Trailers Spotlight: TENET and DOWNHILL

Happy Friday, folks! I was going to post TENET trailer last night when it first arrived, but didn’t get a chance to do so. Then his morning, I received a trailer news release of a movie I didn’t even know was being made, DOWNHILL. Well, as I always like to mix the tone/genre/style when posting trailers, these two are perfect to highlight.


An action epic revolving around international espionage, time travel, and evolution.

Every single trailer of Christopher Nolan‘s movies always had me salivating and wish I could see it as soon as possible. Well, the same with TENET, which plot is still shrouded in mystery, but based on the deliberately-vague IMDb description and poster, it has an INCEPTION vibe all over it. I’m already sold when they said it’ll be a a time travel spy movie!!

I LOVE seeing John David Washington in the lead role, who was excellent in BlacKkKlansman. He sure has the screen presence like his thespian father Denzel, not to mention an enigmatic charisma. The movie itself teases something ominous, as Washington’s character and Clémence Poésy‘s talking about preventing world war III and dealing with something worse than a nuclear holocaust.

One thing is clear that there’ll be time traveling involved… it shows Washington’s character dying then coming back to life. When Martin Donovan‘s character said ‘welcome to the afterlife’ it literally gave me the chills!

As for the cast, I’m becoming more and more interested in seeing Robert Pattinson on screen, and though he doesn’t speak in the trailer, I think his role is an important one. Then of course there’s the Nolan’s regular, Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh. Aaron Taylor-Johnson gets top billing on IMDb for some reason, not sure what role he’ll play. Also nice to see Elizabeth Debicki and Himesh Patel among the ensemble cast.

Updated: Here’s the final trailer

Everything about this trailer looks mysterious and thrilling. Ludwig Göransson‘s score sounds terrific too, but then again most of Nolan’s  films have such fantastic soundtrack. Billed as Nolan’s most ambitious movie yet (boy that’s saying a lot!) comes with a reported budget of more than $220 million. It’s shot and will be released in the IMAX format, but unfortunately, we’ve got such a long wait as the movie isn’t released until July 17, 2020.

Barely escaping an avalanche during a family ski vacation in the Alps, a married couple is thrown into disarray as they are forced to reevaluate their lives and how they feel about each other. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell star in this biting comedy.

I’m sold on the two leading cast for this one, which is based on the Swedish film Force Majeure. I hadn’t got a chance to see that acclaimed film, which also took place in the French Alps. I haven’t seen Julia Louis-Dreyfus in any movie before, but the pairing with Will Ferrell as husband and wife sounds like a genius idea!

Comedic writing duo Nat Faxon and Jim Rash won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Descendants, a familial comedy during a vacation that deals with a rather difficult subject. Their co-writer Jesse Armstrong, is a British writer who did In the Loop and creator of the HBO show Succession. So plenty of acclaimed talents behind this one. This black comedy is released just in time for Valentine’s Day next year for those who prefer something darker than a rom-com.

What do you think of these trailers? 

14 thoughts on “Trailers Spotlight: TENET and DOWNHILL

  1. I’ve watched the trailer of TENET for like 10 times already, lol. Can’t wait to see it, just bummed that our local 70mm IMAX theater closed, just have to see it at the smaller IMAX theater. I didn’t know that Aaron Taylor-Johnson was in the film until you mentioned him, IMDB stars billing is so messed up. I only go by what’s in the trailer and John David Washington is the only top billing in it. I love the show Ballers and never thought of Washington as an action hero even though he played a football player in that show, now he’s starring in a big budget Nolan’s sci-fi/action film!

    I didn’t know they’ve remade Force Majeure, I love the original. I highly recommend you check it out. This remake does look good, maybe too much shot for shot though. But I like both Julia Louis-Dreyfus (she’ll always be Elaine to me) and Will Ferrell. I’ll probably watch the remake when it’s on Netflix.

    1. I love that we’re all so excited for Tenet even though we know next to nothing about the plot. Looks thrilling, though, and that cast!

      Also really want to check out Downhill. Love Julia and Will and the premise is ripe for drama AND comedy. Going to check out the original first, though.

      1. Hi Fernando! Yeah Nolan always gets me super excited and his films always look so darn mysterious! Love that cast, especially the duo of Washington and Pattinson 😍

        Yeah I need to see Force Majure too, I think that one won some awards.

    2. Hey Ted!! I have seen TENET trailer a bunch of times too! Kinda obsessed with it 😆 Did you see Rise of Skywalker on an AMC IMAX yet? They’re showing about 5 minutes clip of Tenet there which looks super intense and cool! Some people thought they went to the wrong movie, ahahahaha!

      Ok I need to check out Force Majure, I always prefer the original version esp if it’s European, but this new one has such a great cast!

      1. No, I’ve been super busy with work so I’m seeing Rise of Skywalker this Tuesday. I’m going to see it at the Dolby Cinema first though, I prefer it over the fake IMAX at AMC. But if I’ll check it out again at the IMAX if I enjoyed it, would be cool to see the preview of Tenent.

        Force Majure is really more of a dramedy, I think it’s on Netflix for a long time and that’s when I watched it.

  2. Tenet looks awesome. I’m not sure about Downhill considering how much I enjoyed Force Majeure which was a much more dramatic film and Will Ferrell hasn’t been making enjoyable movies for me lately.

    1. I definitely am gonna check out Force Majure. The biggest sell for me on the new one is Julia Louis Dreyfus, and the writers seem to have made some intriguing dark comedies in the past.

      1. True. I do like JLD as she always deliver but Will Ferrell seems to be regressing lately into playing a schtick rather than be challenged as an actor in the way Adam McKay would often do for him.

    1. Hey Getter! That is super cool that TENET was filmed in Estonia! Were you an extra or saw parts of it being filmed?? I was in Chicago on vacation right they were filming The Dark Knight years a go and it was so exciting to see all those armored trucks, tanks and even the chopper flying above us at some point.

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