RIP Margot Kidder – she shall always be my favorite Lois Lane

I just flew home from vacation today and as I was browsing the internet briefly as I boarded the plane, I read that Margot Kidder has passed away at the age of 69. I knew she had some health problems and that she had stepped away from acting and focused more on political activism in her later years. It seems that just like the most famous role she portrayed, Margot Kidder also courageously fought for what she believed in.

I was saddened by this news particularly because how her portrayal of Lois Lane in Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie (my all time favorite Superman movie) and basically made the role as iconic as Christopher Reeve did as the Man of Steel. I mentioned in this 2011 post when Amy Adams was cast that Kidder was my favorite Lois Lane. Well, I think she always will be and I tell you why.

From the first moment we saw Lois in the 1978 Superman movie, we saw her in her element. She’s hard at work at Daily Planet, doing what she loves and does best, surrounded by people who relies on her and trusts her. We saw how her photographer colleague Jimmy Olsen adores her (probably has a secret crush on her) and how her boss Mr. White values her work. She’s the best reporter of the paper, and perhaps even the entire Metropolis.

This quote is from Superman II which best defines Lois according to her boss:

Perry White: If Paris is going to go kablooey I want my best reporter right in the middle of it… No offense, Kent. You’re good, but Lois Lane’s better.
Clark Kent: No, I mean uh, isn’t that a bit dangerous, sir?
Perry White: That goes with the territory, Kent. Don’t worry; if I know Lois Lane, she’ll not only come back with a Pulitzer Prize story, but a one-on-one interview with the hydrogen bomb titled “What Makes Me Tick.”

So when she meets Clark Kent for the first time at Mr. White’s office and he spills his new boss’ drink all over himself, she was focused on her work. Her career is the most important thing for her, not because she cares about being at the top, but because she is absolutely passionate for the art of journalism. In other words, she’s already a super woman before she meets Superman, and she doesn’t need a man (no matter how super) to define who she is.

Now THAT is what inspires me the most about Kidder’s Lois Lane. In fact, I was so inspired by her that for as long as I could remember I had always wanted to be a journalist. Never mind that I was barely in grade school when I saw Superman: The Movie, that film made such an impression on me I thought her Lois was (and still is) the coolest gal ev-er!

When I went to college years later, I even put down in journalism as my major on my I-20 (for those not familiar w/ being an international student in the US, that form is a Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status-For Academic and Language Students). I ended up switching to Advertising with Graphic Design minor, but for one quarter, I did take journalism and broadcasting courses and I’m so glad I did! As I became a film blogger over a decade ago, the journalistic principles I learned in school proves to be quite beneficial.

So yeah, I did have a massive crush on Christopher Reeve’s Superman for years (he remains the only actor I’ve ever written letters to), but I was just as influenced by Kidder’s portrayal of Lois. I think to this day, no other actress can top Kidder’s portrayal of Lois, just as no actor can top Reeve’s Superman for me.

I mentioned in that 2011 article that I love the contrast of Kidder’s acting with Clark Kent vs. Superman. How she’s domineering and bossy to Clark, but then goes all googley-eyed in front of Superman. But what I didn’t mention is, that  Superman and his alter ego was just as mesmerized by Lois. I believe he’s drawn to her not only for her looks (though she’s indeed gorgeous), but because of her spunk, her no-nonsense attitude and simply her zest for life. Yes, Supes has saved Lois a few times, but no, she’s not some damsel in distress. She may be a bit ruthless when she pursues a story, but that’s because she always gives a hundred and ten percent to her work and is driven by the passion for uncovering truth just as Supes does.

All of those elements makes Lois Lane a heroine to me… who needs superpowers when you’ve got cojones like that?

No wonder Margot Kidder wasn’t enthused with the way DCEU portrayed Lois. As she mentioned in this article, despite casting a strong performer like Amy Adams, Lois was mostly relegated as ‘the girlfriend’ which seems like a step back in time.

Kidder’s Lois Lane was not ahead of its time, it’s timing was just right and therefore it’s timeless. She is strong as well as vulnerable, which makes her relatable. She is feminine (in her own sassy way), as well as a fierce feminist who’s comfortable in her own skin and knows her worth, no wonder Supes’ willing to give up his superpower just to be with her.

I feel like I’ve been rambling on when now all I want to do is rewatch Superman: The Movie. In sum, I just want to say THANK YOU Margot Kidder, for your inspiration and for defining a role of a strong woman for a generation and beyond.

