Versatile Blogger Award… & 7 fun facts of yours truly

the-versitle-blogger-awardSo apparently I’m still versatile. I did this about 3 years ago I believe, and since I haven’t done a meme like this in a while, thought it might be fun to do again. Thanks Fernando for kindly bestowing this award to me… I’m verklempt! 😛

Of course, there are always rules for these kinds of things …

  1. Thank your nominator and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Make your own fifteen nominations and tell them they have been nominated
  3. Offer up seven interesting facts about yourself

Ok so naturally I’m going to nominate 15 bloggers whom I haven’t nominated the first time around. Besides, I’ve *met* a lot of new bloggers in the past few years anyway. I also try to nominate those that Fernando haven’t done already, so here goes:

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  4. Cindy – Cindy Bruchman Blog
  5. Eric – The Warning Sign
  6. Katy – Girl Meets Cinema
  7. Keith – Keith & Movies
  8. Mark – Markus Marakai
  9. Natalie – Writer Loves Movies
  10. Mark – Three Rows Back
  11. Mikey – Screenkicker
  12. Melissa – Snap Crackle Watch
  13. Sati – Cinematic Corner
  14. Shah – Blank Page Beatdown
  15. Terrence – The Focused Filmographer

Now on to the 7 facts about me… hmmm tough one as I’ve already shared quite a few in this 10 Movie Facts About Me meme.  Interesting or not, here they are:

  • So a lot of you perhaps already know that my dad was in the Indonesian film biz before I was born, he was a screenwriter and also directed a couple of films which sadly are not available for me to watch in any format. Well, my earliest memory of being in a film set was when I was about 2-3 years old. I distinctly remember it was my grandmother’s house where I ended up living in later on when my parents divorced. There were people and things everywhere, lot of lights and people carrying poles (either lights or boom mic poles). Not sure why I always remember this detail, but the make-up artist was a tall, slim man in drag who’s wearing tons of make-up. I think my aunt later told me he could’ve been a transgender. To this day I still have no idea what film it was though.
  • Ever since we saw In Bruges, my hubby and I wished to pay a visit. I even dedicated a post to it and finally, three years later, we’ll be going to Bruges later this month!
  • My penchant for British actors might’ve been due to all the ESL teachers I had in my teen years who’re mostly from the UK. I’ve become good friends with a lot of them, I’d even hang out with them outside of class with my girlfriends. It’s a lot of fun as they always wanted to learn Indonesian from us whilst of course we wanted to speak English! Wish I had kept in touch with ’em, especially Ben from Birmingham.
  • RisolesI’m a picky eater unlike my hubby who pretty much eat anything. Oh and I also don’t like seafood (though I don’t mind shrimp/fish crackers, and on occasion, fried calamari), alcohol of any kind and I generally am not fond of chocolates. Yes I know, those seem to be most people’s favorites 😀 But I do have a weakness for fried snacks like fried wonton, egg rolls, etc. My all time favorite snack is Risoles (Indonesian Croquette) which is simply to-die-for. My grandma made the best risoles growing up, I still haven’t been able to find one that tastes better than hers. Here’s a recipe if any of you are curious how to make it, it’s REALLY time-consuming!
  • When I was in Jr High I used to make illustrative stories, mostly b&w pencil drawings. In fact, sometimes I got caught doing it in class and got sent to detention (which was just outside of the classroom so I actually could continue drawing, ahah) I must’ve made at least 5-6 of them, and my classmates would take turn reading them. I guess it was my way of coping with a lot of problems at home as a form of escape, but also to feed my crazy imaginations, ahah. I remember my friends would get a kick out of my *racier* drawings of people kissing and stuff. I guess I’ve always been fond of writing, though I’m not as into drawing as much anymore as an adult.
  • The only time I saw a movie at midnight was a double feature with my late mother and brother Paul. It’s such a memorable moment for me as it’s the last time I went to the movies with my mother and she passed away a couple of months later. The movies we saw were Tango & Cash and Showdown in Little Tokyo. Yep, in that order. Those were the only double feature the cinema had at the time and my mom was totally game for it! Yeah, she was a VERY cool mom indeed.
  • The first concert I’ve ever gone to was Debbie Gibson in Singapore with my friends, around the time I attended a Summer Camp in California when I was 16. Gibson, Tiffany, NKOTB were hugely popular growing up. I was a huge fan of New Kids too, but now I can’t imagine ever listening to ANY boy band, in fact it just made me mortified I was ever a fan in the first place!

