Quick thoughts on Oscars 2018 & the winners

It’s almost 10 o’clock when I started writing this post so this is not gonna be a comprehensive post. I have a busy day ahead tomorrow as my department at work is having a musical chair moment moving a bunch of us to new cubicles. Plus there’s also a snowstorm coming tomorrow (gah I sure hope I can still go to that Wrinkle In Time screening!).

Around this time last year, as I was watching the Oscar ceremony, I was still making changes to my short film Hearts Want for the zillionth time. So as a first time filmmaker, this year I got quite emotional as I heard the speech of Best live action short winner (The Silent Child), and she did the sign language as her film is about a deaf child.

Here’s the trailer for that short if you haven’t seen it already:

No comment on the red carpet as I tuned in rather late and I generally don’t care for red carpet stuff anyway. But there are some great frocks out there, these are some of my faves…

Well, the ceremony was ok overall, I enjoyed the retro-styled BW intro. ‘Armie Hammer was born when a witch puts a curse on a Ken doll’ ha!

I quite enjoyed seeing clips of classic films being used throughout the ceremony too!

It’s the 90th year of the Academy Awards, I love the segment celebrating 90 years of timeless movies!

I gotta admit I teared up a bit watching that… and it certainly made me want to go to the movies!!


As for the winners…

They’re all VERY predictable. I posted my predictions on Friday. I got ALL of the acting winners right so there was zero suspense in that department. The film I was rooting for this year, The Shape of Water, ended up getting FOUR Oscars out of the 13 it was nominated for, including Best Director AND Best Picture!

– Glad to see Sam Rockwell won, even though I have yet to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. To have THREE actors nominated from a single film is quite something and two of them won!

Dunkirk won for Best Sound Mixing and Sound Editing, as well as Best Editing. Well deserved on all three!! Dunkirk was a moviegoing experience like no other and largely because of the sound AND the way it was edited.

– Yaassss on The Shape of Water winning Best Production Design… the amazing, meticulously-designed set pieces truly transports me to 1960s Cold War era.

Allison Janney pretty much won every award there is for Best Supporting Actress…

– The one category I was rooting for Phantom Thread to win DID win!

– The venerable James Ivory (who made all those Merchant-Ivory films!!) won Best Adapted Screenplay for Call Me By Your Name. Now, I’m even more surprised that this is his first win! Wait, what??

– And the one nominee practically everyone was rooting for… I bet even first time female DP nominee Rachel Morrison herself was probably ok w/ Mr. Deakins winning!

This tweet sums it all…

The Shape Of Water swept me off my feet in so many ways, including its beautiful, melancholic, romantic theme… so yeah, no problem whatsoever with it winning Best Score! Congrats Alexandre Desplat!

– I have been Team Shape of Water all the way, which happens to be the last film I saw in 2017! It’s films that I connect with emotionally that I love and remember the most, and this film did that and more. It was pure movie magic filled with amazing creativity and imagination… and heart. I LOVE his speech too, about dreaming big and believing in his own vision.

– This is the year for Character Actors!! Gary Oldman is a consistently-fantastic performer, an actor’s actor, who I’m always stunned to learn he’d never won an Oscar! Well, he FINALLY won one!

– Now, for the FINAL award of the night, I gotta say it was a bit suspenseful … but also humorous seeing Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty back on the podium presenting the same category they messed up so spectacularly last year!

But hey, they didn’t bungle it this year and I’m thrilled to hear the name of the film I’ve been rooting for…

I truly think The Shape of Water deserved the Best Picture win!

You can see full winners list here.

Fave Moments

Every year the host always does something fun that was rather unexpected, such as Ellen handing out pizza, Kimmel bringing tourists to the ceremony. Well this year Kimmel kind of did something similar where gathered a team of Oscar presenters/nominees to hand out snacks to unsuspecting moviegoers watching Wrinkle In Time. That was fun!

I haven’t really caught on who Tiffany Haddish was until recently. I can see why she’s so beloved, she is a hoot! I’d be down to have them present the Oscars next year!

This has got to be my favorite Oscar musical performance in a long time… not only was it a powerful performance by Mary J. Blige but the lyrics was like an anthem for the representation/inclusion/equality movement we’re having now. What a mighty performance!


I love this trio from The Last Jedi! I hope this role isn’t just a one off for Kelly Marie Tran, she’s just a delightful woman and surely a good actress too if given a chance!

Well, speaking of which, I know someone who’d agree with me on that…

And THAT speech! I love Frances McDormand‘s defiant, feisty attitude and her powerful, inspiring speech of representation and inclusion.

If you’re like me and had no idea what she meant by ‘Inclusion Rider’ in her speech, well, she kindly explained backstage…

Bravo Frances!! And congrats!! I hope to see Three Billboards next weekend, hopefully!

Ok, THIS is just hilarious!! Thanks whoever captured this moment of del Toro double checking that he indeed won!!


Biggest surprises of the night…

… not exactly a welcome one it seems.

I didn’t know about Kobe’s sexual misconduct allegations, but still I find it odd that he’s now an Oscar winner. I mean, it took how long for people like Roger Deakins to finally got his?? And SO many talented filmmakers still has ZERO Oscars!

I think this category could very well be the biggest surprise of the night. I haven’t seen Get Out yet as I’m not a big fan of horror films, but now I’m really curious to see it! Definitely another historical moment for Jordan Peele, what a year for him for getting a trifecta nominations at the Oscars with Best Picture, Best Directing and Best Original Screenplay.

