio work don’t match. I guess they realized that the underwater unit actually had good footage do they bore you to death with it.

    3. Casino Royale – The hot chic dies, always a bad sign. Eva Green? Why would you want your Bond girl pastier and uglier than Daniel Craig? The parts based on the book were a snooze fest.

    4. A View to a Kill – Set in/near San Francisco and it still sucked. Plot ripped off from Superman where it seemed appropriately comic booky.

    5. Moonracker – Some good if brief suspense in Venice and Rio. The once intimidating Jaws is just a joke IN SPACE!

    Dishonorable mentions:
    Man with …..
    Live and let die
    On her…
    Never say never again

  27. Bob

    I actually really liked “View to a Kill” – there, I said it.

    Top 5 worst: in no particular order:

    The Man with the Golden Gun (wasted Britt Eckland and Christopher Lee)
    Octopussy (weak villains, theme song & Maude Adams? Ugh.)
    The World is not Enough (where to begin…)
    Quantum of Solace (what the hell does that mean, anyway?)
    Die another Day / Casino Royale (liked the Peter Sellars’ one better)

    1. Oh no, no love for Craig’s Casino Royale? That’s one of my all time faves actually. Octopussy is kind of a guilty pleasure for me 🙂

  28. Bob

    On soundtrack, cool villains and Jane Seymour alone “Live and Let Die” should be exempt from any “worst” list. As for “Majesty”, “For your Eyes Only” and, “License” they weren’t anything spectacular but they were all very solid outings in there own rights – and all underrated. “Moonraker” was silly, yes, but it was Roger Moore – you already knew what you were getting going into it!

  29. Saw you cite Moonraker as “So Bad Its Good” in the comments, here Ruth. Thats how I feel about TWINE. I’d definitely swap that one out for Man with the Golden Gun.

    And YOLT is great fun! It’s the intersection of the “campier” Moore era and the legit Connerys. I’m a big fan.

    The other three are no brainers…. 😀

    1. The only thing ‘good’ about TWINE is Sophie Marceau as Elektra. Denise is just terrible through and through, nothing to appreciate at all about her other than the part when she said, ‘save the jokes, I’ve heard them all’ regarding her ludicrous name, ahah.

      For me YOLT is just too much for making Connery look Asian, I mean it’s insulting and revolting!!

      1. Ruth, you didn’t like Denise’s portrayal of a 28-year-old nuclear physicist who complains about all the men hitting on her while she wears halter tops showing her mid-drift and short shorts?

        1. Ahah, I can see why guys appreciate all of her assets you mentioned but my answer is YES. The whole thing about her is beyond cliched it’s not even funny!!

      2. jamesb59

        What is insulting and revolting about Connery playing a Japanese guy? I have actually scene Japanese men bigger than that. I think you have a psychological P.C. hangup here you need to release!

    2. Well, you’re right about the making Connery try to look asian thing. There’s no excuse. different world. I suppose, back then.

      Denise brings the comic relief to that movie, though Ruth! 😀 I love watching her play Physicist! She practically hurts her brain delivering some of those lines! 😀

      You’re right though Marceau is straight up awesome, and one of the legit reasons to like that movie.

      1. Comic relief, yeah I suppose, though I was more repulsed than amused, but you’re right, it’s mind-boggling why ANY director would cast her here. Yes I know playing a Bond girl is no brain surgery, or nuclear science in this case, but still! I think there was one scene where Sophie was saying something snarky to Denise and I could almost tell that the derision was real, she wasn’t just in character, ahah.

      2. jamesb59

        Man! YOu guys are so caught up over nothing real! Making Connery look Asian? Guess propaganda works! No wonder the Nazis nearly took over the world!

  30. Seanie

    I think most of the Bond films were good and entertaining and like them all apart from a few. In my opinion, there is only two really bad Bond movies:

    Die Another Day. What was wrong with this film? Well, for starters all the weird stuff in it especially the invisible car! Other worthy mentions are the North Korean who is turned into an Englishman and the silly swordfight and the anti-climatic ending.

