Musings on my favorite Lois Lane and Amy Adams casting

Those who’ve been following the updates on the upcoming Superman reboot surely have heard that 36 year-old Amy Adams has been cast as Lois Lane. More on that later.

Can you read my mind?

As everyone’s processing that bit of casting, I’d like to take the time to highlight my favorite Lois Lane in Superman adaptation: Margot Kidder. Just as Christopher Reeve’s iconic portrayal as Man of Steel is inimitable, what Kidder brought to the role is just as indelible. As you can see in her screen test below, I think Richard Donner made the right choice in casting her amongst other more well-known actresses vying for the role (including Anne Archer, Lesley Ann Warren and Stockard Channing).

What makes Margot a great Lois Lane is also her ability contrast the way she behaves around the dual identity of Superman, both the hero and his bumbling alter ego Clark Kent. She’s appropriately domineering and bossy to Clark (I love how he always brought her freshly-squeezed orange juice for her at the office in Donner’s versions), then she goes all googley-eyed around Superman and mesmerized by his every move. She’s got the right amount of spunk that makes her truly believable as a workaholic reporter who cares more about her career than anything else… that is until Superman comes along. From the second he rescues her in that classic helicopter rescue scene, she — along with every single woman in the audience — was under Superman’s spell.

There are a lot of memorable scenes from the first Superman movie that’ll remain a classic for a long time, but the one of her interviewing Superman on her apartment balcony is just wonderful. I love the flirtatious and whimsical banter back and forth between the two smitten lovebirds and the flying sequence that follow is absolutely beautiful and dreamy. I couldn’t find the exact clip of the interview scene, but it starts at about 08:30 in the video below. Unfortunately, both that scene and the flying sequence have to be viewed on YouTube.

Back to Amy Adam’s casting, frankly, I was quite taken aback when I heard it, as I never thought she was a contender. For what it’s worth, I actually prefer Rachel McAdams or Emily Blunt in the role whose age is a bit closer Henry Cavill who’s only 27. But age isn’t that big a deal for me, especially since Amy looks so youthful.

Besides, it’s entirely possible that Lois is actually older than Superman, even though in the Richard Donner’s version, Lois is shown as a young girl when Clark was already in High School, implying that Lois is perhaps a decade younger than him. In any case, I’m more concerned with whether the actress can portray the personality of Lois Lane, the pretty and tough-as-nails Pulitzer Prize-winning star reporter for The Daily Planet. I haven’t been impressed by any of the Lois Lane actress on Superman TV series, and Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns lacked the wit and the spunk in the role IMO, and she looked way to young and inexperienced for me to believe she’s won a Pulitzer!

Amy on the other hand has proved that she has the chops for both comedy and drama, and she’s got three Academy Award nominations to prove it. This site has a pretty detailed description of the character, which I believe she can easily pull off. Oh, it’s interesting that the comic book image of Lois I found here is also a redhead 🙂

Well, what are your thoughts on Margot Kidder as Lois Lane? And are you happy with Amy Adams casting in the role?

32 thoughts on “Musings on my favorite Lois Lane and Amy Adams casting

    1. Well said jar. It’s common-place for Hollywood actors to 10 to 15 year older than their love interest but no one even notices. The other way around and you see these stupid comments.

  1. I just can’t get excited about Superman. Partly because I am just not a Superman fan but mainly because Superman Returns was so dull and tedious. I think Amy Adams is a good choice for Lois Lane, and don’t think there is an age issue, lets not forget that Margot Kidder was older than Christopher Reeve. By the way I do agree on pretty much everything you say about Margot Kidder.

    1. I didn’t know you’re not much of a Supes fan, Andy. I see what you mean about SR, but I’m still hopeful about future adaptations, including this Snyder one. You’re right, Margot was older than Chris Reeve, and it’s hardly noticeable.

      Glad you agree on Margot. I just love her spunk!

  2. I am glad you pay tribute to Kidder. She is who I think of personally when I think of Lois Lane. Can’t wait to see Amy Adams as Lois. Her part in The Fighter showed her “tough as nails” aspect to me. I believe the casting choice to be quite appropriate! Still would love to have seen Rashida Jones though. 🙂

    1. Hi T, Kidder is indeed the quintessential Lois Lane. I mean, the scene where she climbed an elevator in Paris is just so crazy, but exemplifies the length a reporter like her would do for a story. That’s why Supes is the perfect boyfriend as she likes danger so much 🙂

  3. I know most “real” fans hate it, but I loved the Lois & Clark TV series. I don’t if it’s because I grew up watching, them but I get such waves of nostalgia when I see them. Easily, Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain at their best.