Well, hope you enjoyed reading some tidbits about yours truly 😀 

HAPPY 20th Anniversary, IMDb!

Twenty years ago today, October 17th, 1990, the Internet Movie Database was born! From September 28th, the site created its own anniversary section to celebrate the past two decades of movies and television. They had a daily Star of the Day video where they asked a number of actors, directors, and producers to tell them about their love of movies and why movies inspire them, as well as their IMDb experience — both the good and the bad. For the list-aholic amongst us (who doesn’t love lists, right?), there are all kinds of those under the 20th anniversary list page, where staff list everything from 10 Best Underrated and Forgotten movies in the past 20 years, 20 Years of Movie Trailers, Top 20 movie characters of the past two decades, and a fun list of 10 ‘That Guy From That Thing’ Actors.

The best part for me is learning the history of IMDb—I had no idea it was a UK company based in Bristol—and how it all started as a hobby from a film enthusiast just like me and my fellow movie bloggers! In the letter from Col Needham, founder and CEO of IMDb, he intimated that the site started as

“… a simple software package to the USENET newsgroup rec.arts.movies, which allowed readers of that group to create and search a very basic movie and TV database… There was no grand business plan. In fact, there was no commercial use of the Internet back in those days at all. We were just a bunch of volunteer enthusiasts who wanted to share our love of TV and movies with other people and to create something interesting.”

What’s more amazing was that even five years later, “when the usage had grown so large that we could no longer afford the time to maintain it as a hobby,” the site still hadn’t made any money and all the staff remained volunteers. Apparently it was a certain alien apocalypse Summer blockbuster released in July 1996 that bought their first movie advertising, which made it possible for the staff to become full-time employees! You can visit this page if you want to learn more in-depth history about the site. And guess what, though we use IMDb primarily for research, the folks in Hollywood actually use the vast data as a ‘premier dating vessel’ according to this 2004 article in The Guardian.

And as a movie lover and a huge fan of the site, I want to take the time to offer a small tribute to the motherload of all things movies. After all, blogging about movies would be really challenging without IMDb! 🙂 In fact, even before I started this blog, it’s already been a staple for me. I also owe it to the site for the blog hits and residual traffic I got every time my post made it to their coveted IMDb Hit List. Ever since they picked my Sharlto Copley post back in September 2009, they’ve kindly featured this wee blog eleven times and for each one I am grateful for the opportunity.

So here’s to 20+ more years of success and great things, IMDb! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!

Fellow bloggers and readers, do you IMDb (yes I use it as a verb)? Feel free to share your thoughts about the site (regardless of good or bad).



Firstly, I just want to share that this wee movie blog has just churned out 401 posts (well 402 including this one) since June 2009 and thanks to IMDb for featuring my posts from several times, FlixChatter is about 2000 hits away from hitting 200k. I’d never thought I’d get 100,000 hits within 1.5 years, let alone double that! So I just want to thank everyone who frequently visits my blog, those loyal readers out there (you know who you are), as well as those who kindly take the time to visit every once in a while. Thank you for all the comments… as you all know, they totally make a blogger’s day and to me, that’s one of the main reasons to keep this ship going. It’s been wonderful to make friends with fellow bloggers out there, too, you guys have inspired me and encouraged me along the way. Ok, I don’t want to get all mushy on ya, but just know that your support is sincerely appreciated! Keep on reading ok? 😉

Anyway, I thought I made just a bit of design update on the blog today. Notice it? No? Well, look harder 🙂

Everybody’s Chattin’: 5 blog links for your enjoyment

Happy Friday, all! Two buzz-worthy movies open today: The Town and Never Let Me Go. I’m more curious to see the latter, but I don’t see any theaters playing it in my neck of the woods 😦 I don’t think I’ll get to see The Town as we have quite a few things going on, but the plan for tonight is to watch V for Vendetta on dvd for the second time around. No particular reason, we’ve been wanting to see it again and it happens to arrive from Netflix this week.

