Another Blog Event: My Best Post Blog-A-Thon

Hi all! A very cool blog-a-thon is coming to you sometime today, organized by the über imaginative blogger over at He Shot Cyrus. It’s an awesome idea where a community of movie bloggers will share their best post(s), a list that’s compiled over a three day span: today until Sunday. The My Best Post Blog-A-Thon idea is to give more exposure to an otherwise overlooked or underrated posts. The thing is, sometimes the ones that we work laboriously for hours on end are the ones that don’t get as much of a response.

Here’s the link for DAY ONE, and look for my post on DAY TWO. Do check out the links and kindly drop your comments if you will, that’s guaranteed to perk up any blogger’s day… always! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Another Blog Event: My Best Post Blog-A-Thon

  1. I’m pretty giddy about this myself – partially to share what I felt was one my most difficult and also completely overlooked posts, but also to see what people consider to be their best work. That’s when you get to know what they’re really about.

  2. It’s kinda hard to choose, not because I think all my posts are great or bad…but because I look at them all the same…I feel happy writing all my posts regardless how quite the comment’s box is, it simply said ‘that’s me!’ comments are bonus.

    I finally managed to choose 2 posts and let him choose which one will be it.

  3. Unrelated but I’m sure you will like that news:

    EXCLUSIVE: There have been so many potential births on the “A Star Is Born” remake that it’s starting to look like a nursery. Now a new bundle could be coming out of the delivery room: Gerard Butler.
    The male lead in Warner Bros.’ update of the classic rise-and-fall Hollywood tale was open for years as the project sat in development. There were rumors of Beyonce on the actress side, but no older, fading male singer for her to play against.

    This winter, word surfaced that Russell Crowe was being considered for the part. But there’s no offer, and it’s very possible the “Robin Hood” actor won’t do the role after all. So the studio is considering other options, and one of the names on its list is a juicy one — Butler.

    Butler’s an interesting choice, not least because he’s younger than Crowe and other potentials. In fact, at 40, he’s only 12 years older than Beyonce. Though the actor hasn’t been a critical favorite — and there are those who will no doubt question whether he can fill the large shoes filled by Kris Kristofferson and James Mason (who were nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar, respectively) — he does possess the power to bring women into the theater. Three otherwise middling movies of his — “The Ugly Truth,” “The Bounty Hunter” and “Law Abiding Citizen” — all earned at least $65 million in the domestic box office, a tidy sum for films at a certain budget.

    A Butler casting would also mark a creative reinvention for the actor, since he’s known mostly for romantic comedies and action films, not down-on-his-luck dramas. Then again, the movie’s theme is reinvention.

    1. Hey thanks Castor. I heard about that just yesterday and tweeted it 🙂 It’s still a rumor I think, we’ll see if he’s actually on board. I wonder who’ll replace Beyonce.

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