      1. I don’t have as much an issue w/ Teri as I do w/ Dean Cain. She just doesn’t impress me, plus her voice makes her sound like a little girl, not a savvy career woman.

  4. Ted S.

    I remember seeing Superman for the first when I was probably about 9 or 10 years old and I had a big crush on Margot Kidder. I do think she’s the best Lois Lane, maybe Amy Adams could make the character better but we’ll have to wait and see.

    As for Margot Kidder, she never had a career besides playing Lane in all those Superman films. I think I saw her in some sitcom back in the late 90s and boy she did not aged well at all. Too bad though, I thought she’s a good actress.

    1. I think every girl had a crush on Chris Reeve and all the boys on Margot 🙂 Yeah, she didn’t age well at all sadly, but she really was the best Lois Lane. I’m optimistic Amy Adams would bring some of that wit and poise as Lois, but one thing for sure she’s quite a charismatic actress.

  5. I actually like the casting of Adams as Lois Lane. I think she is far more fitting to the role than Kate Bosworth was a few years back. Adams is versatile enough to give a nod to Kidder while still creating her own take on the film. I am just happy they got an actress who is known for her acting and not just for her looks.

    1. Yup, yup, eons better than Kate. Both are beautiful but Adams still has that ‘girl next door’ look about her and yes she’s definitely more than a pretty face.

    1. Exactly Rich! The greatest cast in the world isn’t going to be able to do much if the director doesn’t know what he is doing…

      Amy Adams is at a point in her career where she can basically do whatever she wants. If the movie is bad, she is such a well-respected actress at this point that no one is going to blame her and if the movie is any good, it will raise her profile even more (especially overseas).

        1. Yep, and it applies to recent award winners as well. As soon as Christoph Waltz got his Oscar for ‘Basterds’ he stars in Green Hornet!

          @ Castor – good point there about Adams. I think it’s safe in her career now to do a superhero movie. If anything it’ll raise her profile more without her risking being typecast in any way, shape or form.

  6. Amy Adams 36??? ding dong how awesome!!

    She looks like a real wipper snapper!! She certainly has aged well, or not aged at all for that matter.

    I know she was amazing in The Fighter and all, but I just can’t get her Encharted role out of my head, oh no I am going to start singing again!!

    The Hazard of having young children!!

    /how does she know that I love her, /

    Now Lois Lane is such a tease, poor little confused Clark Kent. I always took Lane as the older woman anyway, at least in the sexual way compared to Clark/Superman.

    Margot Kidder has left some really big shoes to fill, lets face it Bosworth couldn’t even walk in them. If anyone can Adams can. (hey that rhymed)


    1. Yes, she is very young looking for her age (which is exactly the same as mine). I thought she was only in early 30s. Ha..ha.. Enchanted is one of her most memorable roles, surely, but she was great in Junebug also. Ha..ha.. sing away, Custard, sing away 🙂

      You’re absolutely right about Lois being such a tease. That scene of them sharing a Valentine hotel room in Niagara Falls is funny, you could practically see the longing in Clark’s eyes. It seems like no matter how badly she treats him, he still pines for her.

      Amy is ten times the better actress than Kate so yeah, I think she’ll do very well.

    1. Hi Joel, yeah I’ve seen the episode on YouTube. Smallville is so cheesy I can’t bear watching even an entire episode. I think Christopher Reeve had guest starred there as well, which was very cool to watch.

  7. Amy Adams is certainly an interesting choice. I’ve always pictured Louis as being hot headed, slightly bullish (in other words, Teri Hatcher). It’ll be interesting to see if this is what Adams goes for or if we’ll be seeing a softer side to her in the film.

    1. Hi Craig, welcome to FC! Yes, Lois is hot headed indeed, slightly bullish perhaps but not out of malice, it’s just her high-strung nature. I don’t mind a softer side of Lois, just as long as it doesn’t come across weak or whiny like Kate Bosworth’s portrayal.

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