TV Series I’m currently obsessed with – Netflix’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo + HBO’s The Last Of Us

I usually included a TV section on my monthly recap but I thought I’d do a separate post to do a mini-review of both series. I know that these two series couldn’t be more different from each other in terms of tone, style, and vibe, but they do have three things in common: they have a terrific cast, brilliantly acted and very addictive!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Netflix)


Thanks to my pal Vince C. for recommending this to me! I have to admit I rarely watch K-dramas, but my hubby and I were hooked on this one right from the first episode about an autistic young attorney. As someone who works in the creative side of the legal sector, this show set in South Korean legal world is so fascinating.

Park Eun-bin is absolutely brilliant in the title role, I was immediately drawn to her and find everything about her so charming… her adorable bob haircut, the way she always counts to three before she enters the room, and especially her obsession with whales! I love the supporting cast too, esp Kang Ki-young as her boss Jung Myeong-seok, and Kang Tae-oh, the litigator Lee Jun-ho who’s clearly smitten with her. The moment Woo meets Jun-ho in front of the revolving door is just lovely and hilarious!

Each episode consists of its own legal case that attorney Woo is assigned to, which varies greatly from one to the next. I’d imagine it’s hard enough for any young attorney to navigate the legal world in a prestigious law firm like Hanbada, let alone someone with autism. Per IMdb, Eun-bin was initially hesitant to take on the role as she felt she could not accurately portray an autistic person and did not want to offend any autistic people or their families. Of course, I can’t speak for people on the autism spectrum, but she’s quite believable in portraying her daily struggles navigating the world in and out of the law.


I’m only five episodes in and the series just gets better and better. Every episode in Season was directed by Yu In-sik and written by female screenwriter Moon Ji-won. The show is funny, clever, heartwarming, and extraordinarily entertaining. I love each case challenges how Woo sees and responds to the world and provides opportunities for her to solve problems in her own special way. Glad there are 16 episodes in season 1 and each is at least an hour long. I sure hope there’ll be season 2!

4/5 stars

The Last Of Us (HBO)


I’ve never been a gamer and I’m not into zombie horror stuff, so at first I wasn’t at all interested in this series. But after reading all the rave reviews I got curious and so we decided to check it out! Let’s just say the show absolutely lived up to the hype! I’ve been a fan of Pedro Pascal for some time now and he’s so perfect as no-nonsense Joel, and I can’t imagine anyone else but Bella Ramsey as witty and headstrong Ellie. I first saw Ramsey in Catherine Called Birdy and I just absolutely love this girl!


This show has the most indelible opening ever in the first couple of episodes that establish the dire premise involving a deadly global pandemic. It’s especially eerie watching this as we just emerged out of Covid pandemic ourselves and aren’t quite out of the woods just yet.

How cool that they actually set the opening scene of the 2nd episode in my hometown Jakarta! It’s another devastating sequence featuring the Meryl Streep of Indonesia, the legendary Christine Hakim!! She better gets an Emmy nom for her chilling guest performance here.

Speaking of Emmys, I also think Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett should be a shoo-in for their performances in episode 3, wowza!!


For a show about zombies, this heart-achingly moving episode shows just what it means to be human and what makes life worthwhile. It’s one of the best-directed and astonishingly-acted TV episodes I’ve ever seen. It’s something I still think about for days. I won’t spoil it for you in case you haven’t seen it, but let’s just say, no matter how dire the situation is in this world, life would still be worth living if you have someone to live for. Executive producer and Playstation game creator Neil Druckmann and the series’ showrunner Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) are simply phenomenal!

I wish ALL of the episodes are available all at once, but at the same time, there’s something thrilling about anticipating what’s going to happen next!

5/5 stars

I have yet to binge on The White Lotus which I might do later this Spring, but my hubby and I might start on Apple TV’s Shrinking next.

Have you watched either one of these series yet? I’d love to hear what you think!

11 thoughts on “TV Series I’m currently obsessed with – Netflix’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo + HBO’s The Last Of Us

  1. I’ve heard a lot of great things about The Last of Us but the only problem is that I no longer have HBO as I cut off a lot of the cable last December as my mother remains unsure of cutting it off completely as she doesn’t know where to go next.

    1. Sorry to hear about your cable situation! It’s tough to keep so many streaming services, I know I plan on cutting off Netflix next month but there are too many good things on HBO!

      1. Paying $300 a month for cable is unacceptable as my mother made cuts that I felt was necessary but she isn’t sure about cutting it all off completely as my sister and her husband knows what to do but they’re too busy.

        1. Yeah it’s just too expensive to have so many streaming services! That’s why we’re cutting Netflix once we get to all of Attorney Woo series. Hope you get access to HBO at some point Steven, as I think you’ll LOVE The Last of Us!

          1. What streaming services would you recommend aside from MUBI, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Roku, Pluto TV, Plex, Apple TV+, and Tubi? I know Hulu is great while I’m still unsure on HBOMax considering the mess that is happening behind the scenes.

            1. I don’t have Mubi or Roku, but yeah Hulu is great and relatively inexpensive. I love HBO Max as there’s always a worthy show on there to watch, I know it’s on the pricier side though at $15.99/month, but there’s one w/ the ads option for only $9.99. What I can’t justify are Peacock and Paramount as there is barely anything there that is a MUST-SEE.

  2. I don’t watch Korean dramas, so I’ve never heard of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. As for The Last of Us, I just hope they don’t milk it too long, otherwise it might become another Walking Dead. That show started out just like The Last of Us and for about 3 or 4 seasons, it was the best show on TV and the ratings showed it. Sadly, the network kept milking it and the show’s quality went downhill and I stopped watching it several years ago. Hopefully, HBO is smart and end the show before it became stale.

    1. I never watch K-dramas before either until Attorney Woo but I’m glad I did as it’s so good!

      As for The Last of Us, I did read about the comparison to The Walking Dead when it first aired, and I totally agree about not milking it for all its worth. It certainly takes a certain discipline and lack of greed to end things while they’re ahead.

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