FlixChatter Review – Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

I have to admit that my life has been so hectic lately I haven’t really had time to anticipate any films this holiday season like I normally do. But when the press screening invite came out for The Last Jedi, I actually got more excited despite only having seen only one trailer. Well, I’m glad that is the only trailer/videos I’ve seen of the film… it’s best to see it ‘blind’ knowing as little as possible. I don’t write reviews very often anymore, so indulge me when I go a bit longer with this one.

Force Awakens is more nostalgic and an homage to the original from JJ Abrams, and while The Last Jedi also still has to tread on familiar grounds, it somehow feels fresh and new. There are quite a few surprises that thrills, delights and tugs my heartstrings. Ok granted I’m more of a casual Star Wars fan, so I don’t have the depth knowledge like ardent aficionados, but I was quite caught up with the journey of the main characters. The story pretty much picks up where the last film leaves off, with a literal cliffhanger as we saw Rey (Daisy Ridley) meeting Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) up high on a cliff by an ocean.

But before we get there, the film drops us straight into an intergalactic space battle of the Resistance fighters, led by General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) against the reigning First Order. I enjoy thrilling aerial battles and the SFX is off the charts in a film of this magnitude, but I’m glad there’s more to this movie than just action, action, action. What I really enjoyed most from the film is the quieter, more talky scenes between Rey and Luke. Writer/director Rian Johnson delved deep into the saga’s mythology and Jedi philosophy… about what the force really is, the real power of the Jedi, etc. Those are the real appeal of this enduring franchise and what makes me go ‘ok I see why people love this saga so much and why it appeals to multiple generations.’

There are fans who might not like the direction of Luke in this film (even Hamill himself reportedly told Johnson he fundamentally disagreed how his character was written), but I personally love the deconstruction of such a titular character. Why is Luke such a legend? Just what exactly is the Force and who gets to have it? How does Luke himself sees his own power and its effect in the universe? It’s always intriguing to learn just what the fuss is about Luke, especially given how he was talked about in virtually every scene in The Force Awakens, yet we only got to see him for mere seconds! I love the grizzled, curmudgeon Luke (like Hamill was channeling the real Harrison Ford!), the salt & pepper longish hair and beard makes him look even more distinguished. The scenes between him and Rey are definitely my favorite. “This is not going to go the way you think.” Luke says at one point (it’s not a spoiler as it’s in the trailer and all over its promos)… and you know what, the film actually delivers on that sentiment!

The film is divided into three major scenarios, in which each team has to fulfill a certain ‘task’ if you will, all happening around the same time. My main quibble with the movie is that the transition between one scenario to another feels disjointed at times. One scene would be solemn and intense, then it’ll switch to something more mischievous and funky and then it’s full-throttle action. Perhaps it’s to be expected when you have such a vast narrative involving so many players but it could’ve been done more smoothly. That said though, the film has enough going for it–the energetic action, lively humor and genuine emotion–that I didn’t even mind the 2.5 hours running time.

Obviously the strength of this space saga is the characters people truly care about over the years. I feel like there’s a proper balance (a word thrown out a lot in this film) between the iconic characters and the newer ones that expand the story. The emotional tug of war between Rey and Kylo is the heart of the story here, and both Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley are absolutely terrific. I’ve loved Ridley’s spunky Rey from the start and I find Driver’s Kylo even more magnetic here (and not only ’cause he’s got such great mane!). Yes he’s a grandpa Vader wanna-be (and he’s still got serious anger-management issues), but there’s much more than that and the internal conflict within him is palpable. Poor Domhnall Gleeson though, a terrific actor who’s relegated to being the comic relief as the over-the-top General Hux.

On the Resistance team, pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac, not to be outdone by Adam in the sexy hair department) gets more to do here. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Poe solo movie with the oh-so-charismatic Isaac, he’s just a cool guy with a reckless energy a la Han Solo. There’s less bantering between him and his bestie Fin (John Boyega). Instead, Fin is paired with another spunky maintenance worker loyal to the Resistance, Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran). BB-8 is still an immensely fun droid to watch, while the new avian creature Porg likely only appeals to little kiddies. I’m glad to see two new female characters with a proper arc, one is Rose and the other is Vice Admiral Holdo, played by veteran actress Laura Dern. There’s a pretty intense exchange between her and Poe, but I’m not even going to spoil it for you what it’s about. One thing I can say is the scenes of Carrie Fisher is truly bittersweet. The film is dedicated to her (naturally!) but the whole film gives a proper homage to such an iconic character.

