Quick thoughts on Oscars 2017… and that crazy Best Picture mixup!


Well this is the first year where the Oscars almost escaped me… It’s funny, there’s a line that my lead character said in my Hearts Want script, ‘I don’t give a f*** about the Oscars…’ Well, it seems his um, lack of enthusiasm seems to have rubbed off on me a bit. Suffice to say, I’ve just been so preoccupied w/ prepping my short film that I really couldn’t be bothered. In fact I stayed past 1:30 Saturday night making updates to the script. But y’know what, though I’m exhausted I don’t feel tired, I pretty much operate on adrenaline rush these days.

Before I posted about my thoughts on the Oscars though… what a sad news 😦

Ok just a few comments on the red carpet stuff…


These three massively talented actors slay ’em at the red carpet!

Well, I think overall the ceremony is pretty boring… and Jimmy Kimmel is annoying generally. I did enjoy that whole bit about bringing a tour bus full of unsuspecting tourists to the Oscars. Especially these moments…

The expressions on these tourists faces are priceless… go Gary from Chicago!!

And can Sunny Pawar host the Oscars with Dev Patel next year?

Ah Taraji… she’s too freakin’ adorable!!

As for the winners…

The Oscars got it right w/ the first acting award of the night…

And finally… a classy, crazy talented lady gets her overdue moment to shine…

Beautiful, emotive lyrics too… so yeah I wish the Audition song instead of City Of Stars had won instead.

Haven’t seen Manchester By the Sea… can’t say I’m all that enthused about it.

Lest we forget…

Yep Denzel… I SO share your sentiment!

Emma’s performance in the Audition scene made me cry… so yeah, I have no problem w/ her winning. And her speech felt real and sweet. Leo presenting her the Oscar made me wonder why they haven’t worked together though.

As for the award of the night…

WOW, you’d never guess what happened!! I mean I saw it w/ my own eyes and I still couldn’t believe it!! Warren Beatty is the new Steve Harvey!!

WHOA!!! Seriously this was the craziest thing I’ve seen at the Oscars… or live TV for that matter! Well, I guess you could say the night ended with a BANG…

But yaaaaasssss!!!! I had always been #TeamMoonlight all award season…

I gotta say though, the La La Land producers, esp. Jordan Horowitz, was a good sport about the whole ordeal. I mean it must’ve been so devastating, not to mention embarrassing, to have started a speech and be told someone else had won!! But hey… in the end the Oscar voters got it right when it comes to Best Picture 😀

Yep, me too Mr. Jenkins. Me too!!


Well, I’m glad I tuned in to the Oscars tonight after all… otherwise I wouldn’t have witnessed the battiest Oscar moment in history on LIVE TV!


16 thoughts on “Quick thoughts on Oscars 2017… and that crazy Best Picture mixup!

  1. While watching the Best Picture speech of La La Land producers, I was noticing the disturbance at the background and because that dude was pointing at the envelope while talking, all that was going through my head was, “I think they announced the wrong winner”. And that turned out to be true! God, it was so painful to watch but the fact that they all handled it so damn gracefully makes me respect them so much!
    Also, I feel kind of bad for Warren Beatty because it was clearly not his fault!

    Anyway, as a whole, I liked the show and think that Jimmy did a pretty good job!

    1. Hi Shivani! I just tweeted if there’s gonna be a big upset but I never thought it’d be THIS kind of upset. Boy it’s definitely one of the craziest mixup I’ve ever seen on live tv! I never saw the snafu w/ the Miss Universe thing but man, I think this is even worse as there are so many people involved. Yep, I think it’s not solely Warren’s fault but I wish him and Faye had voiced their confusion when the card clearly says Emma Stone’s name!

  2. Ethan Sloan-Dennison

    Call me a cynic, but was the best film mistake done deliberately? Just have a feeling this was a ploy to make social media go wild about the Oscars and convince more people to tune in next year.

  3. I still can’t believe that mix up! It makes me sad that Warren Beatty is getting so much hate today though, it wasn’t him who read out La La Land! He knew something was up…I wish he’d just voiced his concerns!

    1. Hi Allie! Yeah there’s a lot of blame to go around but I think the biggest blame lies w/ PWC which they’ve apologized for. Boy that was a huge snafu, but hey at least it gave us something fun to talk about, ha!

  4. I actually tuned in to watch the Oscars last night…. for like 2 minutes, ha ha. It bored me and I switched back to watch The Walking Dead, which is also been quite boring this season. I didn’t see the whole mixed up thing but I did watch it online, guess they needed to create something that will make people talk about the show since it’s quite boring, lol!

  5. The thing is that:
    1. It’s Dunaway who read the wrong winner, assuming Beatty was joking around when he was really just looking to her for help
    2. It’s Dunaway who stood there silently when Beatty was at least trying to explain

    Seeing that La La Land producer violently yank a card out of his hand made me so very glad they were subjected to this and lost.

    1. Yeah I think both Faye and Warren should’ve voiced that there’s something wrong w/ the card.

      I thought Jordan Horowitz, the La La Land producer, was gracious in admitting that there’s a mistake and he happily gave the trophy to the Moonlight producers, so he was a good sport. Yeah he might’ve been a bit rude yanking the card out of Warren but it was such a crazy moment so I won’t fault him too much for that. At the same time, I’m thrilled that Moonlight won, they deserve it way more than La La Land!

  6. I should have put money on Moonlight, I had it to win. A deserving winner. Best Picture announcement was crazy, but La La Land team and Kimmel handled it well. Embarrasing for those responsible! Happened before with Sammy Davis Jr reading the wrong envelope, although was not Best Pic. Besides that, the Hollywood tourists and the opening with Timberlake were my favorite moments.

    1. I really didn’t think Moonlight had a chance of winning, but of course I’m thrilled that I was wrong!

      I didn’t know about Sammy Davis Jr making a similar snafu, man!! I didn’t see the opening w/ Timberlake actually, but I thought Kimmel was quite boring generally.

  7. Well, that is a memorable ending. Whoever was handling the cards and gave Warren and Faye the wrong cards should be fired for making those 2 and the people of La La Land look like fools. I remember the look Warren had as it looked like “did we get right envelope?” I feel sorry for everyone who got bamboozled. Can we just have La La Land share the award w/ Moonlight?

    1. Yep I think they figured out the PWC guy is the one to blame as he was tweeting right before the Best Picture announcement whilst he shouldn’t have been working on social media. But no, I wouldn’t want La La Land to share the trophy with Moonlight, the latter is a much better film and far more deserving to win.

  8. Stephanie Ward

    Great post! Unfortunately, I missed the Oscars. And I haven’t gotten around to seeing any of these movies yet. 🙂

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