Well anyways, here are some stuff worth checking out:

  • The über movie blogger Castor at Anomalous Material list 25 Fall movies to watch for. He tells us which ones he’s excited for, as well as grade their ‘chance of sucking’ factor 😀 I didn’t realize he’s THAT excited about Buried, makes me claustrophobic just seeing the photo!
  • It’s been a week of trailers, but I miss this one as I’ve never even heard of the movie There Be Dragons. But lucky for us Dez has it up on his blog. He said it’s about a thrilling tale from the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War and it’s got what he calls super hot cast (I agree), including Rodrigo Santoro and Dougray Scott. Check out the trailer on Hollywood Spy! While you’re at it, find out which actor won his Best British Gentlemen poll. Clearly HS readers have great taste 😉
  • Ronan @ Filmplicity is offering his in-depth analysis on the topic of CENSORSHIP in two parts: here and here. It’s a hot button issue no doubt, so do read on and let him know anything that you think might be relevant to the issue of moral responsibility in Hollywood.
  • I posted the trailer for Cairo Time not too long ago and really liking it, and now Andrew from Encore Entertainment has written his beautifully-written review on it. I love that word, sanguine… I need to use that more often.
  • Steve at The Film Cynics gives his rundown of ‘the good, the bad and the ugly‘ of his week so far. Find out which movie he thought was so awful he had to turn it off halfway through. I sort of already knew that just by looking at the trailer.

Oh, and did you read about this yet? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard about Joaquin Phoenix’ Letterman appearance and that whole “I’m quitting acting to be a bearded rap star” fiasco. Well, Casey Affleck finally admitted the documentary I’m Still Here is completely false! I kind of had a hunch the whole thing was just a prank somehow, done in a massive scale but still it was all just a ‘performance.’ And as IFC news says, it’s a darn good one! I’m still not sure if I want to see it yet, it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea at all.

Well that’s all folks. What movie(s) are you planning to see this weekend?

Blog Meme: HAPPY 101 Award

Olive from Movie News First kindly tagged me for this meme. I’ve been meme-ing a lot this month, but I’m slacking off on this one (sorry Olive). Well, the idea of this Happy 101 Award is to share the things that bring you joy. Ok, here goes:

1. Great music on Sunday mornings. My church has a great worship band and their upbeat, rousing music and uplifting message definitely makes my soul sings!

2. My husband… I don’t just love him, I like him… and trust me, that’s almost more important in any marriage 🙂

3. Low-humidity Summer days! Nothing kills a perfectly nice sunny days like a sticky, humid air.

4. Movies… duh! How dull would life be without ’em, and surely the blogosphere would be a lonely place without ’em, too.

5. Blogging… double duh! Sure I complain about how much time it takes, but obviously it makes me happy or I won’t be doing this 🙂

Photo courtesy of

6. Travel. There’s few joys in life that match the feeling of being in a place you’ve always dreamed to be in, and savoring the moment of everything that’s new and exciting around you.

7. Sleep! I feel sorry for people with insomnia, as nothing beats a good night’s sleep. The moment when lights are off and there’s a nice, soft pillow under my head is heavenly!

8. Indonesian and Thai food! There’s practically zero Indo restaurants where I live sadly, so my indulgences are sumptuous Thai fried rice or pad woon sen (like pad thai but with thin, rice noodles)

9. Starbucks’ iced Chai with skim milk and whip cream on top. [Yes, I’m aware that I’m a girl of contradictions] I’m not a dessert person and I don’t like chocolate, but I don’t think I can get through my week without this sumptuous drink!

10. Hanging out with friends over coffee/tea. One of life’s best joys is sharing about life and loves over your favorite drink.

So, now I have to pass it onto ten other bloggers. Well, some of you might’ve already been tagged already, which means you have to do this meme for sure 🙂

1. Castor @ Anomalous Materials

2. Red @ Anomalous Materials

3. Luke @ CyniCritics

4. Sam @ Bananaoilmovies

5. Marshall @ Marshall and the Movies

6. Dezmond @ HollywoodSpy

7. Steve @ The Film Cynics

8. Darren @ The M0vie Blog

9. Meredith @ M. Carter @ The Movies

10. Travis @ MovieEncyclopedia

FlixChatter Origins Project

Happy Friday, everyone!
One of my blog friends Marshall from Marshall and the Movies has recently asked me to be a part of his awesome blog event dubbed “The Origins Project” or how I’d like to call it The Blog Begins 🙂 It’s been great to read about how my fellow bloggers got started and the ups and down of being a blogger, so check out the other entries over at his own terrific movie blog. Thanks for letting me participate, Marshall!

