2018 TCFF Education Programs–Empowering Filmmakers during the 11-day Film Fest

TCFF believes in free education.

What a truly inspiring and amazingly generous and empowering statement. That’s just one of the many, many reasons I am proud and privileged to have been a part of TCFF since its inception 9 years ago! Can you think of another film festival in town or even regionally that offers a plethora of insightful educational programs and opportunities to learn from various filmmakers/film experts FREE OF CHARGE?? I can’t imagine NOT taking the opportunity to be a part of those… or better yet, help support them!

As the recently-launched TCFF Education Program website says, TCFF is dedicated to providing resources for filmmakers to develop their craft, think critically, and connect with each other. We are always working with granting organizations and companies to support our FREE programs.

Before I get to the various events, here’s a few words from TCFF Educational Director Matt Cici (who loyal FC readers might be familiar with as I interviewed him here for his feature film Lambent Fuse):

When I first started making films, there was a part of me that wanted to share that process with those around me — involve them. I’ve always been an advocate of education and the arts, and after years of hosting events all around the Twin Cities for different film and art projects, I approached the TCFF to create more opportunities for others.

The education program for Twin Cities Film Fest is free for a major reason: education is a human right. So, I would like to provide access to all, no matter their background or experience level. It has proven to be successful, as many eight-year olds have shown me from the start of our Free Day or college students getting into their dream school due to becoming a Film Fellow. We have people who have come year after year to our Festival Panels only to now serve as a Panelist learning how to make great film and enjoy doing it—along the way. It can be tough to keep them free, especially as we startup many programs. We do have some of the most amazing sponsors that help make these happen.

This year is our best year yet.

Though, Twin Cities Film Fest Education is just getting started! I would highly recommend our College and Career Fair, especially if you don’t even plan to go to college or have a career in film. We see this as a fantastic opportunity to network with filmmakers, meet those who are also as passionate about education as we are, and understand what’s happening in your community. We also are 4-years strong into our annual Free Day filmmaking workshops (this year it has become so popular, we made it into two days!). Lastly, our Festival Panels feature some amazing discussion centering around systemic oppression (Black), female filmmakers and their journey (Women in Film), and our brand new category of bite-sized learning, TED-style talks called Ed Forums!

Check them out. They’re all free after all. Two films were bought last year because of our panels. Provide us with feedback; we love to learn how to become better.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this. When creating new education programs, I like to be in the mindset of “Wow! I wish I had that when I was first discovering my passion.”


Saturday, 10/20 @ 12pm-2pm
Top colleges, media companies, and festival filmmakers are gathered all in one place to learn about you — there’s something for everyone!

Giveaways Include: iPad, Film Gear, and Filmmaking Software


Saturday, 10/20 @ 9:45am
Youth watch family-friendly films and meet the filmmakers.


Sunday, 10/21 @ 9AM – 4PM
A fun-filled day for youth to create short films.


A unique, guided curriculum during TCFF for students and educators to watch films, meet filmmakers, engage in discussion, and have VIP-access with TCFF alumni perks.

Selected TCFF Film Fellows will have extensive free access to the festival including:

  • Attending the Industry Night – Festival Lounge, Friday, 10/19
  • Invitation to the filmmaker brunch – Festival Lounge, Saturday, 10/20
  • Participating in educational workshops & panels – AC Hotel, Sat, 10/20, Sun, 10/21
  • Attending screenings – pre-selected features, docs, and short blocks at the Showplace ICON Theatre
  • Private time to meet with top performing colleges and media companies at the TCFF Career Day Fair (see above)
  • Exclusive meet and greets with visiting filmmakers
  • Invitation to TCFF Closing Night Ceremonies – Festival Lounge
  • Certificate of completion for attending all required events
  • Lifetime TCFF benefits
  • Join a private online group for film professionals to network, learn, and share

How to apply:
Students/Faculty/Staff can apply for free online: http://tcffeducation.org

Participation is free to students and educators; however, TCFF Film Fellows will have to provide their own transportation, lodging, and most meals.
More detailed information can be found on tcffeducation.org.


Short, in-depth presentations with interactive components that cover a variety of topics from film to culture.


Filmmakers discuss relevant industry topics, ranging from women in film to making movies in Minnesota.

Industry Night (FREE ADMISSION)

Friday, October 19 7:00 PM
TCFF Can Can Wonder-Lounge 1658 West End Blvd

Meet filmmakers at our fabulous annual event.
Presented by Headwaters Entertainment.

So, did you save any of these fabulous events on YOUR calendar yet?

Hope to see you at TCFF this year!

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