TCFF 2020 Review: ‘The Horror Crowd’


One of the things I love most about the horror genre is how tight-knit the community seems to be. From familiar actors appearing in a variety of horror films to seeing them interact with each other on Twitter, it feels like the people involved in horror movies are all part of one big family. The documentary The Horror Crowd makes it feel like that even more.

In The Horror Crowd, Ruben Pla interviews a variety of horror actors and filmmakers, from indie to iconic, on their experience in the horror industry- from their childhood introductions to the genre, to their humble beginnings in filmmaking, to how their personal lives are connected to the horror community. The documentary shows how many of them share common experiences, such as feeling like they didn’t fit in growing up, interest in classic horror literature and film at a young age, and an enthusiasm for Halloween costumes.

My biggest critique is that it feels a little disorganized; there seems to be an attempt to break the documentary into different sections for different topics, but it’s doesn’t always stick to them. I would love this a lot more as a TV series focusing on different aspects of the horror community members’ lives and careers rather than trying to hastily fit it all into an hour and a half documentary.

Overall, though, The Horror Crowd is a fun, geeky, heartwarming documentary that you don’t have to be a horror fan to appreciate.

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