    Casino Royale (1960s version): Not to be confused with the excellent 2006 film, the original Casino Royale from 1968 or so was terrible. It had a retired Bond and then a new Bond clone and – while it was meant to be a spoof – it wasn’t funny. As with comedy Westerns, I think comedy Bond films didn’t work – until Austin Powers came along to change that. But Casino Royale 1960s neither pleased Bond fans or comedy fans.

    Other Bond films are poor. The ones that are poor in my opinion are:

    The World is Not Enough: A VERY racist film. The comment ‘past the terrorists in Iraq and Iran’ breaks a golden rule in earlier Bond films where countries were not named but organisations dominated (but this cheap remark was propaganda for the pro-Iraq war movement and was not even necessary in a film that was set in netheir Iran or Iraq). As well as that, the film’s bad guy is not convincing and – like Die Another Day – the ending is an anti-climax.

    A View to a Kill: The villain is great, the story is original and the start of the film is brilliant. BUT the main reason this film is poor is the lack of action from Bond himself. Roger Moore must have aged a lot in 2 years as he was involved in a lot of action in the action packed Octopussy.

    The Man with the Golden Gun: Probably Roger Moore’s poorest Bond film. The action is very sparse, the midget villain is a joke and Christopher Lee is not used to his full potential. Plus there is no plot – why is Bond even investigating Scaramanga who does not have seemed to do anything!!

    Diamonds are Forever: by no means a bad film. It has good action scenes, good villains and all that and would have been okay in another part of the series. BUT directly after On her Majesty’s Secret Service we needed a revenge-type film a la Licence to Kill or Quantom of Solace. The start showed elements of that but revenge should have been the theme throughout with the Blofeld and Irma Bunt characters getting a personal execution from Bond at the end. But, Blofeld gets a very impersonal “end” and we are unsure if he even died! Of course, he survived and appeared in a later film. And Bunt does not appear at all. Sean Connery’s poorest movie probably (compared to classics like You only Live Twice, Goldfinger and From Russia with Love) but way better than many that came after it.

    For Your Eyes Only: I don’t know why I consider this to be poor or why I actually much prefer Moonraker to it. But there is something non-interesting about this film and the villains keep changing. We start with Blofeld getting thrown down a chimney (as said, a whole revenge on Blofeld film was needed and this 5 minute clip tried to resolve that). Blofeld or SPECTRE do not appear after that and we have an East German, a guy called Emile Locke and then we have Kristatos. What the plot is about is again pretty vacant and I’m left with the feeling that it is Roger Moore’s second poorest effort.

    Never Say Never Again: Not a bad film, good action and so on yes. But why remake Thunderball? While not a part of the official series, we still see in this film Blofeld alive and well and we have the exact same plot as Thunderball modernised for the 1980s. There was talks of remaking Thunderball again and Pierce Brosnan wanted to redo On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Well, these were done already and it is time to do original Bond films and not remakes.

    1. Great breakdown on your picks of worst films. I disagree on FYEO however, I thought that was one of the best of Moore’s Bond films and Melina is one of my fave Bond girl. I agree that The World Is Not Enough is racist on top of being daft, and Toby Stephens makes for a lame Bond villain, he also makes a bad Rochester as well in the BBC version of Jane Eyre!

    2. jamesb59

      How is talking about terrorists in Iran and Iraq racist? Iran supports terrorism. also the statement has nothing to do with race…it is nationalistic which is totally dif. Man..someone did a P.C.mind f ck on you didn’t they?

  31. I thought THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH was incredible. I don’t know why everyone hated it. Sophie Marceau was an awesome Bond girl and Richards wasn’t bad either. She was badass and cool (despite her name, that was kind of lame.) but the backstory to the film was great. (Although i wished they told more about Elektra’s mother and why Elektra despised her father so much. Not many people know about it in detail.)

    1. I agree that Sophie Marceau was an awesome Bond girl, heck she was the saving grace of that film for me, but yeah, we barely know what happens between her and her dad. The rest of the movie is just crap IMO.