Now onto SPOILERS territory… (highlight to read)

It was cool to see Yoda making an appearance here with Luke on the island. As Luke struggles with destroying the ancient Jedi text, Yoda just made it go kablooey. It’s not particularly a highlight for me, but it’s cool to see the apprentice and the master reunited. Another reunion that made me tear up is Luke and Leia… especially when she gave the Han Solo’s dice he grabbed from the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. I love when Leia said ‘Luke, I know what you’re going to say. I changed my hair.’ Ha! It feels like something Carrie Fisher herself would say. When Luke said to her (about Han) ‘he’s never really gone’ it feels like how Carrie herself is to the SW family and the fans. Her spirit will always be with the franchise. 

Now for those who’ve seen this? Who do you think the Last Jedi is? Is it Luke or is it Rey? Thoughts on the kid in the last scene that hints he’s got the Force with him?

My initial reaction after I saw this is it’s currently one of my favorites in the franchise! Well, after four days seeing it, I still stand by it. In fact, I don’t mind seeing this again by year’s end. It’s really got everything. Thrilling action, check. Intense lightsaber battle, check. Witty repartee, check. Emotional struggles, check. The action punctuates the story and that’s how it should be. Unlike the overwrought and mawkish prequels, Rian’s script has zest and wit, and also unafraid to poke fun at themselves. I also marvel at the cinematography by Steve Yedlin, a longtime Rian Johnson collaborator. So many iconic visuals that truly took my breath away, especially those on the island filmed in County Kerry, Ireland. And of course, John Williams’ iconic epic score still gives me the chills!

By the time the end credits roll, I am already excited to see how the story goes from there. It’s great to have a filmmaker who evidently has been a fan of the franchise since he was a kid, but still also an ‘outsider’ who dared to take the 40-year-old saga into unexpected paths. The force is certainly strong with Rian Johnson, so I have no problem having him do the next Star Wars trilogy.

So what are your thoughts on The Last Jedi? Feel free to indulge me on your own theories about what happens in the film!

16 thoughts on “FlixChatter Review – Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

  1. I think time will be kinder to The Last Jedi than some “fanboy” Star Wars critics have been. There’s an apparent backlash to this film from the very same people who criticised JJ Abrams for “remaking A New Hope” for Johnson’s deviation from what fans “wanted” (whatever that means). I loved the film (despite a few niggling issues – the gambling planet, for example, was utter meh) and cannot wait to revisit this one multiple times to dig deeper into it.

    1. Hey Rodney! I actually like the gambling planet scene. Yeah people are gonna always complain about something. It’s either ‘too much of the same’ or ‘too different’ You really can’t please the fans, ahah.

  2. I feel the same about this film as with The Force Awakens, I enjoyed it but it seemed to me they introduced too many questions that may or may not get answered in the final film. I’ll probably see it again just because it looks great on the big screen.

    1. For some reason I enjoyed this more than Force Awakens. I just think it’s more engaging overall and yes it does look amazing on the big screen!

  3. Great review Ruth, I thought ‘The Last Jedi’ had flaws but on the whole it was a good ‘Star Wars’ film and I do like and fully support some of the unexpected creative choices made. Rian Johnson delivers some incredible visuals and gives this entry it’s own unique flavour without seeming out of place in the overall canon.

    Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were brilliant.

    1. Hi Chris! Glad you don’t mind the unexpected creative choices, sounds like we’re in the minority amongst fans. This time I’m with the critics in that I think this is a great film and I for one don’t mind Rian in the director chair for future SW films.

  4. Ugh your review makes me wish I’d liked this movie more than I did. It just dragged for me, and I felt bored and antsy. I loved the force awakens, but this installment just didn’t sell me the ju ju I needed to feel fulfilled. And, I’m not even a fan boy! WTF, right??

    1. Hi Courtney! Hey it’s ok that we disagreed on this. I wasn’t bored for the most part despite the super long running time. I guess I didn’t know what to expect but really enjoyed Rian’s direction. I’m not a fangirl at all, I guess I might just happen to be in the right mood when I saw it.

  5. I came out of it giving it a 5 out of 5 but I’ve since brought that score down to a 4 after thinking about it a bit more and talking to others about their reaction. I do feel I need another viewing and I’m eagerly anticipating one. But, regardless, I really enjoyed it. I thought Rian Johnson did a terrific job just as JJ Abrams did in the last one. There were moments (fleeting I must admit) when this film featured some of the best bits of Star Wars ever – that opening battle… wow! I could quibble about some of the humour and its hammy delivery by Hamill or the feeling (like Abrams’ effort) this is a re-imagination of Empire Strikes Back or the point plot-wise of the gambling planet apart from (spoiler coming) the kid at the end and the connotations of his actions. But, all in all, I really did enjoy it and thought it an ideal entry in the Star Wars saga.

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