August 2022 Recap + Movie of the Month


Whew!! Summer literally just flew by so quickly! We’re entering in the brrrr months today, though it’s far from chilly with temps topping 90 degrees this weekend as Minnesotans are soaking up the last bit of Summer and enjoying the MN State Fair.

Film festival and award season is in full swing as well… I don’t know about you but I’ve been dreaming of Venice Adam Driver in Venice Internal Film Festival 😍 as he’s been promoting Noah Baumbach’s WHITE NOISE. It’ll be a loooong wait to see that as it won’t drop in Netflix ’til December, oh well…

In any case, here are what I watched last month:


Bullet Train

bullet train - brad pitt

Thirteen Lives

thirteen lives movie viggo colin


prey movie predator

Rogue Agent

rogue agent norton arterton


luck movie

Kiki’s Delivery Service +
From Up On Poppy Hill

I can’t believe I’ve only seen one Studio Ghibli movie before this year, which was Spirited Away. I love Kiki’s Delivery Service, definitely my fave of the three. I’ll do a post about these movies once I watch a couple more. I think it’ll be Howl’s Moving Castle next!


Three Thousand Years Of Longing



samaritan - stallone - action

The Bad Guys


I was really impressed with this heist animated feature. A gang of legendary criminals must somehow pull off their challenging con yet, that is become model citizens. The story is quite brilliant which makes for a fun action flick, yet it manages to offer some genuine teachable moments. Right from the Pulp-Fiction-inspired dinner chat between Mr. Wolf and Mr. Snake, the dialog is witty and funny. Director Pierre Perifel clearly love crime capers, there are obvious homages to Ocean Eleven, Bullet and Blues Brothers, etc. The visuals and action scenes are amazing, perhaps one of the most stunning animated feature since Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Love the voice cast! Sam Rockwell, Marc Maron and Richard Ayoade are definitely the trio MVPs, but Awkwafina and Zazie Beetz are pretty good as well. That joke about George Clooney is hilarious as he’s in the Ocean movies, but Rockwell also sounds like him! I could see this build into a franchise as the characters are simply delightful. 

4/5 stars

Cléo from 5 To 7* (1962)

Cleo from 5-7

Honk For Jesus*

honk for jesus-save your soul

Review Upcoming


Four Weddings and A Funeral


Downton Abbey 2

Disney Beauty & The Beast



she-hulk -poster

Light & Magic Docuseries

light and magic docuseries

Only Murders In The Building (S2)

only murders in the building - hulu

52 Films By Women pledge

52 films by women

Movies indicated with * (asterisk) indicate those directed by women.

I’m short one movie this month as I only saw three new movies directed by women, plus 1 rewatch. Cléo from 5 to 7 is delightful… I definitely need to see more movies by Agnès Varda!



after yang movie

full review

Now that there’s only four more months in the year, I’ve started to think about which movies would make my Top 10 of 2022. I’m pretty certain this meditative sci-fi drama would make my list! 


So, what’s YOUR favorite film(s) you saw in AUGUST?

10 thoughts on “August 2022 Recap + Movie of the Month

  1. After Yang is currently playing on Showtime as I hope to see that and Columbus before the end of the year (as my mother and I are still trying to figure out how to cut off the cable and what should we stick to). I’m fascinated to read your thoughts on Cleo from 5 to 7 while I’m really loving She-Hulk: Attorney at Law as I just think it’s a fun-ass show and it is anti-asshole and I love that. I would love to all of the ladies of the MCU just look good and be all badass as they just SLAY while the guys are cheering in the background. My favorite thing last month is Burning as that is a great movie while I’m doing really well with my 52 Films by Women pledge as I think I might surpass the goal this year.

    1. I hope you get to see After Yang soon, I just love it so much.

      I enjoyed Cleo from 5 to 7, Corinne Marchand is so stunning and I love the simplicity of Agnès Varda’s direction where she just lets the camera capture the day the way the character would as she roams about Paris.

      Burning is on my to-watch list!!

  2. I first heard about After Yang when I saw Colin Ferrell on a Hot Ones interview and he mentions it. I have no idea what it’s about but I’m interested! I’ll have to give it a watch 😊

    1. Hi Cathy! Welcome to FlixChatter! Oh you must see AFTER YANG… Farrell is great but the film is just so poignant and beautiful, I wish it had gotten more love overall but I think not many people have seen it..

  3. Yeah, this summer just flew by so fast! Probably because things are coming back to “normal” even though Covid is still around. And I’ve traveled so much, the months just disappeared so fast.

    I think I saw more new movies in August than the previous 5 or 6 months. Prey, Bullet Train and Samaritan. Prey is probably my favorite of the month. I’ve just been watching TV series mostly. Finished the last season of Better Call Saul and 4th season of Westworld. Then started watching the prequel to Games of Throne, House of the Dragon. I also started the first episode of the final season of SEE on Apple TV+. Of course, I’ll start watching the new Lord of the Rings series on Amazon this weekend.

    1. Glad that you’re back traveling again, Ted! We still need to do a happy hour thing w/ Vince, ahah.

      I like PREY a lot more than I thought I would, glad I gave that a shot despite never. having seen any of the Predator movies.

      I will skip House of Dragon as I never even seen GOT, but I’ve started Rings of Power, only 1 ep so far and liking it!

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