TV Trailer Spotlight – AppleTV+ thriller series ‘Liaison’ starring Eva Green + Vincent Cassel


I’m always in the mood for a spy thriller and when I saw the names Eva Green + Vincent Cassel together, I’m definitely on board! These two French thespians sure like to work together as I posted this trailer of a new French version of Three Musketeers not too long ago.

Liaison is Apple TV+’s first British-French original series and it’s described as a high-stakes, contemporary thriller exploring how the mistakes of our past have the potential to destroy our future, combining action with an unpredictable, multilayered plot where “espionage and political intrigue play out against a story of passionate and enduring love.

The trailer looks promising and being shot on location in Europe adds to that escapism factor. There’s definitely a strong chemistry between Green and Cassel who play former lovers who must work together to combat international cyberattacks threatening the UK, while also confronting the buried secrets of their destructive relationship.


Cassel has that kind of threatening look to him that makes him perfect as an antihero or villain but sounds like he’s the one that was wronged by Green’s character here. Mixing business with romance is often a recipe for disaster, but it gets even trickier in a world of espionage when you can’t trust anyone.


Written by Virginie Brac and directed by Stephen Hopkins, the series cast include British actors Peter Mullan, Daniel Francis, and Bukky Bakray + French actors Gérard Lanvin, Stanislas Merhar, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Laëtitia Eïdo, Eriq Ebouaney, and Thierry Frémont.

According to IMDb, there are six episodes in season 1. It’ll be available to stream on February 24 on AppleTV+.

What do you think of this trailer?

11 thoughts on “TV Trailer Spotlight – AppleTV+ thriller series ‘Liaison’ starring Eva Green + Vincent Cassel

  1. This is the first I know about this show and it looks good. I only watched a few shows on AppleTV+, so this will be on my to watch list. Nice to see that Stephen Hopkins is still working, he’s was hot young director back in the early 90s and I enjoyed many of his films. But after the box office bomb of Lost in Space, he’s been working mostly on TV shows.

    1. Oh wow, nice trivia about Stephen Hopkins, I did not know that. Well that’s good he’s still working and this one looks like there’s some money behind it as the visuals look cool + they’ve got top-notch actors.

      1. Hopkins was on his way to becoming an A list director in the 90s, he’s was one of the few directors that were considered to do the unmade Timothy Dalton’s third Bond film. Apparently, he impressed the Bond producers with his 2 action films Predator 2 and Judgment Night. If I remember correctly, he’s also on the final list to direct GoldenEye. Sadly for him, his biggest budget film was one of the biggest bombs of the 90s.

        1. Oh wow really?? Man to this day I’m still lamenting that we never got a third Dalton Bond film 😦 Well good thing Hopkins can still find work in TV and Dalton has a supporting role in 1923, the spinoff to Yellowstone, with Harrison Ford!

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