Absolutely Drool-Worthy INCEPTION banners

Hello folks, sorry this is not a cop out for me being too tired to post today. No, I take that back, it sort of is, but I just came back from an out-of-town conference and am in dire need of sleep. But when I saw these featured on several movie blogs, my jaw just dropped.

I’ve promised myself not to put any more trailer or clips of this movie or learn anything about the plot as to retain the ‘freshness’ of the movie-watching experience when I see it come July 16th. But these banners don’t actually reveal much of anything, they’re striking but still as enigmatic as the trailer, which is a very good thing. Anyway, words fail me to describe how much I love these, except that I might try to get my hands on ’em to cover the walls of my cube!

For a detailed look of each banner, check out Virgin Media movie site (Large version accessible via the Click here to view the full-size version link).

Man, I’m so psyched for this movie. Will this be bigger than Avatar? Well, I think we can expect it’ll be a heck of a lot smarter!

16 thoughts on “Absolutely Drool-Worthy INCEPTION banners

  1. mcarteratthemovies

    I’m trying to tamp down my excitement over this film, but it sure ain’t working! The trailers just have me foaming at the mouth because they look so damn cool but tell me NOTHING about the movie.

    I just hope I’m not working myself up for an “Alice in Wonderland”-styled letdown…

    1. I don’t even want to see the latest trailer yet because I keep wrecking my keyboard from all the drool just hearing the name Inception mentioned 🙂 I think we better settle down because with hype this high, the only way it can go is down! But hopefully I’m wrong.

  2. These are wonderful. I gave in the other day and watched a little 4 minute featurette. Absolutely amazing. I’m so stoked for this movie it’s starting to scare me.

    1. Good thing you didn’t tell me where to see the featurette as my hand is itchy to click there! 🙂 I know Red, who ISN’T stoked about this film??

  3. Inception better be up to the task or it will literally ruin 6 months of our life (or something like that lol). The fact that there is very little else to be excited about this summer at the movie theater only up the antes even more!

    1. I think if it weren’t for Inception, this could go down as one of the lamest Summer movie season! Anyway you look at it, at least it stands to be a unique movie, now whether it’s entertaining or not remains to be seen.

    1. Oh I forgot they’re releasing it in IMAX, woo hoo! I think the visuals will be worthwhile to see in those giant screens, I just hope the story isn’t too complex to follow, but I have faith in Nolan.

  4. Aren’t we forgetting what happened after Batman Begun? Nolan continued… with an even better film in The Dark Knight. Nolan’s been here before, if anyone can handle hype it should be him. Wouldn’t it be novel to be super excited about a Hollywood Blockbuster that actually turned out to match the hype, or better? Any examples? I would say Avatar but I have been having major issues with that film recently, provoking serious consideration on whether I should adjust my rating of it.
    See, I gave it five stars, but the truth is I think it’s a load of new age nonsense in a shiny new wrapper. It’s Disney gone delirious. Pocahontas in 3D turned blue. (And I love Pocahontas). But I was seduced by the hype so that when it didn’t turn out to be a total disappointment I felt grateful, which is funny because what I initially felt was a creak in my neck and a pain in my head after three hours in 3D nearly-focus.
    So I have confidence in Nolan’s ability but equally, and decisively, will leave my expectation at the door and try to enjoy it as purely as possible. Nice Banners though.

    1. I personally like Batman Begins better than TDK but they both hold up equally well, so if this one matches either one of those I won’t be disappointed. So far he hasn’t done anything I didn’t like (I don’t love The Prestige, but I don’t dislike it either), so for that reason I’m with you that he can handle the hype. Plus he’s not a publicity whore, and seems like a creative guy who’s in it for the art, not the fame & money.

      As for Avatar, I don’t give out rating/grade but I did praise it for its novelty factor and how beautiful it was visually. The story wasn’t original by any means, and the comparison to Pocahontas is obvious, but for what it was I enjoyed it tremendously. But another thing to expect more from Inception is the cast, and that there’ll be some fine acting from most of them to be expected.

  5. After having Iron Man 2 ruined by the trailers, I am trying to avoid all publicity for this movie like the plague. Those are some pretty kickass posters though.

    1. That’s very wise, Aiden. I’m doing the same thing. I usually see a trailer of a movie I anticipate over and over again, but not this one. I think Nolan’s done a pretty good job in keeping the mystique/mystery alive 🙂

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