Musings on the HFPA & 2023 Golden Globes + My Favorite Acceptance Speeches


Confession: I actually forgot the Golden Globes telecast was happening last night, so I went to a press screening of Gerry Butler’s PLANE movie instead. I don’t have cable anyways but I did catch some of the speeches that were posted on YouTube and honestly, I’d rather just watch the winners’ acceptance speeches than sit through all the monologues that are rarely funny anyways.

Um, am I the only one who has no idea who Jerrod Carmichael is?? 🤔 His not-at-all funny ‘joke’ about Whitney Houston is in absolute poor taste, but his scathing jab against Tom Cruise and Scientology still has people talking. Y’know what, no matter how entertaining Cruise’s movies are, it’s hard to ignore that his ‘religion’ is problematic (read: evil).

Speaking of problematic, I sure hope the Hollywood Foreign Press’ efforts in diversity reform will stick and not simply band-aid to get NBC to bring the ceremony back on the air. Well, for those curious just what changes have taken place since a year ago, here it is per AP News:

… heading into the telecast, Globes voters stand at 52% female, and 51.8% racially and ethnically diverse, including 19.6% Latino, 12.1% Asian, 10.1% Black and 10.1% Middle Eastern. Voters also include those who are LGBTQIA+. In all, 62 countries are represented.

The governing board was expanded from nine to 15 and includes three Black members, two of whom vote on rules and other matters but not awards. Overall, the organization now has six Black HFPA members and 14 Black international Globes voters who aren’t members.

That’s all well and good but there seems to be a bunch of other issues that are still not being addressed, i.e. Brendan Fraser’s complaint that he was being groped by a former HFPA president. I mean, that’s just unacceptable and I’m glad Fraser stood his ground and refused to show up last night. I do think the HFPA still has a long way to go, so hopefully, the industry will continue to keep them accountable.

Now, as far as last night’s ceremony is concerned, I am happy to see some of my favorites do end up winning awards! It’s gratifying to see so many performers who are long overdue for recognition finally winning something! As a BIPOC woman in my 40s, one encouraging takeaway from last night is that in an industry beset by ageism–where 30-year-old actresses are deemed too old to play the love interest of 50+-year-old men–some of the big winners are women over 60!!

actresses over 60 - golden globes 2023

Angela Bassett, Michelle Yeoh, and Jennifer Coolidge are all over 60 years old and still look fabulous! None of them show signs of slowing down and in fact, for them, this is just a beginning of an even stronger chapter of their illustrious career! I still can’t believe Yeoh has never won before, she wasn’t even nominated for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, wow!

“I’m just going to stand here and take this all in.”

What a triumph for Michelle Yeoh who has overcome racism and lack of inclusivity for Asian performers to still thrive in Hollywood after 40 years!! She even shushed the piano player ‘Shut up, please. I can beat you up. And that’s serious.’ Yep, you better let miss Yeoh speak as long as she needs, she deserves it!!

I’d LOVE to see a repeat win for Yeoh at the Oscars for her tremendous leading performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once, and for Bassett to win in the Best Supporting Actress category for Wakanda Forever.

I was mesmerized watching just how stunning Angela Bassett looked last night… my goodness, she slays in that sparkly gown!! And her gorgeous skin just glows, wow, she looked better than most 20-year-olds on the crowds that night. How classy that she paid tribute to Chadwick Boseman in her speech… that was really moving.

“I thought I was gonna be Queen of Monaco…” LMAO!

You gotta love Jennifer Coolidge!! She’s just hilarious!! She was kinda rambling in her speech but I love it, she’s just real and doesn’t seem to care what people think. I do love that she acknowledged how she used to have big dreams as a younger person but got fizzled by life… but hey, her career is clearly on fire right now and that’s always encouraging to see for artists who are no spring chickens anymore.

Oh my, I cried watching Ke Huy Quan take his well-deserved award… what an emotional and gracious speech. So cool too that the director who gave him his first role, Steven Spielberg, also won last night! After his roles in Indiana Jones 2 and The Goonies in the 80s, opportunities dried up for him as there were very few roles for Asian actors. He then gave up acting for 20 years after getting a degree from USC to become an assistant director and stunt coordinator. I read that he was encouraged to try acting again after watching Crazy Rich Asians in 2018… I sure hope that with the increasingly more inclusive casting opportunities, we’ll see more of Quan in prominent roles going forward!

Woo wee Colin Farrell!! I’ve been a fan of his work and 2022 has proven to be Farrell’s year. I LOVE that he paid compliment to Ana De Armas while accepting his award… what a gracious guy as usually people make these speeches to be about themselves!

His performance The Banshees of Inisherin is terrific but I think he should’ve also been nominated in the Supporting Actor category for his role as Penguin in The Batman. I actually tweeted this hours before the show, totally forgetting the event was scheduled to air last night, ahah.

Here’s another one aging like fine wine in the fabulous-at-60s club! 61-year-old Eddie Murphy took home the Cecil B. DeMille Award and said he’s been in show business for 46 years and in the movie business for 41 years. At first his speech was pretty mellow, perhaps a little too composed for the comedian. But then he ends his speech with advice to those starting out… a blue print he’s followed throughout his career… and the last one of his three pieces of advice is:

‘Keep Will Smith’s Wife Name Out Your F—king Mouth’

ROTFL!! 😂 😂 😂  I don’t think anyone expected that, boy he’s still got it!! Eddie Murphy IS the GOAT!

I absolutely can’t wait to see You People on Netflix and the upcoming Beverly Hills Cop sequel, titled Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley with Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

So did you watch the Golden Globes? What’s YOUR favorite moment of the night?

13 thoughts on “Musings on the HFPA & 2023 Golden Globes + My Favorite Acceptance Speeches

  1. I too forgot that the Golden Globes were last night but I still didn’t see it as I was too busy doing other things. I did like Ke Huy Quan’s speech while I don’t think Ryan Murphy deserves any awards since he’s one of the worst people working in Hollywood today.

    1. I’m not a fan of Ryan Murphy either, never watched Glee and his other works which tend to be more sensational IMO.

      Ke Huy Quan’s speech is so genuine… you can tell he’s not in the industry as he seems real, y’know. I hope he gets more work now.

  2. As usual, I had no clue this show was even televised. I did see some people tweeting about it but I just don’t care about these award shows. It’s nice seeing women and people of color getting recognized but Hollywood is still being run by rich white dudes and I fee like things aren’t going to change that much from the previous decades. Hopefully I’m wrong but I just despise the Hollywood life.

    1. Yeah I feel like I shouldn’t be so optimistic in regard to diversity change… it is a slow, arduous road for women and POC. I mean this year alone the number of female-directed movies fell compared to previous years 😦 But hey I remain hopeful I guess, there’s only one way but up for representation!

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  4. There were a lot of great speeches last night! Michelle, Angela, Key. Ryan Murphy’s was also fantastic. And bless Mike White’s drunk ass. I loved his too.

    1. I didn’t see Mike White’s speech but he does look drunk every time the camera pans on him, ahah. I’m so thrilled to see the diverse winners, I mean, as a POC blogger, I’ll take whatever I can get in terms of representation, even if it’s likely not gonna last.

    1. Hey, you are in luck Becky! I just finished my review of Plane, it’ll go up later tonight. If you’re on the fence, you should see it! 🙂

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