  32. Paul

    So glad and relieved that people with taste are actually bigging up the Dalton films and recognising the Moore films as the camp jokes they clearly are. I like my Bond serious and, if possible, gadget free (or, at the very least, slightly more plausible than the majority we’re lumbered with). For my money, the best Bonds are From Russia With Love, OHMSS, the two Dalton films, Craig’s Casino Royale, and just out of left-field – Moore’s For Your Eyes Only. Yes, I know the music is pants and some of the set-pieces are very silly, but at least Moore tries to play it straight (even his eyebrows remain immobile) and the plot is not another nutter-taking-over-the-world. I’d rather watch that than the awful Moonraker and the overrated Spy Who Loved Me. Brosnan was good in only The World is Not Enough (again, aware that this is hated, but it’s better than the equally overrated GoldenEye). Finally, for pure fun, I love Goldfinger, Thunderball,and You Only Live Twice. Add these films together, and you’re looking at TEN Bond films I can happily watch without suffering a nervous twitch and a foaming at the mouth!!

    1. Hi Paul, glad to see a lot of people are recognizing Dalton as Bond. Amen on all you said about Bond being serious, I mean in the books he’s a complicated man and I think Dalton captured that.

      Thanks for letting me know that you agree Dalton was a great Bond! I do love FYEO as well and I think that’s one of my fave of Moore’s Bonds.

  33. Matthew Harrison

    Cant quite believe what I’m reading.

    To find most of my favourite bonds in the worst 5 is shocking.

    First of all let’s get one thing sorted out.
    Roger is by far the best bond. The man is a legend.

    My 3 favourite bond films are:

    A view to a kill
    Live and let die
    You only live twice

    Can’t believe the man with the golden gun is also on a lot of people’s lists. That is without doubt another top bond film. All of Roger’s films are class. Moonraker is another great one.

    Worst bond films have to be OHMSS Never say Never again. Both shocking. Diamonds are forever is pretty poor to.

    To prove lots of you are wrong about view to a kill I would go as far to say it my favourite bond of all time. It’s near perfection. The only thing I’ll give you is bond is getting a little old but I still think Roger pulls it off brilliantly.

    Walken and Mayday make awesome baddies and I love the whole plot from start to finish.

    It was a very sad day when Moore had to hang his gun up and for me it was the end of an era.

    I’m in love with a view to a kill that much I actually watch it most days and I never get bored. I mean what other bond has anything quite as funny and genius as that Renault getting snapped in half and Roger still driving it.

    1. Hi Matthew, hey sorry that we don’t see eye to eye but hey, I appreciate you voicing your opinion about YOUR favorite Bond film. Seems like Roger has a lot of funny moments in his um, lesser Bond car, as him and the Citroen in For Your Eyes Only was quite fun as well!

    2. jamesb59

      Matthew Harrison, really? Moonraker? I have walked out on two movies in my life, and if I hadn’t been with friends Moonraker could have been added to the list, although i did make serious attempts to get them to split with me! This movie makes a cartoon look like Judgement at Nuremburg! Of course with the effeminate Roger Moore playing Bond, they couldn’t win no matter what they did.

  34. My list for the worst Bond movies ever made:

    1. “NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN” – a tired and overblown remake of “THUNDERBALL”

    2. “DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER” – funny, but badly written. And how does a diamond smuggler know of the existence of a MI-6 agent?

    3. “GOLDFINGER” – Between Bond’s immature behavior, Goldfinger’s lack of intelligence and the plot holes, this was an extremely hard movie to like.

    4. “DR. NO” – a clumsy mixture of spy thriller and sci-fi adventure

    5. “TOMORROW NEVER DIES” – The only interesting thing about this movie was Michelle Yeoh. Everything else was boring and unoriginal . . . a Bond-by-the-numbers story that nearly put me to sleep.

  35. MC

    You are the most ill-informed lazy and (insert expletive of choice here)-ing group of internet posters I have ever seen.

