Michael Fassbender’s Jonah Hex Poster & Upcoming Projects

Happy Friday, folks! I thought I was too tired to write a post for today, but I guess Michael Fassbender stunning green eyes below inspired me last nite 🙂

I haven’t been following the DC Comic-based Jonah Hex as I don’t really care for the storyline (nor the lead star Josh Brolin), but with Fassbender having a pretty prominent role, I just might check it out. He plays one of the adversaries Burke, and the other one is played by John Malkovich as Turnbull. Saucy Megan Fox (who just yesterday announced she’s out of Transformer 3) plays the love lust interest (what else?). You can see the rest of the character posters here.

Here’s the plot in case you’re interested: Hex (Brolin) is a horribly scarred veteran of the US Civil War who has turned bounty hunter. The US military offers to clear the warrants on Hex’s head if he’ll stop a terrorist with a supernaturally-tinged plot from going through with his plans – and it’s an offer he can’t refuse.

Anyway, back to Fassbender, the German-born actor is really on a roll! After one excellent turn after another in various flicks like 300, Hunger, Inglourious Basterds, Fish Tank and most recently Centurion, Hollywood doesn’t seem to get enough of him (and so do we!) Take a look at these four projects he’s lined up for next year:

  • A Single Shot – a thriller he’s just been cast in, alongside William H. Macy and Forest Whitaker.
  • Jane Eyre – I’ve been soooo excited about this one for quite a while. The Charlotte Brontë’s gothic love story is currently shooting in Derbyshire, England. Rope of Sillicon has the first still of Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) as the young governess.

    Hope the pics of him as Rochester turn up soon. Really, THAT is what we gals are looking forward to! 🙂
  • A Dangerous Method – formerly titled The Talking Cure, a David Cronenberg film. It’d have been nice to see him reunited with Christoph Waltz again  (his co-star in Basterds), but with Viggo Mortensen as his replacement, I’m not going to complain. Fassbender will play Carl Jung, with Mortensen as Sigmund Freud, a relationship that gives birth to psychoanalysis. Vincent Cassel and Keira Knightley round up the cast.
  • Knockout – the ensemble-cast Steven Soderbergh has compiled for his action thriller is quite impressive: Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor, Antonio Banderas, and Bill Paxton, among others. The plot: A black ops super soldier seeks payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission. Not sure what part Fassbender will play as of yet.

I’m sure glad to be seeing more of this talented and easy-on-the-eye actor. Here’s to a lasting and fruitful acting career for Mr. Fassbender!

12 thoughts on “Michael Fassbender’s Jonah Hex Poster & Upcoming Projects

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  2. rockerdad

    Jonah Hex: rtm, just saw the trailer for this and I will say right now that this will be my guilty pleasure for 2010…

      1. Having seen the movie Miss Fox wasn’t terrible in it. Yes its not a deep/oscar winning role, but she seemed to pull of the role just fine. Same thing with Jennifers Body

        Honestly even though i’ve seen her in 4 movies total i’m still not sure whether she is a good actress or not, mainly because i haven’t seen her in a role that required much acting.

        1. You know, I actually don’t dislike miss Fox. In fact, like you said, she just hasn’t had the opportunity to flex her acting muscle instead of, well you know. But I read a couple of her interviews and a comment from Mickey Rourke who’s starring in a movie with her and she doesn’t sound like an airhead as people portray. She’s regarded as being too outspoken for some reason, though to me, I see that as a positive more than negative.

  3. I adore Fassbender, and I still remember how he got quite a lot of votes in HOLLYWOOD SPY’s MOST UNDERRATED ACTOR poll last year (Karl Urban and Patrick Wilson won).
    Not only that he’s stunningly handsome but he also has a very profound talent.
    I would never recognize him in JONAH HEX poster.

    1. Oh I love Karl Urban too, and yeah, Patrick is definitely underrated despite being in high profile roles with famous actresses. Surely your blog readers have good taste! 🙂

  4. Jane Eyre – I love period/costume dramas and have liked the various adaptations of Jane Eyre so I’m looking forward to this too. I do think Michael Fassbender is a tad young to play Mr Rochester but he is a looker.

    Since you did post a poster of him in Jonah Hex…have you seen this Brit Tv Series called Hex he was in back in 2004.

    1. Have you seen the 1983 version with Timothy Dalton? Talk about a looker playing an ‘ugly’ character, but I thought he pulled it off extremely well. I talked about it briefly here: http://wp.me/pxXPC-Cv

      I haven’t heard of that series Hex. What is it about?

  5. That is one good-looking poster and can’t wait to see him in Jane Eyre, can’t think of anyone else who could play the brooding Mr. Rochester right now…

  6. logan

    i thaught the film was great it kept me glued to the
    screen i was actually amuzed with certain parts of the film as the charactors have some amazing charactoristics, the director should be proud to create such a amazing peice of film (:

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