I’m quite surprised that Lady Bird won zilch! I thought it’d win at least the screenplay category for Greta Gerwig. Having just seen it this weekend, I thought it was excellent and well-written. I’m glad it lived up to the hype!

Anyway, here’s the tally:

So that’s it folks, I gotta go to bed at some point.

What are YOUR thoughts on Oscars this year?


21 thoughts on “Quick thoughts on Oscars 2018 & the winners

  1. hey Ruth! Long time so speak eh? I was team Phantom Thread haha, I am listening to the score now and its beautiful. That said, Desplat’s score was pretty amazing too. I also was really hoping Lesley Manville to win, she was amazing. I loved the crowd reactions when they played the clip of her from the movie!! Such good dialogue. I still need to see I, Tonya tho =/

    I wanted DDL to win so badly as it was a change up for him, but I think it was too subtle a performance, and not an Oscar type movie, for that to happen. Congrats to Oldman, Darkest Hour is still another I haven’t seen! Gawd I am terrible!

    Hope you are well!

    1. Hi Jordan! Thanks for stopping by, sorry I’ve been absent from the blogging world lately, but Oscar live-tweet and recap are tradition (we’ll see how long I’ll keep up w/ it though).

      I can see why lots of people are on Team Phantom Thread. The film is so cold emotionally for me but it was meticulously crafted. I LOVE Lesley Manville in everything she’s done, including her British period dramas. Well DDL has won two before so I’m glad to see another stellar actor finally getting recognized, Gary Oldman is a terrific actor!

      1. i love oldman’s 90’s stuff, especially Leon and 5th Element, but I still need to see Darkest Hour!!

        The cold emotion was the point I think, they have this co-dependent screwed up relationship and the way it ends make you really wonder, why is she still with him? Why doesn’t she leave? And its so relevant to today’s world unfortunately.

        Lesley Manville was awesome. I loved how she was so cold to any women he dated, like she was his mother.

        I’d love to hear your thoughts on my review about it =)

  2. And as for the Kobe thing… well, it was just dumb I think. It won because Kobe’s name was attached to it. I’d love to see all of those shorts cos as much as I like basketball, more than one of the others looked better

  3. I’m stoked that Guillermo won as I’m just happy for him as he is my favorite Mexican filmmaker and probably somewhere in my list of 20-30 favorite filmmakers. Please, have Tiffany Haddish host next year. She’s awesome and…. I would totally pay a shitload of money to see Meryl Streep as her mother.

    I really want to see Coco while I think Queen Mary killed it with her performance of her song. I really hate that song from The Greatest Showman. It sounds like every other pop song out there.

    I’m happy that Jordan Peele won. I look forward to what he does next. I’m sad Greta Gerwig and Lady Bird didn’t win anything though I’m glad Gerwig got some recognition and look forward to what she will do next.

    1. I love how Guillermo is truly an artist and visionary. I may not always love his films but I love that he seemed to always put his heart and soul into everything he does, and his projects was always kind of personal.

      I actually prefer other songs from Greatest Showman, but I much prefer the song from Mudbound to be honest. Yeah too bad for Gerwig to leave empty handed, I would rather see her win Original Screenplay.

  4. I didn’t stay up all night (the oscars is shown at 2am) so thanks for the recap! The video you shared “90 years of timeless movies” gave me chills and nostalgia , in the best way! 🙂

    Frances McDormand scares me a bit, her speech was indeed powerful, encouraging women to tell their stories and stand up together in the auditorium. That’s an oscar moment I’ll remember.

    1. Hello Chris! Isn’t that awesome? I love that ’90 years of timeless movies’ too, it’s wonderfully nostalgic!

      Ahah, Frances can be quite overpowering doesn’t she? But yeah that was quite a speech and a great statement about inclusion and representation.

  5. Nice recap Ruth, I checked Twitter late last night so I sort of caught up with who won. Glad Deakins finally win, if he didn’t win for Blade Runner 2049 then I would assume the Oscar voters just don’t want him to win and keep torturing him with constant nominations. Lol.

    I can lend you GET OUT if you want to see it, seriously it’s not a horror film but more suspense. But again I didn’t think it was that suspenseful or scary at all, which is why I’m don’t get how it got nominated with so many categories. I thought the idea of the film was great but the execution just wasn’t there.

    1. Hi Ted! Man it took 14 noms for Deakins to finally win, but hey better late than never I guess. That guy has done such amazing work and he’s so gracious too, which made him appreciate him even more.

      I just saw the trailer of GET OUT the other night, not sure I can handle it, looks kind of gory which isn’t my thing. But if I change my mind I’ll let you know, thanks Ted!

      1. Oh GET OUT doesn’t have any gruesome in it at all, in fact it’s the least violent “horror” film I’ve seen ever. Like I said it’s more of a thriller than horror. The Silence of the Lamps has more gore than this film.

    1. Hey thanks Courtney! I stayed up really late as I know I wouldn’t be able to write anything the next day. Yeah some parts are really boring, but I was doing laundry so I took the time to just do chores during the telecast 😀

    1. Yeah I would be ok w/ Dunkirk winning Best Score, just because I felt like Desplat has been getting so much kudos lately. But I do love Shape of Water’s score though, it’s so romantic and magical.

  6. Brittani

    I’m bummed Lady Bird didn’t win anything because it was my favorite film of the year. Still mad about War for the Planet of the Apes not winning visual effects.

    1. Hi Brittani! I finally saw Lady Bird the day before the Oscar ceremony and while I didn’t absolutely love it, I think it deserved Best Original Screenplay. Yeah, the Apes trilogy was so brilliant on a technical level, I was rooting for that too.

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