Thursday Movie Picks: 2020 Releases – Worst Movies

ThursdayMoviePicksHappy almost Friday! It’s TMP time! The Thursday Movie Picks blogathon was spearheaded by Wandering Through the Shelves Blog.

The rules are simple simple: Each week there is a topic for you to create a list of three movies. Your picks can either be favourites/best, worst, hidden gems, or if you’re up to it one of each. This Thursday’s theme is… 2020 Releases.

This week’s topic kind of leaves it pretty wide open to do whatever we want with our list. Well, I had just posted my Top 10 Best List of 2020, so in order not to be repetitive, I thought about posting about those the opposite of such a list. I already had a draft post of WORST MOVIES, so I might as well post it here instead. I usually pick just 3, but for this occasion, I decided to go with 4.

In any case, here are my four picks of WORST 2020 releases

The Last Thing He Wanted

(full review)

I read about the terrible reviews prior to watching this but I still didn’t think this was going to be this bad. The Last Thing He Wanted seems to have all the ingredients of an intriguing political thriller. Helmed by acclaimed writer/director Dee Rees (Mudbound), the film is based on Joan Didion‘s Orange Prize-winning novel, the UK’s ‘s most prestigious literary prizes.

I have a penchant for movies about journalists and here Anne Hathaway plays a veteran D.C. journalist who Reagan’s re-election campaign suddenly got a call from her absentee father to be his sub to complete a ‘deal of a lifetime,’ which involves flying to a mysterious location with a huge amount of mysterious cargo. Of course things started go awry, and so did the movie. Despite the star-studded cast that includes Ben Affleck and Willem Dafoe, this one turned out to be a disjointed mess that moved at an aggravating pace.

Fun Trivia:
Ben Affleck replaced Nicolas Cage in the role of Treat Morrison.

Kissing Booth 2

Now, I feel like I only have myself to blame for even thinking that watching this movie is a good idea. I never watched the first movie, but the only reason I saw this was to Maisie Richardson-Sellers (for a film project I’m developing), who despite only seeing her briefly here, I think deserves a better movie.

Oh man, this movie is absolutely awful that I could barely finish it. This Roger Ebert review summed up my dread perfectly, it’s “…a movie about cookie cutter characters in contrived situations set in a make-believe world…viewers may find its artificial sweetness and simplicity off-putting.” I can’t stand anyone in this movie, including the lead, Joey King with her bee-stung lips. There’s only so much suspension-of-disbelief one can muster. I mean, even superhero movies made way more sense than this, even baby Groot has more personality than any of these characters put together! I fast-forwarded so much of it and STILL it felt too long… as the running time is 2h 14min (I kid you not!) I’m surprised at the 28% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it should’ve been waaaay lower than that!! Oh and I saw in the recent Netflix promo video announcing 71 new movies coming this year, one of them is a third installment to complete this garbage trilogy! [face palm]

Fun Trivia:
Joey King shaved her head for her role in The Act, so she had to wear a wig when filming this movie.

The Secret: Dare to Dream

(full review)

I’ve never heard, let alone read the self-help book series called The Secret where this movie is based on prior to watching it. I guess I don’t pay attention to Oprah’s book club as apparently this massively-popular book was endorsed by her. I really tried my darnedest to suppress my cynicism and just enjoy the film for what it is. It’s really tough to do as I’m not into Lifetime or Hallmark-inspired dramas which tends to be filled with cloying plot and even more cringe-worthy acting. Katie Holmes is actually did her best here and her kids are pretty adorable, but Josh Lucas‘ smarmy acting was really tough to stomach. In the time of uncertainties amidst a pandemic, I generally welcome a film with a hopeful and uplifting message, sadly this one is pretty much drowned out by its own schmaltz.

Fun Trivia:
Andy Tennant directed from a screenplay he wrote alongside Bekah Brunstetter and Rick Parks, based on the 2006 self-help book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The book has been translated into 50 languages and appeared on the New York Times bestseller list for 190 weeks.