    That includes ANY posts beneath youtube videos…that’s how low you’ve gone.

    Diamonds are forever isn’t sean connery’s best, but if you compare it to some of the later films….my god…..

    1. Die another day (the worst franchise film ever made)
    2. Moonraker (naahhh)
    3. World is not Enough
    4. Tomorrow Never dies
    5. Licence to Kill

    Anything else (including View to a Kill, which has some fantastic moments) is classic bond.

    Never Say Never Again doesn’t count, it’s not an EON film. It’s still better than Brosnan’s greasy turdmovies though. That said – Goldeneye is one of the best of all.

    People choosing Dr.No and Goldfinger? I think someone should nominate you for “Will it blend?” Have you never read a book by Ian Fleming? It’s not about opinion, sometimes you can just be wrong. By a fusking mile..

  36. Just goes to show how dif views are on these movies. I have walked out of two films in my life, and I would have walked out on Moonraker if I hadn’t been there with friends. I actually tried to get them to leave a few times. I can’t believe this pathetic cartoon of a movie is not at the top of everyone’s list. After that, I would say any movie with Roger Moore daring to portray James Bond was garbage. I actually liked Never Say Never Again to a point. It was missing one vital element..decent music. The music was pathetic.
    Some people have On Her Majesty’s SS on here as one of the worst? Don’t get that at all as I think it was the best for its time. Lazenby did a surprisingly good job, but if the movie had starred Connery it would have been over the top one of the best ever.

  37. jamesb59

    1. Moonraker-hands down. I wanted to walk out on it but was there with friends.
    2. ANY of the Bond films after ’75 with Roger Moore daring to portray Bond.
    Can’t believe some of the entries on here. My fave was On Her Majestys SS. but I understand why some people wouldn’t like it. But Goldfiinger? Come on!

    1. Matthew Harrison

      James you sound like a lunatic.
      Bad mouthing such a legend as Roger. His bonds are by far the best, although I believe he got some of the best story lines.

      It doesn’t surprise me you like OHMSS, it’s utter shite.

      Can’t believe your giving moonraker such a ripping, I only watched it the other day and thought what a great film.

      I think you seriously need to reconsider if your actually a bond fan. Hating the Moore films is mental as that’s over a quarter of the films. They define bond. Without Roger and Sean bond would be nothing.

      Thinking about walking out of moonraker was just pathetic.

  38. DT

    The villain’s name in YOLT is Blofeld, not Spectre (that’s the name of the organisation). If you don’t know this most basic piece of info you are in no way qualified to judge what is a good or bad Bond film. Sorry

  39. Steve

    Any Bond move that didn’t have Sean Connery or Daniel Craig is mostly likely pretty bad except that there were some fun characters in these other movies.
    I happened to have liked Never Say Never Again. I liked all the Connery movies. I’d be happy if he came back for another one. Skyfall was dreadful for a Craig movie, but I’d still rather see that one than anything with Brosnan – he’s about as much like Bond as I am. Moore looked out of place with many of his leading ladies and was a total bore. He was better in The Saint.

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  41. Abe

    If we are doing worst films in the series Pierce Brosnan has got that down followed closely by Daniel Craig who started with one of the best Bonds in the series and dived from there. Sean Connery has his first 3 classics that will always remain yet also the worst Bond movie with Never Say Never Again. Roger Moore has the best Bond plots that are undone by the Bond producers & filmmakers sticking in audio & cheap editing gags (Slide Whistle MWTGG, Double Take pigeon MR, Tarzan Yell OP, Beach Boys AVTAK) while Moore puts in a great charismatic performance.) George Lazenby made the best Bond movie with OHMSS…Connery wouldn’t have worked with his later bloated bored self. Timothy Dalton has no charisma and can’t deliver a one liner..Living Daylights is his worst cuz it feels like a younger Roger Moore or a first Pierce Brosnan Bond movie…at the same time Licence to KIll is great cuz it has humor though its brought down for being way too violent (at the time) way to bloated and long and looking really cheap and made for tv.

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