May you rest in peace.

Have you been inspired by Margot Kidder as Lois Lane or otherwise? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


20 thoughts on “RIP Margot Kidder – she shall always be my favorite Lois Lane

  1. I feel like a part of my childhood has just died…. again. I find it odd today that earlier I was watching Delirious with John Candy and Mariel Hemingway as I saw Margot’s cameo in the film which I thought was a funny cameo. Then after watching Personal Shopper and going online, I read the sad news. I’ve seen her in a few other films like Sisters by Brian de Palma (great film I should say) and she’s always a joy to watch. Yet, for me and I’m sure like everyone else here who grew up on the original Superman movie. She is Lois Lane. She just got that character dead-on and did it right. No offense to Kate Bosworth, Teri Hatcher, Amy Adams, or even the original Lois in Noel Neill from the 1950s TV series with George Reeves. Margot Kidder is the definitive Lois just as Christopher Reeve is as Superman/Clark Kent.

    I know everyone is going on about the MCU creating definitive superhero films. For me, Superman is the best superhero film ever made and the standard of everything else relating to superheroes before and since.

    1. Hi Steven! Yeah it’s truly a sad news and kinda tragic what happened to Margot. I had no idea she had a cameo i Mariel Hemingway’s film, maybe that’s why Mariel ended up in Superman 4? I wanna see Personal Shopper too, did you like that film?

      I just think none of the actresses playing Lois Lane (both on TV and films) can hold a candle to Margot’s portrayal. She is so naturally fun and spunky and I can totally see why Supes is smitten w/ her. I LOVE what you said in your last sentence there, I concur!

      1. I posted my review of Personal Shopper yesterday. Actually, Delirious came out a few years after Superman IV: The Quest for Peace as I’m sure Margot got the cameo because on of the producers was Richard Donner and she was a friend of Mariel Hemingway.

        1. Cool! I haven’t got time to make the blog rounds but I look forward to reading your review.

          Ah I see, thanks for the trivia, Steven!

  2. I was really sad to hear of this. In addition to being Lois Lane, she was one of the first people I remember speaking out about her mental health issues and it still takes guts to do that to this day, because of the stigma attached. I used to scoff at my parents when they said they would miss so-and-so actor or singer…not any more.

    1. Hi Paula! Yeah, there are some similarities between Margot and Carrie Fisher, and both played such iconic female roles that will be remembered forever.

  3. I wrote on my Facebook Movie Page this morning that Margot Kidder was MY Lois Lane and I meant it. I was actually looking forward to seeing Amy Adams as Lois as I like her work generally, but her Lois didn’t have a patch on Kidder’s. I haven’t seen a lot of Kidder’s other work, I shall have to look out for other films.

    1. Hi Stella! I’m glad you feel the same way that Margot is YOUR Lois Lane. I think Amy Adams’ lackluster portrayal is due to poor writing, as I think she does have a similar spunk to Margot and she’s a terrific actress.

    1. Hi Cindy! Yes, Margot has that quirky factor, glad you mentioned that. She’s different from the other gals and she’s so driven to the point of being a bit reckless, but I love that. I remember as a young kid how much I wanted to be Lois Lane!

          1. Nice! Happy Anniversary. I was married two weeks ago to Jim. We’ve had family and friends visiting non-stop. It’s been a wonderful, crazy time. School’s out for us in AZ in a week. Now what’s in store for you? Will you make another short? Get back to blogging on a more regular basis?

            1. Wow!!! Congrats on your wedding, that’s awesome! So are you going on a honeymoon soon?

              Well I’m still hoping to make the feature of HW but yes we’ll probably make another short (my hubby and I) or I might produce someone else’s. I don’t think I can be back blogging on a regular basis, but will still do reviews from time to time.

  4. I feel bad for saying this but I thought that she’d passed away a while but then I saw on the news about her passing, I was a bit shocked I guess. But she’s the best Louis Lane and one of the reasons why I love Superman: The Movie too. It’s too bad that her career never took off after she’s done with the Superman films.

    1. Oh no! You thought she had passed away?? Well she has been having health problems in the past, but I knew she was active in that Keystone Pipeline protest stuff as she’s such a staunch activist. Superman The Movie has flaws but it’s still an iconic and highly rewatchable movie thanks largely to Margot’s Lois Lane.

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