Wonder Woman 1984

(full review)

So my fourth pick is a controversial one as I know many people love this one. I wish I could say I even like this one, but given all the release delays and huge anticipation surrounding it, this turns out to be a huge disappointment for me. I think I’m quite generous in my ratings generally, so to give a movie 2/5 rating means it’s got to be pretty bad. Not only bad, this one is problematic, esp. in regards to how Patty Jenkins resurrected Steve Trevor. We all love Chris Pine and he’s still fun to watch despite some of the idiotic stuff he and Diana were involved in WW84 (somehow the fighter jets at the Smithsonian are fueled + ready to fly?!)… but I was cringing the entire time I was watching it given Diana was using another man’s body as an Uber as all she sees in him is Steve. There have been many articles discussing this, but this one by the Mary Sue sums things up nicely. It’s not even the worst of it, the talented Kristen Wiig has to prowl around as the poorly-written CGI and horrendous CGI effects. Let’s hope the 3rd movie would be at least on par with the original!

Fun Trivia:
In a brief shot outside Max Lord’s HQ, as police and crowds are running in the background, a motorcycle cop in beige passes right behind Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) as he walks toward the HQ with Diana. The cop is wearing the California Highway Patrol uniform, a homage to the 80s police show CHiPs (1977), which starred Pine’s father Robert Pine as Sergeant Getraer.

Thoughts on my picks of WORST 2020 movies? Which one(s) have you seen?

27 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: 2020 Releases – Worst Movies

  1. We share a pick with The Kissing Booth 2 even though I haven’t seen it as I picked it as one of 3 2020 films that I hope to never see as they just sound and look awful.

    Sorry we don’t agree on Wonder Woman 1984 though I am aware of its flaws. The Last Thing He Wanted is something I might watch soon if I ever decide to do an Auteurs piece on Dee Rees real soon.

    Josh Lucas, the poor man’s Matthew McConaughey. That is all he’ll ever be.

    1. Consider yourself lucky you have not seen Kissing Booth 2! It is so awful, I had to watch a Jane Austen movie afterwards to clear the palette.

      Hey it’s ok to disagree about movies, we can’t like everything 🙂 I simply can’t overlook its flaws as you do. I also feel bad The Last Thing He Wanted is terrible, as I’d like Dee Rees to keep working on bigger movies.

      Ahah well I’m not gonna disagree w/ what you said about Josh Lucas.

      1. Yeah, I remember seeing Lucas in interviews as he always come across as smug and full of himself. Not a shade of humility in him and he is always terrible to watch whenever he’s in a major role. This is why Matthew McConaughey is better as he always comes across as a humble, kind-hearted man.

        1. I actually haven’t seen any interview of Lucas, none that I remember anyway. But yeah McConaughey always comes across as a chill, humble guy. Plus he’s funny!

  2. I haven’t seen any of these but thanks for the warning. I have no burning desire to see the new Wonder Woman but if I stumbled across it I’d probably give it a look. The other three wouldn’t even get that far.

    I saw a bunch of movies last year but it turns out only three from 2020 and only my last one in an actual movie theatre, the last weekend before everything shut down. Wish I could say I liked it more.

    Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears-Fabulously wealthy and endlessly chic 20’s Aussie detective and adventuress Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) globetrots to unravel an ancient curse involving priceless emeralds aided by stalwart and smitten Detective Inspector Jack Robinson (Nathan Page). Big screen continuation of the highly entertaining Phryne Fisher Mysteries TV series from Australia.

    Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind-Through interviews with family (including her two daughters) and friends the life and tragic mysterious death of megastar Natalie Wood is examined.

    The Invisible Man-Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) attempts to escape from the virtual imprisonment of her marriage to an ultra-wealthy, brilliant and psychotic husband Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). While trying to rebuild her life she discovers he has devised a way to mask himself to the point of invisibility as he terrorizes her. Okay thriller sustains its suspense until an ending that betrays both of its main characters.

    1. Hi Joel! I think WW84 is still worth a watch, esp if you like the first movie, just don’t expect too much, ahah.

      I didn’t know Phryne Fisher Mysteries is an Aussie series, somehow I though it’s British. I saw the Natalie Wood documentary, so sad what happened to her and her death remains still unsolved.

      I actually have a screener of Invisible Man but somehow never muster up enough interest to see it.

      1. I thought Invisible Man was a very good thriller, it probably would’ve been one of the biggest hits of the year had COVID not shutdown theaters. I remember it’s making a lot of money the first couple of weeks that it’s playing in theaters. I think you’ll enjoy it, give it a watch!

