Trailer + Poster Spotlight – The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan starring Eva Green, Vicky Krieps and Vincent Cassel


I know there have been a bazillion Three Musketeers adaptations but hey, I’ve actually never seen a French version with French actors. There is a 1953 French-Italian version that I’ve never seen, and there are probably others given that Alexandre Dumas is one of the most celebrated French writers.


Well, Pathe has just released the trailer of Martin Bourboulon‘s adaptation of the classic tale, The Three Musketeers, which will be released in two parts, starring Eva Green as Milady, Vincent Cassel as Athos, and Vicky Krieps as Queen Anne.

I LOVE this cast!! It’s the who’s who of French cinema. In addition to the three I mentioned above, we’ve got Romain Duris as Aramis, Louis Garrel as King Louis XIII, Pio Marmaï as Porthos, and Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as Duc de Buckingham. I’ve only seen François Civil in Call My Agent! (I immediately yelped ‘that’s Mathias’ son!) and he’s playing young D’Artagnan. 


Official synopsis:

D’Artagnan, a spirited young Gascon, is left for dead after trying to save a young woman from being kidnapped. When he arrives in Paris, he tries by all means to find his attackers. He is unaware that his quest will lead him to the heart of a real war where the future of France is at stake. Allied with Athos, Porthos and Aramis, three musketeers of the King with a dangerous temerity, D’Artagnan faces the dark machinations of the Cardinal of Richelieu. But it is when he falls madly in love with Constance Bonacieux, the Queen’s confidante, that d’Artagnan truly puts himself in danger. For it is this passion that leads him into the wake of the one who becomes his mortal enemy: Milady de Winter.


A lot of the recent Three Musketeers adaptations are more comedic and even downright silly (the 2011 Paul W.S. Anderson one comes to mind). I remember enjoying the 1993 version back in the day (Tim Curry was a hoot as Cardinal Richelieu) but my personal guilty pleasure is actually The Man in the Iron Mask which has the musketeers featured prominently.

I always find it amusing to see British or American actors just use their own accents while playing French characters, so just on that front alone this one already feels much more authentic. Another plus is that both films are mostly shot on location in France with very few scenes shot in the studio.


I’m not familiar with Bourboulon but I’ve been curious to check out his previous film Eiffel starring Romain Duris and Emma Mackey. He must’ve done something right to be given the rein of an epic two-part film with THIS cast. The cinematography, set pieces, costumes, etc. look stunning and it promises plenty of swashbuckling action, romance, and political intrigue. Wowza! Interesting that the first movie will focus on the hero (D’Artagnan) and the second one on his antagonist (Milady). I read on IMDb that it was shot back to back with its sequel The Three Musketeers: Milady (2023) for a total shoot of seven months that started in the summer of 2021.

Based on the trailer, the first movie is set to release on Easter (April 5, 2023) and Milady will be released at Christmas next year. I can hardly wait!!

Are you excited to see this one? What’s your fave Three Musketeers movie(s)?

11 thoughts on “Trailer + Poster Spotlight – The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan starring Eva Green, Vicky Krieps and Vincent Cassel

    1. Yeah definitely looks fun but not silly like some of the Three Musketeers adaptations have been. I LOVE the French cast, glad there’ll be two parts to this!

    1. I love Eva Green too! Have you seen her in Proxima where she plays an astronaut? It’s such an underrated film but she’s terrific in that.

  1. This looks good, hopefully it’s more grounded and less comedic. From the trailer, it looks to be quite violent too. I didn’t care for any of the previous Musketeers films. The only actors I know in this film are Green and Cassel. But I’ve been watching a lot of French action films on Netflix, so I might recognize some of them in this film.

    1. Yeah it looks appropriately violent with high stakes, more like a political thriller than something comedic in tone. I bet you’d recognize a lot of the actors, Romain Duris and Louis Garrel are more dramatic actors though but surely there are smaller supporting cast that have been in those action flicks.

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