Absolutely Drool-Worthy INCEPTION banners

Hello folks, sorry this is not a cop out for me being too tired to post today. No, I take that back, it sort of is, but I just came back from an out-of-town conference and am in dire need of sleep. But when I saw these featured on several movie blogs, my jaw just dropped.

I’ve promised myself not to put any more trailer or clips of this movie or learn anything about the plot as to retain the ‘freshness’ of the movie-watching experience when I see it come July 16th. But these banners don’t actually reveal much of anything, they’re striking but still as enigmatic as the trailer, which is a very good thing. Anyway, words fail me to describe how much I love these, except that I might try to get my hands on ’em to cover the walls of my cube!

For a detailed look of each banner, check out Virgin Media movie site (Large version accessible via the Click here to view the full-size version link).

Man, I’m so psyched for this movie. Will this be bigger than Avatar? Well, I think we can expect it’ll be a heck of a lot smarter!