    1. It bums me out too as I really want Dee Rees to keep on working. I mentioned that in my review how hard it is for POC directors to get jobs in Hollywood.

  3. Thankfully I only saw one movie from your list and you know how I feel about WW1984. I can’t get past the whole wishing storyline, I’ve never been a fan of any film that deals with wishes. Probably because I don’t believe in wishes. Lol! Lame storyline aside, WW1984 also lacked excitement, I think the only good action scene that I can remember was when she fought with the secret service men in the White House.

    1. Yeah WW84 is disappointing overall. The one action scene I like is the opening olympic-like race which looks like it’s part of a different movie! And yeah, lame and problematic plots all around, ugh!

  4. Oh nice – another list of what to avoid!
    So far I’ve avoided all except WW84. As you know, I watched that at a drive-through so I’m not bitter that it wasn’t the best film because I had a fun experience.
    I find Anne Hathaway hit and miss so haven’t wanted to watch The Last Thing He Wanted, and The Secret: Dare to Dream looked too sugary sweet for my liking.

    1. Hey Claire! Yeah I’d log WW84 as disappointing movies, not absolutely terrible but it could’ve been SO much better. It’s been a while since I saw an Anne Hathaway movie I liked, she’s actually okay in the Oceans as she was only a supporting character and she milked it the best possible way.

  5. Haven’t seen any of these, which I guess is fortunate because they’re considered the worst of 2020. lol I want to see Wonder Woman 1984, but once the reviews came out, I haven’t been in a rush to watch. It doesn’t seem like all of the hype was worth it and that’s a shame. Nice list!

    1. Hey Katy, I know some bloggers love WW84 so I’d still give it a shot. Despite how much I hated HOW his character was brought back, Chris Pine is still fun to watch there.

    1. Hi Becks! Well WW84 was actually ‘rotten’ for a few days (it fell below 59% on rotten tomatoes) but some people really do like it. I just wish it were better given how good the original was.

  6. Oh the only one I’ve seen from your list is Wonder Woman 1984 which I loved! I wasn’t expecting to though which I think helped. I think the huge delays on blockbuster movies like this are going to cause a lot of disappointment. It certainly did with WW84 and Tenet, and I suspect No Time To Die will suffer the same fate!

    1. Hey Allie, I actually like TENET quite a bit more than WW84 despite its confusing plot, ahah. But yeah, it’s ridiculous how long the delay of the new Bond flick is… I joked that it should just be called Die Another Day but it’s already taken, mwahahaha.

  7. Explaining the first film tells me enough to avoid it. It sounds too complicated and disjointed to me. I have no desire to see teenys suffer through lovey doves crap. I do want to see Wonder Woman but can’t picture Wiig as Cheetah girl and they need to stop with the cGI bullshit.

  8. The Last Thing He Wanted – This was soo boring. I watched without really watching it.

    Kissing Booth 2 – I saw the first one, it wasn’t good, but apparently it was popular. My guess it appeals to audiences under 12…it is just so juvenile. But the second movie reach a new level of terrible. Yes I can’t stand Joey King here either. She like overacts most of the time in it, as if this is the most dramatic movie. And why is everyone in this look so old, the actors playing the high school and college students look closer to 30 than 18…which just makes the movie look worse…full grown adults acting out a childish storyline.

    1. Ahah wow, you couldn’t even finish The Last Thing He Wanted!! It was really bad, but the Kissing Booth movies are far worse. I don’t mind high-school movies but the people depicted don’t even seem to resemble real teens with human emotion and angst, they’re just… strange, and idiotic! Everyone overacts as they don’t know any better. And you’re right, even more baffling that they hire actors who are too old to even be in college, let alone high school!

  9. Nice list! I love “worst of” lists. Don’t know why I don’t do one each year (but I’m usually too negative as it is). 😆 Can happily say I’ve seen none of these, although I’ll watch Wonder Woman when it’s free on a streaming service as reviews have been so negative. I have very low expectations! Glad to hear it sounds like I’m better off not paying to see it at the moment. 😊

    1. Hello! I don’t typically do a Worst list as I’d rather focus on the positive, but I couldn’t help it this year and these movies are really awful. I put WW84 is the ‘most disappointing’ category, but yeah if you go in w/ tempered expectations you might still enjoy it.

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