Today’s entry into “The Origins Project” comes from Ruth of “FlixChatter,”who writes one of the classiest blogs out there.  Some complain about WordPress’ boring themes, but I just get this professional vibe from her site design.  Looks aren’t everything, though.  Her content is great too.
  • What movie began your love affair with cinema?
    I’d like to think that movies is in my blood, as my late dad was a screenwriter/director back in the 60s and early 70s in my home country Indonesia. But the credit really should go to my late mom who took me to see Superman when I was a wee girl and I just fell in love with it. She was a movie buff also who would bring home various VHS movies from her vacation abroad, which fueled my early love for cinema.

  • When did you start blogging?
    June 9th, 2009.

  • Why did you start blogging?
    I got an assignment to design a blog for my client, which finally compelled me start my own movie blog, something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I actually started jotting down the name I wanted for my blog (luckily FlixChatter was still available at the time!) and what I want to put in it. Seems like I had always been emailing people about all sorts of flicks news/commentary so a blog is the perfect venue to combine my passion for writing and the movies.
  • What has kept you going?
    Well for one, I’ve come to really enjoy blogging. But the biggest motivator to me is getting responses from readers and fellow bloggers alike. My eyes light up every time I see a comment on my post, not much else perks up a blogger’s day quite like it 🙂
  • Has there been a particular person (or people) that has helped you along the way?
    I have to say my friends at work Becky (Prairiegirl) and Mike B. were my supporters from the get go, they had bookmarked my blog when I was still struggling to get barely 50 hits a day. I’ve also learned a ton from fellow movie bloggers who encouraged as well as challenge me to be better every day. My husband’s been a great supporter also, for putting up with the seemingly endless time I spend in front of my laptop! 🙂
  • What’s the best part of being a blogger? The worst?
    Best part? Being a part of a community of people who share a similar passion and making friends along the way. It’s also a great feeling when someone tells you they like a movie you recommend, or seeing your post get quoted or referenced by other sites, it may seem trivial to some, but it’s huge for a wee blogger like me. The worst? Well, the time it consumed! I wish I were a better writer that I could write things, especially reviews, in half the time! Oh, and when you spend so much time writing a post and nobody comments on it 😦
  • Has blogging increased or diminished your passion for movies?
    Definitely increased. The more I write about them, the more I appreciate it more as an art form rather than simply a piece of entertainment. For sure, it has broaden my movie ‘horizon’ if you will, as I learn about certain genres that weren’t on my radar. Of course, there are still movies I simply refuse to watch out of principle, and nothing would ever get me to enjoy horror/slasher flicks.
  • What’s your proudest moment as a blogger?
    Seeing my post(s) referenced (or linked to) by other blogs or professional sites are always thrilling, not to mention being asked to participate on a blog event (so thank you Marshall!).

    IMDb has been kind to me for featuring several of my posts on the HitList section, especially the few times when I hadn’t submitted my posts via the HitList forum. The first time it happened I jumped up and down in my cube and ran over to Mike and Becky to share the good news, I could hardly contain my giddy excitement 🙂 It’s awesome to get recognition from a site that I visit every day, and seeing my blog stat shoots up never fails to add an extra spring in my step.
  • What advice would you give to someone looking to follow their passion?  To someone starting a blog of their own?
    Go for it! It’ll make your life all the richer and more fulfilling because of it. Blogging has certainly make me happier as I get to channel my creativity and passion, and gives me something to look forward to every day. If you’re inclined to start your own blog, write what you love and write from the heart. Be patient when things don’t take off right away, I didn’t let lack of hits/comments stop me from writing the first few months. Eventually people will find you and you’ll watch your blog grow in no time. Oh, and for any blog, content is KING, that’s what keeps me coming back to other blogs!

New LAMB on the Block!

Life is made up of small milestones, isn’t it? And so it is with the life of a blog, too. Well, as I let on in FC’s one-year anniversary post, as of  Tuesday July 6th, I’m officially a LAMB member! Special thanks to admin guy Dylan F. a.k.a Fletch for all the amazing work he’s put into that site, as well as his own exceptional movie blog Blog Cabins.

The Large Association of Movie Blogs is really a great community for movie bloggers and a one-stop-shop for anyone who loves movies and talking about movies, so it’s so exciting to be a part of that. I’m looking forward to joining all the members-only events and blog-a-thons, such as LAMB Devours the OscarsPlot Farms, and the annual awards, The LAMMYS.

To my fellow movie bloggers who aren’t members yet (if there’s still any), I encourage you join this awesome community! And readers, if you haven’t already, check out other movie bloggers on the LAMB site, or you can also click the red PROUD TO BE A LAMB button on my sidebar.